Intro to #critlib - Part 2

Tweets from the 55th chat, Monday April 4 2016: intro to #critlib (part 2) moderated by @courtum. For more info about #critlib, including past and future chats, visit critlib dot org.

  1. What does a critical theory/librarianship mashup look like? Check out "Intro to #critlib" chat TONIGHT at 19.00 BST. 
  2. #critlib cataloging query - Can anybody tell me how/why the term "developing countries" should be used as a proper noun?
  3. Reminder that there's an intro to #critlib chat today at 2pm EST moderated by @courtums! Join in and share!
  4. I can only make the #critlib chat for about 30 minutes today but I'm excited for it to begin!
  5. Been WAY too long since I've taken part in a #critlib chat! My email backlog may not permit it but i hope to pop in today, :-)
  6. Just got set up at the IQ-Wall for todays intro to #critlib chat at the @HermanBWells Library! Come on by and chat!
    Just got set up at the IQ-Wall for todays intro to #critlib chat at the @HermanBWells Library! Come on by and chat!
  7. Hello #critlib MLS student in Indiana here! Long time lurker, occasional poster :)
  8. hey daytime #critlib, I'm Allana, an archivist/librarian in the Toronto area, lurking and working today.
  9. Hello #critlib world! I am Ray, a reference librarian at American University. Off today, catching up on #NaPoWriMo2016.
  10. Hi, #critlib. I'm Andrew - a librarian + manager in higher ed. Always-already librarianing; trying to critlib.
  11. Hi #critlib! Kevin joining in from sunny Denver. Academic library instruction person who's here mostly to listen and amplify.
  12. Hi #critlib! Adam, new-ish academic librarian in Philly area.
  13. #critlib hi! I'm the instructional srvcs librarian at ODU. Long-time lurker, first-time participant!
  14. Hey #CritLib, I'm Netanel a cataloger in Boston (mostly lurking/boosting)
  15. I'm Dianne, social sciences research & instruction librarian outside of Boston, newbie to #critlib
  16. Hi! Jenny Ferretti, Digital Initiatives Librarian, Maryland Institute College of Art #critlib
  17. Hi #critlib! Anna-Sophia, cataloger in Los Angeles, also largely lurking.
  18. What's going on #critlib? Instruction librarian in VA checking in.
  19. Hi #critlib, I'm an academic librarian in Brooklyn, NY. Looking forward to just listening to other's thoughts for today's chat
  20. HI #critlib! Library school student in Wisconsin. Pretty new to #critlib. Mostly lurking today (maybe).
  21. Hi #critlib. Jill from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, recovering from all the presidential candidate visits this weekend
  22. Hi #critlib! Academic library dept head; first chat, so largely lurking while I work and eat lunch!
  23. Hey #critlib! I'm Ryan in Boise, community college instruction & outreach librarian. Excited for new participants, so mostly boosting today.
  24. Emily, solo from American Academy of Art! Excited to be chatting but can only stay for 30 min due to Fun Home discussion #critlib
  25. We are busy today helping students understand new voting laws for the WI primary tomorrow #critlib in action!
  26. Hello #critlib! Research/instruction librarian in ATL, mostly listening and bouncing between browser tabs today.
  27. A1 - I actually had an opportunity to describe #critlib to a stranger last week:
  28. Hi #critlib! Emily here. I'm a Program Coordinator at a small public library just outside Chicago.
  29. A1: Getting tips on how to be a better teacher from ppl who care about interrupting neoliberalism in highered. Laying those (1/?) #critlib
  30. (the thing about humanism was defining "critical theory" as exploring differences, and humanism exploring sameness) #critlib
  31. @adammizelle Laying those problems bare for the students and others with a stake in this. Work together to respond. (2/2) #critlib
  32. A1 #critlib can look like so many things! for me its keeping my assumptions in check, listening closely and trying to build community
  33. heya #critlib! research & media/gender studies librarian in IN. excited for this intro chat after a long twitter hiatus. he/him & she/her
  34. A1) I would add questioning the work that we do is objective and applied objectively #critlib
  35. Hey #critlib I'm James a ref & inst librarian in Wisconsin. As is my usual habit tuning in from the ref desk.
  36. Intro to #critlib chat starting NOW (actually 10mins ago but jump right in, all are welcome!) Academic instruction lib*n here, in&out today.
  37. @allanaaaaaaa Stranger here :) and I really appreciate it; I've been looking up #critlib reading lists
  38. #critlib A1 Expected: critical theory-informed approach to LIS. This turned out to be the tip of an iceberg I'm still trying to understand.
  39. A1 #critlib in practice would likely be making progressive policy changes that dont challenge the larger framework of capitalism 1/?
  40. A1: A significant aspect of #critlib seems to be ppl lurking for #reasons. That's 100% okay, but it would also be nice to have more voices.
  41. Do we risk becoming irrelevant by being too objective? This is a conversation happening in journalism communities too #critlib
  42. Hi #critlib. I'm Kate from UW libraries, a libtech developer who's mostly lurking today.
  43. A1. Also this may be #critlib in practice. The FCC finally approves low-income subsidy for Broadband  via @TheNextWeb
  44. A1: to paraphrase @beastlibrarian Being critical of library practices to make the profession better is what it's all about. #critlib
  45. A1. Kind of silly, but putting on my They Live glasses like Roddy Piper & examining existing structures/practice/etc. #critlib
  46. #critlib A1 Ultimately: being able to inductively create my own critically-informed theories of practice. Learning how/why to unpick it all.
  47. A1: For me, #critlib means constant reflection about my work. Fav question to ask myself is "who benefits from this?" b4 doing something.
  48. A1- continuing to question 'the way we do things' in practice/policy/systems, staying open minded about new approaches/perspectives #critlib
  49. A1b: personally, I spend lotsa time tryna think from the inst'l angle, questioning processes, not just outcomes I disagree with. #critlib
  50. Sick cataloger lurking in Michigan for #critlib. (That's an intro, BTW- sorry if it sounds like a threat! 😊)
  51. A1: #critlib for me is a "guide" for everything: my thought process, conversations with co-workers/public, creating programs/services etc.
  52. A2: On the disability access side of things, I'd like #critlib changes to mean everyone asks about libtech accessibility.
  53. Hey #critlib, I'm Shauna. Participating as time allows, with signal boosts to others more articulate :)
  54. A1. But mainly, I like the idea of #critlib being out in front of expanding the boundaries of critical theory in a transdisciplinary way.
  55. A1: Also, Critical Theory is new-ish to me, and this is a good crowd for me to explore it esp. about practices in the profession. #critlib
  56. A1) Assessing how you look at your profession. Take a step back, find blind spots & move forward to better self & librarianship #critlib
  57. a1: for me #critlib is as #critlib does. this includes interrogating relationships of power, developing support structures, & just listening
  58. .@courtums I too feel that. I have planed some lessons with #critlib in mind. But not had a lot of opportunity to give them.
  59. A2 #critlib change means having conversations with others i would normally have with myself and feeling supported in doing so in lib spaces
  60. A1: Also I think #critlib is about really engaging with one's own biases, listening and reflecting more before action.
  61. A2 Change is hard b/c everyone is in a diff place/diff comfort levels. Much easier to do micro than macro but important to try #critlib
  62. This is happening now, #critlib! I have to run but look forward to catching up on the conversation later! 
  63. Me too! #critlib for me =thinking structures & systems. As librarians, we actually do make & remake these every day! 
  64. A2: #critlib is something of an antidote to racial & other microaggressions in libraries with how it models & reinforces better behaviors.
  65. A2 #critlib change is this ongoing reflexive proceed that welcomes failure into the dialogue
  66. Yes, @courtums ! Not only did you ask yourself 'why,' you inspired it in others and made change. #critlib
  67. A2 Change looks different in all varying contexts of #critlib app; feeling change and seeing it might be different.. 
  68. A2. #critlib breaks down previous informational and knowledge boundaries and opens things up for wider audiences to participate.
  69. I contacted some conf. organizers & asked if we could get a student rate. They offered a student rate. #critlib 
  70. @courtums #critlib yesss totally, like asking where is the all gender restroom, where is the nearest accessible restroom v imp!
  71. A1 For me, #critlib is working from a position that resists the temptation to quantify what's priceless. ROI often obscures the point.
  72. A1 (maybe?): what does #critlib look like for public librarians? I mainly hear about it from academic librarians.
  73. a2: change in #critlib might be thinking expansively about what constitutes change and who we allow ourselves to care about and reach out to
  74. One small #critlib-in-practice thing: I now do slides with Reveal.js, an html & Javascript framework instead of PPT. 
  75. A2: Its just dawned on me how a lot of #critlib ppl are tenure-track and have written a lot about this. (1/?)
  76. Yes! listening is key to learning the strengths of our community too (libs often only focus on needs). #critlib 
  77. #critlib: A1. Being aware of my context + how impacts my librarianship...and vice versa
  78. @adammizelle Change for me lately has been starting to read ppl I only just met on Twitter. #critlib
  79. Many comm coll students have mobile devices w/o laptops @ home. Need to make slides more screenreader accessible now. #critlib is a process!
  80. #critlib: A2: change is everyone asking questions and assuming nothing . Feel like am still learning how2b critical
  81. More buzz for American University:  - RT @hsifnihplod Hello #critlib world! I am Ray, a reference librarian at Am...
  82. A2: #critlib change can be something as simple as regularly incorporating diverse children books at a Storytime.
  83. A2: #critlib provides the foundation for new 1-credit courses we are offering in the fall titled "Critical approaches to information in....
  84. A1 #critlib as a space to interrogate how lib perpetuate the bad stuff (like white supremacy) + how we can make small advances against that
  85. A2 #critlib has informed the way I think about classification and gender. There is literally no good LCSH for non-binary genders.
  86. #critlib A1 for me it's combo of thinking broadly how classification displays power + "how do I make this resource more accessible TODAY"
  87. A2 change has been making the library comfortable and safe for all by sharing per* experience w/staff to raise awareness of LGBTQ #critlib
  88. A2 #critlib IME the hardest thing to do is change yourself, taking the time to do uncomfortable work interrogating assumptions and bias.
  89. a3: everywhere, full stop. inclusive #critlib looks like taking all needs/feelings/critiques seriously, proactively rethinking assumptions
  90. A3. It would be cool to see #critlib extend across all of LAM. Fascinating stuff is going on at museums and archives. #CritLAM?
  91. A3: Newcomers belong everywhere! When I was at SPARC, it was amazing how many #scholcomm felt weird about jumping into #critlib chats
  92. A2 #critlib is a great source for personal and professional growth. I esp appreciate the reading lists
  93. @abigailleigh Great q. I think both public & acad have opportunities to question status quo, look for concrete ways to help users. #critlib
  94. A2 As a #digipres archivist, change in #critlib is often abt convos re:why we need digital preservation and how to make it accessible
  95. A3: other venues outside of Twitter for #critlib, for sharing ideas in more than 140 characters
  96. A2: not sure I've achieved much. I frequently critique Cdn professional associations, which is mostly like yelling into the void. #critlib
  97. Ian here, academic librarian in nyc, mostly lurking! A3: many long-time ppl here are still new to crit's not nec. for #critlib!
  98. Q3) Part of it is bringing critlib to our local libraries and having those convos there. #critlib We've started a reading group here
  99. A3. I agree that #critlib needs more space in MLIS. I stumbled upon it in a pick your own reading week & conversations with librarians here
  100. @nicholae I'm very new to this but I agree being proactive is a big part of #critlib; continuous improvement vs. feeling stuck
  101. @abigailleigh For public librarians, that striving to make active changes to address social justice issues may replace scholarship? #critlib
  102. Hi, I'm Chelsea. LIS PhD student. My research & #critlib interests skew archival. I chime in here once in a while, not as much as I'd like.
  103. @courtums #critlib: do we have a Wikipedia page on #critlib? <snicker...sort of> we need an intro to #critlib + where to start #lisproblems
  104. @glam_librarian #critlib It's the year of our lord 2016, why are we lumping drag queens in the same category as transgender people?
  105. A3 They simply belong; regardless of whether you've read every #critlib pub or have lived experience to share. 
  106. A3.2 I see a room for #critlib readings on syllabi & have encouraged profs to make changes.
  107. Hi #critlib! I am an instruction librarian in the ATL area lurking while prepping Poetry Month activities.
  108. Hi #critlib, I'm an academic library specialist with a MLS in VA. 1st #critlib chat, excited to join in!
  109. A3.3 I took two instruction / pedagogy classes, and #critlib wasn't mentioned until a classmate & I brought it up.
  110. A3: #critlib needs to foster acceptance of a multitude of views and backgrounds. Respect that we are all at different stages of the journey
  111. #critlib #newcomers aren't newcomers but embedded librarians missing context. They already belong.
  112. @abigailleigh ... but I think both have a place in librarianship, we can learn from each other but only if we talk together, right? #critlib
  113. I will catch up later on this #critlib chat...busy with students as finals approach. *waves* Derrick in DC, y'all. Stay woke!
  114. A3 #critlib lurking is v important to me, at the same time engaging new folks is also super important to creating inclusive community
  115. A3: One challenge is that crit theory is not homogenous in itself, but is often argued from an absolute truth position #critlib
  116. @courtums #critlib good start! Still need to capture those who Google and run though!
  117. A3: public librarians are least involved in #critlib but would have most to share. part a twitter issue, part outreach. they're a big silo.
  118. @edrabinski This matters. We need student rates for conferences and professional organization memberships always. #critlib
  119. A3: As a newbie, happy you're having this chat! #critlib is intimidating, lots of smart/big convos happening, wondering how to jump in.
  120. I feel like the #critlib attitude is the antidote to 'we're doing all we can'/complacency
  121. A3b: but they're the "newcomers" I'd most like to see invited in + incorporated. dunno how to tackle it though. #critlib
  122. @zinelib I don't mean to take it too far, or be anti-intellectual, but in some cases the critical theory can get in the way of #critlib
  123. A1 remembering that the systems we work w/ are interpreted, not objective. Asking questions about representation & agency w/in them #critlib
  124. A1 #critlib for me is really looking at the impact of my work on others and myself.
  125. Yes! I didn't attend a conference until I had a full time job, and I felt way behind in engaging. #critlib @marygkosta @edrabinski
  126. Yes to #critLAM chats! I kind of lurk in the archives world / work in an archive & there is a lot of #critlib adjacent work happening!
  127. @gonesquirrelly @courtums Is there anything in particular we could add to #critlib website?  What would be helpful?
  128. As an example, I've faced too many arguments that center around insisting complex concept (racism, gender) means '...' not '...'. #critlib
  129. @cheegunn especially with technology. & having conversations about this with others. Communication/community is key to #critlib
  130. A2 #critlib And hiring accessibility. (I sometimes feel like we're only doing performative accessibility, at best) 
  131. Q4: I've seen the tag pop up in #libleadgender convo & with ppl I follow on twitter - today is my first real intro! #critlib
  132. A4) When I was at @uncsils I took a class on Info Ethics and wrote a paper on whether librarians had an ethical duty to be sjws #critlib
  133. @violetbfox we need more talking and sharing together. Both academic and public. #critlib
  134. A4 I participated in one chat prior to attending the #critlib unconference in #PDX and it was intimidating. 1/2 
  135. @metageeky the theory I like, and find most useful, tries to undermine any claim to absolute truth #critlib
  136. Hi #critlib, Christian from Copenhagen, library director at academic library, sorry I'm late
  137. A1 #critlib I work closely with our student employees so it means pushing them to be mindful & inclusive in their work @ the desk
  138. A3: #critlib newcomers are ALWAYS welcome! It's all about that critical analysis, dialogue, implementation and inclusivity.
  139. Makes it hugely difficult for anyone exploring the concept to want to gengage. #critlib @metageeky
  140. Hi #critlib. I'm an acquisitions librarian in NY. Long-time lurker, first time introduction.
  141. A4: I think I found out about #critlib around when I went to the Gender+Sexuality in Info Studies Colloquium at UofT ... (cc @edrabinski)
  142. A4: I was "officially" introduced to #critlib at @gslis. Most (if not all) of my classes discussed it whether in theory, practice or both.
  143. @zinelib I'm reaching out to chat & explore #critlib but you have to know about it before you can be involved
  144. A2 more small, affordable, decentralized conferences & unconferences. Skull share vs. costly professional dev #critlib
  145. A1 pt. 2 #critlib and more specifically for me, thinking of librarianship as activism, and the library as critical center of community
  146. @ibeilin Agree, but I only tend to see that when it's experienced crit theory people talking among themselves. #critlib
  147. a4.1: i was lucky enough to attend the first unconference. been learning and trying to bring it ever since #critlib 
  148. so, ironically, it was an "official" conference-style profesh outing that let me in to the secret virtual world of smart people. #critlib
  149. A1 #critlib keeps me on my toes with my fave questions: 'Why are we doing this, how does it creates value?'
  150. Q4: My intro to #critlib is twitter, not an ideal forum for reflection. The pace of this discussion is dizzying and a bit stressful :-)
  151. #critlib A4. Got pissed of at parts of my job disappearing and wondered why=#critlib
  152. A4 would esp like tips on making #critlib more holistic part of work. feels difficult to "carve out" time to be/do/figure out w/daily work
  153. A4 I'd read very little #critlib theory, but I was inspired by the conversations in PDX and started joining more regularly. 2/2
  154. A4. Stumbled upon the hashtag just about a month ago. Been a librarian for 4 years and didn't know about #critlib! 
  155. a4.2: my advice: don't be afraid to ask ?s and don't let the conversation end when you leave twitter! #critlib 
  156. #critlib A4 The thing I try to encourage is to find supportive people that can help you form and develop discourse.
  157. A4 Joined a chat after reading some #whyicritlib blogs.They're a great intro for people who are interested but intimidated #critlib
  158. @allanaaaaaaa public librarians may also have the most to risk, the fewest job protections #critlib
  159. A4 for advice on #critlib asking why/why not can be done politely (for those w/ easily ruffled coworkers)+
  160. @QueryNLibrarian YES! I'm helping write a code of conduct. I insist that it be readable without taking multi crit studies courses. #critlib
  161. A3 Some of us are working on a set of "working definitions" to make some terms common to #critlib chats less off-putting.
  162. Sadly too may silos in LIS. If #critlib is 4 all what about hospital libs, museums, school libs, yes even corp libs? 
  163. A4. It was MOOC's that raised my awareness to critical theory and on to #critlib. #rhizo15 #moocmooc. Don't let the theory frighten you.
  164. @violetbfox @courtums Primer on #critlib from theory position and primer on #critlib from lived experience position?
  165. A2 #critlib I just recently started actively lurking the tag, but it helped me think more critically about a recent cover letter!
  166. A4 I guess my advice is to listen and share what you have to offer, even if you worry it's not a lot, it is. #critlib
  167. A4: & get urself a reward jar (chocolate kisses, $1 towards a goal, whatev) for every time u hear "because we've always done it." #critlib
  168. #critlib A4 Personally I've zero critical theory "background" so I appreciate not everyone wants to start by reading difficult texts.
  169. @schomj yeah, for sure. every time I see a looming strike or talk of precarious lib workers, I ask myself if/how #critlib can help
  170. A4: Be friendly. Listen. Get to know #critlib ppl as colleagues. Follow back! Accept whole person. Accept occasional discomfort.
  171. @gonesquirrelly @QueryNLibrarian @edrabinski Fees often prohibitive for students/unemployed grads who must be able to participate. #critlib
  172. @schomj but, like, we are not a union, we don't write support letters, we don't have funds. we can signal-boost, but that's it. #critlib
  173. Q4: My intro to #CritLib (although I didn't realize it at the time) was my first class in my MLIS program @lisuncg
  174. A3.2 It's set so that you can add suggestions anonymously, so hopefully that minimizes n00b anxiety. We're all noobs to something! #critlib
  175. @jillibrarian Very true. Our last chat talked about how we can take #critlib off Twitter for more reflection time and better (?) convos...
  176. @metageeky THAT is extremely fantastic and exciting. Vocabulary is a huge barrier for ppl new to the field and conversation. #critlib
  177. @nicholae @courtums A4: remember, there are no stupid questions! Just uninformed answers so ask away... #lisproblems #critlib
  178. A3 #critlib the maj of unconferences i've seen r in PNW or NYC. tbh it'd be nice if there was more regional diversity to meet others f2f
  179. Merton's Scientific Norms (1942) looks like great historical doc for understanding/questioning scientific communication #critlib #cni16s
  180. @jillibrarian Ideas included real life meetups, online reading groups with group annotations of articles. Other ideas welcome!! #critlib
  181. A4 learned about #critlib through librarian twitter, realized it would be wonderful to host meet ups w MLS program, visibility slowly builds
  182. A4 This is my official intro to #critlib & just reaching out to ppl helps. I think #critlib may need to reach out 2 
  183. A4. My intro to #critlib as a Twitter chat was @ibeilin. My intro to critical theory in libship was browsing Zs, esp Revolting Libns (cont.)
  184. A4 stumbled into a #critlib chat and it was all on fire - really great energy. For newcomers: never be to intimidated to speak your mind
  185. Yes, sometimes discomfort is the only way to acknowledge something isn't working and find ways to address #critlib 
  186. A4.1 I found #critlib at the same time I as I started to explore twitter.
  187. A4: I wish I had learned about #critlib through my MLIS program. Even in my PhD program we don't talk about it enough.
  188. @marygkosta @gonesquirrelly @edrabinski Yes-Twitter helps but there's a massive barrier 2 engaging w/ ppl who aren't in this space. #critlib
  189. @zhao_shirley The #critlib hashtag is relatively new, the first chat was April 2014--though of course these ideas have been around awhile!
  190. A4 my intro to #critlib i think was thru tumblr? but I learned about crit theory in undergrad & often tried to incorporate to my MLS work
  191. A3 I can understand discomfort. New content + the cacophony of Twitter can be overwhelming. Blogs + reading lists do help. #critlib
  192. A4. (cont.) Meanderings, Musings, and Monsters, Too (for info lit instruction) and Radical Cataloging (for metadata) #critlib
  193. A4-got exposed to #critlib through my job's social justice librarians' group. Don't have any tips yet but hoping to learn from you all.
  194. @brettdcurrier @jillibrarian That's great! It's not always possible, but I'm a big fan of real life conversations for tough topics. #critlib
  195. A4: just making it to national conferences to learn abt things like #critlib is a factor of privilege and a #critlib issue itself
  196. @Zoe318 would love to hear more about this group! trying to initiate something similar #critlib
  197. @allanaaaaaaa @jillibrarian Love it!! #critlib belongs to this community: would love for #MLIS students to make it theirs too!!
  198. A4.2 #critlib I was also a student activist in undergrad and that was very formative to me as a person & library/info professional
  199. @tdg_coffee #critlib kinda wondered if it was the #neoliberalism impact...which I suspect it is anyways
  200. A5: Also working chapter by chapter on @edrabinski, @mariataccardi, and @alanakumbier's book. "Critical Library Instruction" #critlib
  201. A5: Paulo Freire's classic "Pedagogy of the Oppressed" made me radically reconsider everything I thought I knew about teaching #critlib
  202. @schomj @edrabinski @allanaaaaaaa #critlib and labor would be an int. chat. I'm in a v. priv. position- I've never had a non-union lib job.
  203. A4 If you have a Progressive Librarians Guild local, maybe do #critlib meet-ups with them? Or start a PLG local? 
  204. @QueryNLibrarian @marygkosta @edrabinski #critlib connect how? Post conference experiences? Post connections between ideas?
  205. A4: I joined Twitter exclusively for #critlib. I'm still new to how Twitter works and I'd rec not doing it on mobile if possible.
  206. #critlib chats turned two on 4/1/16. The website is way newer--whenever @violetbfox says it launched.
  207. @gonesquirrelly @QueryNLibrarian @edrabinski Connect w/ campus student grps, dedicate space for students on org boards/committees. #critlib
  208. @gonesquirrelly @marygkosta @edrabinski Love both of those ideas! Conversational connections certainly a foundation too-listservs? #critlib
  209. @adammizelle Why don't more PhD program talk about #critlib ? Faculty have so many opportunities.
  210. Is there a #critlib reading/discussion group outside of Twitter? Would love to discuss Critical Library Instruction, etc. with others.
  211. @zinelib #critlib website  was unveiled Aug. 2015 only because I got tired of looking through the previous document.
  212. @edrabinski @gonesquirrelly @marygkosta Creating/pushing for programs to send students/new libs to events, outside our own spaces. #critlib
  213. Just going to admit I have no clue what #critlib is, leaving me #embarassed
  214. @Bibliocracy anyway smart guy sorry went back in the thread and saw you were talking about #critlib ok
  215. @courtums Technically the admin group but we've never turned down a #critlib chat suggestion if someone was willing to moderate!
  216. .@clbaron I don't know about large scale but a group of UW-Madison librarians made a #critlib reading group last year!
  217. ,@clbaron they made one of their goals to report out to campus lib community. One of the reasons I heard about #critlib
  218. Hmmm. is #critlib still trending? Gotta figure out how to get US trending topics. So much to learn from these chats!
  219. Q3 Making primers on our favorite #critlib buzzwords and theorists in humorous power point presentations could be good for new comers.
  220. #critpitch this is something that we're working on with our teaching partners here at RU. "nothing happens in a vacuum" = key! #critlib
  221. Interested in #critlib reference work, in ANY context, pls submit proposals to our forthcoming @LibJuicePress book!: 
  222. Thanks for the great thought-provoking discussion, lovely people! And for moderating @courtums I'm back to work now #critlib
  223. ok #critlib I added the entry to the zotero, but I don't have a paid haiku account to export that presentation.
  224. especially if they want to do an intro/primer/how to get involved/encouragement to non-acad sectors #critlib #critpitch
  225. Ppl can do whatever they want locally. Throw an in person #critlib event. Start a reading grp. Mods are for infrastructure, not governance.
  226. gotta run! many thanks to @courtums for moderating this wonderful #critlib discussion!!
  227. One important aspect of #critlib is preserving chats for posterity on . Any volunteers to storify today's chat?
  228. A4 A #critlib intro I used are those intro comic philosopher books. I read enough of those to read harder stuff.
  229. @courtums Thanks Courtney, really appreciate your questions & comments on behalf of new folks plus your willingness to moderate!! #critlib
  230. A5 The best intro to #critlib is whatever speaks to your lived experience. There are a lot of gender, race, class issues to unpack.
  231. @AlicePrael Thanks so much for volunteering to storify #critlib chat! Please DM me if you need any guidance/help!
  232. A5: Not necessarily theory, but #critlib in action: Informed Agitation (@LibJuicePress). It inspired me before I even applied for lib school
  233. oh yeah also #critlib #critpitch for anyone interested in learning/discussing research methods in librar* scholarship, meet us at #lisjc
  234. Thanks again @courtums for proposing & splendidly modding such a useful #critlib chat! Thanks to all the new people for speaking up! 👍🏼💯🏅
  235. late for #critlib... joined twitter for the occasion-- had to teach a class... oh well, maybe next time.
  236. @Unisilma Nämä #critlib touhut on semmosta seksin vai Adornon tähden touhua jossa meidänkin pitäs aktivoitua. Varsinki sun partaradikaalin!
  237. @OpOnions I don't know nearly as much as I wish I did. Maybe there could be a #critlib chat on disabilities & librar*/ tech accessibility?
  238. @diannelibrarian That could work! It could also be holding forums outside of Twitter. Just make the world #critlib basically
  239. Thank you @courtums for hosting #critlib today! It was a very exciting first twitter event. Can't wait for the next one
  240. @abigailleigh @adammizelle think b/c many #LIS faculty aren't familiar w on the ground stuff rel to practice of librarianship #critlib
  241. You know it was a good #critlib when the spambots show up!
  242. Okay so who of the amazing #critlib group is going to come join us in the Pioneer Valley at Smith College? 
  243. I was busy when the #critlib chat started, hope it's all right if I tag along! The internet's good for asynchronicity, after all.
  244. A1. Right now #critlib means assessing knowledge transmitted in lib school and critically looking at what librarianship is/what it could be.
  245. A2. Some of us are organizing a #critlib group study this fall to make critical perspectives part of our education. Missing in some courses.
  246. A3. Don’t make #critlib about theory, IMO. Make it broadly about critical thought and assessment with theory as one way of doing/knowing.
  247. A4. Vaguely aware of #critlib from poking around, decided to engage after some time in my school and PLG chapter. No real tips: I -am- new.
  248. Dang, I missed #critlib. Thought it was tomorrow night. This is like that time I went to a Friday night slumber party on Saturday.
  249. #nsaleaks vs #panamapapers...shock factor greater or less? And who is actually caring? #critlib
  250. @courtums hmm. we talk #critlib in #9003, #9367 + take a critical youth studies in #9363 & #9367 + all discussion-based classes :-)
  251. folks - is anyone else talking of moving meetings in #nc besides aptrust? #equality #librarylife #critlib
  252. Anyone #critlib able to share ideas on critical approaches to UX discovery research + development? #critsyslib