#critlib 1/19/2016 #mashcat crossover: communication

This is the storify for the #critlib #mashcat crossover chat on communication moderated by @chiuchiutrain, which was held on 1/19/2016 at 9pm EST.

  1. @kellymce @lisalibrarian @nicholsonkp @edrabinski started w having interest in these topics + wanting to learn more/find others 1/2 #critlib
  2. educ. developers and #infolit are kissing cousins in the academy. this event seems like #critlib of educ. dev.  http://tr2016workshop.eventbrite.ca 
  3. Are you #critlib-ing tonight? You totally should. Yes, you.
  4. Before we kick off #critlib, thanks to @chiuchiutrain & @erinaleach for making it happen tonight! Congrats to all on 50 wonderful chats!! 😻
  5. One side of the screen = Questionpoint. The other = #critlib + #mashcat. Will my mind explode?
  6. Hi #critlib & #mashcat! It’s that magical hour. Let’s start with intro’s. Anastasia, academic librarian, Philly.
  7. Introductions
  8. Academic libarian in Seattle/Kirkland/Redmond. Happy to be here talking about technologically things :D #critlib #mashcat
  9. Keeping an eye on #critlib tonight, but also trying to cherish the last few nights before school starts in earnest.
  10. Excited for this chat bc I am 1/3 research & instruction, 1/3 outreach, & 1/3 #maschcat-aloger and 100% #critlib. Chatting from NYC. #brrr
  11. Hey, #critlib pals! I'm Erin--a serials cataloger in Georgia.
  12. Hi #critlib, I'm an academic cataloger in Minnesota. Glad to following up on a wonderful #mashcat event last week with a very relevant chat!
  13. Hey #CritLib! 'sup #MashCat -- this is your friendly neighborhood Netanel, cataloger in Boston
  14. Hi there! One eye on #critlib, one eye on pillow. Exhausted parent-brarian in B-more (not to brag).
  15. Since this is #lismentalhealth week extending love to folks who participate in #critlib/#mashcat in whatever way feels right for them.
  16. Hey #critlib! Lurking on tonight's chat from the @HermanBWells Library! Excited to learn abt #mashcat
  17. hey y'all! Ethan from Florida - cataloging at an academic library #mashcat #critlib
  18. Hi #critlib, Ian in NYC, very interested to learn from #critcatalogers and metadata specialists
  19. Question 1: "How do technical services, public services and library IT inform each other in their work?"
  20. Start your engines! Q1. How do technical services, public services, and library IT inform each other in their work? #critlib #mashcat
  21. Really looking forward to this #critlib #mashcat chat. LIS PhD student in Pittsburgh. Tweeting tonight while I read (appropriately?) on HII.
  22. It's great to see the overlap between #critlib and #mashcat. So many of my favorite people!
  23. Academic library director. Cleveland, OH. Professional lurker. #critlib
  24. A1: every day public services uses and works with/through what tech services has done - former is utterly dependent on the latter #critlib
  25. As a cataloger, I want so badly to understand how users access information. What can I do to help make that process easier? #critlib
  26. @erinaleach Yes. And every time I'm on reference it's eye-opening, esp. how systems (catalogs) can make or break user experience. #critlib
  27. A1: My university is so small that we all have daily conversations and contact. #mashcat #critlib
  28. A1 Our sitch is weird bc of affiliate status, systems shared w/ a R1. Leads to feelings of asking favors, not partnership. #mashcat #critlib
  29. "Q1. How do technical services, public services, and library IT inform each other in their work? #critlib #mashcat"
  30. A1. Well it's all connected, innit? Sometimes it doesn't feel that way, though. I cherish the small amount of reference work I do. #critlib
  31. @violetbfox Gotta get IT to come out of their cave once in a while, physical or digital cave that is. #critlib #mashcat
  32. A1 pt. 2, but I think the feeling of dependency/asking favors, rather than partnership happens everywhere & on both sides. #mashcat #critlib
  33. A1 utterly intertwined-edly! w/o LIT, PS can't help patrons find books regardless of work done by TS #critlib #mashcat
  34. A1 I'm curious how others handle this - in MPOW it's not great. #mashcat #critlib
  35. @zinelib Interesting situation. How does the shared system work, and what situations lead to those feelings? #mashcat #critlib
  36. @OpOnions (you can phrase that putting anyone first/2nd/3rd) (and should be RESOURCES, not books) #critlib #mashcat
  37. Hi #critlib & #mashcat! The catalog is my favorite text to teach. Intermittent from my couch in Brooklyn.
  38. A1. A lot depends on the size of the lib. Large libs- fiefdoms, small libs- neighbors, solo libns combine three in one. #critlib #mashcat
  39. A1. Ideally, we all work toward the same end goal: most helpful for user. In MPOW, there is not enough comm to facilitate this. #critlib
  40. @OpOnions Librarians often doing technical services; TS often answering reference qs. Small libraries allow for crossover. #critlib #mashcat
  41. @EthanDF How so? No interaction between tech svcs/IT/public svcs people, or not much interaction between departments? #critlib #mashcat
  42. Our tech services librarians teach & do reference, but I don't do tech services. #critlib
  43. Hi #critlib. Dozing off with the cat from rural NY where I'm a systems librarian.
  44. @violetbfox And yet if we (back-room folk) don't do front-line work, we don't know how much trouble we make for users. #critlib
  45. Q1Would love examples of usercentric tech/service collabs between these actors if you have em. Trying to think of some too #critlib #mashcat
  46. Hi #critlib and #mashcat I'm Kate, an academic archivist who's worked in both tech and public services re:archival materials.
  47. Just got her: Kate, lib tech guru, uw seattle libraries #critlib #mashcat
  48. A1 We share info at joint staff meetings and have quarterly "show-n-tells" #critlib #mashcat
  49. @chiuchiutrain well, w/o too much dirty laundry - i'd say we're working to better align priorities to improve interaction #critlib #mashcat
  50. A1. More seriously, sometimes I think of the famous quote about UK & US- three library areas separated by a common goal. #critlib #mashcat
  51. @EthanDF In my experience, the larger the institution the more adversarial the relationships, don't know if that's true of others. #critlib
  52. Hey #critlib James academic lib up in Wisconsin. Will be mainly lurking tonight.
  53. From a UX perspective, TS and PS folks are the frontlines of feedback on how the ILS I maintain is doing #critlib #mashcat
  54. @cheegunn recently "patron clicked X, expected Y to happen, it didn't" So i submit a ticket to make Y happen #CritLib #Mashcat
  55. In particular, my users are more than patrons but also the librarians who use the system to help patrons #critlib #mashcat
  56. Awesome discussions already popping up around Q1 of #critlib / #mashcat! Feel free to continue as we start Q2.
  57. Question 2: "How can we encourage better communication between all parties?"
  58. Q2. How can we encourage better communication between all parties? #critlib #mashcat
  59. Wonder if it's partly that public services isn't seen as skilled work, where tech services is. #critlib
  60. @cheegunn with many plaudits of course going to my wonderful systems folks for actually MAKING Y happen!! #CritLib #Mashcat
  61. @chiuchiutrain hmm need to think on that one; maybe collection dev but not so much reference or instruction #critlib
  62. @metageeky interesting, you see the librarians themselves as your users -- that's a great point #CritLib #Mashcat
  63. A2 I think we talk more when work more together. Shared projects. Union work. #critlib
  64. Q1 In a midsize library it seems much easier to comm btwn depts due to size than at R1s. We talk at least weekly at MPOW. #critlib #mashcat
  65. @edrabinski Sometimes I wonder what part that plays- that TS libns often have PS responsibilities, but so rarely reverse. #critlib #mashcat
  66. @EthanDF Priority alignment seems like an important discussion for all interdep't discussions; hope that's going ok :) #mashcat #critlib
  67. @edrabinski funny that - that isn't how it is compensated. Although degrees in Ref often more required #mashcat #critlib
  68. A1 As a public services librarian, I like to "bug" tech servs folks - love learning how cataloging works from them. #critlib #mashcat
  69. A2: I think the us vs. them mentality does a lot of damage to communication and collaboration. #critlib #mashcat
  70. @OpOnions At the very least, they are stakeholders as I described in my value sensitive design talk at the #mashcat workshop #critlib
  71. A1 I think we NEED to work the desk. Field testing via observation is vital. #mashcat #critlib
  72. @chiuchiutrain Thanks! We will see! I adore my library - but lots of room to improve in this area to make awesome happen #mashcat #critlib
  73. I actually like attending committee meetings for this reason: it exposes me to other parts of the library #critlib #mashcat
  74. @EthanDF No? We all make the same where I work. Union rank pay scale. #critlib
  75. @violetbfox @EthanDF Agreed. Bureaucracy, politics, union-level issues with job descriptions grows with the institution. #critlib #mashcat
  76. @ibeilin In my lib, ref & inst. libr'ns are also selectors, so I def. see that as a place for tech&pub svcs to interact #critlib #mashcat
  77. @cheegunn I am writing a chapter w metadata lib at MPOW abt ramifications/limitations of ILS/subj access in ref/instruct. #critlib #mashcat
  78. @montserratlj oooh, I'd love to share how cataloging decisions are made, but I think previous cataloger didn't encourage that. :( #critlib
  79. @dejah_thoris If my job description and time allowed it, I'd like to work on the desk some. #critlib #mashcat
  80. @metageeky (well come on s/t i'm thinking peers: "wait'll they see this amazing record") #CritLib #MashCat
  81. @OpOnions @edrabinski May be that b/c PS is SO VISIBLE, there's sense of all hands needed on deck. TS probs not imm. obv. #critlib #mashcat
  82. A1 We've tried tech servs at ref desk. They get to see how users use the catalog. But uneven exchange. #critlib #mashcat
  83. A2.) Ask (and answer) questions. Be friendly. Use less jargon. #critlib
  84. @marccold @OpOnions Tension where I work around this. PS keeps doors open, needs more apparently urgent for sure. #critlib
  85. @chiuchiutrain same here; would it be good if more catalogers were also selectors? #critlib
  86. A2: I'd like to see my fellow IT folks take time to understand root causes of issues+respond thoughtfully when we're asked for help #critlib
  87. A1 Extra time for tech servs, takes away from their work and hard to have equivalent (public servs helping in tech servs) #critlib #mashcat
  88. @violetbfox @montserratlj I'm sometimes embarrassed to admit how much is me making a quick decision based on instinct. #critlib #mashcat
  89. A2: Work parties, obviously. But also it seems like various communication tools like @SlackHQ and @Yammer help a lot! #critlib #mashcat
  90. A2: talking early. Resentment happens when a system is all-but built before public services folks get asked about it. #mashcat #critlib 1/2
  91. @erinaleach Agree that jargon is off-putting. What jargon do you personally try to put away, and what jargon puts you off? #mashcat #critlib
  92. I'm a much better teacher because I was briefly an indexer. #critlib #mashcat
  93. @violetbfox @montserratlj document! We started an internal wiki covering different local policies -- nice to have s/t to point to #CritLib
  94. I also really enjoy when everyone involved makes an effort to be empathetic and mindful of differences in perspective. #critlib #mashcat
  95. @erinaleach I agree. I was actually thinking about this today! What is the "tech services" thing we can all be more woven in? #critlib
  96. A2.) One thing I don't do enough is go to subject librarians for help with subject analysis in areas I'm not familiar with. #critlib
  97. A2: Sure there's also resentment/frustration when public svcs folks are unable to understand/visual at early stages. #mashcat #critlib 1/2
  98. @erinaleach I was thinking deeper integration into collection building...in same ways/responsibilities of teaching. #critlib
  99. @marccold @montserratlj You can't discount how much your experience permeates your decision making! You *know* it, intuitively! #critlib
  100. A2: remember the world is wide enough. IT & libr* like to cling to what makes us invaluable, but we're not/shouldn't be at odds #critlib
  101. A2: as much as people hate meetings, F2F or even phone convos go a long way toward mutual understanding. #mashcat #critlib
  102. A1. For me this seems too simple. We are all "public services" in that we all serve a constituency. It should be that easy? #critlib
  103. @ibeilin @violetbfox @montserratlj because its internal? I had wanted something public facing like Yale's but no go :/ #CritLib
  104. Yes. This is the piece that makes it a #critlib concern, not just librarians in diff departments talking. #mashcat  https://twitter.com/violetbfox/status/689634958596435968 
  105. A. Meaning, our work is all built on serving/building community at some place. So, our work is intertwined in every way. #critlib
  106. @winelibrarian I like to think of TS as things we do so they can be appreciated when they aren't seen: easy transactions. #critlib #mashcat
  107. @chiuchiutrain @erinaleach I try to avoid entirely numerical perorations This is not easy for me as a MARC person. :) #critlib #mashcat
  108. @EthanDF absolutely. In my lib, all librarians are also liaisons so that work translates more easily. #critlib
  109. Hey everyone in #critlib #mashcat! Ryan in Boise, ID, appreciating the opportunity to lurk & learn from everyone.
  110. @bembrarian Just getting into it myself. Seems like a good idea, esp if you don't have excuses to go visit other dep't's. #critlib #mashcat
  111. Q2 thinking about ischools & interdisciplinary missions. Are there more ways to foster comm/collab strategies during LIS progs? #critlib
  112. @winelibrarian I think it's easy to forget your connection to "the user" if you never actually see them. #critlib
  113. @EthanDF but if it feels that it isn't happening, I think someone should be making a bridge? Building community. #critlib
  114. @erinaleach That seems so odd to me. Isn't it all about users? I mean, no work is done just to do work, right? #critlib
  115. A2 we all get frustrated when we don't understand or feel understood, so @erinaleach's pt about kindness & jargon is key. #mashcat #critlib
  116. @winelibrarian It would be cool to see subject librarians and catalogers work more closely together to provide better access. #critlib
  117. @erinaleach @winelibrarian Yes, it's easy to envision the user as someone who cares desperately about uniform titles. #critlib #mashcat
  118. A2 Some happens when migrating to new ILS or next generation catalog. Or joint digitization project (metadata+subject). #critlib #mashcat
  119. @OpOnions @ibeilin HAAAAAA. Have you ever shown anyone why certain things are fun to catalog? #mashcat #critlib
  120. @winelibrarian omg yes.. you don't want me imagining which transactions are the most painful. i need real user feedback #critlib #mashcat
  121. @cheegunn Interdisciplinary efforts in most postgrad institutions are driven more by what's popular than what's needed #critlib #mashcat
  122. @montserratlj Totally saw this in a recent digitization project. Librarians too busy/disconnected to invest interest/eff. #critlib #mashcat
  123. @cheegunn not sure if relevant, but I was glad my LIS program didn't do tracks, my cohort was at least 50% of our classes together. #critlib
  124. Ooo, it’s only getting better, #mashcat & #critlib! I love to see all these perspectives. Q3 coming up!
  125. Question 3: "What Opportunities do we have to work together to enact change in the status quo of our profession?"
  126. Q3. What opportunities do we have to work together to enact change in the status quo of our profession? #critlib #mashcat
  127. @cheegunn in other words, we worked together, future children's librarians with future tech folks, etc. I found that rewarding. #critlib
  128. @winelibrarian @erinaleach I do a lot of work because it's assigned to me... And I get a paycheck. And I like my paychecks. #critlib
  129. @marccold @erinaleach @winelibrarian BUT IF I DON'T RECORD THE INCHES OF THIS DVD, MY USERS WILL WONDER HOW BIG IT IS!!! #CritLib
  130. @bembrarian Learning from yer peers to gain their perspective will work in everyone's favor--assuming yer not malicious! #critlib #mashcat
  131. A3. At the risk of sounding like the late Fred Rogers, every day is an opportunity. Chatted up ref libn & sys libn today. #critlib #mashcat
  132. @winelibrarian I agree that it should. But depending on where you are in TS, I don't think it always does. #critlib @marccold
  133. @cheegunn Yep. And even if the collaboration is a good one, eventually you get yet another specialty (DANG YOU KUHN!!) #critlib #mashcat
  134. A3: I think leading by example is a good start. Start small and start showing how it benefits the patrons in the end. #mashcat #critlib
  135. We need to talk about the mystique of cataloging. How libschools make folks feel legitimated when they learn/apply all the rules. #critlib
  136. A3 to get back to #critlib part of convo: ability to collaborate hampered by labor issues. WE ALL HAVE TOO MUCH TO DO. #mashcat
  137. A3: project for self: next time I ask sys lib to make change, ask them if there's anything *I* can do to save them clean up/work #CritLib
  138. I do feel a need to remind everyone that not every moment is a teachable moment. Also need respect and right to say no: #critlib #mashcat
  139. @zinelib Remember that show, Survivor? The strongest teams were the ones who collaborated and did the work together. #critlib #mashcat
  140. A3 - I feel like I'm getting a cliche. Share and align priorities and projects. #mashcat #critlib
  141. @AllisonJaiODell but that's your answer to everything! "Hey, what if whiskey tho?" #CritLib
  142. A3: Collaboration, confluence, cooperation, other co-words! Keep the conference vibe alive. Let this random G-woman mingle w/ y'all #critlib
  143. @AllisonJaiODell Do you feel a divide happens because some ppl get turned off by all the rules, some ppl <3 them? #critlib #mashcat
  144. A3: work together to put on the breaks when necessary? #critlib #mashcat (confession: I'm an ideas/make-work person, not a brakes person)
  145. @zinelib our physical separation at work is a further hindrance; occasional meetings not enough. #critlib
  146. @EthanDF Never fear sounding like an old record! Say it loud! Where do you see aligned projects! #mashcat #critlib
  147. @zinelib Sometimes ambitions and "make-work" can hold other teams back. When visions are too complicated/intimidating. #critlib #mashcat
  148. @AllisonJaiODell Cataloging was the only time I did feel legitimate in lib school, but that's a whole nother #critlib chat.
  149. @chiuchiutrain @AllisonJaiODell 2/2 "well my sub-field has a toolkit, what does YOURS have" and I say that with love as a cat #CritLib
  150. A3: keep shared disc on goals, not processes. e.g., I don't want someone tell me how to do it, just what needs to be done. #critlib #mashcat
  151. A3.) I think that things work better when we figure out how to bend the rules to serve the user. #critlib
  152. @cheegunn much talk of barriers re LC subj access/class/RDA re intersectional research/ref/instruction-ahem @edrabinski #critlib #mashcat
  153. My real answer to A3 is: understand what everyone does, what they're working on. (Whether that's shared over whiskey or not) #critlib
  154. @ibeilin @zinelib Yes, keeping TS in the basement does have Poe-esque implications. Happy birthday, Edgar! #critlib #mashcat
  155. @ibeilin @zinelib is keeping the systems dept behind a locked door typical? I know that they have expensive equipment. #critlib #mashcat
  156. @marccold they didn't used to be in the basement; in card catalog days they were in the middle of everything @zinelib #critlib
  157. #critlib if you're able to, put catalogers out front, have public services staff catalog. Build empathy, smash silos. A3
  158. @erinaleach A favorite rule of mine in another lib was "Always find a way to say 'yes, we can get that for you.'" #critlib #mashcat
  159. Another thing that helps: *pretend* we actually make money off the "products" we "sell." Industry collabs better b/c they have to. #critlib
  160. @cheegunn I think the most interdisciplinary bits in my program were ASIST & PLG student chapters. Unexpected #critlib convos/POVs #mashcat
  161. A2 If there's a digitization project, great opportunities for cataloger-reference librarian collabos. #critlib #mashcat
  162. A3.) I think that we have to do a better job of making users feel welcome. We have build...kinder systems and vocabulary. #critlib
  163. And this is so much easier if your workflow documentation is on point. #critlib
  164. OK, now that we’ve looked inward at our profession for Q3, let’s take a look at how we serve our communities for Q4. #critlib #mashcat
  165. Question 4: "What opportunities do we have to work together on unified services to empower our socioeconomically disadvantaged communities?"
  166. Q4. What opp’s do we have to work together on unified services to empower our socioeconomically disadvantaged communities? #critlib #mashcat
  167. @jacobsberg just tossing this out there - need way less docs when your sys and processes are easy to use and make sense. #critlib #mashcat
  168. @montserratlj Same is actually true of all projects/collections ... opening up/including folks in resource description. #critlib
  169. From CC: "I like explaining the catalog record to my students. So much useful research info there!" #critlib #mashcat
  170. @erinaleach MPOW is scheming on getting non LC subj headings usable w/in catalog as part of migration convo to new LIS. #critlib #mashcat
  171. I like to engage subject specialists, etc to write abstracts & enhance metadata. Removes mystique and builds relationships. #critlib
  172. A4: Don't have a good answer, but my lib. has reg. staff-wide meetings where the opp. to address issues is possible. #critlib #mashcat
  173. A4. Example: my reference co-workers were horrified "Illegal aliens" was still subject heading & interested in process to change. #critlib
  174. Cataloger/Reference Librarian-->User-->Other Users. And everyone is happy! :-) And does better research therefore. #critlib #mashcat
  175. This may be only tangentially related, but had a convo today w a non-librarian abt how intimidating libraries are to new patrons #critlib
  176. @chiuchiutrain I find myself w/ small staffs where we can do this. Much harder at research universities and multi-branch libraries. #critlib
  177. @violetbfox Did you show how subject heading changes usually happen? Any fun discussions from that? #critlib #mashcat
  178. @jacobsberg This just sets off all sorts of yellow flags for me. The problem with easy to use systems is easy for who? #critlib #mashcat
  179. a4 the walls between the library and the community can be higher and thicker than those btwn pub services and tech services #critlib
  180. A4 multilingual metadata (tap on language skills in-house for translation) #critlib
  181. A4 - i hope that if we decrease transaction challenges more folks can feel empowered to use the resources #mashcat #critlib
  182. ...and realizing how lost we can get in our own systems and how daunting they are from the outside. #critlib
  183. @fiiidget yes - this comes up again and again and again, everywhere I've worked #critlib
  184. Q4 Alternatives to LCSH that are broadly applicable-terms to collocate info on folks based on how *they* identify. #critlib #mashcat
  185. @fiiidget Mm, that'd be interesting to hear more abt. Did he/she identify what felt intimidating? #critlib #mashcat
  186. A4: Possibly have academic and public libs in same towns/cities team up for programming?? #mashcat #critlib
  187. A4. At MPOW TS and PS collaborated to make our juv colls more inclusive/accessible for the Native American community here. #critlib #mashcat
  188. Patrons likely don't know the diff btwn a reference lib and cataloger, and can feel lost in trying to parse the nuances of the work #critlib
  189. @chiuchiutrain Maybe! I get very turned off when rules given w/o interrogation of why/for whom (vibe I got from the prof). #critlib #mashcat
  190. @chiuchiutrain Well, less "fun" & more shaking their heads at how labyrinthine/slow the process is. Still, a conversation starter! #critlib
  191. A4: I often think non-librarians aren't interested in things like #LCSH & don't want to bore them, but maybe that's wrong? #critlib #mashcat
  192. @kcrowe There will never be unanimous agreement, but there HAS to be something better than current system/process. #Critlib #mashcat
  193. @zinelib Find a way to make #LCSH relevant to their positions. Find examples that are exciting and of interest. #critlib #mashcat
  194. @marccold i would love to hear more abt this so we can copy you. 😀 #critlib #mashcat
  195. A4. Accessibility in libraries should encompass tech & public services & IT, might be a good place to start collaboration efforts? #critlib
  196. @kcrowe Prioritized change offensive subject headings & created a note for mats of hist interest but inaccurate/racist portrayals. #critlib
  197. A4 when @RadReference NYC was active, we did community-engaged events often. Don't have energy for it in my day job tho. #mashcat #critlib
  198. @zinelib I've found that ppl get interested when I cite/explain examples of problematic LCSH terms. #critlib #mashcat
  199. @kcrowe Also consulted w/community on local children's/YA authors whose books were not widely available, so to purchase. #critlib #mashcat
  200. Guyz! It's 10:02, and my cat ain't gonna snuggle himself. Thanks for a great #mashcat #critlib crossover event @chiuchiutrain & @violetbfox!
  201. We also need to talk about audiences. How snooty/intelligentsia-fied is your metadata? #critlib
  202. Great discussions all around #critlib & #mashcat! That wraps up our hour. Thank you all for participating!
  203. @zinelib which is a questionable tactic, but I think it gets ppl thinking about systems & terms as interpretations #critlib #mashcat
  204. hear hear! @chiuchiutrain and @violetbfox y'all rock for throwin this down, thanks a mill fellow #CritLib and #MashCat !
  205. @zinelib @RadReference Boston is having a bit of an identity crisis of its own right now. We want to do more but feel unfocused #critlib
  206. @metageeky Thinking broadly? Making systems/catalogs more easily usable & making buildings more accessible by disabled people, etc. #critlib
  207. RT @OpOnions hear hear! @chiuchiutrain and @violetbfox y'all rock for throwin this down, thanks a mill fellow #CritLib and #MashCat !
  208. Q4 Not to be all "linked data is the answer!" but I really hope it *is* the way we can create a more critical catalog. #critlib #mashcat
  209. That was great! Thanks for the crossover public servs-tech servs communications topic! #critlib #mashcat
  210. yes! Would love to see more desiloization between lib-types; actually think it's essential to "the future" #critlib  https://twitter.com/MetadataCatalog/status/689642765899190272 
  211. Thanks again to @chiuchiutrain for a wonderful #critlib chat!! Any volunteers to Storify tonight's chat?
  212. @violetbfox I wouldn't pull out buildings like that. Systems should be accessible to disabled people too #critlib
  213. @MetadataCatalog true enough. we await the governor's budget (due next week) with bated breath :\ #critlib
  214. @fiiidget yep. I try to spread the gospel to friends, but realize a lot of folks don't have someone to help w/ Library 101 #critlib