#critlib: serving homeless library users

Storify of the #critlib chat from 2/16/2016 on serving homeless library users, moderated by @GinaMurrell1. For more information about #critlib, including past & future chats, please see http://critlib.org

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  2. Suggested readings:
  3. * “A home to the homeless” by Ellyn Ruhlmann, from American Libraries (2014)
  4. Welcome to tonight's #critlib on serving homeless patrons. I'm Gina, the mod. I work at Univ of Oregon Libraries. Please introduce yourself!
  5. Introductions
  6. Hello! I'm Nisha, MLIS student at U of I in Champaign! #critlib
  7. This is Jenna in NYC eager for tonight's #critlib on svc to homeless library users bc my LIS prof's advice was hand homeless a bar of soap.
  8. Hey #critlib I'm Kate, I'm an archivist in Denver at a private uni with (to my knowledge) no focused approach to engaging w/homeless patrons
  9. Hi #critlib, I'm Sarah, LIS student in NYC. Mostly lurking tonight...
  10. Hi #critlib, I'm Liz, academic librn in MA/CT tho most of my perspective serving homeless comes from exp in a public lib in Chapel Hill NC.
  11. Hi #critlib, glad to be here tonight, I'm Maura and I work at an academic library in NYC, also a frequent user of the public library.
  12. Hi #critlib folks. I'm Ryan, a community college librarian in Boise.
  13. Hey #critlib I'm Evan, an LIS student in London, Ontario. Mostly here to listen and learn!
  14. Happy that so many of you are joining us for tonight's #critlib! First question is coming soon. All questions are at  http://critlib.org/serving-homeless-library-users 
  15. Arriving late to #critlib, but here we are. Greg, faculty librarian at a small academic library in Kirkland, WA!
  16. @GinaMurrell1 I'm not a librarian but I'm into zine culture &volunteer at book collectives. Also spent undergrad sleepin in the lib #critlib
  17. Hi #critlib! Kelly here, academic librarian in Oregon. I'll be in and out, I'm doing a drop-in service for veteran students tonight.
  18. Hi #critlib! I'm a new librarian/library assistant at UMN, but my interest mainly comes from past public library work. Mostly here to lurk
  19. I'm in @chrisalensula's Cmmnty Bldgg & Engmnt class (#LIScbe) rn, & we read abt this for class this week:  http://bit.ly/1KoD2NC  #critlib
  20. @AprilHathcock @fiiidget @chrisalensula Whenever I read "good old-fashioned common sense" I kind of want to . . . ugh. #critlib
  21. @whippersnapperQ Open whenever the library is open, it's a single unisex bathroom with a shower stall that locks & a changing table #critlib
  22. @AprilHathcock @fiiidget It’s totally gross, and the class reading is abt inclusion in libraries. Hi #critlib! Here to listen & think
  23. @fiiidget @chrisalensula (I'm speechless & now stress-eating a bag of licorice). Would love to hear about the ensuing class convo. #critlib
  24. Hiya #critlib, I'm an LIS prof who teaches about teaching; mostly here to listen & learn.
  25. Hello #critlib! I’m Charlotte, an academic librarian in NYC, but most of my exp. w homeless patrons comes from my history with public libs
  26. hi #critlib! LIS student. really glad to have the chance to learn more on this topic. @SPLBuzz recently hosted panel on homeless queer youth
  27. Hi #critlib folk. Looking forward! I'm mgr of assessment at oak park public library, among other things!
  28. Hi #critlib I'm a new public library director in IN. Formerly an Asst. Director in Oak Park, IL.
  29. + and seeing NIMBY (etc) resistance to that, wondering how libraries will respond #critlib
  30. Friend pointed to this piece earlier - another perspective on DC shelter plan  http://www.citylab.com/cityfixer/2016/02/dc-homeless-shelter-network-bowser/462489/  #critlib (sorry, on to Qs in a min)
  31. Hi #critlib! First time I'm able to lurk in real time. I'm a Program Coordinator at a Public Library just outside of Chicago.
  32. Hey #critlib! Teen & Social Media Librarian here who is all about outreach, empowering underserved teens & intellectual ratchetness.
  33. OK, here we go... (don't forget to add #critlib at the end of your responses). Feel free to keep the introductions coming.
  34. Q1. Does your library offer support services/outreach to homeless patrons?
  35. Q1. Does your library offer support services/outreach to homeless patrons? #critlib
  36. At the Oak Park Public Library, we have just hired a Manager of Community Resources -- a social worker -- for outreach #critlib
  37. @cuttingthecheez Yes, the manager is full time and will begin his work on March 7 #critlib
  38. A1: work in academic library open to public, but no specific services or outreach despite being "public." #critlib
  39. A1: although computer terminals are open to public, because federal gov docs repository #critlib
  40. A1 nowhere I've worked so far has. I've never librn-ed in a city city, but still places w/ populations of homeless users... #critlib
  41. A1. Not even remotely. Used to work in a public lib in urban area that also did not other than grudgingly allowing folks in. #critlib
  42. A1. Our library welcomes and provides services to all but does not particularly reach out to the homeless. #critlib  https://twitter.com/GinaMurrell1/status/699778161689686016 
  43. @bembrarian Interestingly, a work-study student was recently homeless & we supported him during his transition to find a home. #critlib
  44. @bembrarian I have heard of this happening in at least one other academic library. Probably happens a lot around campus. #critlib
  45. @bembrarian There was a student living in our 24 hr space and "campus" made the decision to ignore it. #shameful #critlib
  46. A1.1 at a public uni library, homeless patrons are part of our user community, but because academic not seen as 'core users' #critlib
  47. A1.2 but this framework effectively erases university students experiencing homelessness, which is an issue in our campus #critlib
  48. @GinaMurrell1 #critlib I'm still learning about the systems around me but I know @SPLBuzz partners with social service agencies to reach yth
  49. Chiming in late from Bmore. Working in acad lib that does no outreach but hosts many homeless patrons daily. #critlib
  50. A1: Not explicitly, nope. Dunno how often we get questions at ref/circ that end up being referrals. #critlib
  51. A1: comm'ty users can use computers, and get a lib card -- but you need an address (and/or driver's license) to get the card. #critlib
  52. @kittenhumyn Yes. Some libraries are allowing homeless patrons to use a shelter address when applying for a library card. #critlib
  53. @GinaMurrell1 @kittenhumyn we accept shelter addresses and corrections facilitiess for patrons at our public library (large system) #critlib
  54. @kittenhumyn at my mum’s library, patrons could present a letter from a shelter in lieu of driver’s license. Not perfect solution #critlib
  55. Public lib where I used to work also did this. & shelters/PO boxes wldn't count. I'd sign ppl up anyway. #critlib  https://twitter.com/kellymce/status/699780469873750016 
  56. Yes to signing up people w/out an address! Should be resistance-as-policy for undocumented people as well. #critlib  https://twitter.com/AprilHathcock/status/699781453102628868 
  57. @zinelib #critlib assuring them that the library doesn’t track them or anything of the sort is helpful too!
  58. @amelish Tho being homeless means ur constantly being harassed by police & tracked in so many ways that this is just one instance. #critlib
  59. A1: We don't, which I think is prob not uncommon for acad libs, even those open to the neighborhood. #critlib
  60. A1: The college where I work for sure has svcs for homeless students, tho we've not worked w/those offices directly that I know of. #critlib
  61. @mauraweb How open is your library to the neighborhood? What does that look like? Do a lot of non-academic folks use your lib? #critlib
  62. @bembrarian Technically open but in prac don't get much neighb use, ID req to enter bldg w/lib = discourages (+ pub lib is nearby). #critlib
  63. @mauraweb Woah. ID required to enter the library's building? That's very closed, IMHO. #critlib
  64. @bembrarian Not the lib but the campus, we're w/in a bldg w/other uses. ID req is standard across CUNY afaik. #critlib
  65. @jessicahochman @bembrarian Yah, there's scanning in/signing in to get into all of the college buildings at MPOW. #critlib
  66. Naperville library trained staff in social work srvcs to recognize broad spectrum: not 'homeless' but 'unhomed'. Mental health key #critlib
  67. @Brarian How intense is the training? Does it address systemic oppression? Is there certification? Is there staff resistance? #critlib
  68. @Brarian Wow, I have never heard that term. Really interesting. I wonder how this "works" compared to hiring a social worker. #critlib
  69. @Brarian what gets me upset is librns aren't soc workers! No one benefits from that arrangement/more passing the buck #critlib
  70. @thelizbrarian @Brarian #critlib exactly! we don’t know how to help. If there’s no funding for a social worker, libraries should do training
  71. @thelizbrarian Agreed. Naperville initiative a triage approach based on who sees spectrum of community. @davidjseleb wise #critlib
  72. A1 not explicitly, nope (again, private university, but as others have pointed out, open terminals due to gov't depository status). #critlib
  73. Judging by the answers to Q1, it seems services for homeless patrons at most libraries are sorely lacking. Sad (but not shocking). #critlib
  74. A1: Not currently, but it is an on-going discussion. Since I'm new to my role, it's something I'll be assessing for the future. #critlib
  75. A1 Working in special collections, no. Main library open to public until 12a then ID checks. Lobby remains open 24-7. #critlib
  76. @amelish this also happens at the library I used to work. The rules are even harsher during finals. #critlib
  77. . @colin_gpe To be fair, I only pull late nights to work on my own finals. Maybe more lenient (no checks?) the rest of the time #critlib
  78. A1: my private urban women's college library doesn't explicitly offer svc to homeless. tbh I can't imagine what that wd look like. #critlib
  79. A1: just realized that our open guest wireless network provides service to homeless, if they have a smart phone. #critlib
  80. @zinelib Yes! That is hyoooge here in NYC I think - I see loads of folks using wifi outside the BPL, CUNY GC, etc. #critlib
  81. A2 Our lib is locked down so you can't even get in w/o ID. So no homeless at all. And we are in New York City. So...yeah. :( #critlib
  82. A1 (from my mum, who was in a city library): None in specific, they could go to any services/classes offered. Budget cuts, tho… #critlib
  83. A1 As a comm. coll., we have "retention alerts" for students with variety of issues. Have used when students w/ housing insecurity #critlib
  84. A1.1 Housing insecurity can affect your highly regular patrons, even your student workers, without being very obvious. #critlib
  85. Q2. Does your library have policies that prohibit behaviors often associated with homelessness?
  86. On to Q2: Does your library have policies that prohibit behaviors often associated with homelessness? #critlib
  87. A2 (from my mum): Yes. Had rules for behavior, made sure the homeless knew. Rules like no unaccompanied adults in children’s area #critlib
  88. @PoorCharlotte How are the homeless identified though? Is it a "warning" of the rules based upon appearance? #critlib
  89. @cuttingthecheez I believe they worked with the shelters and/or food kitchens on that #critlib
  90. A2.2 (for mum) other rules: No public drunkenness. No fighting. Just the general behavior policies that everyone had to follow. #critlib
  91. A2.3 (from my mum) No state ID needed to get library card - homeless could present a letter from a shelter in lieu of I.D. #critlib
  92. @PoorCharlotte Curious to think about perceptions/prejudice re: homelessness as relating to substances and violence. #critlib
  93. A2: Late night hours, you have to have a campus ID to be in the building. #critlib
  94. A2. Yes. MFPOW at public lib didn't allow washing in bathrooms or SLEEPING. Sigh. That was a prob for everyone. #critlib
  95. A2. This public lib was in central FL. So lots of old folks. So sleeping in library was kind of a thing for everyone. #critlib
  96. @GinaMurrell1 My library has Rules of Behavior, but has tried to avoid rules that "prohibit homelessness" such as "no sleeping" #critlib
  97. A2 My public library had a no sleeping rule framed as a health concern #critlib
  98. A2 We're really open in our lib & haven't developed many antagonistic policies, except against noise & sex. #critlib  https://twitter.com/GinaMurrell1/status/699780430011064320 
  99. aiii #critlib happening so fast. Anyone have collections representing / documenting homelessness? Outreach could use a broad base...
  100. A2 we had a no sleeping rule that I usually didn't enforce. #critlib
  101. @thelizbrarian @jkgadsby "Excuse me, you're not allowed to sleep here." "I'm not sleeping, I'm resting my eyes." #critlib
  102. A2: if you want a library card, you must have an address establishing you within the library's city. #critlib
  103. A1: No... V wealthy and V small suburb. To my knowledge we do not have any resources in our direct community for the homeless. #critlib
  104. @bembrarian @PoorCharlotte How does the general public, and how do inst. admin. define homelessness? What are defined stereotypes? #critlib
  105. A2: For non-affiliated borrowing card, MUST present ID AND current address. #critlib
  106. A2. I wonder what the implications would be to use the library as a home address? #critlib
  107. @cuttingthecheez I'm reminded of the first season of Portlandia w/ the hide and seek legend who lives under the lib's stairs. #critlib
  108. A2.1 we have a number..including some that truly reflect our lack of meaningful programs/infrastructure to address homelessness #critlib
  109. A2.2 ie generalized policy to address very specific "problem patrons" or broader to discourage certain groups of users #critlib
  110. We'd let anyone who had some form of ID (tho still prohibitive) get a computer pass. Had to have an address to check out books #critlib
  111. A2) just skimmed our policies and nothing jumps out at me... #critlib
  112. In theory, #libraries are welcoming to all. Unfortunately, there are many policies keeping access from the homeless. #critlib
  113. @zinelib CITY of Naperville supported/paid 4 training to leverage. oak park library @davidjseleb took it on based in #community #critlib
  114. #critlib here's a question: how do these anti-homeless policies get applied? are there patterns of racial bias in enforcement?
  115. A2: always wondered how you enforce a no sleeping policy objectively. Ppl perceived to be homeless can't sleep, but babies are ok? #critlib
  116. @ComposedCitrine seriously, especially at a uni library. There is no acad. library not constantly filled with people sleeping. #critlib
  117. A2: Must have a home address within the village to get a libcard -- which is also used at times for program registration #critlib
  118. A2 We bring in Affirmative Action to help with "problem patrons" since they're likely to be students or employees #critlib
  119. A2 But while we do have homeless students, my impression is that they're more likely to sleep than cause problems #critlib
  120. Q3. What kind of staff training, if any, does the library provide in serving homeless patrons?
  121. Q3. What kind of staff training, if any, does the library provide in serving homeless patrons? #critlib
  122. A3. None. Though if there was an identified homeless population that used our lib., we would do training. #critlib  https://twitter.com/GinaMurrell1/status/699783073202745345 
  123. @bembrarian Paradigm-wise, it seems like a lot of libs could be more proactive in identifying potential homeless using their lib. #critlib
  124. A3 The only training we got in public lib was "Here's a whistle. Use it if a homeless person gets creepy in the stacks." #critlib
  125. implicitly reinforcing negative stereotypes abt homelessness is crappy & dehumanizing & hurts everyone. >:( #critlib  https://twitter.com/AprilHathcock/status/699783600380755968 
  126. A3: GAs got "disruptive patron" training. included white man doing black stereotype for homeless patron. Some of us were furious. #critlib
  127. @JessicaLColbert I'm fighting for the day when "disruptive patron"/"problem patron" gets stricken from the librarian vocab. #critlib
  128. @JessicaLColbert that's so awesome. Hey, #critlib could make better videos with a critical/culturally responsive perspective.
  129. @JessicaLColbert @jessicahochman That's in a ****ing video? It was deliberate & considered? My jaw's literally hanging open. #critlib
  130. @JessicaLColbert @jessicahochman I won't type them here, but I'd have _words_ with whomever made these choices. #critlib
  131. @foureyedsoul @jessicahochman And then some of us talked to HR about it, and the police chief agreed to have us work to change them #critlib
  132. @JessicaLColbert @foureyedsoul that's super cool; it's great you spoke up and real change is happening! #critlib
  133. @jessicahochman @JessicaLColbert Seriously. I'm impressed. Thank you for doing, especially as I assume it wasn't comfortable/easy. #critlib
  134. @foureyedsoul @jessicahochman I think all three of us who spoke up also have mental illnesses, which was also in the training #critlib
  135. A3 (From mum) workshops on difficult patrons in general. police gave training on deescalation (lots of addiction issues, violence) #critlib
  136. @GinaMurrell1 That's one of the objectives for our new manager, to determine the appropriate staff training needed #critlib
  137. A3 not to my knowledge, but our Access Librarian was a bartender/bouncer, he is fabulous at de-escalation. He should do a training! #critlib
  138. A3 generic deescalation training from HR (which was honestly a total nightmare) #critlib
  139. I'm finding your answers to Q3 esp interesting; I think workshops on serving homeless users would help. But respect for all is key. #critlib
  140. @GinaMurrell1 Yes, trainings are important but smtms seen as delivered solution, rather than small step towards real respect & care #critlib
  141. @whippersnapperQ Respect & care - just treating the homeless as human beings - should be basic. Sadly, oftentimes it's not. #critlib
  142. A3: Training related to dealing w/difficult patrons but nothing yet to engage with patrons facing homelessness. I got work to do. #critlib
  143. It seems like the only training libraries give regarding homelessness is negative. Eg:how to deal with "problem patrons" #critlib
  144. @alegriarchivist Agreed. Where are these perceptions coming from? Is it systemic? Societal? #critlib
  145. @ebeaz A lot of people who are homeless suffer from mental illness too, and there's still a lot of stigma associated with that. #critlib
  146. @alegriarchivist Are there any open trainings like these available online? Would love to experience something so negative! #critlib
  147. A3: There could b labor issues to discuss. Perspectives vary by job bc sometimes librarians decide & support staff have to enforce. #critlib
  148. @zinelib Yup. We've done some all-library worker workshops but doesn't change that support staff on svc desks more than lib fac. #critlib
  149. (Aside) is it exceptional to say that all the librarians I work with are tolerant, inclusive, and respectful? #critlib
  150. I focus trainings on reducing barriers for all, social service & community resources. Generally not specially on homelessness #Critlib
  151. does your library have specific programming for homeless patrons? #critlib
  152. @kittenhumyn if your library does have srvcs for homeless patrons, are they included in the brainstorming/planning in any way? #critlib
  153. A3: recently watched this webinar w/ staff  http://bit.ly/1TpKnz1  our "challenging patrons" are rowdy kids not homeless #critlib
  154. Q4. What role should the library have in providing support services to homeless patrons?
  155. Q4. What role should the library have in providing support services to homeless patrons? #critlib
  156. #critlib partnering with local organizations that help them can be useful.
  157. This is a great video lecture from a practitioner. A Librarian's Guide to Homelessness #critlib  http://youtu.be/FYiEEhhrFh4 
  158. aah! I'm late to #critlib after reminding my fellow MLISers today! i'm Alex, acad lib worker, MLIS student, mostly watching & learning tn
  159. We in LIS need to face our discourses: "homeless" as proxy. Community colleges, state, public library: we are natural supports #critlib
  160. A4 Treat them as a patron base rather than a problem area. Develop services/programming tailored to their needs. #critlib
  161. Also remembering that we are libs. We provide info, not solutions. Refer but don't try to overdo. Bad for everyone. #critlib
  162. . @AprilHathcock Seems hard (if worth it) to draw a line and know whether that line is about what's best for library, patrons, libs #critlib
  163. A4. I like the idea of being open/transparent re: providing the services, to positively influence others. #critlib  https://twitter.com/GinaMurrell1/status/699785444242825216 
  164. #critlib I’ve seen homeless people volunteer at the library as well. The library is their home so there should be more resources to help!
  165. @colin_gpe Partnership is key, gaining new perspectives. Being a leader but not the only leader. #critlib
  166. A4 This is hyperlocal, but I've discussed working w fac member who does outreach in homeless comm/soc services on oral hist project #critlib
  167. @kcrowe A4 both with service providers & people in homeless community. We haven't figured out *how* yet tho. #critlib
  168. While not all libs will be able to provide social services on site, all should know of the community orgs & be able to do referrals #critlib
  169. Q4: creating services/programs with patrons experiencing homelessness. Love quote from Oak Park's new social worker on this #critlib
  170. @GinaMurrell1 I see our role as part of broad community engagement, working with partners. Welcome, engage, identify, guide, refer. #critlib
  171. A4 Our homeless users are probably students, so getting them info for campus or community services seems key + #critlib
  172. A4 that said, we haven't done any targeted outreach and I'm not sure if we'd get much uni support (don't pull back the curtain) #critlib
  173. @schomj If at a uni, there must be a committee that deals with homelessness on some level (beyond the library)??? #critlib
  174. @bembrarian not to my knowledge, but I think a lot of that work is done quietly by diversity, VA, other offices #critlib
  175. @schomj @bembrarian We use retention alerts & individual counselor appointments at MPOW. Maybe advocate for similar there if poss.? #critlib
  176. @foureyedsoul @bembrarian Our whole advising system is borked. Campus initiative to fix it is in progress, but... #critlib
  177. #critilb A4 as uni lib, i get that many of our services are for affiliates... but v important to treat everyone who comes in w/respect +
  178. #critlib A4.2 & recognize that housing insecurity effects our whole community, including those who are formally affiliated with the uni
  179. #critlib A4.3 how we treat those who are visibly homeless (or so we presume) impacts/reflect/reinforces overall culture of the institution
  180. A4: Dallas public was doing some great podcast programs w/ homeless patrons a while back #critlib
  181. A4 I (and mum) agree respect 1st off. working with city services to have counsellors on hand several x a week can also help #critlib
  182. When working in Baltimore, I made sure that I knew the major service providers so I could confidently tell ppl about the services. #Critlib
  183. A4 Partnerships with other organizations and individuals important to homeless patrons - in case we forgot, not a monolith #critlib
  184. A4 but also learning more about homeless patrons w/o violating privacy seems like a starting point (others have mentioned) #critlib
  185. A4 something I can do better personally is speak up when meetings take a turn toward the disrespectful and venting becomes..more #critlib
  186. Having the right attitude is step 1 and sadly not everyone is so inclusive/empathetic as #critlib, even in libraries
  187. A4 At public lib, I attended meetings our local coalition for homeless persons (consisting of local service agencies) #critlib
  188. A4 it was great for keeping on top of places/service for referrals. If I could go back, I would try to expand this 2 more outreach #critlib
  189. This is a fantastic idea. Going to add it to my docket of things to do this week. :D Thank you! #critlib  https://twitter.com/knsievert/status/699787129543503872 
  190. A4 question for the acad librarians - do any of you have MSW programs you partner w on this? #critlib
  191. @kcrowe We don't, but maybe we could. We've hosted discussions w/the counseling folks & lib staff tho not specific to homelessness. #critlib
  192. A4. I support library-initiatives. It makes, but I wonder what libs would do if SE issues were dealt with. How would role change? #critlib
  193. Women & children are high risk: studies show domestic violence as driver toward "homelessness". Libraries offer digital safety too #critlib
  194. @bembrarian digital safety means we are able to seek resources: health, financial etc without domestic violence perps' eyes #critlib
  195. A4: whatever we do we can't assume ppl want what we or others prescribe as "help" #critlib
  196. @ComposedCitrine Good point. This is where diverse perspectives (including, ideally, representation from the homeless) helps. #critlib
  197. A4: Host services onsite (provided by community experts). My lib has vet & senior resource reps avail. monthly for 1on1 assistance #critlib
  198. Q5. What can libraries do to better serve homeless patrons?
  199. OK, final question! Q5. What can libraries do to better serve homeless patrons? #critlib
  200. In NYC, sleeping was just outlawed on the subway, which imo relies on assumptions abt sleepers similar to those we're discussing. #critlib
  201. @jessicahochman I did not know that! I am (too) often sleeping on the subway, but I'm sure I'm not who this is targeting! #critlib
  202. @jessicahochman Wow! Every NYer has fallen asleep on the subway (long day at work, drunk, lack of sleep, etc.) not just homeless. #critlib
  203. @jessicahochman Thumbs way down, CUNY students have told me they sleep while commuting on the subway (as we all do, right?). #critlib
  204. @mauraweb imo targeting sleepers is a form of profiling. It's assigning a particular signification to the practice of sleeping #critlib
  205. A5 Helping students financially is part of why my boss is pushing the library to play a role in OA textbooks #critlib
  206. A5 Continuing to have these convos. Thinking critically. Acting thoughtfully. #critlib
  207. in some universities you can get a masters in SW along with your masters in LIS. maybe they should have this option in every uni. #critlib
  208. #Critlib learn about ALL of your community. Constantly work to reduce barriers. Practice empathy. Be kind. Do your best.
  209. A5 at the very least, offering information about resources that are available to them is important. #critlib
  210. A5 whoops I skipped ahead 1. But yeah. 1st off see them as a population w/ needs just like everyone else. Don't "prob patron" them. #critlib
  211. A5: see them. make them visible. understand homelessness is a condition NOT who a person is. engage #critlib
  212. A5. Great question. Simple & short, but: have more conversations. Be more mindful of what's not being done. #critlib  https://twitter.com/GinaMurrell1/status/699788198063439877 
  213. @bembrarian Yes, re: having conversations. Library can be space where homeless patrons can connect with dignity; creative programs. #critlib
  214. A5 Starting from the position that our unhoused patrons are _patrons_, then figuring out how to work with them for _their_ needs. #critlib
  215. @foureyedsoul and "their" needs are *ours*. Seriously. Many are one step away from being there. Empathy key. #critlib
  216. @Brarian Yes! Empathy!! Didn't mean to pose relationship as a simple "us/them," more meant "help patrons act on own behalf" #critlib
  217. @foureyedsoul all's good: I am behind you on how challenging our dichotomies are. Keep up the good fight! #critlib
  218. A5 Hard question. mpow's vision statement: "grt private uni dedicated to the public good" but outreach is in msw, other acad prog. #critlib
  219. A5. We need to interrogate ourselves & our discourse. Use open-ended ?s. Cater to them instead of making them accommodate to us. #critlib
  220. Also, sorry for tuning in late to #critlib. Looks like @GinaMurrell1 moderated a great chat!
  221. oak park last yr staff day domestic shelter was part of community *IN reach*. Very popular among staff cuz we SEE survivors often #critlib
  222. A5: always loved how @davidjseleb handled complaints abt homeless patrons. Forced others 2 acknowledge their humanity #critlib
  223. Yes. And then respect them. Don't be patronizng. Maybe they just want a DVD and don't want a social worker. #critlib  https://twitter.com/JessicaLColbert/status/699788919257370625 
  224. @AprilHathcock :nods: This speaks to how much even "progressive" convos about homelessness rely on stereotypes #critlib
  225. A5: Accept a shelter (or willing organization in community) as their home address for lib card #critlib
  226. Wrapping up with thank yous & #critpitches!
  227. This has been such an incredible #critlib chat that I almost hate to wrap things up. Any final thoughts?
  228. Thank you, @GinaMurrell1! GREAT topic, super lively and thoughtful discussion. #critlib
  229. @GinaMurrell1 #critlib talking about these topics can help bring changes to libraries, however small they may be!
  230. @GinaMurrell1 Excellent #critlib! Gonna really start seeing how I can change things at my academic lib.
  231. Thanks @GinaMurrell1 & everyone for so much to think on. Good to be back #critlib
  232. Thank you all for participating in tonight's #critlib on serving homeless library patrons! Do we have any volunteers to Storify this chat?
  233. .@GinaMurrell1 I can Storify. It's been a few months since the last time. Thanks for a really great chat! #critlib
  234. @oksveta Thank you! And thanks again everyone for taking time out from your busy schedules to discuss this very important topic. #critlib
  235. Such a terrific #critlib chat tonight, thanks so much @GinaMurrell1 and everyone!
  236. Make sure y'all invite your librarian friends to the next one! The more the merrier at #critlib
  237. #critlib thanks for the wonderful convo, lurked and chatted with a classmate as we watched on the IQ Wall
  238. Thanks for such an amazing #critlib tonight. Looking forward to reflecting on the issues that were raised. Can't wait for the next one!
  239. @kellymce #critlib if anyone is interested, dominican has this option. I don’t know anybody who’s done it though. :(  http://socialwork.dom.edu/academics/msw-mlis 
  240. Sorry I missed #critlib; my #critpitch is that we in academia act on fact that some of our students+their families are homeless, hungry, etc
  241. And that we acknowledge that some of our staff are too bc wages are low and employment precarious. #critlib  https://twitter.com/lisalibrarian/status/699792429948477441 
  242. Thx @davidjseleb and @ComposedCitrine for fighting good fight. Walk the talk: it is all we can do #critlib
  243. Fin.