#critlib Caregiving 7/11/16

#critlib Chat about Caregiving on 7/11/16

  1. Hi everyone, it's time for another #critlib! This time on caregiving - see the Qs here:  http://critlib.org/caregiving/ 
  2. whoa, didn't follow my own instruction - Ian, humanities librarian in nyc #critlib
  3. #critlib Systems librarian headquartered in the Midwest. Miles from civilization.
  4. Hi #critlib, I'm Violet, metadata librarian in the middle of Minnesota. Really looking forward to hearing more on this topic.
  5. Hi #critlib, academic librarian. NYC. Kind of lurking (on the ref desk).
  6. Hi everyone! Joanna, ref/inst lib in Baltimore. Jr (?) member of the sandwich generation. #critlib
  7. Hi #critlib! I'm Ryan in Boise, community college librarian. Probably will be mostly lurking / supporting today.
  8. Hi #critlib, I'm an academic librarian in Brooklyn. Looking forward to listening in on today's chat.
  9. OK, hi to everyone who introduced, and hi also to any other lurkers out there - feel free to jump in any time #critlib
  10. Here's Q1: How do you define “care”? We often talk about caregiving in terms of parenthood, but what are other forms of caregiving? #critlib
  11. Reminder: I will send out all of the ?s.Sarah's account is private for personal reasons but she will be facilitating too! #critlib
  12. Cataloger and soon-to-be full-time caregiver in Michigan. #critlib
  13. A1. Care can be physical, emotional, spiritual even... #critlib
  14. #critlib Q1. We could be caring for a spouse, a parent, a sibling, a cousin, a friend. Even caring for the animals in the house can be work.
  15. #critlib Should caregiving also include support (of various kinds) we give to coworkers?
  16. @nishamody #critlib Any sort of *caring* could be considered, broadly, as "care." E.g. I *care* that a student is having a crisis.
  17. Sarah: A1. Echoing @nishamody here. Also appreciate the reading's point that care can apply to many dif audiences #critlib
  18. #critlib A1. Can be caretaker to family members who are disabled with mental or physical health problems, intellectual disabilites.
  19. @ibeilin Yes. Care is helping someone emotionally, physically, financially. We do this work for our students, our patrons as well. #critlib.
  20. Q1: Parenthood placed unanticipated caregiving on my spouse and I for each other. ie "Home today, wife too sick to watch kids" #critlib
  21. @nishamody #critlib Caring / care is work, it tires you. Whether it's physical or emotional.
  22. Hello! I'm Denisse. MLIS student, cataloger, and very interested in the discussion, although only able to lurk. Tweeting from MIA 🌴🔥#critlib
  23. @ibeilin whether it 'should' or 'shouldn't' i think it already does #CritLib (hi y'all, cataloger here in Boston)
  24. A1 My aunt has a few different disabilities & will never be able to live alone. My parents are her legal guardians, caregivers. #critlib
  25. @ibeilin Yes! I think we have to balance this w/our own self-care and job resp. Care = humanity which is so important on the job. #critlib
  26. A1. Image of caregiving is some1 living w/ totally dependent individual who requires constant attention, but there are other types. #critlib
  27. Hi #critlib - Jessica, academic librarian with many hats. I both provide care and need care
  28. #critlib A1 what's the difference between being a full time parent versus caregiving?
  29. (hi - infolit librarian near nyc!) I find caregiving to always involve patience and listening, doesn't matter to whom #critlib
  30. A1.1 But more broadly, care probably = mental, physical, emotional assistance / consideration for others, not "just" parent/family. #critlib
  31. A1. (cont.) Caregiving can also include having family (chosen or bio) w/needs that take up a person's energy or emotional space. #critlib
  32. A1 #critlib I'm an auntie, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a coworker, a neighbor, a community member, a volunter  https://twitter.com/ibeilin/status/752564467318263808 
  33. Sarah: Caregiving can look v dif depending on circumstances. How does policy sometimes address this image? #critlib
  34. A1. (cont. further) I am the second at the moment; will be the first in probably a decade's time. #critlib
  35. I'm not able to participate in #critlib chat today but excited to moderate jul. 26 about "offensive" items in library collections
  36. A1 #critlib I kind of suck a direct emotional support, but I'll write reference letters, babysit, offer gifs  https://twitter.com/schomj/status/752566646758207488 
  37. Here's the next, Q2: How do social expectations (or a lack of such expectations) for caregiving affect you or your workplace? #critlib
  38. A1: Think emphasis on "giving" is important. Involves investment of time / emotion / capital / energy w/out expectation of return. #critlib
  39. @SarahCrissinger #critlib and how do we give recognition to both care giver AND care recipient in a helpful manner?
  40. @schomj @ibeilin I had thought of caregiving primarily towards aging parents and not as much parenting #critlib
  41. Hi #critlib - Matthew here, medical librarian and new professional working a great deal with #graphicmedicine (very relevant to #caregiving)
  42. #critlib Q2. My former acquisitions dept was 90% women and most were single parents, or had elderly parents to care for.
  43. #critlib A1 Admit I'm hesitant to put a label of "caregiving" on casual acquaintances (like coworkers), disrespectful of larger burdens?
  44. A1: I define care as providing support - be it emotional, physical, informational, or otherwise. #critlib  https://twitter.com/ibeilin/status/752564467318263808 
  45. A2. The popular association of "caregiver" w/ "parent" means that sometimes other types of caregivers get ignored or devalued. #critlib
  46. A2. It's hard to think about societal expectations as a blanket term tbh. #intersectionality #critlib
  47. @nora_almeida do men more often think it as an investment that requires some return/compensation? #critlib
  48. #critlib They were under a lot of pressure to take care of their families. We shared the load when our coworkers had other obligations
  49. I think that's why I'm quick to state that I also need to RECEIVE care tho it may not be 100% reciprocal #critlib  https://twitter.com/nora_almeida/status/752567091803332609 
  50. @ibeilin+@SarahCrissinger Lisa UIUC IL coord. Glad you org'd this. Late bc visiting w prof who is on mat leave but brought in baby! #critlib
  51. #critlib A1, The larger burdens faced by those with family members who depend entirely on them (like children or elderly parents), that is.
  52. A2 #critlib I have insulin-dependent diabetes. Sometimes my blood sugars get low & I need help. CWs vary in response  https://twitter.com/ibeilin/status/752567032701485056 
  53. A1 "care" = orientation of attention, concern, and assistance to others balanced by same for self #critlib
  54. Sarah: We have to talk abt gender. V int that ALA toolkit (in readings) centered on women in the workforce  http://ala.org/groups/caregiv #critlib
  55. A2. (cont.) Not, I hasten to say, at my current workplace, which has been EXTREMELY helpful (emotional space, time off when needed) #critlib
  56. A2 #critlib If there's no social expectation that CWs will provide care for CWs, my life is that much more dangerous
  57. #critlib Q2. Govt & employer policies often protect caregiving for parents & kids & legal spouses.
  58. #critlib Not for aunts/uncles, neighbors, family friends, friends, domestic partners.
  59. A2 #critlib Also, I have CWs who are AMAZINGLY supportive and take time to care for many. I want them to be rewarded with jobs/tenure
  60. A2 #critlib Sometimes not engaging in "caregiving" with coworkers is seen as selfish or mean. But I think it depends on the environment.
  61. @ibeilin @nora_almeida #critlib or is care more of a physical (tangible) investment for men as opposed to affective care?
  62. A2. Advice for caregivers often extremely condescending (and slightly gendered), which drives me BONKERS. "Be sure and get sleep!" #critlib
  63. @MetadataCatalog True. I think selfishness is part of self-care tho. V. subjective depending on environment & others' perspectives #critlib
  64. #critlib Funerals might be a big insight into this. I get 1 day off for kid/spouse/mom/dad, 1/2 day for sibling, no day for friends, etc.
  65. A2. Problem with the TT environment- emotional labor is not rewarded, which can really, really pose probs. #critlib  https://twitter.com/schomj/status/752568303680311296 
  66. @nishamody #critlib It absolutely can be. Sometimes you have enough on your plate that you really don't have anything to give others.
  67. @marccold "Yes, thanks, I'll get right on it when we reduce the work week to 30 hours so I can fit in sleep." #critlib
  68. @violetbfox It's an important distinction. One can extend care to all, but being a designated / primary caregiver is different. #critlib
  69. @CiotaRebecca Yes! I so hate these policies. Not everyone's emotional life follows a pattern. #critlib
  70. @ibeilin not sure but think this is certainly a view that has some cultural traction. #critlib
  71. @SarahCrissinger And I know of people fired for asking for personal leave to help care for an aunt on dialysis. #critlib
  72. @marccold The worst. "Don't you wish you could be home?" "Do you have to work?" #critlib
  73. dropping in and out during #critlib while during online reference. speaking of which ...
  74. @ibeilin I think TT is unusual in having written reqs for promotion and in valuing certain aspects of job so highly, though. #critlib
  75. Here's Q3: What are some of the structural, policy-level impediments one might encounter as a caregiver in LIS? #critlib
  76. removing librarians from the reference desk is a way that institutions inhibit my potential to care for students #Q3 #critlib
  77. @marccold yes, I see. I was thinking of the criteria for promotion, similar set of benchmarks measuring commitment to the job #critlib
  78. A3. Depending on your job, working from home can be nearly impossible or simply impracticable. #critlib
  79. @SarahCrissinger @CiotaRebecca #critlib with so much care happening in home/community, does it need to be more visible to better support?
  80. Q3: Lack of paid family leave in many places is huge. Have considered working across state line for this reason. #critlib
  81. #critlib Q3. As faculty, I've got a lot of flexibility. The staff don't get that. Their time is tightly controlled.
  82. A3: the expectation of being "objective" or "neutral" that many admins and the public share. #critlib  https://twitter.com/ibeilin/status/752569739948519424 
  83. @ibeilin Worth noting...as a woman o& librarian I find the expectation that I am / want to be a caregiver (ie. parent) oppressive #critlib
  84. True, oh, how true. Sundowning is a real phenomenon and can really mess with a caregiver's diurnal cycle. #critlib  https://twitter.com/MetadataCatalog/status/752569942801801216 
  85. @adammizelle and even where it is paid, it's almost always inadequate, too short (again, in usa) #critlib
  86. #critlib As a supervisor, I'm constantly asked/told about hours & the need to have dif times off. I wish they had flex too.
  87. SarahSomething I've been thinking abt a lot is requirement to move/ be geographically fluid (we tell new grads not to be landlocked #critlib
  88. A3: The near-necessity of willingness to move or travel for work can be deal-breaking for caregivers. #critlib  https://twitter.com/ibeilin/status/752569739948519424 
  89. A3 All-or-nothing, nuclear family models of caregiving seem completely out of touch with real life to me #critlib  https://twitter.com/ibeilin/status/752569739948519424 
  90. A3. Any type of quota requirement could be an impediment. Not sure how frequent this is? Maybe it's more implied? #critlib
  91. @CiotaRebecca #critlib support (policy, work place) for eldercarers seems to be trailing child carers
  92. Sarah: What does this mean for caregiving? Do you have to compromise job success? Or is this a false dichotomy I'm creating? #critlib
  93. @ibeilin #critlib So, so, so, so true. My family is fine now, but will me being 4hrs away be sustainable when they get older?
  94. A3: yes, problematic that only certain kinds of relationships are recognized in professional spaces @foureyedsoul #critlib
  95. A3 #critlib And since those are the models on which paid/approved leave and benefits are based, it's... yuck
  96. A3. Expectation to work nontraditional hours (esp reference) #critlib
  97. #critlib I think sometimes we forget that sometimes life just happens and there's nothing we can do about it. 1/2
  98. I moved for a job. It's a much better job, more satisfying, I get paid more, better benefits, & yet I feel guilty every single day. #critlib
  99. If I weren't traveling and putting together three talks on Primo accessibility, I'd so love to be participating in the #critlib chat.
  100. #critlib A3. Policies are (of course) designed to treat people equally without respect to their individual needs. https://t.co/VQ03mvayf1
    #critlib A3. Policies are (of course) designed to treat people equally without respect to their individual needs. pic.twitter.com/VQ03mvayf1
  101. @SarahCrissinger #critlib It can also free them up. Maybe their partner works days, so can take caregiving nightshifts.
  102. #critlib 2/2 Not really fair when one paygrade is fine and another is docked time.
  103. Sarah: ability to work these shifts seems to almost be a requirement in LIS, at least for public or academic (not sure abt special) #critlib
  104. What it means in my case is that I can either give time or I can give money, but I can't do both. #critlib  https://twitter.com/ibeilin/status/752570989960101888 
  105. Tuning in a little late to #critlib. I still forget that I'm in a different time zone now.
  106. Similar backstory. I think the awareness of the privilege I had at that time makes me more outspoken now #critlib  https://twitter.com/marccold/status/752571346442477568 
  107. Q4 We often see a disparity in benefits between staff in different roles, e.g. professional, support, faculty. True in your work? #critlib
  108. A4 #critlib Utterly true. It's built into our contracts. Union shop so contracts are generally good but v disparate  https://twitter.com/ibeilin/status/752572166567256064 
  109. A4: Although 'support staff' are unionized at mpow, they still have very inadequate benefits, esp. for caregiving #critlib
  110. A4: I feel like those disparities themselves start creating silos. #critlib
  111. A4:The benefits fairy only comes to those who were privileged enough to earn an #MSLS. Support staff suffer #critlib  https://twitter.com/ibeilin/status/752572166567256064 
  112. I'm Kate - acad archivist in Denver! A1: Eldercare is huge & not discussed as much as shld be. #critlib  https://twitter.com/ibeilin/status/752564467318263808 
  113. @kcrowe shouldn't eldercare be assumed a universal need, and therefore supported the same as family leave? #critlib
  114. A4. I'm a grad assistant so there is. And there is def tension about these disparities on campus. #critlib  https://twitter.com/ibeilin/status/752572166567256064 
  115. A lot of my students are caregivers / parents & not always sure how to handle accommodation v. uniformity in academic expectations. #critlib
  116. YES. As the supervisor of public service unit this is v impt to me. We hv a desk, but flex as much as poss. #critlib  https://twitter.com/ibeilin/status/752565345794293760 
  117. @nora_almeida thanks for that point - so many people who come into library are caregivers and that plays into how we serve them #critlib
  118. @nishamody The difference between a GA and an "Intern" during #gradschool was huge. Same responsibility, vastly different benefits. #critlib
  119. @ibeilin I have more flex time than support staff but they have more contracted leave for extended family care. Diff priorities? #critlib
  120. @kcrowe #critlib eldercare so invisible! maybe because older adults no longer "productive" and carers are not "working" when caring?
  121. Sarah-I'm really int in this question re: academic librarianship and tenure track vs. staff positions. Does anyone know of any lit? #critlib
  122. A1 I define care in terms of work and how capitalism has shaped its development in the modern world. #critlib
  123. also, frantic pace of academia inhibits my ability to care. now reading "the slow professor" & trying to apply it to librarianship. #critlib
  124. @ndalmer @kcrowe I think it's weird cultural utilitarianism- caring for children is valuable b/c raising the next generation! #critlib
  125. @libraryrat4 interesting - what would you say is the relationship between work and care in light of that history? #critlib
  126. Also making sure that staff who are committed to srvc of uni get paid for and can sched srvc time. #critlib  https://twitter.com/ibeilin/status/752565345794293760 
  127. @schomj @ibeilin Same here- support staff usually have more paid leave, but less flexibility in work hours (and make less $). #critlib
  128. @marccold and yet it's mostly lip service, it's not nearly supported enough @ndalmer @kcrowe #critlib
  129. @marccold @ndalmer @kcrowe Just the potential to need to provide eldercare hangs over so many working people. #critlib
  130. OK, last one! Q5. If you have benefits others don’t, how can you work to create more inclusive policies around caregiving? #critlib
  131. Sarah: A4 as we think abt this disparity, biggest reflection for me is: how should we supervise caregivers? that makes a difference #critlib
  132. A5: Use the power afforded by position/situation that affords those benefits to leverage admin. for change #critlib  https://twitter.com/ibeilin/status/752575020501700610 
  133. @ibeilin i am the president of our faculty association and our next bargaining team will be a feminist bargaining team! #critlib #Q5
  134. @SarahCrissinger #critlib i'm teaching a course that questions LIS' approach re: seniors. including a class on care - suggestions on topics?
  135. Sarah:Some information here:  http://eeoc.gov/policy/docs/ca … but is also abt compassion, understanding, and generosity toward whole person #critlib
  136. A5. It's so funny. I assume I haven't "earned" these benefits. I don't fight it even tho I probably should! #critlib  https://twitter.com/ibeilin/status/752575020501700610 
  137. A5 #critlib As a supervisor, learning which rules can be (quietly) bent in support of staff being humans  https://twitter.com/ibeilin/status/752575020501700610 
  138. A5: I think to remember that most likely, you have been or will be in this person's shoes. #critlib
  139. Analysing your work policies from a feminist perspective will help in many ways and make changes that work for everyone. #critlib #Q5
  140. Q5 I've heard about CWs pooling their sick days for others on the staff. Surprise -- numerous employers don't like this. #critlib
  141. i was surprised at how much overall support there is for a feminist bargaining team #critlib #apuo
  142. A5. Make support for caregiving more than a damned PDF telling caregivers to exercise and to accept help when offered (what help?). #critlib
  143. Sarah: @adammizelle @marccold @ndalmer YES. class is additional factor. My mom has no retirement/ savings & I think abt this often #critlib
  144. A5 #critlib Other than being subversive I don't think I individually have much power - so collective action? voting?  https://twitter.com/ibeilin/status/752575020501700610 
  145. Sarah: @adammizelle @marccold @ndalmer if we think abt caregiving as also financial, this is huge (and fin & phys often intersect) #critlib
  146. Seriously. Flex, flex, flex, flex some more. This is something that salaried mgrs can help w by filling in. #critlib  https://twitter.com/schomj/status/752575634598080512 
  147. A5. (cont.) Allow for flexibility. Don't shame people for using FMLA. Give workers (including students) privacy when necessary. #critlib
  148. @NoetheMatt My wife's former workplace nixed this for a friend we lost last yr to cancer. It was a charter school. #critlib
  149. Yes! Dad had back surgery this yr & everything was taken care of - insurance, PTO, travel. Still stressful! #critlib  https://twitter.com/nora_almeida/status/752576289576480768 
  150. We are winding down the hour already! Please feel free to share additional info, and plugs. #critlib
  151. #critlib A5. Ensure your coworkers know their rights in terms of leave. Can be easily overlooked & make life more difficult than necessary.
  152. @nora_almeida #critlib location is huge - especially for seniors encouraged to age in place - opportunity for libraries in community?
  153. A5 Hell, I tell people to sign up for FMLA at the first hint they might need it. It's limited but still... #critlib  https://twitter.com/marccold/status/752576464026005504 
  154. @adammizelle i've never heard of that before. That's radical community. #critlib
  155. Great chat today,everyone! Thanks to all and our moderators!! #critlib
  156. @jayeldee @adammizelle Wow! yes totally radical. Not shocked they don't like it, lol #critlib
  157. Back to A1: I define care as being human and treating myself and others like humans. Flaws + rainbows + all #critlib  https://twitter.com/ibeilin/status/752564467318263808 
  158. Before you go, does anyone want to volunteer to storify this #critlib
  159. .@ibeilin well, care is work (even if it is work we enjoy) it can't be defined outside of capitalism. Selma James writes abt this! #critlib
  160. Huge thanks to @SarahCrissinger & @ibeilin for proposing & leading a very important #critlib chat! Any volunteers to Storify (archive) chat?
  161. Sarah: And a huge thank you to @violetbfox & other #critlib admin & their unseen work that keeps these chats going!
  162. @libraryrat4 @ibeilin That's an interesting definition of work that strikes me as odd at first glance. I'll have to read more! #critlib
  163. .@NoetheMatt .@ibeilin check out the Italian autonomist feminists of the 70s as well as Sex Race and Class by Selma James #critlib
  164. Did someone volunteer to storify this! I can do it! (I haven't before tho) #critlib
  165. It seems like radical nurses have been talking abt care, work and reproductive labor for longer than librarians. not sure if true. #critlib
  166. was a sweet treat to dig into today's chat on intersections of #critlib and #care. thanks to moderators @SarahCrissinger & @ibeilin!