#critlib 2016-07-26: "offensive" items

Archive of the July 26, 2016 #critlib chat on "offensive" items in the collection, moderated by @zoh_zoh. For more info about #critlib, including past and future chats, visit critlib dot org.

  1. & this might be behind a paywall for you, but I highly recommend anything by Emily Knox for Tuesday's #critlib chat  http://muse.jhu.edu/article/552025 
  2. Tomorrow at 9pm ET #critlib on “offensive” items in the collection, moderated by @zoh_zoh. Questions & readings:  http://critlib.org/offensive-items/ 
  3. #critlib confession in adv of "offensive" items chat: I weeded some 90's Trump / real estate propagandaesq titles this yr #theywereoutofdate
  4. Tonight's #critlib will be interesting bc a) I'm actually here for it & b) I've actually just finished uncensoring a collection at work
  5. Introductions
  6. good evening & welcome to #critlib. let's start with introductions! if you're just joining us, readings etc here:  http://critlib.org/offensive-items/ 
  7. my name is Zoe (Zoh-ee), I'm the new Pedagogy & Assessment Librarian at Auraria Library in Denver (1 library serving 3 schools) #critlib
  8. a brief intro to the topic before we begin w/ Q&A: the concept of "offensive" intrigues me bc it is wrapped up in culture & power #critlib
  9. in tonight's discussion I encourage us to openly question & engage with the cultural norms that characterize 'offensive' items... #critlib
  10. ...and I also want us to consider our professional responsibilities as librarians to fight censorship (and our own urge to censor) #critlib
  11. Hi #critlib. I'm Kate, a lib tech dev disciplinary weirdo from UW in Seattle.
  12. And #critlib, be sure to be as nice to @zoh_zoh as you were when I was moderating last week
  13. Hi @zoh_zoh & other #critlib-bers! I'm Jenna, tweeting from NYC, where I work at @barnlib as outreach, zine, & WGSS librarian.
  14. I hope some #critlib lurkers will feel empowered to de-lurk tonight. Do what you feel comfortable with, but know your voice is valued.
  15. @zinelib this particular discussion will benefit from pub libs etc b/c much censorship attention on them & many response strategies #critlib
  16. Hi all. Tina, academic library cataloger in St. Cloud (perhaps not as dreamy as it sounds), Minnesota. #critlib
  17. Hi #critlib! Kevin here. Academic library instruction person from Denver, where @zoh_zoh and I talk around the water cooler together.
  18. hiya #critlib recent rutgers grad / current job searcher in NJ v v gay v v offensive
  19. Hi #critlib, I'm a cataloger and subject spec who works with a lot of controversial stuff in MI.
  20. I'm Montserrat Biedermann. I live on the Internet. I should be writing an article, but I'm lurking on #critlib because of the topic.
  21. Hey people in tonight's #critlib, both typing & lurking! I'm Ryan, instruction & outreach librarian at a community college in Boise, Idaho.
  22. Hi #critlib, I'm an academic library director at a public college in NYC, glad I remembered this week!
  23. Hi #critlib Ellen, Special collections librarian, John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY
  24. Hi #critlib - Lisa, infolit coord at R1 in Illinois. Confessing up front ... also watching the #DemsInPhilly
  25. Lurking around #critlib a bit (Hi, I'm Rachel, academic medical library director)
  26. Wait, another #critlib this week?!! Ian here, lurking from the A train again...
  27. Q1. What kinds of materials in your library have offended your users?
  28. Q1. What kinds of materials have offended your users? #critlib
  29. A1. a recently example: last qtr a student at my community college found a book called THE RED MAN during a lib instruction session #critlib
  30. A1. he told the librarian (not me) that he was offended by the title of the book and didn't think we should keep it #critlib
  31. @zoh_zoh this is interesting: offensive historical materials can have academic value to scholars = "different" type of offensive? #critlib
  32. A1: Before my time in this job, but I know some students have objected to journal titles that use euphemisms from the past #critlib
  33. @metageeky That's real. I think it's more likely at my institution to get that kind of challenge than one based on explicit content.
  34. @zinelib The journal I mentioned was an issue for a student disability advocacy group I was a part of at the time. #critlib
  35. @zinelib My argument against the complaint was where would the banning end? Some still went forward, but the journals remain. #critlib
  36. A1 I've been offended at the presence of gratuitous racism in a book about perfume (and weeded + replaced it; yes I am that person) #critlib
  37. A1: I had to remove an item from an exhibit because higher up said it featured a 'cop killer' #critlib
  38. A1: Never had materials challenged at one of my libraries?! Instead, had users protest *removal* of materials. #weedingsucks #critlib
  39. @schomj A1. the next question is about what you/your staff have found offensive ;) good example! #critlib
  40. A1 Are we talking about shelving choices too? Because our Af-Am history is shelved at the back and Af-Am students were offended #critlib
  41. A1 ....because without our context as an institution, there's A LOT of really offensive/harmful stuff in the building. #critlib
  42. A1. another example: student was offended that we shelved Bible in BS, per Library of Congress. #critlib
  43. @zoh_zoh Yeah, that's the #LOCLOL that happened whenever I trained new shelvers at a former job. #critlib
  44. Oh, hey there #critlib! I'm an academic ref/instr libn & slightly distracted by the #DNCinPHL + a late dinner
  45. A1. P of the E of Z. We have a special collection focusing on history of anti-Semitism. #critlib
  46. @Gaymerbrarian absolutely, I like to read such materials like a sociologist would, only prob is when people see me with the title...#critlib
  47. A1 We have had vandalism (right word?) of LGBT-related books, but no challenges or complaints. #critlib
  48. A1 (cont) And so we have a lot of primary source texts, inc that one. #critlib
  49. A1 At the library where I did undergrad, a prof kept a lot of the art history books (with nudes) checked out so wouldn't circulate #critlib
  50. A1.1 Which isn't "removal from collection" in the strictest sense, but definitely removed from accessible circulating collection #critlib
  51. Plus, if I recall correctly, it was a non-humanities scholar imposing *~his~* "community" standards #critlib  https://twitter.com/zinelib/status/758109360123969536 
  52. A1. My museum had a work by Andres Serrano when Jesse Helms wanted to censor his photo "Piss Christ" #critlib We brought AS out to speak.
  53. A1. Does specially locating materials in anticipation of them potentially being offensive to users count for Q1? #critlib
  54. A1: couple of years later exhibit featuring papers of inmate convicted of killing an officer was challenged by patron but remained #critlib
  55. Q2. What kinds of materials in your library have you & your staff found offensive?
  56. Q2. What kinds of materials in your library have you & your staff found offensive? #critlib
  57. I recognize there's a lot of blurring/overlap between questions 1 (your users' definitions of offensive) and 2 (you/your staff) #critlib
  58. A2 I also do video cataloging and have to do original records on women's studies videos that were upsetting #critlib  https://twitter.com/zoh_zoh/status/758108448298901504 
  59. A2 They weren't offensive per se, but I and our previewing tech sometimes have to see bad stuff happen to women and children #critlib
  60. @schomj That brings up a pt I didn't see on the q's...trigger warnings? Anybody have to deal with them? #critlib
  61. I try to basically add them as subject headings when cataloging. I'll also mention stuff in linguistics BIs #critlib  https://twitter.com/nancyeadams/status/758109440675545088 
  62. @nancyeadams @schomj you're right that I didn't touch t/w or c/w with this chat... important topic tho! #critlib
  63. A2. Male faculty self-published a book about women's sexuality that made my skin crawl. I demanded we exclude it from collection. #critlib
  64. Can be hard to figure out, also for acad libs maybe diff between undergrad only & research-intensive? #critlib @nancyeadams @Gaymerbrarian
  65. Q2. I don't know if it's ever come up, but there are political divisions among staff on Israel/Palestine & anarchism/communism... #critlib
  66. Q2 ...that I could see being called "offensive" by either side. #critlib
  67. (old red diaper babies are aghast at young anarchists working in their library, it's pretty funny) #critlib
  68. @rowmyboat to paraphrase if I might, the offensive /rhetoric/ is undistinguished from offensive /content/? #critlib
  69. @rowmyboat that potentially objectionable materials are objected to basd on prsence of rhetoric not necessarily racist content #critlib
  70. @rowmyboat A2. Absolutely at FPOW, which had a history as a Bible college. #critlib
  71. A2 Circ staffperson came across this  https://mplus.mnpals.net/vufind/Record/008438427/Description#tabnav  in "Juv" collection & we were concerned. (you can see the recat I did) #critlib
  72. And we did relocate it from the juvenile collection to "main." Which I'd stand by, although probably is a form of censorship. #critlib
  73. @aboutness wow, this is fascinating. did you discuss this during #mashcat today? #critlib
  74. @zoh_zoh Another dilemma: book isn't really about sexual reorientation programs. It indicates viewpoint, but it's also misleading. #critlib
  75. A1. OH! And since *I* am also a user of my library...Irwin Stillman's diet books, which advocate that teens eat <500 kCal/day. #critlib
  76. Yo #critlib - eating dinner, finishing up work and watching #DemsInPhilly so I'll probably be pretty quiet. (academic archivist in Denver).
  77. A2. FPW had done weeding before I got there, some based on dated language staff found offensive. #critlib
  78. A2. Another example--we did a catalog search for "Negro" and removed LOTS of titles. #critlib
  79. A2 auxiliary point that some claims of offense are rooted in librarian vs. support staff power & culture (per @zoh_zoh's intro). #critlib
  80. A2. Cataloging materials where you find the book cover offensive or the content for whatever reason might be problematic. #critlib
  81. A2: people are offended/shocked/intrigued/all of the above by the electric chair replica in our collection #critlib  http://minsky.com/choice.htm 
  82. Q3. Is it censorship to relocate/reclassify items?
  83. I'm going to post Q3 because lots of people have already touched on it, but please continue to add to Q1 and Q2 as you like. #critlib
  84. Q3. Is it censorship to relocate/reclassify items? (Feel free to include your own examples!) #critlib
  85. A3. I strongly recommend the Emily Knox reading as it relates to this question:  http://muse.jhu.edu/article/552025  #critlib
  86. Q3 Depends? Is it still discoveralbe & available? Then not really. #critlib
  87. A3 I think this depends on intent. I often do this to make sthing MORE accessible (update SHs, fresher LCC) #critlib  https://twitter.com/zoh_zoh/status/758111038256533506 
  88. A3. If you're a cataloger and you are asked to catalog a book expounding a view you abhor, can you "disappear" the book? #critlib
  89. A3 #critlib this is the critical juncture for me: how is that accessibility changing and who does it help or harm?  https://twitter.com/rowmyboat/status/758111542625828864 
  90. A3: The censorship question is complicated in a similar way as myth of prof'l neutrality. We make decisions based on our beliefs. #critlib
  91. OT a little, but I read (but can't find now!) an article on how libraries handled archives of the infamous Wakefield Lancet study #critlib
  92. A3. I have wondered from time to time if catalogers have done that. #critlib
  93. Not using the word "trigger warning" but using the content as a subject heading. Violence or abuse mostly #critlib  https://twitter.com/nancyeadams/status/758111543347257344 
  94. A3: Worked at a lib that reclassified not on basis of content, but rather format. 1st eds moved to closed stacks to prevent theft. #critlib
  95. A3. We have located books that might be considered pornographic, obscene in special collections. #critlib
  96. A3. A less than flattering biography of the founder was routinely "missing" from the stacks if there, but left alone on reserve. #critlib
  97. @schomj So pretty vague? Would you put suicide in for Anna Karenina? #critlib
  98. A3 I've also been asked (usually but not always by techs) to "hide" stuff in protected collections #critlib
  99. A3 Effect of that prof's "checkout" quasi-theft meant many art books went into closed stacks for books' protection. #critlib
  100. @metageeky If I knew that that was part of the story, yes. (And if I were doing original, which is sadly rare now) #critlib
  101. Honestly I haven't encountered many objections personally, so not many answers to the qus... (1/2) #critlib
  102. I'm really curious if others see this as a form of censorship. This is very similar to the NYT reading #critlib  https://twitter.com/montserratlj/status/758112291191558146 
  103. #critlib A1 bit of a kerfuffle: Frankenstein exhibit, someone wanted to use real human brains in a display (med lib)  https://twitter.com/nancyeadams/status/758112341074538496 
  104. A3.1 …which, as shy undergrad, definitely deterred me from checking out things on David Wojnarowicz, etc. Accessibility can be key. #critlib
  105. @montserratlj my coworkers agreed with me, and we quietly made it disappear. he had retired & didn't ask about it. #critlib
  106. @benhimmelfarb The history of it as a genre? People like to put The Coldest Winter Ever as the start of this modern Urban Fiction movement
  107. @zoh_zoh A2. A book cover (but I can't recall why), but we could solve it easily because we tend not to keep covers on books. #critlib
  108. @zinelib @metageeky I feel like, if patrons actually look at the bib record, the ones who need to know will be the ones to notice #critlib
  109. But I will just say that reducing harm & systemic oppression, aiming for actual compassion is way more imp to me than "offense." #critlib
  110. A3. @zoh_zoh This definitely restricts access. No browsing, have to approach staff to ask for the materials. #critlib
  111. A3 Oh, and we were asked by our Af-Am Student Assoc. to stop hiding Af-Am history books in the back of the library + #critlib
  112. A3 cont. They weren't just deliberately hidden; it's just how the A-Z got layed out; response was kneejerk "no, too $$" 😕 #critlib
  113. @schomj This makes me curious as what locations in a large library could be construed as "hiding" #critlib
  114. I think this group of students wanted these materials more prominently displayed and more browsable #critlib  https://twitter.com/metageeky/status/758113862797238272 
  115. A3. The self-censoring we do by not even buying or subscribing to the potentially-offensive to users materials in the first place. #critlib
  116. A3. As someone who checked out TONS of queer erotica & books on witchcraft as a teen, I needed uninhibited access. #critlib
  117. A3. I don't see reclassifying as censorship (e.g. moving from YA to Adult), but I do see relocating (circ to special) as censorship #critlib
  118. reluctantly taken offensive/controversial/theft prone books into spec collection- why did we buy them at all if then we lock em up? #Critlib
  119. @LNBel I've done that--they're historical and can benefit from contextualization in a spec coll #critlib
  120. A3.2 At college level—all patrons presumed to be adult—that very "specoll" move had very censorship effect #critlib  https://twitter.com/zoh_zoh/status/758112812967133185 
  121. Hmm, wonder if critical librarianship has parameters/limiters? When would it be okay for #critlib to self-censor/censor?
  122. #critlib @benhimmelfarb Nope. Met alternative HS librarian who kept it on a locked shelf and circulated only as a reward for good behavior.
  123. @zoh_zoh Or more locations that someone might consider to be out of the way. Why are X books on the 4th floor instead of the 1st? #critlib
  124. Removing an offensive subject heading might make that material less accessible to folks who know/would look under that subject? #critlib
  125. @zinelib Perhaps. From what I recall in this case (it's been 15-ish years), he just hoarded / kept, never discussed w/ librarians. #critlib
  126. @benhimmelfarb @LNBel I kind of like this: if spec coll them, at least it's so we're collating material #critlib
  127. @benhimmelfarb @LNBel ...but, who decides context? subj liaison libs, deptmntl input? it's a rabbit hole of subjectivity itself #critlib
  128. @LNBel are you suggesting that special collections...is censoring? #critlib
  129. @nancyeadams Although, this could be tricky in academic libraries if you want to keep them for historical/scholarly analysis #critlib
  130. @montserratlj Not just that we found it offensive, but that it could also help us find items with outdated language. #critlib
  131. Hi #critlib - sorry I'm late - outreach and instruction librarian in Kansas. Love tonights topic <3
  132. @montserratlj I have coll policy that I will not represent all views in health collections for med education #critlib
  133. @montserratlj what would #critlib be censoring? (not a challenge, looking to understand more)
  134. @metageeky @nancyeadams "But It's Historical" is a great category on Awful Library Books #critlib
  135. I think that discoverability, in many ways, IS access, so reclassification could cut both ways. Promote access or censor content. #critlib
  136. A3. If you think of reclassifying as depriving a book of collocation with what it claims as its peers, then it becomes quite the q. #critlib
  137. A3: there is a useful difference between censorship as a concept and a spectrum of maximizing/minimizing access, yes? #critlib
  138. @montserratlj For example I will not collect books treating discredited vaccine/autism or abortion/breast cancer theorize as fact #critlib
  139. @rachel_w @montserratlj …Which is interesting! I think access to those would be useful for _cultural_ scholars, but not _medical_. #critlib
  140. @rachel_w @montserratlj Or perhaps for medical practitioners looking to understand folk "knowledge" / medically false beliefs. #critlib
  141. @rachel_w @montserratlj But I also wouldn't want to present that material to our nursing or other students as "factual." Thorny!!! #critlib
  142. Hey, #critlib! I'm Callie, a librarian in LA, currently participating in #acrlimm16 in VT, mostly lurking and trying to catch up on work
  143. @metageeky @nancyeadams what's the saying about Special Collections? Bibles and porn (or something of the like) #critlib
  144. A question, if you know a journal article has been retracted, do you do anything to a physical copy of it? #critlib
  145. Especially because, maximizing access for some doesn't necessarily maximize it for all. #critlib
  146. @metageeky @nancyeadams Maybe, if it aligns with curricular needs. Otherwise the potential harm is too big an ethical risk (for me) #critlib
  147. This q is made for spec coll - some libs have WHOLE colls of "offensive" mats-see: Wilcox Coll@kulibraries. #critlib  https://twitter.com/zoh_zoh/status/758106649013780481 
  148. have not experienced this in my current library, but I don't work the service desk as much anymore #critlib
  149. @zoh_zoh @rachel_w but are we discussing censorship in colldev policy or censorship *once on the shelf* ? #critlib are they different?
  150. @Gaymerbrarian @LNBel seems simple enough to just label them old collections and apply contemp subj hdngs #critlib
  151. @foureyedsoul Agree, although the line is often blurry - more so with history of med materials #critlib
  152. @zoh_zoh Only checking out urban lit to students who brought other books back on time, so desirable titles wouldn't "walk". #critlib
  153. Wow, folks, this has been such a great discussion! I'll post the last Q now and then we'll have time for announcements. #critlib
  154. Q4. How do you empower your users to be directly involved in collection development and maintenance?
  155. Q4. How do you empower your users to be directly involved in collection development and maintenance? #critlib
  156. Hey, #critlib -- I'm Laura, academic librarian in NH, currently at #iliads16 in upstate NY. Lurking at the end of a long day.
  157. @kcrowe just reclassified one of these myself. I'd really like to learn more about whether this was a trend or just practice #critlib
  158. @kellymce Can be hard to define that difference, no? More like difference is in intent, rather than action. #critlib
  159. s/he wanted a book on homosexuality anonymously, and this would be possible if it was simply on the shelf, but bookbot? not so much #critlib
  160. Like, is special collections actually less accessible than a bestseller that has 500+ holds on 7 copies? #critlib
  161. @kellymce It's easier to mark an e-article as retracted, but you might have a few big journals you still get in paper. #critlib
  162. @benhimmelfarb but collections by nature are assembled (they're not numbered Pokemon) so if we're providing context i.e scope notes #critlib
  163. A4 We're a culture/ethnic-specific special collections, so there can be a big overlap between users & potential donors. #critlib
  164. @rachel_w Very blurry. I'm not criticizing your decision, btw! Empathizing at how tricky collecting some material can be. #critlib
  165. A4 Our current processes are very much geared toward maintaining institutional control of every little thing #critlib
  166. A4 And electronic resources licensing is NOT HELPFUL for this. Ahem. I have feelings on this topic. #critlib
  167. A3, but I remember now, kinda censoring in anticipation of how faculty would react (anticipating user taking offense) #critlib
  168. @foureyedsoul @rachel_w I say to @kevinseeber at least once a day, "Wouldn't it be boring if our jobs were EASY?" #critlib
  169. @zoh_zoh sure, but one is "our decision" and the other is almost user/peer review... is colldev self-censorship by definition? #critlib
  170. A4. Talk to them! What do they want/need for research, teaching, learning, but also how can collection address whole community. #critlib
  171. Yeaaaahhh, sometimes Decisions Are Made to keep donors happy. @zoh_zoh #critlib
  172. A3 It could be something as innocuous as "why is the library buying this cr*p?" (so not obscene, graphic) #critlib
  173. @foureyedsoul thanks! I hope we get it right most of the time, but reasonable ppl could disagree #critlib
  174. A4. We consult w/ local communities (eg working w/Native American Centre to get more juvenile books by Anishanaabe authors). #critlib
  175. Misuse of spec coll, based solely on that art. Def have stuff in our colls bc of that way of thinking tho #critlib  https://twitter.com/zoh_zoh/status/758116133022994432 
  176. Rob Rucker was, <bias>of course, because he is inherently awesome </bias>, open to idea of keeping LGBTQ books out of the bookbot #critlib
  177. ...and it has led to some hilariously snarky non-public notes in the catalog records. @zoh_zoh #critlib
  178. @kellymce As in "putting 1st ed in closed stacks to prevent theft and guarantee access" as opposed to "going to hide this crap." #critlib
  179. A4: tell them how to request materials! Have a form that users can fill out! #critlib
  180. A4. I'm new at my current institution so I'm not sure what the practice is, but overall... #critlib
  181. A4. I feel like academic libraries are good at involving FACULTY in colldev but notsomuch students #critlib
  182. At a gay bar years ago, someone had brought a stack prefilled with gay romance titles, so the requests could come from lots of ppl. #critlib
  183. A4 We prominently feature (on home page & in one-shots) a "Request It" form; all but implore patrons to help us build collection. #critlib
  184. Only slightly related, but was irritating that some construed "Illegal aliens" LCSH effort as about desire to never cause offense. #critlib
  185. A4: Do academic library folks engage student advisory groups in selection? We've all *begged* faculty to weigh in...amirite? #critlib
  186. A4. Library website has a button to submit requests for items to add to collection. Try to purchase frequent ILL items. #critlib
  187. not sure of their current policies... Incidentally, this use case I herald when colleagues think email should be required for chat #critlib
  188. @foureyedsoul I mean, listening to students is why Rutgers has a recreational reading section in multiple libs, but academically? #critlib
  189. A4.1 My standard exhortation is "Collecting for a library is like throwing a party for people you don't know. We want your help!" #critlib
  190. A4 I love/hate forms. Works for some people but putting names on a form that might ID private info is 😕 #critlib  https://twitter.com/kellymce/status/758117932060651520 
  191. @kellymce I think if special collections requires photo ID and bag inspection, yeah. #critlib
  192. @kellymce but I love that your library allows that. MPOW is much more restrictive #critlib
  193. @schomj who needs a name? ;P maybe just departmental affiliation/course of study #critlib
  194. A4. Also? Not 2nd-guess every decision. Have general guidelines for collections but practice self-care, no micromanaging. #critlib
  195. @kevinseeber but if the effect on the user is the same...does it matter? No one will know! #critlib
  196. @schomj @kellymce I would especially want a no-name option in a public library #critlib
  197. Friends, this has been rad! Thanks so much to everyone for participating, reading, and thinking tonight. #critlib
  198. @Gaymerbrarian @schomj There's also the issue that the ILS might capture names without telling the user. #badILSNocookie #critlib
  199. @Gaymerbrarian They certainly seem to believe? Hard to judge though; same form is used for ILL as for purchase. But requests daily. #critlib
  200. @kevinseeber and what about all the unconscious bias? I'm sure that happens with this stuff, and the *intent* isn't there then. #critlib
  201. @schomj but it makes me think even in acad med someone may want LGBT health, sex ed etc title & not want to ID #critlib
  202. Yes - if it's "hide this stuff" not "protect this valuable, rare thing" ur doin spec coll wrong. #critlib  https://twitter.com/kevinseeber/status/758117884518281216 
  203. A4 We used to have setup where half of collection budget was given to departments, they did their own selection. Many pros & cons. #critlib
  204. @aboutness But now the budget has been so dramatically cut that we can't do it anymore. #critlib
  205. Conclusions
  206. We have a few minutes left for pitches and closing thoughts. #critlib
  207. I am grateful to everyone who asked questions, added catalog records, and suggested related readings. You make me love my job. #critlib
  208. Many thanks to @zoh_zoh for modding a great #critlib chat, and to everyone who de-lurked and participated.
  209. We invited the head of uni LGBT group to talk and that's one thing she warned about. Even checkout is iffy #critlib  https://twitter.com/rachel_w/status/758119299886223360 
  210. @kevinseeber I guess my point is, access isn't linear -- different restrictions affect different ppl differently. #critlib
  211. @kellymce Yeah, exactly! I'm saying consequence is same, so it's worth exploring motivations. #critlib #ithinkweagreeandtwitteristooshort
  212. @Gaymerbrarian But I'm not sure how often we get/approve requests for more recreations reading material, now that I think about it. #critlib
  213. closing #critlib thought: censorship isn't quite as is/isn't as ALA would like us to believe it is
  214. @kellymce @schomj Good point I'd want option to suggest item w/out doing that #critlib
  215. @marccold @kellymce I requested a book on mental health and our ILL person warned me that everybody would know my business #critlib
  216. @rachel_w @schomj @kellymce Our form brings in a ton of requests that are from self-publishing authors promoting their books. #critlib
  217. All right, folks, you can keep going but we're outta time. Take care & be safe, eat your green veggies, and don't stay up too late! #critlib
  218. @aboutness @rachel_w @schomj @kellymce self-publishing should be its own #critlib chat... maybe it already has been? oof. tough stuff.
  219. I loved the call I got at a museum from "an author of an anti-evolution book you have in your library" who had donated it himself. #critlib
  220. In reality, it would be a harder decision to make, as someone said, "thorny" how to handle potentially offensive materials/thoughts.#critlib
  221. @kevinseeber @kellymce we have lockers for bags. They don't have access, bag's safe, we don't have to check. win/win. #critlib
  222. Thanks for a very thought-provoking #critlib, @zoh_zoh! Thinking a lot about the intent/impact bit in what folks were saying.
  223. probs one reason I don't have to deal with censorship at my lib is we don't have enough $ to buy books...j's take it all :( #critlib
  224. man, #critlib is great at reminding me that just because I don't have a job, that doesn't mean I don't have a library voice #jokes
  225. @Gaymerbrarian I've been pondering this since an earlier tweet of yours. Are you thinking it's more "for whom, in what ways"? #critlib
  226. @mjg39 I #critlib because it keeps my skin soft, smooth, and blemish-free
  227. Thanks for modding a great #critlib @zoh_zoh and to everyone for the convo!
  228. @foureyedsoul hrm, I can see wherefrom that conclusion. More that the very concept of censorship isn't a straightforward thing #critlib
  229. @zoh_zoh Thanks for letting me crash #critlib a little. Forgot to lurk! Oh, man, and got carried away towards the end there.
  230. @foureyedsoul that "always against it" is oversimplifying and not precisely "am for it", for the sake of slogans #critlib
  231. A1 Going back to the beginning in reflection: for me there's a big difference between offensive+oppressive #critlib  https://twitter.com/zoh_zoh/status/758106649013780481 
  232. Phew, I have no idea where I was in the #critlib in the last few minutes there. Forgot to lurk! Back to trying to write.
  233. A1 cont. I'm fairly nonchalant about offensive, but I will get on my high horse about oppressive. That can be blurry too tho #critlib
  234. @zoh_zoh @Gaymerbrarian Yeah. Is censorship ~"impeded access" or ~"intentional obstruction"? Very different. Thanks for tonight's #critlib
  235. A1 IDK. I have no answers, I guess. But I'm very happy @zoh_zoh challenged us with these great questions! #critlib
  236. @montserratlj @zoh_zoh I've often thought I wouldn't have anything to say on a #critlib topic, and then good examples spark convos.
  237. Late return to #critlib to clarify I'm for access thu SpecColl for truly rare/unique materials in mission, not theft prone/offensive books
  238. If something is potentially offensive/stealable and not rare, we should stand by acquisition decisions & shelve in stacks #critlib
  239. ie: just buy 20 copies of all the serial killer bios for the library, and replace as they disappear, or look for ebooks #critlib
  240. Sorry miss #mashcat weeding bks/discov. prob. authority rec. for transgender person not updated & bad LCSH/how to handle outdated #critlib