#critlib 2016-02-01: patience/impatience

Storify of the February 1 2016 #critlib chat on "patience/impatience", moderated by @lisalibrarian, @skeskali, & @AprilHathcock. Discussion questions and suggested readings here: http://critlib.org/patience-impatience/ For more info about #critlib, including past and future chats, see critlib.org.

  1. Preliminaries
  2. If you value #critlib ideas but are sometimes impatient w/ twittering, consider participating in next Monday's chat:  http://critlib.org/patience-impatience/ 
  3. Counting down to the #critlib on patience/impatience all morning. It is finally here! Thrilled to co-facilitate w @skeskali + @AprilHathcock
  4. Introductions
  5. Happy to be facilitating today’s #critlib chat on patience/impatience with @lisalibrarian and @AprilHathcock. How about some intros?
  6. #critlib community - Let us know who you are and we're you're joining us from! I'm at U IL-Urbana, infolit coord, and ALAprez candidate.
  7. Hi #critlib -- happy to have some time at work to fit in today's chat. Ac lib in SoCal
  8. Hi #critlib my meeting ended early! Academic librarian in Brooklyn, eating my lunch.
  9. #critlib Ref/Inst. Librarian at American University. At work, but going to be going in and out of the chat. Great to see you all!
  10. lurking on #critlib at work kyle, resident grumpycat, american university, cataloging, washington d.c.
  11. Humanities Librarian in Greater Phila. Tweeting as I prepare my researching Spanish language film presentation for Tues. night #critlib
  12. Hi #critlib, Kelly in Oregon, will be in and out this morning.
  13. This is Jenna #critlib-bing from the Barnard Library in NYC. Thanks for facilitating, @AprilHathcock @lisalibrarian @skeskali!
  14. Hi #critlib, I'm a cataloger at an academic library in the middle of Minnesota. Current temp: a very reasonable 29° F.
  15. Hi #critlib, librarian & instruction coordinator at University of Arizona, going to have to multitask during the chat
  16. Been a long time since I made #critlib, but here I be! Mostly lurking, bc need to finish planning this class (instruction lib, Seattle-ish).
  17. ready for some lunchtime #critlib I'm a currently employable new grad!
  18. hi #critlib glad to be joining, while multitasking. public librarian in Oakland CA, author and activist
  19. Hey #critlib! Glad to be spending my lunch chatting with you from Boise, Idaho where I do Instruction & Outreach at CWI (community college).
  20. Welcome! April, acad lib in NYC. Excited to be co-modding this #critlib today!
  21. Library adjacent professional at U of IL-Urb catching this at lunchtime! #noodlesonmykeyboards #critlib
  22. Hi #critlib! I'm Amanda, an academic librarian in New York. I'm at work but lurking in the chat.
  23. Hi, #critlib. Jake here. Quasi special academic librarian manager type in DC.
  24. Hello out there #critlib - I'm an archivist in Virginia and chair of Society of American Archivists' Students & New Pros Roundtable.
  25. Hi #critlib! I'm a research librarian at an art school in GA. Ready to talk about patience/impatience.
  26. Hi #critlib I'm an academic librarian/cataloger type in Baltimore, at work but will try to keep up with the convo.
  27. Hi, first time caller, long time listener. I'm the e-learning and instruct. tech lib at MIT Libraries. #critlib
  28. #critlib Late intro, just reading along. I'm LGBT & women's history archivist. Thx for this chat @lisalibrarian, @skeskali, & @AprilHathcock
  29. Hi #critlib, weird x-disciplinary technologist at University of Washington libraries
  30. hi #critlib totally spaced this meeting out. On the ref desk right now. So, guess I am doing more lurking today.
  31. Q1. Do you ever get impatient with the social justice work done by you or others? Why or why not?
  32. #critlib Keep intros coming but let's start Q1-Do you ever get impatient with the social justice work done by you or others? Why or why not?
  33. A1 for me, I was late to the party myself...by many years, so i try to extend pati to those who maybe, like me-of-past aren't there #CritLib
  34. Q1: I think it comes with the territory. Goals, timelines, etc. Esp when lives are at stake. #critlib
  35. a1: yes, but it more relates to a mounting frustration with the system and the immediacy friends' deaths. something I try to not do #critlib
  36. A1: Well, stuff is seriously effed up in the world, so it is frustrating to see movement be glacial. #critlib
  37. A1 Impatient all the time, but learning how magical going more slowly can b for being more inclusive & getting wider participation. #critlib
  38. like @OpOnions I was kinda late to the party and try to be generous to people who are actively working. #critlib
  39. A1. I get impatient w lack of results overall. With self for not doing more. #critlib
  40. #critlib A1 I get most impatient with things that shouldn't take as long as they do. Like releasing innocent people from prison.
  41. A1 It's hard not to be impatient, but social inequalities are deeply entrenched. Patience is necessary for understanding, listening #critlib
  42. Q1: Potential balance for impatience is to do electoral campaigns as well as more direct action. You know the calendar. #critlib
  43. A1: And it always feels like I cld be doing more. It will never not feel like that, though, so I have to find ways to keep rollin'. #critlib
  44. Q1. Yes. My institution has global social justice goals, but library colleagues are overwhelmed w/ serving our direct populations #critlib
  45. A1 Impatient for results. Material/legal/etc inequalities we have are infuriating, & constrain actions to fix those inequalities #critlib
  46. @edrabinski I hear that. Ppl have different levels of deliberation they are comfortable with. At work and outside of it. #critlib
  47. A1 s/t heard that res w/me is that any advncmt made on civil rights -- it's alrdy too late for all lost, it will alws BE too late #CritLib
  48. also frustrated abt matters of inclusion as a white dude that talks too much sometimes. all responses here currently white. #critlib
  49. A1: Depends. w/folks finding their path, pretty patient. w/admins who'd rather write another div stat't than enact change, UGH #critlib
  50. A1: And yet, things that make action happen -- like community and authentic human relationships -- take a lot of time to develop. #critlib
  51. A1 at times, yes, it can often feel like I'm not doing enough and hitting a lot of roadblocks along the way. #critlib
  52. A1: Impatient with bureaucracy of higher ed. At MPOW we've carved out a critical space for ourselves, but waiting for the ok #critlib
  53. A1: I think a lot about this doc  http://www.cwsworkshop.org/PARC_site_B/dr-culture.html , and try to own my sense of urgency and need for markable progress. #critlib
  54. A1 mostly I get overwhelmed by the seeming futility of it all #critlib
  55. A1. Also feel academic lib emphasizes service of scholarly publishing, communication, etc. and we lose sight of broader influence #critlib
  56. Rdg Ron Day's Indexing it All right now, 1st chapter has interesting things to say about how databases have changed sense of speed. #critlib
  57. @edrabinski Can't recall author, but have seen fascinating argument linking sense of speed to 1800s Book of the Month Club, too. #critlib
  58. A1: echoing lots of ppl, impatnce is natural but have to keep it lowkey. Getting visbly frustrated will shut down impt convos quick #critlib
  59. A1 I get impatient waiting for SJ workers around me to actually be intersectional #critlib
  60. A1 - working w/in orgs and systems to effect change is a long game. Doesn't make it futile, but it can't be the *only* strategy. #critlib
  61. @Sam_Winn When I worked w/ undergrads as a grad student, it was hard to convey to them that a university does not change on a dime #critlib
  62. A1/A2. I can't read these questions without Nina Simone playing in my head  https://youtu.be/th2qraO0-P4  #critlib
  63. Q2. When does patience reinforce the status quo?
  64. Let's keep the chat rolling. Q2. When does patience reinforce the status quo? #critlib
  65. A2: I feel like...there's patience with rage steaming underneath? and then patience of complacency. Does that make any sense? #critlib
  66. A2 More like accepting progress that has been made so far as opposed to continually pushing for changes beyond original goal #critlib
  67. A2 when 'just be patient (for society to 'catch up')' and 'wait until ur time' is used as rsn to not act -- #CritLib
  68. A2 for me... patience reinforces status quo when morphs into justifying the now rather than using the now to create the next/future #critlib
  69. A2 working in sj, often hear that too many changes is too much for ppl to handle at once #rollseyesontofloor #critlib
  70. A2 "Be patient" or "Give it some time" often used to stall action. Patience without intent to act can = acquiescence to status quo #critlib
  71. @EamonTewell This is were patience question happens for me. When is it good to be patient and when is it detrimental? #critlib
  72. A2 - When "patience" is code for apathy or "wait your turn." Have to ask self if patience is a luxury others can't afford. #critlib
  73. @Sam_Winn @skeskali A2 especially when asked to be patient abt not being able to access collections for an indefinite time period #critlib
  74. A2. When it allows dominant voices to create the narrative. Okay for action to take time, but important to hear other voices. #critlib
  75. A2 When it turns into resignation, complacency, acceptance, etc—or becomes easily mistaken for those bc we stop naming injustices. #critlib
  76. A2 Eg: Building accessibility.Better to focus on ensuring new buildings meet standards, but that assumes new building is happening #critlib
  77. When demands for patience obfuscate, oft combined w hiring new Dean to manage issue, w help of task force. #critlib  https://twitter.com/skeskali/status/694237793350991872 
  78. @edrabinski New dean/task force can also contribute to admin bloat. My sense is that's bckwrds, not frwrds. #critlib
  79. @adammizelle Yep. Just more transfer of power from students/faculty to admin. #critlib
  80. A2 patience reinforces status quo when slowdown is for avoidance rather than building #critlib
  81. A2 When admins advoc for patience when needs are clearly artic'd by margin'd pops, feels like coded lang: "this place is not for u" #critlib
  82. A2. Making the case for what we teach beyond known info lit topics. Start feeling defensive, discouraged, exhausted, resigned. #critlib
  83. A2 When "be patient" is said by a manager w/o discussion it can come across as dismissive & discourage challenging the status quo. #critlib
  84. @oksveta pondering ... "indiv choosing to be patient" vs "organization demanding patience" #critlib
  85. @lisalibrarian @oksveta To me, seems like individual choice can be tactical, vs org = "managing" (rather than addressing) problems #critlib
  86. we can't afford to be patient with the system. strategic yes. patient no. but patient with eachother is a must as @kellymce said #critlib
  87. @bannedlibrarian Yes! This is what I meant by colleagues actually being intersectional. I'm tired of my invisible diversities... #critlib
  88. @bannedlibrarian ...being outright ignored while I'm attacked for other aspects of my life #critlib
  89. @bannedlibrarian @kellymce really love this way of thinking about orientations to system and to indivs #critlib
  90. @bannedlibrarian @kellymce I like all of this! Strategic, strategic strategic! Patient with each other. Brilliant! #critlib
  91. Q3. Is talk without immediate action justifiable?
  92. Next up: Q3. Is talk without immediate action justifiable?#critlib
  93. A3 Although, patience is less & less part of the world's vocabulary, which makes me think it might be esp. important to practice #critlib
  94. @EamonTewell that is a very intriguing observation. perhaps patient, *intentionally* practiced, is a source of power for change? #critlib
  95. @lisalibrarian yes, lots to be said for patience as intentional practice! depends a lot on power differentials, demand vs. choice #critlib
  96. A3. If immediate action is poorly thought-out action or band-aid action or exclusionary action, then yes. #critlib
  97. A3: Talking (and listening!!) is often part of building those authentic human connections and community which make action possible. #critlib
  98. A3. But that response is prompted by seeing talking that doesn't include listening. #critlib
  99. A3 Justifiable? sure. talk is impt! talk *leads* to action, action shouldn't just happen without the talk. #CritLib
  100. A3 - SJ work involves diff kinds of action, some immediate, some strategic + long-term. So, it depends #critlib
  101. Q3. in social movements i have studied talk can --> action. relationships & coalitions form at the kitchen table & in the streets #critlib
  102. A3 If trying to be inclusive, talk before action is important #critlib
  103. A3: Thinking of a convo I had with a friend once: she was glad to hear people having their feminist/queer awakenings in GS classes #critlib
  104. ...but it didn't mean she wanted to spend all her time engaging with them on that. They needed to talk, she was ready to do. #critlib
  105. A3.1: But the action of listening to others' talk when you hold more privilege is huge, so sometimes. #critlib
  106. A3 Talk (including reflection/dialogue/listening) is valuable in itself & helps us understand what action to take #critlib
  107. A3 Talk can function as sort of the opposite of a migroaggression, it takes root over time and can lead to action eventually. #critlib
  108. A3: talk can be important for establishing a community or even releasing some tension. intersectional talk should not grow tension #critlib
  109. A3 Depends on what we're "talking" about, but if ppl are req action, talkers should be explicit about how talk will lead to action #critlib
  110. A3 Talking can spark a great deal of interest w/ colleagues, rally support, build ideas; can't stop there. #critlib  https://twitter.com/AprilHathcock/status/694240221005639680 
  111. A3 Ideally talk and action are necessarily intertwined & inform each other--two sides of the same coin, like praxis #critlib #critlibbingo
  112. A3 I don't think there's ever just 1 tactic that will work/is needed. Talk, action, strategy, theatrics all go into making change. #critlib
  113. A3 I also think talking is often a way of an indiv acting upon themself. Thru reflection+articulation, acts self into new place #critlib
  114. Plus, talk can be action. Diffusion of innovative ideas within the larger community so that they can be adopted more generally #critlib
  115. A3 We're social creatures continually reproducing & potentially altering society. Talk/communication among types of action/change. #critlib
  116. A3: Also w/white folks moving towards racial justice: urge to do action, but w/o listening (/talking), can cause suffering. #critlib
  117. Q3 liking discussion of listening as an action when talking about de-centering white privilege so we can confront white supremacy #critlib
  118. @LNBel Thank you! Never seen this before. Visuals super help me, too. #critlib
  119. A3 talking is often action in itself. It can be a way to gather data before moving forward #critlib
  120. A3. Talking helps identify colleagues' knowledge/awareness gaps, perhaps help gather support and momentum to a cause. #critlib
  121. A3: Making me think about people who are *just* talkers or *just* doers. Either group is kinda hard to work with, not just for SJ. #critlib
  122. @kellymce Don't forget the ppl who only want to "Help write mission statements." #critlib
  123. A3: great question. I believe it is. Talking can be the best wreaking ball when it's done right #critlib  https://twitter.com/ginaschless/status/694241763997806592 
  124. Admire @SRLP's collective structure, patient, deliberative, making better worlds in the present. #critlib  http://srlp.org/about/collective-structure/ 
  125. @edrabinski @SRLP I've seen that White Supremacy Culture link before, and I have thought about it every day since. #critlib
  126. In my library admin experience talking about how to enact change never stops, wears changemakers down to silence, status quo wins #critlib
  127. #critlib Passion != expertise. Vitally important to step back & avoid desire to take over yet another space.  https://twitter.com/kellymce/status/694242195570716672 
  128. A3.2: But when it's time for action, there's a need to be succinct. #critlib
  129. A3 there is a book called "Freedom is an endless meeting". My favorite civil rights era book title ! Sums up this question well. #critlib
  130. @adammizelle @EamonTewell @lisalibrarian Quaker experience keeps teaching me that seeking unity needs time to listen to all voices. #critlib
  131. A3 Talk is essential to any planning involving more than one individual. How much/how little/to whom is more important #critlib
  132. A3.1 As knowledge workers, talk => to changed frames of knowing/ understanding can be a type of action (Clearly not only/best type) #critlib
  133. Activist communities, #critlib, couldn't exist without a great deal of talking and listening
  134. Q3 Union work is for sure a lot about one's ability to stay in the meeting while everybody talks & listens. #critlib #noteasy #wow
  135. @edrabinski That's why I crochet in meetings. It's the only way I can stay focused and engaged without being (too) impatient. #critlib
  136. Q4. Is there a difference between being impatient with circumstances vs with individual people?
  137. We've touched on but ... Q4. Is there a difference between being impatient with circumstances vs with individual people?
  138. #critlib MT @lisalibrarian Q4. Is there a difference between being impatient with circumstances vs with individual people?
  139. A4. Probably, but I admit that I struggle w/ separating the variables. The individuals often maintain the situation. #critlib
  140. Q5. How can we reconcile our sense of urgency with self-care and not burning out?
  141. Q5: How can we reconcile our sense of urgency with self-care and not burning out? #critlib
  142. A5: not sure I've been good about this myself, but I think having a buddy to check in with would be a big help. #critlib
  143. A5: Caring for my 3 small children puts lots in perspective. Forces a need for balance on me. #critlib
  144. A5. Using lessons I learned from dealing with chronic illness: pay attention when you can, identify and work on manageable improvements +
  145. A5. (cont.) when you can, take regular breaks for water, exercise, animal gifs. It's not going away; self-care won't make it worse. #critlib
  146. @skeskali As Q5 came up I realized my person answer is "by talking"! :) #critlib
  147. A5 A delicate balance; it can be challenging but is much easier when you have a community equally dedicated #critlib  https://twitter.com/skeskali/status/694245022443683841 
  148. A5 Talking & sharing with others working towards similar goals goes a long way in preventing/reducing burnout (thanks, #critlib!)
  149. A5 the tone argument needs to be used less bluntly. Emotional accusatory verbiage can hurt some support community (trauma trigger) #critlib
  150. A5.1: Also, I think about Seneca Falls 1849. Suffrage 1920. Maybe 1(?) participant lived to see it. #critlib
  151. Q5. 1st - now is time of incredible urgency/opportunity. we need to push ourselves harder than we thought possible, find resilience #critlib
  152. Q5. 2nd - self care and care of others' should be a daily practice and not something we put off or crash into #critlib
  153. Q5. 3rd - not claiming to have it figured out. but trying & lucky to be in a community of radicals who = both fierce & mindful #critlib
  154. A5 I play my radical/critical & pragmatic/generous sides off each other: "What leverage do we have & what can we expect to change?" #critlib
  155. A5.1 And I read radical histories or critical fictions to keep hope of different near future alive. Or: go dancing! Make something! #critlib
  156. @oksveta Since last #critlib raised this, I've wondered if every grp has to be for collective action. Some for talking+energizing indivs??
  157. @oksveta ah! yes, I think there have been calls for some pragmatically focused chats. want to co-lead one? :) #takesaction #critlib
  158. @oksveta @lisalibrarian I think when there is action needed, tag #critlib to help get volunteers.
  159. A5 Little victories help. I try to focus on what I can do, bc that can make a huge difference, even if only for one person. #critlib
  160. A5: Don't expect everyone to have the same resilience or potential for resilience that you do #critlib
  161. A5 Find your communities, but don't forget that they may have limitations. It's OK to have more than one for different needs. #critlib
  162. A5: Recognizing many forms of progress, being open to unexpected increments. Having your people around to have fun in between. #critlib
  163. A5 It also does me well to disconnect and get out in nature; that is my self care and it keeps me from over-indulging in work #critlib
  164. A5 Need to learn that small gestures for others early on can do more good than giant perfectionist items on the to-do list #critlib
  165. A5 Remember that sj is about people and depending on one another. allow help, be ok w saying no, & take time 2 gather ur thoughts. #critlib
  166. A5: remember that action is in daily attitudes and personal behavior, not just activist work. #critlib
  167. Daily actions & attitudes is part of my activism because it's my life. Point taken though #critlib  https://twitter.com/mkpolutta/status/694246901630291968 
  168. A5: Also, accept that not everyone has to do everything the same way? Plenty of injustice to go around, room for many approaches. #critlib
  169. @ginaschless @AprilHathcock Definitely. I can think of times someone spoke up in class, 10+ years ago...still gives me energy now. #critlib
  170. Ok @kshockey04 @Fobettarh @melbrarian & other #critlib-bers, this is critical: WHEN DID SPOONS BECOME A THING? Where is it from? #outoftouch
  171. It's adoption outside that community is a source of tension, however. Some are pretty protective and fight cultural appropriation #critlib
  172. A5: hope this is obvious. It's important to take inventory from time to time of the progress we've made. Otherwise we forget #critlib
  173. @modbrarian Yes. Come together to celebrate victories & changes in right direction. (Thinking of #critcat RDA gender rule changes.) #critlib
  174. Patience/impatience #critlib chat questions:  http://critlib.org/patience-impatience/  ("working against...oppression and striving for right-now change") #SJ
  175. A5: I'd contend our paradigmatic view of inexorable progress dates from the 1950s — what if we will never see the just society? #critlib
  176. I strongly believe we will all be free. It's not constant forward movement & sure as shit isn't fast though #critlib  https://twitter.com/bibliocracy/status/694247965469208576 
  177. @skeskali A5: Remember it's a long game. Little things add up over time. #critlib
  178. A5: If the most we can aim for is "learning to die in the anthropocene" — a modern-day ars moriendi — where then should we focus? #critlib
  179. Maybe also impt to remember that we have to get out of our heads, do the activist work at some point too? #critlib  https://twitter.com/MKPolutta/status/694246901630291968 
  180. @chiuchiutrain Yes, but in context of self-care (A5), remember that there's only so much BIG work you can do. #critlib
  181. @chiuchiutrain Whereas personal development can be part of overall self-development and is PART of self-care. #critlib.
  182. A5. Still in this vein: Burnout will probably happen. It doesn't mean you're a failure or a fake. Recover and start again when able #critlib
  183. A3 & A5: Remember that other people are at diff stages of awareness. Help them along the path to greater understanding of problem. #critlib.
  184. @MKPolutta This is where patience/impatience kicks me the most. Seeing good & possibilities, reaching out across any common ground. #critlib
  185. @lisahubbell Get that. I know I've grown in last decade, and have more to do. Helps me remember that others aren't there yet. #critlib
  186. A5. Meditation practices... observe the urgency, realize that's what I feel in response to something I care about, breathe, Netflix #critlib
  187. A#?: Sometimes through action, others' awareness can quickly build when they see power's response. #critlib
  188. Final #critlib thought abput patience & impatience, a getting reflection & action time tactic cd b: schedule it & don't let distractions in.
  189. sharing audio from panel i did - overlaps #critlib convo on patience, action, intersections & movement building.  https://slought.org/resources/original_rainbow_coalition 
  190. #critpitches & conclusions
  191. Thx @skeskali @AprilHathcock @lisalibrarian for this chat! My super slow internet connection made this a major exercise in patience #critlib
  192. Thanks to @skeskali @AprilHathcock and @lisalibrarian for modding this #critlib, this was an energizing start to the week!
  193. Thanks to all who participated (and, side note - I could lurking as participating ... you showed up!). #critlib  https://twitter.com/kellymce/status/694248643541409794 
  194. Thank you #critlib for this talk and gentle reminders to be patient and caring within our communities and with ourselves.
  195. Any people making a #critlib pitch that they will storify this chat?
  196. Huge thanks to @skeskali @AprilHathcock @lisalibrarian for insightful questions. Volunteer to Storify today's #critlib chat?
  197. As always, thx to #critlib moderators and community! Happy Monday!
  198. Shout out to my #critlib co-facilitators (@AprilHathcock + @skeskali) today ... I always learn so much when I collaborate w new people!