#LIUlockout | #critlib | 2016-09-13

66th chat, Tuesday September 13th 2016: #LIUlockout 6pm Pacific / 7pm Mountain / 8pm Central / 9pm Eastern Moderated by @ibeilin http://critlib.org/liulockout-chat/

  1. The chat began with introductions, as usual.
  2. I'm Ian, academic librarian in NYC, non-union, non-faculty. #critlib
  3. Hi #critlib. Kevin here--academic instruction person in Denver. Non-tenured, non-unionized faculty.
  4. What's up, #critlib. I'm a systems librarian as a special collections library in NYC; also a general shit-kicker.
  5. Hi there, #critlib! I'm Sarah, an LIS PhD student at Pitt, former student of @edrabinski, creator of  http://bit.ly/liulockoutresources  & tired.
  6. I'm not faculty, becasue we're not a uni, and we aren't unionized either (I. Wish.) #critlib
  7. Hello #critlib, Baharak from Vancouver/academic library. Will be in & out tonight but didn't want to miss tonight's chat. <3
  8. hi #critlib! I'm Katlyn--information literacy librarian in Missouri with faculty status
  9. #critlib Hello, I'm gayatri, an academic librarian at UC San Diego. We have a union (go AFT!) but we're not faculty.
  10. Jenna in NYC, also non-union, non-faculty. #critlib If anyone wants to participate anonymously, email me your tweet: leslzine atthegoog
  11. #critlib kyle. boston. 4 month part time contract at will employment.
  12. Hi #critlib! Academic librarian w/ faculty status but no tenure, no union.
  13. I haven't worked in a library in maybe five years, but I'm a librarian still, and I still think about such things. Whatup #critlib!
  14. Hey Im Kate. Academic Repository Librarian who will be lurkin tonight #critlib
  15. Hi #critlib . I'm an academic librarian in NYC. Full disclosure, I'm married to an LIU administrator, not the kind with power though
  16. #critlib i'm going to be lurking for the remainder of this chat.
  17. Nancy, Harrisburg PA. Tenured academic librarian, no faculty union. #critlib
  18. Hi #critlib, I'm an academic instruction librarian privileged to work @ an institution where I have fac status, tenure, & part of fac union.
  19. Tina, cataloger at state university library in central MN. Faculty here are unionized and librarians are in the faculty union. #critlib
  20. Keep going w/intros. There's only 3 Qs tonight, so feel free to put up Qs of your own as we go along #critlib
  21. Hi there, faculty at an NYC school of info with a union. Live near #LIUbrooklyn, too. #solidarity #critlib
  22. Hi #critlib! I'm a librarian, tenured, union. Enduring #LIUlockout. Anxious. Over & undereating in turn. Marathon training. Secretary.
  23. Ready to #critlib after working much needed bylaws for my local feminist org I'm involved with. Academic archivist & union member from Ohio.
  24. Hi #critlib academic librarian, @PSC_CUNY union member, once was library worker at @LIUBrooklyn obsessed about #LIULockout
  25. I'm an LIS faculty member. At my previous institution I was unionized with librarians. #critlib
  26. Q1. The #LIUlockout has been horrifying to witness & much worse to go through; what have been your reactions as a librarian/fac. member/student? #critlib
  27. Q1.#LIUlockout is horrifying to witness & much worse to go through; what are your reactions as a librarian/fac. member/student? #critlib
  28. Librarians at MPOW are faculty and we are part of the @AAUPUC collective bargaining unit. I love my union! #critlib
  29. Hello, #critlib! InfoLit librarian, non-union, non-faculty. Currently working on a lesson plan for tomorrow so am super-lurking tonight.
  30. Hi #critlib, I'm Maura, academic library admin (& faculty) in NYC, my library colleagues are tenured/tt faculty & union.
  31. @donnarosemary You're like a unicorn! Super rare, magical, and somehow, as this has all shown, still endangered? #critlib
  32. Librarians at MPOW are also tenure-track. I go up for tenure in 2 years and panicking about it, needlessly probably (talk me down) #critlib
  33. Hey #critlib I'm lurking in your stacks Postgrad dig arch/lib type
  34. I'm Bryn and I'll be taking sporadic breaks from writing cover letters to lurk tonight's #critlib
  35. A1 Feeling like this could happen to anyone. Feeling like I wish I could do something to help #LIUlockout librarians. #critlib
  36. A1 Whenever I think of #LIUlockout starting when health insurance letters were rec'd by LIU fac I am furious approaching incoherent #critlib
  37. Yo #critlib non-tenure non-faculty non-union @ private univ in northeast pa.
  38. A1: I can hardly think abt anything else. Been reading & curating, talking in classes, reaching out to nascent Pitt grad union #critlib
  39. #critlib A1. Since I'm not faculty, I've assumed they have more pwr/privilege. so what I find scary is that they did this to tenured faculty
  40. A1. This is REALLY important. Like, how this goes down is going to impact a lot of us down the road. #critlib
  41. A1. Horrified by #LIUlockout discrimination against campus w more students of color. #critlib
  42. A1. Shock and fury at first. Followed by lots of concern for my friends who work there, and the threat this poses to the rest of us #critlib
  43. A1 taught a twitter workshop today for faculty in our union & used #LIUlockout as case study bc it is so important to us/higher ed #critlib
  44. Hi #critlib, tenure-track, non-Union faculty librarian here. Making dinner, so mostly lurking tonight.
  45. @kevinseeber rly tho. I admit my own vulnerability is also coming to the fore as I make sense of what's happening w/ #liulockout #critlib
  46. Hi #critlib, I’m a librarian with faculty status (often mistaken for a student) at a small liberal arts college in NC. No union. No tenure.
  47. #critlib #A1 it sets a really bad precedent for the rest of higher ed, and the longer it goes on, the more it undermines #LIU as a univ.
  48. Has the ALA done anything to reach out to locked out library workers? #critlib #LIUlockout
  49. @socaldesi in some sense they did it because they (some) are tt/tenured faculty #critlib
  50. A1 cont. Because whatever happens here will tell other institutions what kinda shit they can/can't try with their faculty. #critlib
  51. non employed, non faculty, non union, non starving (yet) #critlib
  52. Q1 Mostly my reaction to the lockout is that I'm just totally aghast at how abusive it is #critlib
  53. A1 Attempt to carry out the next advance in broader austerity/privatization attack on higher ed. + #critlib
  54. I feel this is absolute higher Ed crisis. It could be new normal. I'm upset that I'm not seeing more news. #critlib  https://twitter.com/ibeilin/status/775863483342675968 
  55. #critlib a1. also the personal/professional split is a little fuzzy for me. if you locked me out of office/email on short notice, I wld cry!
  56. A1: I can't help but think that this is what the future looks like. The big bad as well as the inspiring solidarity, esp among libs #critlib
  57. @donnarosemary And the fact that you've been made to feel that way, that we've all been made to feel that way, makes me #furious. #critlib
  58. A1. ESPECIALLY THIS. White supremacist capitalist patriarchy, to borrow hooks. The neoliberal university. #critlib  https://twitter.com/lisahubbell/status/775864131899437056 
  59. + Trying to build on defeat (for us) / victory (for them) in Wisconsin. Absolutely essential (for us) that it doesn't work! #critlib
  60. Q1. But also -- I'm realizing that there are people in charge of IHEs who don't understand what HE is. Or care. #critlib
  61. A1 Reaction is, oh shit, this is unprecedented. This could happen to me, too. What does tenure even mean? #critlib
  62. When I learned what @LIUBrooklyn was charging for tuition I was floored. Strikes me as a predatory institution. #critlib
  63. Hi #critlib crew I am Biz Librarian based in uni in western sydney
  64. Little bit of all of that in every direction. We don't know what will move them but we know they will move. #critlib  https://twitter.com/jncohen/status/775864536930877440 
  65. Hi #critlib, I'm lurking from the #refdesk. I'm a staff librarian, at will, no union, no tenure. I "serve at the pleasure of the president"
  66. A1: My first thought was how is this even legal? And even if it is, why on earth would you do it? #critlib
  67. A1: torn between UNION! rage & terrible sympathy for those who cannot afford to stop (grad students, marginal staff) #critlib
  68. A1. As a faculty libn, half "there but for the grace of God go I" & half "if you tolerate this, then your children will be next" #critlib
  69. A1 two reactions 1)many people live with no job protections, fired for no reason 2)not supposed to happen to educational workers #critlib
  70. @kevinseeber like, if award-winning librarians, some with hard-won tenured, and unionized, can be locked out.......so could I be :( #critlib
  71. #critlib shock and awe. I can’t imagine being an admin thinking this is a good idea to show their students and faculty this little respect.
  72. So I see these issues as all connected. Taking advantage of students, faculty and staff. All are being abused and terrorized. #critlib
  73. Hi #critlib! Reference librarian, independent nonprofit special collections library, at will, f/t w/benefits, wife of @HUCTW member. Lurking
  74. #critlib I don't think @LIUBrooklyn will survive this episode. Bad leadership erodes institutions & they have the power.
  75. Basically just nodding vigorously in agreement w/everyone's A1s. MPOW is steps away from #LIUlockout, it's surreal & infuriating. #critlib
  76. The situation is horrifying, but I'm esp. shocked that the #LIUlockout is a life change for insurance purposes. That is just low. #critlib
  77. I also want to support @edrabinski, @EamonTewell and others in LIS community. No one is immune to neoliberalization of higher Ed. #critlib
  78. Also realized my intro was maybe unclear: I'm not union (anymore) b/c admin, the faculty libs I work with are. #critlib
  79. A1 and of course, here in NYC 3rd thought is real estate and associated powers over the disempowered #critlib
  80. This fear has been dogging me all day. It's my place, my library, I don't want it to disappear. #critlib  https://twitter.com/rawdeal85/status/775865401670508544 
  81. A1. I just keep thinking about the student who are paying for thrown together syllabi & missing instructors #critlib
  82. A1: viewing from afar it is like looking through a kaleidoscope of corporate invasions into educational & social spheres #critlib
  83. Is the Dept of Ed aware that students are being charged tuition on federal loan dollars for this substandard crap? Where is NY AG? #critlib
  84. A1. Handing someone an old syllabus and having them take attendance reminds me of for-profit online instruction, but w/o content. #critlib
  85. #critlib A1. I also struggle with how to support colleagues from afar. is tweeting enough? it doesn't feel like it. . .
  86. A1: also; this is not what a university should be. The admin either has no idea what it's doinf or a TERRIBLE idea #critlib
  87. A1. "Not suppose to happen" Right?? Intellectual workers rarely align themselves with the rest of labor. #critlib  https://twitter.com/LNBel/status/775865224624803844 
  88. Basically I've been devastated for days over this. Since the start. It's like a horror show. It feels racist and classist. #critlib
  89. What can we now do to not only resolve #LIULockout, but also to prevent/prepare for similar situations? What are the warning signs? #critlib
  90. Totally. Your capacity to survive the protracted lockout is directly related to your rent payment. #critlib  https://twitter.com/LNBel/status/775865797348560896 
  91. @eiratansey @libraringkat woa this is a fabulous resource I didn't know existed! Wanna add mine.... #critlib
  92. Oh, and I'm a FT TT faculty unionized (AAUP) librarian; in other words, one of the lucky ones. #critlib
  93. @eiratansey @libraringkat oh wait misinterp'd: thought this was space to share our personal docs (dossiers etc)--idea forming? #critlib
  94. A1 cont'd: how.much of this is bc Bklyn is a minority majority campus & admin thought no one wld notice/care? #critlib
  95. Now we know we're workers, if there was doubt. (I already knew this. Could have been spared the $$ lesson) #critlib  https://twitter.com/rowmyboat/status/775865998826176513 
  96. @fiiidget will return to this with Q3 but feel free to answer now! #critlib
  97. What's so shocking is that this faculty is unionized. Most of us don't even have that going! :( #critlib  https://twitter.com/fiiidget/status/775866025103527936 
  98. A1. cont’d: and outrage at the racial implications of this decision #critlib
  99. @libraringkat Or students missing out a semester fue to #LIUlockout, and the crank that throws in their plans. #critlib
  100. @edrabinski @LNBel I know I couldn't. One cannot eat principles. But I'm fresh outta grad school #critlib
  101. Q2. Are there any groups/individuals who you’d like to see show more support for students & faculty affected by the #LIUlockout? #critlib
  102. Q2. Are there any groups/individuals who you’d like to see show more support for students & faculty affected by the #LIUlockout? #critlib
  103. A1: can't find @zinelib's tweet fr the start of #LIUlockout, but basically - no matter how much you love your job, it ain't secure. #critlib
  104. @eiratansey @libraringkat @hedgielib I just need to figure out how to ethically share bc I quote from fac colleagues on my campus #critlib
  105. talked w/ other former LIU-B contingent faculty (there are many) agreed we thought it was getting better #LIULockout was a shock #critlib
  106. @eiratansey @libraringkat @hedgielib I need to get retro consent to make their words public&anonymize those I don't hear frm #labor #critlib
  107. #critlib hey! academic archivist, continuing appt non union faculty.
  108. I'd like to work with LIS folk on labor issues. From an academic, practical and activist perspective. #critlib
  109. Director @ our library has exerted influence by preferring to hire "fixed term," not tenured, but Dean pushes back against this. #critlib
  110. Q2: more support going from faculty TO those students (grad workers eg) who are stuck between statuses & can't quit #critlib
  111. @donnarosemary @eiratansey @hedgielib yeah, as someone who is very new to the tenure process, examples would be so helpful. #critlib
  112. It's true that the #LIUlockout shows no one is safe, but in a way those of us in non-union jobs are already 'broken' #critlib
  113. A2: I was stunned that the faculty here didn't know anything about it. A school "level" or size gap? #critlib
  114. @libraringkat @eiratansey @hedgielib I'd be happy to email directly to anyone on this thread wanting to see mine. DM me addys? #critlib
  115. My previous institution forced librarians into their own small bargaining unit. Nonetheless, they struck and won fair contract. #critlib
  116. Organized labor matters. I would have said this abstractly two weeks ago, but it's also real real true. #critlib  https://twitter.com/kellymce/status/775866884239466496 
  117. A2: More convos at other unis about it, I constantly remind colleagues about #liulockout only to receive passive 'not us' shrugs #critlib
  118. Several yrs ago faculty org pres made impossible for rank and file to use fac org listserv...they didn't like "spam," ...+ #critlib
  119. A2 I was thrilled to see other unions show solidarity, and that the @LIU_FF is working for adjuncts too. #critlib  https://twitter.com/ibeilin/status/775866867550457856 
  120. .@ibeilin I feel this. I work in a library that's not attached to a school or part of a larger system. How would we even unionize?? #critlib
  121. @trlwagner yes, I was confronted with a lot of explanation abt how "it's different here." #critlib
  122. these are a bunch of doctors...I thought it was a regrettable decision due to situations like this very one #critlib
  123. A lot of faculty here in NYC started as adjuncts at @LIUBrooklyn until we found better paying jobs. #critlib
  124. #critlib A2. in addition to prof orgs and higher ed media, I would love to see my colleagues out here be more aware of the #LIUlockout.
  125. @rowmyboat & we expect the arbitrary and sudden whims of administration (even if we aren't prepared) #critlib
  126. I've heard some very anti-union sentiment around #LIUlockout, that "this is what unions bring" #critlib
  127. @rowmyboat @ibeilin this is often how i feel even after trying to be part of iww as a temp at will employee. #critlib
  128. Anyone know if any other academic (nonlibrarian) professional associations said anything? Q2 adjacent, #critlib  https://twitter.com/marxalot/status/775867594985250818 
  129. @trlwagner People fool themselves into thinking they are above hostile mgmt action. It's a dream. At will employment, no union. #critlib
  130. As a non-faculty unionized staff member in relatively saner HE climate of Canada, I look at #LiuBrooklyn #LIUlockout with horror #critlib
  131. A2 I'm constantly surprised that the lockout hasn't recieved more media attention, don't know if that is really support but... #critlib
  132. @rowmyboat @ibeilin I've been thinking re that in the context of the nonprofit cultural org sector where we don't have a union trad #critlib
  133. This makes me want to remove my brain from my skull. Management is crushing us. We didn't make this happen. #critlib  https://twitter.com/librarybell/status/775868372777132032 
  134. #critlib joining late. Contingent librarian in a unionized university with a decent contract
  135. @rowmyboat @ibeilin We need to get clarity on this to assist folks in this situation. #critlib
  136. #critlib #A2 Marc Bosquet! I'd also love to hear from #LIU's accrediting body
  137. A2: Administrators who still believe in higher ed, esp the liberal arts. Assuming there still are some? #critlib  https://twitter.com/ibeilin/status/775866867550457856 
  138. @rowmyboat @ibeilin I am interested what lessons & inspiration we can draw from the growth of unions in higher ed. #critlib
  139. A2. Would love to see accreditation depend on fair labor practices. How many universities would survive? #LIUlockout #critlib
  140. A2 In our society, the ABCs of the labor movement and solidarity have been lost (or rather *extinguished*). Gotta be relearned. #critlib
  141. @feministlib @ibeilin Uni faculty at least have the traditional practice of self-governance. Librarians? Not really. #critlib
  142. @aboutness By design. Last 40 years of right wing decimation of pub education where labor history was taught. #critlib
  143. A2: I'm fresh out of a union job, but it'd be great to see other unions making statements & taking action #critlib
  144. @kevinseeber Agreed. I want to see more reasonable intelligent statements of support (w/ANALYSIS) frm admins in libs &/or higher ed #critlib
  145. @rowmyboat the trap intellectual labor falls into is of class: professionals not tradesmen, of the same class as admins #critlib
  146. A2 From my experience with SACSCOC, they’d be coming down like a mythical force. I guess not all accrediting bodies are like that? #critlib
  147. @rowmyboat @ibeilin I would like to see professional orgs develop more union-like function. vague thoughts as yet. #critlib
  148. People who joined after I tweeted this: If you want to participate undercover, email your tweet to leslzine at the goog. #critlib
  149. A2 Alsoo, there were some, but I'd love to see more support from other labor. Teamsters, transit, construction, etc *couchMENcough* #critlib
  150. @nfoasberg I’m surprised I haven’t heard more talk about it among my colleagues throughout the college! #critlib
  151. It's just not about individuals. It's about capital and labor. Class relations. It's not about me. #critlib  https://twitter.com/kevinseeber/status/775866292192485376 
  152. @mr_nesbitt @rowmyboat perhaps AT ONE TIME faculty could expect to negotiate as gentlmen/equals but BOY. Neoliberalism y'all. #critlib
  153. A2 as lib @ a prov uni & a fac senator w/out tenure & continuing appt, #LIUlockout has been an education. #critlib  https://twitter.com/ibeilin/status/775866867550457856 
  154. doesn't "faculty governance" standrd address this lil bit ? There are such standards in med school accred. #critlib  https://twitter.com/lisahubbell/status/775869030292828160 
  155. @marxalot Utah Phillips quoting Frank Cedervall, “You got a boss, you’re working for wages, you’re in the working class... #critlib
  156. A1. This whole situation is appaling. Ive been trying to advocate among other students in MLIS. Seems lile an absurd nightmare. #critlib
  157. @charlottebrun This is a good example of “authority is constructed & contextual” if we want to get all info lit frameworks on this #critlib
  158. @ubiquity75 By design, and with a LOT of effort and planning. Not teaching labor history, AND persistent, pervasive union busting. #critlib
  159. and you better be proud of it. Why, the middle class is just a joke made up by the bosses to keep us fighting against one another.” #critlib
  160. a1 not super surprised, because I generally see higher ed trending away from educational/scholarly rigor as a goal. #critlib
  161. A2: As @edrabinski warns in 'Critical Journeys' we ALL need to fight corporatisation of highered & us being 'hamsters on the wheel' #critlib
  162. @livie_leigh very very true. Some conversations are nor happening, and it's not random. #critlib
  163. I was really happy to be marching with @PSC_CUNY and carpenters, electricians on the line in front of @LIUBrooklyn last week #critlib
  164. #critlib From my perspective as LIS instructor who teaches *gasp* Mgmt, I bring in union reps; talk about neoliberalism in hist/Econ terms.
  165. @aboutness @ubiquity75 Zero labor coverage in daily papers. This wasn't always the case. #critlib
  166. @edrabinski other interesting phenomenon: they are actually majority composed of faculty folks #justlikeus #critlib
  167. @edrabinski Your tweets of start dates show a radical departure from job security for faculty still at LIU since '60s and '70s. #critlib
  168. Q3. What can we do now to end the #LIUlockout, and to prevent it from happening again? #critlib
  169. Q3. What can we do now to end the #LIUlockout, and to prevent it from happening again? #critlib
  170. Labor an contracts and employment were never discussed in library school. We should be happy to have jobs, right? #critlib #LIUlockout
  171. Q3: My action plan is pretty much always "prepare documentation" and then "refer to documentation" (I am a librarian, after all). #critlib
  172. Also my educational institution clerical & uniformed trade union members know about the #LIUlockout know this is their struggle too #critlib
  173. A1. Concerned for colleagues and self, bc #LIUlockout could embolden my college and system’s market-worshipping administrations #critlib
  174. Yes. Just contacted one for which I'm a steering cmte member. Need to act. Injury to one is injury to all. #critlib  https://twitter.com/mauraweb/status/775870788918472704 
  175. A2. Im in the process of writing a letter of support thru PLG, but btn new classes and orientation of newbies, there is little time #critlib
  176. @edrabinski in many ways, a lot like professional orgs are mostly as well. makes locating impetus for action challenge #critlib
  177. @aboutness @ubiquity75 #critlib My director, the one who likes to hire non-tenure track, has a degree in labor studies!!!
  178. how to file a complaint regarding an accredited or candidate MSCHE institution.  https://www.msche.org/  #critlib
  179. And angry on behalf of students, at LIU but also because ours are underprivileged and underserved too #critlib
  180. a3 close a lot of schools? make academia valuable (through scarcity) again? #critlib
  181. A3. Heck if I know, I feel totally powerless. Which I guess is the point. #critlib
  182. @edrabinski Apologies. You're right, I know this shows we're all at risk. But you're so infuriatingly good at your job! #bigfan #critlib
  183. @librarybell @rowmyboat I would click heart on both of these tweets repeatedly if possible #critlib
  184. a3 I can't do a damn thing that's important to remember #critlib
  185. #critlib the #LIUlockout raises serious questions about the long-term tenability of higher ed. I don't think it's going to last as a career
  186. I've heard this a lot every time I've been involved in a job action. I should be happy with what I have. #critlib  https://twitter.com/librarybell/status/775870968443105281 
  187. A3. Part of horror is that all foreseeable resolutions are yucky. Creating powerlessness is the aim and so far successful #critlib
  188. #critlib I've suspected end game is to close this campus. Maybe sell to dev. Is this the consensus?
  189. A3: make sure #liulockout is known, that this can happen. that this will happen. And then organize, organize, organize. #critlib
  190. A3. Honestly I think more media attention will help. The more public embarrassment for admins and BoT the better #critlib
  191. #critlib the economics don't add up. Labor is too exploitable in higher ed & it's too easy for universities to adapt corporate models
  192. @nfoasberg Same, but I also know it takes changing discussion around what students expect from a college education #critlib
  193. A3 stop voting for politicians who support right to work (i.e. right to free load), charter schools, etc. #critlib
  194. A3 In serendipity, after bad (but not THIS bad) contract neg last round, our pres is stepping down. We are searching for new one + #critlib
  195. @charlottebrun busyness of maintaining one's ish in direct conflict with organizing/developing those networking nec. 4 these situs #critlib
  196. A3 It's not enough, but keep talking about it. Told my (non-NYC) parents tho they have no need 2 know, but felt impt 2 tell them. #critlib
  197. @edrabinski YES YOU ARE. I sent @EamonTewell a huge box of candy for y'all, btw. Make sure he shares! Eat it for strength! #squawk #critlib
  198. A3 +We are a fac unionized Catholic private institution. New pres will make or break whether #LIUlockout happens here #critlib #notonmywatch
  199. @ubiquity75 & primarily POC have to pay, to benefit primarily white middle class suburbs; then to further gentrify bklyn #critlib
  200. @ubiquity75 seems to me to be the worse possible outcome for all parties? students, faculty, workers - no one wins if campus closes #critlib
  201. I talk to everyone about #LIULockout, post on social media, but wish I could help get it into real media #critlib
  202. when I was a student worker at the lib I got my MLS at, I was told one of the LSAs wasn't a librarian / academic staff #critlib
  203. Q3 Support LIU faculty by spreading the word, donating money, participating in actions if you're physically close. #critlib +
  204. @ubiquity75 I think a very brutal restructuring/refocusing is more likely. #critlib
  205. I was told that the reason for the status difference wasn't qualification (she had an MLS, lots of experience, great work ethic) #critlib
  206. + Work on getting your union or prof. org to do the same. Support labor & unions always and everywhere. + #critlib
  207. Pls keep adding to  http://bit.ly/liulockoutresources ! Seems like a lot of ppl are sharing screenshots, not sure how to collect those. #critlib
  208. the reason given to me was that she wanted to join a union, & she couldn't be full academic staff & in a union #critlib
  209. As a witness to the 2011 university union busting in Wisconsin, the endgame looks familiar. Cline totally MIA. #critlib
  210. Everytime you hear "you should be happy for what you have" ... take note ... you probably shouldn't be. #critlib  https://twitter.com/edrabinski/status/775871801041756160 
  211. A3 I've said it before, but #critlib folx should pay *very* close attention to the unionizing successes of adjuncts. Much to learn.
  212. the librarian who said this to me said it in a really dismissive & "she made a terrible choice" kind of way #critlib
  213. I don't personally feel super comfortable adding student twitter handles to the doc, am open to discussing other options. #critlib
  214. Also can't overstate what it's meant to have @nysut & @AFTHigherEd on our side. Organized labor has more power than I thought. #critlib
  215. & I was super new to the library / the campus / the profession / the idea of unions that I didn't really question this #critlib
  216. @libraringkat ugh that is just ridiculous because I am a) faculty, b) tenure track, c) in a union and d) have my MLIS #critlib
  217. @charlottebrun @ubiquity75 real estate developers, who populate most BOT in higher ed win #critlib
  218. + Support #FightFor15. Support Chicago teachers. Support Alina nurses. Support grad students organizing. #critlib
  219. I have been thinking about this a lot in relation to #LIUlockout & I know we can't all afford to make those decisions #critlib
  220. note that this is not the same thing as remembering what you have, like a union for example. #critlib  https://twitter.com/lisalibrarian/status/775873501546749954 
  221. Tomorrow: 4pm rally/vigil at campus. Negotiations resume at noon. Who knows! Things could change! #critlib  https://twitter.com/paulsager/status/775873681386041344 
  222. @libraringkat thanks for sharing this story-I did not come from background that valued org. labor/unions so apprct this quite a bit #critlib
  223. Long Island Universrity Brooklyn brought to you by Elsevier.* *journal subscriptions not included #critlib  https://twitter.com/allanaaaaaaa/status/775873466394353665 
  224. but I hate that she was criticized & written off by colleagues that should have been her peers. #critlib
  225. A3/1. #LIUlockout and what it bodes for the rest of higher ed feel emotionally draining in similar ways to climate change. #critlib
  226. okay okay SERIOUS A3 if you can, work to unionize adjunct/contract/support staff. look into @UrbanWorkerCA + similar projects. #critlib
  227. spend time, no matter your situation, drafting a labour contract that seems fair to you. think about incentives + protections. #critlib
  228. #critlib Jeb decertified all HE FL unions.Had to have membership drives & start over. Climbing Everest. changed me. unions r ur bros & sis
  229. think about what benefits you value, what security you'd give up, how to incentivize performance + engagement in employees. #critlib
  230. Presumably, hopefully, this will end at some point. Important to not let it fade into memory before smthg happens elsewhere. #critlib
  231. I think we all know a librarian or two who's simply *given up* on their jobs. think about that type of dead weight, too. #critlib
  232. librarians in @PSC_CUNY rallied organized & got some of our demands in the new contract Teaching faculty understand our issues now #critlib
  233. Time for links to petitions, donations, other important pages for #LIUlockout...
  234. 5 mins to go! pls post any links to petitions, donations, other imp. pages now #critlib
  235. I need to head out now. I hope colleagues at LIU-B take from this #critlib the solidarity of the lib community. ✊ #LIUlockout
  236. #critlib #LIUlockout Was the student walkout successful and how is student solidarity? Students are getting just as screwed.
  237. A3/2. Remember (but can't find) article about climate change activists working through and with pre-emptive grief. #LIUlockut #critlib
  238. #critlib ending with some levity... has anyone seen thread on the ILI list abt if message subjects shld have tags?  http://lists.ala.org/sympa/arc/ili-l 
  239. oh lord y'all this article is a piece of work, but then look at the second word in the URL... #critlib  https://twitter.com/klmccook/status/775875627639504896 
  240. Final thoughts...
  241. Thanks to everyone for being here tonight! Solidarity. #critlib #LIUlockout
  242. When our contract was ratified this summer, I said, now we have what the LIU -B Librarians have #spoketoosoon #critlib
  243. A3: keep spreading the word use social media to ? attacks on #libraries education & workers - learn what 'austerity' is doing in UK #critlib
  244. Tune to @LIU_FF for updates, hit the streets (with Scabby the Rat and @edrabinski) if you are close, virtually support with $$, RTs #critlib
  245. Thanks to @ibeilin for organizing an hour of #critlib & to @edrabinski and colleagues for organizing days on end to protest #LIUlockout
  246. Hey! For the faculty and students impacted by the #LIUlockout, #critlib tonight is evidence that librarians everywhere are in your corner.
  247. How Cline can get away from the public eye on this one boggles me. Maybe on advice from her Union busting lawyer husband. #critlib
  248. "Let us resist perishing. But if we are to perish, let us perish resisting." Le Guin #critlib #solidarity
  249. @eiratansey agree..but we need to transform the biz word to mean good #critlib
  250. Thanks @ibeilin for modding and all for chatting/storifying, great #critlib.
  251. Thanks to @ibeilin for organizing #critlib . This is so important & I'm so angry about it.
  252. Have a #critlib pitch?
  253. Thanks to this #critlib for making me thinking abt coming from a union family (public school teachers) but not being in one myself.
  254. Post-#critlib hour thoughts...
  255. Finally getting around to my own dinner, catching up with #critlib chat on the #LIUlockout. A lot to digest!
  256. Y'all, I left the kettle boiling on the stove through that whole #critlib chat. #onbrand
  257. fine i'm suggesting a #critlib topic simply because i am a pillar of salt constantly
  258. I'm Barbara, tenured non-unionized college librarian in the Midwest who has trouble making it to #critlib on time.
  259. Q1 reaction to #LIUlockout: horror, anger, gobsmacked at the wasteful stupidity, worried too many HE trustees hate what HE is for #critlib
  260. #Critlib Q2 where is everybody? ACRL, hellloooo? Could use some help here.
  261. #critlib Q3: fight adjunctification, attacks on shared governance, commodification, individualism, isolation, cruelty to students. +
  262. @ibeilin @socaldesi W/o a contract you're at-will. W/ a contract, they can lock you out. With tenure, they can 'reorganize' dept. #critlib
  263. Late intro as I boost tonight's #critlib: Adam, instruction librarian, faculty, non-union, non-tenure. Proud former @MachinistsUnion member
  264. Couldn't make #critlib on #LIUlockout last night. If you've got a union, go to the meetings and get involved, even if it's frustrating.
  265. If the leadership is not responsive to your concerns, organize. After all, you are the union. #critlib
  266. #critlib If you're interested in how a reform caucus changed the Chicago Teacher's Union this book is worth a read  http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/851420189 
  267. Catching up on #LIUlockout #critlib this a.m. since I passed out on face last night. Hope I don't spill all this rage on my FYE students.