#critlib 12/15/2015: #feelings

Storify of the December 15 2015 #critlib chat on "#feelings", moderated by @kevinseeber. Discussion questions and suggested readings here: http://critlib.org/feelings/ For more info about #critlib, including past and future chats, see critlib.org.

  1. @kcrowe in the moment, it was awesome & hilarious bc he was totally taking the piss. Still, a weird LIS moment to associate w #critlib
  2. @thomthomthom Thanks! Hope to be there. #CritLib is a great reason to break away from the GOP debate! Don't have CNN no way.
  3. @thomthomthom "to gather paradise." So cool to have a fellow Emily D lover on #critlib.
  4. @activitystory @thomthomthom Another poetry lover! Loving thinking about the combination of #critlib and poetry!
  5. Likely won't make it to #critlib tonight but oh boy I have feelings. Mostly the warm fuzzy kind I suppose...
  6. @hsifnihplod @activitystory I wonder about that poetry and #critlib crossover, would love to see these communities sharing dialog
  7. @lisahubbell love this: "#critlib feels like a welcoming door, being held open by good colleagues who work in a spirit that matters to me"!
  8. #critlib #feelings seriously though the sense of community, and my own sense of identity gained through our discussions are invaluable to me
  9. @web_librarian appreciate this. my nudge ... "stories of critical librarianship being applied in real situations" - lead a #critlib on this?
  10. @lisalibrarian I'd ultimately like us to put together something longer-lasting than a #critlib session, but I'd be up for that, as a start.
  11. @web_librarian for sure. some infolit ones in forthcoming #critlib book ed by @pumpedlibrarian+@kellymce but room for more. chat 1st then..?
  12. @web_librarian @lisalibrarian Perhaps part of #critlib is developing a new model/paradigm for communicating ideas like these. #MakeItNew
  13. @hsifnihplod @thomthomthom maybe this is a spoiler but my #critlib book chap involves both Audre Lorde & Dudley Randall (my poet/lib heroes)
  14. I participate sporadically in #critlib for mash-ups of ideas I haven't seen elsewhere + critical pedagogy & feminist minded peeps
  15. @activitystory @thomthomthom You guys know about the #mooc #ModPo and its emphasis on student-centered, student-led pedagogy? #critlib
  16. @kevinseeber Does it count if I really, really thought about doing the homework but then didn't? #blamingchildren #critlib
  17. I'm not going to make #critlib tonight. I encourage you to reach out to me, however, because I have fuzzy feelings (incoherent) to share.
  18. @jkgadsby Yes! The point was reflection, no worries if it didn't get written. #critlib
  19. @ginaschless and I am ambivalent about #critlib in many ways just as much as I love it
  20. Introductions
  21. It's time! Hello from snowy Denver, and welcome to the last #critlib of 2015. I’m Kevin, and I’m moderating tonight’s chat about #feelings.
  22. First, THANK YOU to everyone who wrote something ahead of tonight’s chat, even if you didn’t share it publicly. #critlib
  23. So let’s get started with #critlib introductions! Who are you? Where are you joining us from? How’s it going?
  24. I’d also like to encourage heavy emoji usage, as our friend and colleague @donnarosemary is unable to join us this evening. #critlib
  25. #critlib Hey all MLS student at IU, coming at you from the @HermanBWells up on the big screen. had many#feelings this week, now more!
  26. Hi #critlib! Gina in SoCal. It's been a helluva month, and this chat has been a tiny light on my calendar.
  27. Hi #critlib, I'm Ian in NYC (Manhattan), on and off tonight, local conditions permitting.
  28. #critlib Hi! Jake here in DC. Quasi-academic special librarian type still figuring that out.
  29. Hi #critlib! I'm excited to be tweeting from my shiny new personal account instead of work (@barnlib). Live from NYC, #GOPDebate in the bg.
  30. Hi #critlib, academic librarian in AZ, just changed my handle from pumpedlibrarian to nope4evr FYI. Thx to @kevinseeber for moderating 2nite
  31. Derrick here, ref/inst lib in DC who is got an eye on the debate, an eye here, and is trying to pack for my morning flight! #critlib
  32. Hi y’all! I’m Patrick, a humanities subject librarian & special collections lurker & CNN debate ignorer in Syracuse NY #critlib
  33. Hi #critlib 🤗 Charissa, academic librarian in Kansas. 🌪🌾 semi participating, semi lurking as I'm staffing caffeine fix at my lib tonight
  34. Hey, #critlib! I'm Coral, a librarian/developer/engineer in Pittsburgh, PA. I think I read all of #whyicritlib; thanks everyone for sharing!
  35. #critlib hi sciences librarian from university of Dubuque here. My dog ate my hw but I swear I'll have it in sometime soon! 🐶
  36. Hey #critlib! I'm Ryan in Boise, where there's ❄️❄️❄️on the foothills. (Pic responsibly taken while carpooling 😇) https://t.co/5G13yr7Ixs
    Hey #critlib! I'm Ryan in Boise, where there's ❄️❄️❄️on the foothills. (Pic responsibly taken while carpooling 😇) pic.twitter.com/5G13yr7Ixs
  37. hey #CritLib I'm Netanel in Boston -- listening to Delain and trying to entice a cat onto my lap
  38. Hi #critlib James reporting to you live from the university library reference desk during finals week tonight in balmy southern Wisconsin!
  39. Please keep going with introductions, and I’ll get started with the first question. And please remember to include #critlib in your replies!
  40. Hi #critlib, I'm Maura in Brooklyn, had long day and didn't get a chance to do the homework (sad trombone) tho happy to be here. :)
  41. Hi, first time joining a #critlib chat. I'm Alice, Digital Archivist tweeting from Boston. Thanks for sharing all your #whyicritlib
  42. Hi #critlib, I'm an academic librarian in Brooklyn, NY. Feeling very done with this semester/year, tbh
  43. Hi #critlib. Arriving late. Academic librarian in California.
  44. Hello #critlib! Sorry for being late!! I'm Jessica, an academic librarian in GA
  45. Question 1
  46. Q1: Embracing a #critlib approach to our work can put us at odds w/ our colleagues and organizations. How might we deal w/ those #feelings?
  47. Hi #critlib! I'm Kelly in Corvallis, just got home from dropping a shoe off at the cobbler (!)
  48. Hello #critlib - a very congested cataloger from Michigan lurks.
  49. Hi #critlib, Amanda here--instruction librarian in Atlanta, GA!
  50. Evening (morning!) #critlib, I'm Andrew in London. Have enjoyed your #whyicritlib homework.
  51. Joanna in Baltimore. Low on motivation, high on #feelings for sure. #critlib
  52. Reading all the reflections, I wonder who on #critlib feels like they've read "enough"? Certainly not me!
  53. Hi #critlib! I just happened upon this chat after seeing @bfister's HW post :) I'm currently working in a health sciences library
  54. A1.1 Dealing with our OWN feelings of being at odds, or colleagues' feelings about our having "an agenda"? #critlib
  55. This the thing that both frustrates and inspires meWanting to read "all the things" connect/think deeply #critlib  https://twitter.com/edrabinski/status/676946987556732929 
  56. HI #critlib, I'm an archivist in Denver at mid-size private uni. Abt to go up for promotion to Assoc Prof (next month) Think good thoughts!
  57. Hi #critlib, acad librarian from Guelph, ON. Working on my PhD on research leave Thankful for colleagues at work doing extra so I can be off
  58. Being at odds with colleagues is often challenging for librarians. Some of this disc. harkens back to the critical-with-love chat? #critlib
  59. Hi #critlib from academic library in California. Feel like introductions are well underway with #whyicritlib posts.
  60. Hi all academic biz librarian in tornado town Sydney #critlib
  61. A1.2 Twitter has always been there for me when I felt I didn't fit in with colleagues. #critlib
  62. A1: These chats, reading all of your great work and the work of others, finding local folks to #talkitout with. #critlib
  63. My name is Donna and I am a brain fried burnt out wannabe #critlib -r*ian from PA, tweeting from Chi-town tonight
  64. .@edrabinski “Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music.” [can apply to books too] #CritLib
  65. Howdy #critlib, I'm Cal in Boston, webmaster of the state library agency here in MA. First timer; v. much enjoyed reading #whyicritlib-s
  66. A1 I feel it might depend on your org. You can suss out how being a #critlib might be perceived. This work is so important tho!
  67. #critlib A1: I don't get caught up in my colleagues at work being fully on board with my way of thinking. Being a radical isn't for everyone
  68. A1 Being at odds with colleagues is often challenging for librarians. Some of this disc. harkens back to the critical-w/-love chat? #critlib
  69. A1: being okay with conflict/disagreement is huge! And can be unfamiliar in Libraryland, in my experience. #critlib
  70. @kcrowe well, it doesn't even have to be impolite! Addressing conflict can be kind! #critlib
  71. @kellymce I agree, but it *feels* impolite. Basically, I am terrible at conflict, I just run away. #feelings #critlib
  72. @zinelib @kcrowe even without resolution, being heard usually does a lot to relieve me! I know that sound totes woo, but eh! #critlib
  73. @kellymce @zinelib Just a bit of self-reflection. Being comfortable with conflict is...well, critical! #critlib
  74. @kellymce @zinelib @kcrowe I think this is so imp. Creating space for ppl to be heard = decreases conflict. #critlib
  75. @kellymce @zinelib I think my #feelings on impoliteness atm are bound up in specific long-simmering non #critlib issues at MPOW tbh.
  76. A2 @kellymce @kcrowe addressing conflict, tho sometimes unpleasant in the moment is so beneficial #critlib practice must address conflict
  77. Usually I am teaching during #critlib, but tonight I am in a cab.
  78. A1.3 But (not to go all Aaron Burr on you) I found that I did best when I carefully chose which things to push on & when, at MFPOW. #critlib
  79. Hi #critlib - info lit coordinator/prof at UIUC library and candidate for ALA president (@lisa4ala). Thinking a lot about #critALA.
  80. Hi #critlib - I'm Miriam. This is the first time I've been able to participate. Happy to be here.
  81. A1 tricky,don't want to seem dogmatic. at same time many of these issues v directly affect ppl's lives. I keep in mind when uncomfy #critlib
  82. A1 This is something I would like to work on. I usually get upset and tend to give up 😐 #critlib
  83. A1.4 It feels like a cop-out to say this, but I tried to fit in as well as I could, so that I could move things forward. #critlib
  84. A1: I've been grappling with this for a bit; I'm not sure how to deal other than talking with you all #critlib  https://twitter.com/kevinseeber/status/676946793830199297 
  85. A2 I have felt shut down by some dominant voices who think our work, tools, etc are neutral & aok #critlib
  86. A1: I've fortunately been able to connect w non-libs on campus whose work aligns w #critlib. Sometimes just have to leave lib space to deal.
  87. A1: One of the problems is that you don't always know who you may be at odds with; ppl don't always communicate displeasure #critlib
  88. Super full #critlib tonight, so great to see so many new folks too! #hearteyes
  89. @preater good morning, Andrew! love love love that #critlib and #critLIS are becoming int'l
  90. #critlib A1 An important "can" in the question; I think #critlib approaches are less often contested / challenged than we image they will be
  91. A1: I feel like the library I'm in is v open to a #critlib approach. I have #feelings about neoliberalism in higher ed in general tho.
  92. #critlib A1: my only thought that is permeating with immediate colleagues is the inherent bias in all information. They agree with that.
  93. A1 Conflict is tough for me. Recently became more active in my union = growing thicker skin. #critlib
  94. @kellymce Not at work. My gf was a union organizer and that has helped. Lots of good advice. #critlib
  95. A1 Wherever they are (twitter, down the hall, etc.) talk with colleagues who understand with what you're doing or going through #critlib
  96. A1: Need to pitch #critlib broadly. Avoid restrictive pigeon-holes. Connect it to what other people are doing. Read and network widely.
  97. A1: also, being able to process feelings at work is pretty important to me -- being able to openly acknowledge difference #critlib
  98. A1 but connecting w students & faculty about #critlib can be rejuvinating
  99. A1: but also using what platform is avail. to me to speak truthfully/forcefully as able/nec. but its definitely a practice/process #critlib
  100. A1: Important to find allies, whether to build together at work or blow off steam away from it. #critlib
  101. A1 #critlib often provides that little spark of magic motivation to see things in your profession differently and challenge what's going on
  102. A1: also, finding common ground. We all, for example, care about students. #critlib
  103. @kellymce This is huge. And as tempting as a soapbox might be, it helps to acknowledge first where others are coming from. #critlib
  104. A1. Finding your people is key to this I think. And I know that can be intimidating. #critlib
  105. A1: I also find those with similar professional interests and tend to work more closely with those folks, in and outside of my job #critlib
  106. @kevinseeber I always feel like I'm weird in this way ... conflict doesn't bother me-but have come to respect that it does others. #critlib
  107. @web_librarian @edrabinski @lisalibrarian There's tons of privilege wrapped up in it, for sure. I can get away with more. #critlib
  108. A1 pt 2: Also how we frame ideas is #critlib critical. My former boss introduced my to ethnographic writing. Love her for that!
  109. A1. I am trying to to be more purposeful in how I approach library management issues. I have good people around me on this. #critlib
  110. A1 we also have a LIS program at MPOW & connecting w students in that program who are still v excited about the field helps too #critlib
  111. A1: be empathetic to colleagues & respect diff motivations. be smart enough not to lose your job. find your community elsewhere #critlib
  112. A1: in any org, big or small, you can't go it alone; but easier to find allies in big one (usually?) #critlib
  113. #critlib A1 Essential IMO to find a network to help process these feelings with in a healthy & reflective way (& that can call you in).
  114. A1: I self-censor at work a lot, less so now after 2.5 years, but it's a v. political environment & I try to tread carefully #critlib
  115. A1 I recognize my positions aren't always shared, but it hasn't bothered me. Maybe I'm not doing/pushing enough? #critlib
  116. @mirmatt FWIW - I think we are privileged to be in academia. Pushing, conflict, etc. is more acceptable? #critlib
  117. @winelibrarian Oh, yes - nicer, less aggressive, etc. I've decided I'll be strategic. :) #critlib
  118. @winelibrarian @mirmatt agree ppl are conflict adverse but there are systemic protections for indivs who are "cause"? #critlib
  119. @winelibrarian @mirmatt Yep, pretty big fan of having tenure myself. HUGE PRIVILEGE from which to do #critlib.
  120. @lisalibrarian Agree. But at the same time, I think it is also still a privilege for those who would do the opposite. #critlib
  121. @winelibrarian Yes. I admit - tenure is the problem I prefer to have in my worklife than not-tenure. Isn't panacea. #critlib
  122. @lisalibrarian @mirmatt Also a broader range of individuals, tasks, committees. More ways to move ideas through the system. #critlib
  123. A1 find allies both in & outside your lib. I wait and re-read emails before sending if it might cause tension - careful w/ words #critlib
  124. A1 If my coworkers weren't as on board with #critlib approaches as they are, I'd probably be leaning on my friends on here much more.
  125. Question 2
  126. OK, #critlib. Lots of the #whyicritlib posts dealt with putting things into practice, which plays into Q2...
  127. Q2: Where do you go when a #critlib approach fails? How do you respond? How do you get the nerve to try again tomorrow?
  128. Hi #critlib! Sorry I'm late. Annie, academic librarian in Chicago!
  129. :whispers: I want to make a Pittsburgh area #critlib-type meetup thing.
  130. I love this--#critlib can be an alternative community, where you can find people who empathize with your struggles.  https://twitter.com/nicholsonkp/status/676949383594819587 
  131. A2 Having your people is so clutch. Other libs, colleagues elsewhere, online, IRL, etc. Surround yourself with a top notch squad. #critlib
  132. @oksveta @geekandahalf i found #critlib about a month after a new job in a new state with few friends. This community was vital for me.
  133. A2: Again, it helps a lot when others are there failing along with me, both at work and elsewhere. #critlib
  134. A2.1 When you're trying to make cultural change, you have a few tools available to you. The first is persistence. Second is allies. #critlib
  135. @web_librarian I might offer that the first is "presence" but after that persistence and allies for sure ... #critlib
  136. @web_librarian Being part of org all the time, not just to push my own views. Honors others. Also, means present for opportunities. #critlib
  137. @lisalibrarian Oh, then I agree. I couldn't figure out how to phrase "push other people's agendas in addition to yr own" briefly. 😃 #critlib
  138. @web_librarian My whole job talk for current position was on coordinator role as "presence and persuasion" :) #critlib
  139. been implementing more #critlib into patron interactions at ref desk, pub service, fail means try again  https://twitter.com/kevinseeber/status/676949805545951233 
  140. @thomthomthom yes! I think "didn't work out as I wanted/expected" rather than "fails" #critlib
  141. @lisalibrarian #critlib failure as a method not an end, looping back to another attempt, a curl
  142. A2. I'd love to hear examples of #critlib failures if anyone is comfortable sharing before talking about the after...
  143. A2: Part of #critlib, to me, is accepting possibility of failure and being at peace with it. It's not always easy.  https://twitter.com/kevinseeber/status/676949805545951233 
  144. A2. I think it's often a long game. Catalogers have stories we tell each other abt how long it takes to effect change (#lightbulbs) #critlib
  145. This is kind of what I mean by "persistence." Not so much repeating the SAME message, as a consistent one. #critlib  https://twitter.com/marccold/status/676950640405446656 
  146. A2 I remind myself that it's important to be honest with myself and students, and for me that means taking a #critlib approach
  147. A2: That's a tough one because requires serious & critical introspection, also a part of #critlib.
  148. A2 pt2: Even when successful, need to self-analyze efforts and continue improvement efforts. #critlib #agilelibrarianship
  149. A2 I take time to reflect on why it "failed" to determine if there is something I can change next time. #critlib  https://twitter.com/kevinseeber/status/676949805545951233 
  150. A2: Go outside the library. Best #critlib experiences have been writing w/faculty member who runs a group for Af-Am woman grad students.
  151. @kcrowe finding allies & collaborators outside of my lib & institution has helped me make #critlib arguments internally too
  152. Agreed! Writing faculty (and many other faculty) on our campus are engaged in these issues, too #critlib  https://twitter.com/kcrowe/status/676950822207496192 
  153. A2.2 Third is common ground w/ people who disagree. Fourth is built up trust. (This list is ordered wrong. Build trust first.) #critlib
  154. A2: piloting #critlib practice, working with one ally, modeling & documenting your work. Also, photos of cats in all your presentations.
  155. A2 pull the head back below the parapet, take a breather, recharge and rejuvenate for next best encounter #critlib
  156. A2.1 *whispers* Start here...there are good people here. Engage, follow, and make friends. #critlib
  157. A2.2 In those hard times, learn from them. Examine what went wrong. Look at them as opportunities for growth and not as failures. #critlib
  158. A2 #critlib sharing "fails" with co-workers as a space to mini workshop approaches, speculate
  159. A2. Working in an environment where failure and trying are both possible is key to any healthy workplace, including those promoting #critlib
  160. A2: If something falls flat, but I am committed to it. I am going to try again, just maybe in a different manner. #critlib
  161. @modbrarian Agreed. Like any other fail we believe in, we reflect and then try agin. #critlib
  162. A2. I mean, I hope that I encourage failure and encourage getting up and trying it again. But this also goes back to support. #critlib
  163. A2: These twitter chats are already something that keeps my head out of my institution's bubble in a positive manner. #critlib
  164. @modbrarian Agreed. They also show something of what kinds of institutions and jobs support practicing #critlib
  165. A2: Not sure I feel #critlib failure more acutely than any other failure. Just sends me back to the drawing board.
  166. Same. I always expect a certain level of failure w my instruction, whether it's explicitly #critlib or not...  https://twitter.com/FromtheShelves/status/676951301788475392 
  167. A2 Part of reflection is also talking to others abt what you think didn't work. Maybe get different perspective. #critlib
  168. @nope4evr @catladylib I am always looking for a colleague to talk to about the good/bad after every instruction session. #feedback #critlib
  169. Yes! @catladylib Reflect on what happened/went wrong and how to approach it differently next time. #critlib
  170. Also helpful for me to remember that just bc idea springs out of me dn make it #critlib. I have conservative tendencies I keep in check.
  171. And uninterrogated internal baloney that needs interrogating. That too. #critlib
  172. @edrabinski The uninterrogated baloney is not worth having. :) Sometimes internal conflicts are the hardest- no one to blame. #critlib
  173. A2 imp to think and reflect on what "failed." I keep a list of why I'm doing what I'm doing and it keeps things in perspective #critlib
  174. I also am thinking of Q2 from a teaching perspective. Probably where I "fail" the most. #critlib
  175. @catladylib This shows you have opportunities to learn. I love how @charbooth writes about reflective practice in teaching. #critlib
  176. @catladylib I wanted to include "fail" because at its worst, that's what it feels like, doesn't it? Def for me when teaching. #critlib
  177. A2 back to some #critlib A1 answers, accepting that conflict is there whether it’s addressed or not helps me keep at it, recover from fails
  178. A2 I think reframing "failure" helps me: the act of trying *is* #critlib work; means you're growing into an orientation that is so important
  179. Why I'm not a "failed academic" (& was surprised to be named one): maybe learned more by not getting degree #critlib  https://twitter.com/foureyedsoul/status/676952752602378240 
  180. @nicholsonkp Absolutely. That mere phrase makes me realize how much I disagree with some people over the hows & whys of learning. #critlib
  181. @foureyedsoul I'm not going to pretend I don't wish I had that degree. But I still don't refer to myself as a failed academic #critlib
  182. @au8476 @nicholsonkp It's definitely a phrase among humanities folks. When I hear it, I think it means they don't understand … #critlib
  183. @au8476 @nicholsonkp …either the complexities of attempting degrees under horrid circumstances, or abysmal economics of job hunt #critlib
  184. @au8476 @nicholsonkp I've been amazed at how callous & cruel people can be in higher ed. Even/esp those who tout progressive aims. #critlib
  185. A2 pt 2: That doesn't mean to be complacent. Just means to reflect and grow in response to whatever happened when you tried #critlib
  186. @winelibrarian possibly. reflection sometimes requires stillness which looks similar to complacency. #critlib
  187. @donnarosemary I wonder where the intersection of jesuit/ignatian values are with #critlib work re: reflection.
  188. @winelibrarian @donnarosemary Yes. I use a version of the Ignatian practice of examen for (not quite) daily reflection. #critlib
  189. @winelibrarian @donnarosemary Paired questions can be adapted. My personal examen: What was life-giving? What was life-draining? #critlib
  190. @winelibrarian This is a big Q in my sabbatical project. I will hit you up for processing-convos on this if you're down #critlib #igped
  191. A2 pt ?: And as others are saying, involve trusted others in the reflection process. This work cannot be done individually. #critlib
  192. #critlib A2 For me, finding the right balance between reflecting on what didn't work vs. unhealthily dwelling on things that 'failed'.
  193. #critlib A2.2 From a manager's perspective, risk appetite: providing that 'permission to fail' in things for my team in a trusted space.
  194. A2 That's why I'm so excited for the #critlib book that @pumpedlibrarian and @kellymce are editing. It'd be great to have that toolkit!
  195. A2 (which I tend to take way too personally—not so great w open-ended conflict) #critlib
  196. A2 Failure is a part of our daily work. Failure is acceptable. Try again, revising approach, strategies, partners. #critlib
  197. I think idea of "failure as work" is really inspiring. Esp before patrons who think failure is THE END. #critlib  https://twitter.com/shiggin/status/676951968888262657 
  198. A2: I try to chip away at smaller problems if a bigger idea fails or gets dismissed. But I work in a fairly change-resistant world #critlib
  199. A2-try to conceive less as failure and more as learning. hokey?maybe but it's the process of reflection->action for me. #critlib
  200. A2:2 had a teaching coach/mentor this semester which was incredible. A lot of growth b/c of his q's/insight/suggestions. #critlib
  201. A2: asking for feedback and reflection is so helpful for me. When I acknowledge a flop and invite conversation, I can breathe/learn #critlib
  202. @kellymce I love the comment "breathe/learn" ... so often in life we are holding our breathe + choking ourselves! #critlib
  203. @zinelib @kellymce Best ever is single Q from someone else "So, how'd you feel about that?" + then they listen. #critlib
  204. Same: process of asking for feedback on a thing I tried and 'can I babble for 5 mins and get your take?' 💖 #critlib  https://twitter.com/kellymce/status/676952389308542977 
  205. #critlib a2 I try to be honest with myself and others if I've messed up. Helps move things forward
  206. I'm grateful to have a lot of support at my library and institution overall for #critlib-related work but community here is still essential
  207. A2: also, wanna push back on "failure" -- sometimes a first try is just a step in a process. #critlib
  208. Agreed! Sometimes it's all about timing, or a different approach. Reiterate and try again right? #critlib  https://twitter.com/kellymce/status/676952611631841280 
  209. @catladylib yeah! sometimes it was just a diff't success than u realized - connecting with fewer people but in a stronger way, say. #critlib
  210. This. And just because something doesn't work or isn't instantly perfect doesn't mean it's a failure. #critlib  https://twitter.com/kellymce/status/676952611631841280 
  211. @kellymce See what we do as iterative. Learn from feedback, reflect w others or in writing, cycle back with good tweaks. #critlib
  212. A2 what does failure even look like? Not changing someone's mind on the spot? Failing to see or address privilege? keep trying... #critlib
  213. @mirmatt For me, it's failing when I can't engage students. I feel like such a phony in that moment. #critlib
  214. @kevinseeber @mirmatt but even then saying, "man, this is pretty rough, huh?" can be an invitation. #critlib
  215. @mirmatt I think failure may look different dep. on subfield. As a cataloger, mine are all stored in a giant memory bank, so- pain. #critlib
  216. A2 Recognizing failure as a learning opportunity/first step, not something to run from. #critlib #fail4lib
  217. A2 And know that nobody's perfect. It's okay if things go off the rails. Don't beat yourself up. #critlib
  218. #critlib A2 if you're in a position to do so, "bake" failure into org culture & documents. Call it "experimentation," give ppl space to try
  219. OK! So lots of people's reflections already answered this, but let's go ahead and talk it out... #critlib
  220. @GinaMurrell1 Thought I was multitasking alone! Can't keep up with you, tho. You go girl! #BlowTwitterUp #critlib
  221. A2: #critlib (in an instructional context) we've gotta be kind to ourselves and realistic about what we can do/observe in any given space.
  222. @JessicaCritten ooh, yes! trying push things further but while also maintaining realistic expectations, so key #critlib
  223. I honestly believe that #critlib instructional work that has "worked" does not have immediately visible outcomes.  https://twitter.com/JessicaCritten/status/676954195602374656 
  224. A2: #critlib when something feels unsuccessful, I try to check my positionality: am I the right person to be doing this?
  225. Question 3
  226. Q3: Is #critlib worth it? We talk a lot, but are we getting anywhere? How are these theories changing our actions? Or our profession?
  227. A3. I think any conversations that make us build community are worth it. #critlib
  228. A3. But, I think seeing wide scale changes will take time and will be incremental at first. I am also way too new at this to know! #critlib
  229. A3. I also think a lot of people feel they think and do #critlib and were doing it already. Those people's work should somehow be counted.
  230. A3. I asked for examples of #critlib fails for Q2, so now I ask for examples of #critlib successes IRL. :)
  231. @KaraKaraPW the woman who hired me had infused #critlib into our instruction program & we're continuing that work.
  232. A3: impt to remember that life is a long-game & change is often incremental. If we don't have results NOW, that doesn't mean never. #critlib
  233. A3 -- my introduction to the very idea of #CritLib came out of hearing about instigators who DID enact change. Worth it.
  234. A3: YES! So worth it; even slow progress is progress. I learn a ton from these convos and apply where I can #critlib  https://twitter.com/kevinseeber/status/676954026156630017 
  235. A3 to me, #critlib is 1,000% worth it. I can't really imagine doing lib instruction without it. (Or don't like what that would look like)
  236. A3 TLDR: I think awareness-raising and learning together is a great first step! I want to see us grow into more. Soon. #critlib
  237. A3-2 This is getting better? I think? But a lot of people still seem too intimidated to talk to #critlib, and that's gotta change.
  238. @web_librarian this is true. Is it lack of awareness or misconceptions or is it us? That's what I wonder. #critlib
  239. @catladylib @web_librarian Might be all? Concept of "hospitality" is powerful for me here - what can we do to welcome guests? #critlib
  240. @web_librarian @kellykietur as I recall, I think this was discussed. Thanks for reiterating the need for it! #critlib
  241. @web_librarian @kellykietur also, are there other things that would make you feel more welcome? We are all always learning, here. #critlib
  242. @kellymce @lisalibrarian @catladylib Good point: no "guests" at #critlib. That implies a differential in power/access. Collaborators.
  243. @web_librarian @kellymce @catladylib Oops ... using term fr Community of Practice Literature ... #badacademic ... are better terms! #critlib
  244. @catladylib I've been put off/intimidated by some of the more jargony/academic writing I see happening around the edges of #critlib
  245. @web_librarian @catladylib I feel the same way, but feel like academic lang. works for some ppl & that's fine. It's not all abt me. #critlib
  246. @web_librarian Negotiating public voice on Twitter plays into this too, and acclimating to the pace of #critlib chats.
  247. @catladylib I think it's a misconception that the bulk of folks doing #critlib have Real Academic Backgrounds™ in critical theory, maybe?
  248. I am a product of Florida public education all the way. Zero classes in theory, education, or philosophy. #critlib  https://twitter.com/web_librarian/status/676957697133137921 
  249. @web_librarian @catladylib does it matter? IMO not the point. I LOVE theory but I also love how theory makes me think abt practice #critlib
  250. @nicholsonkp @web_librarian well I see that misconception as a barrier to participating in #critlib
  251. @catladylib @web_librarian yes. but crit theory is useful. & difficult. not wiling to abandon. help others find entry point instead #critlib
  252. @catladylib @nicholsonkp @web_librarian which seems counterproductive in a space where we are all LEARNING. Wonder if corollary in #critlib?
  253. @nicholsonkp @web_librarian and I'm willing to make mistakes. However, my hope for #critlib is that we be more inclusive to more ppl
  254. @catladylib @nicholsonkp I'm also not advocating for that, though I *am* advocating for care in [over]using jargon. #critlib
  255. @nicholsonkp @web_librarian who may think #critlib is too academic. Social justice work does not have to be framed through theory imo.
  256. @nicholsonkp @web_librarian I do love the IRL #critlib get togethers, Twitter makes it hard for me to communicate complex thought!
  257. @nicholsonkp @web_librarian also for me, #critlib is very closely related to SJ work. Again, those are just my feelings. :)
  258. @lnwlk @catladylib @nicholsonkp @web_librarian You're absolutely right. Just meant that the "critical" initially implied SJ-y aims. #critlib
  259. @catladylib @nicholsonkp @web_librarian …At least in intentions of increasing freedom. Maybe it's just super ineffective at times? #critlib
  260. @catladylib @nicholsonkp Yeah, it doesn't matter, but the fact that people THINK it matters is a problem. If that makes sense? #critlib
  261. @web_librarian @catladylib interesting, think most of us are using #critlib to learn about these things b/c majority don't (incl. me)
  262. @nope4evr @web_librarian exactly! Just wondering how to really express that to those who feel intimidated. #critlib
  263. @catladylib @nope4evr @web_librarian #rhizo15 connectivist MOOC had great set of guidelines, will find. Chew on whatever appeals. #critlib
  264. @catladylib @nope4evr @web_librarian "Open learning recipe" from #rhizo15 Did #critlib create something like this after ACRL unconference?
  265. @web_librarian #critlib Personally I think I was too bumbling/ignorant/privileged for this to occur to me; I don't have the RAB™ @catladylib
  266. TRUE. We don't give a fuck if a #critlib-ber isn't an academic public services librarian with two masters or a PhD.  https://twitter.com/web_librarian/status/676957697133137921 
  267. @web_librarian & have only found #critlib types approachable, hospitable, v. keen to share (librarians <3 reading lists). @catladylib
  268. @web_librarian @catladylib And Audre Lorde taught me way more abt intersectionality than any book on theory ever did. #critlib
  269. @web_librarian @catladylib I don't have background/training. I love theory, but it's all stuff I picked up "on the street." #critlib
  270. A3. Absolutely! #critlib chats are v. inspiring to me as I navigate how to incorporate theory into my library practice.
  271. A3 #CritLib -- also, i'm not even sure what "it" is in 'worth it", the alternative is to turn away from injustice, not corrected it?
  272. A3 I think it is by the fact we're here, week to week, on our hustle, hashing these things out. Don't y'all WORK at this? I do! #critlib
  273. #lrt modeling how to "fail" is a teaching practice I believe to be #critlib and which I try to work toward being able to do
  274. A3 #critlib is way worth it. For the human connections, ideas, & inspiration #feelings
  275. A3: I absolutely go try out things in practice we talk on here. Things that stick, I share with coworkers and see what they think. #critlib
  276. #critlib A3 On a personal level I think any #critlib is worthwhile to introduce critically informed approaches into one's practice.
  277. @catladylib I agree completely, so how do we make those impacts explicit? Make the praxis apparent to our colleagues? #critlib
  278. @kevinseeber I also see #critlib extending beyond MPOW to my own research endeavors & work with @LISmicroaggress & @libraryleadpipe
  279. @kevinseeber showing impact of #critlib is a little harder. Does that make sense?
  280. A3 Yes! I think projects like the ferguson twitter archive show that we can do better at representation in archives #critlib
  281. A3. A lot of the whyicritlib answers indicated that #critlib encourages people and induces connection- that's a good argument right there.
  282. A3 it’s worth it for me; hard work, but the hardness of it speaks to why it’s worthwhile. My minor discomfort isn’t the issue. #critlib
  283. A3: Absolutely. I teach differently because my my thoughts on #critlib. Whether students get it or not right away, they had some exposure.
  284. A3 I'd say that I work harder knowing I have my #critlib people whom I can rely on. There is def. practice at play at work, cons, etc.
  285. A3.2 Thoughts about exclusivity...I feel really male and really black and really gay sometimes professionally. #critlib
  286. A3.2 And I don't want to be seen as one or any or all. My goal is to be a good librarian, regardless, but...politics. #critlib
  287. A3: in terms of changing the profession-it is raising awareness at the v. least. Even while people still find ways into their own #critlib
  288. A3 I see #critlib types of convos happening at national levels which is really heartening. I loved both unconferences at ALA and ACRL.
  289. A3 Plus acting on #critlib in your own institution. Change can happen locally too. It can be slow, but it can happen.
  290. A3 Change is slow! And in our profession especially so #critlib
  291. #critlib A3 I think/feel theory can be quite a powerful thing in this respect in its impact & applicability to practice.
  292. Q3 part 2: Lots of reflections mentioned exclusivity of #critlib. How does that factor into this?
  293. @kevinseeber good question! feel like w any kind of clique it's a matter of communicating #critlib ideas in ways ppl relate to
  294. @thomthomthom @kevinseeber I wonder if ppl feel they need extensive knowledge of Foucault, Marx, et al. I sometimes do. #critlib
  295. @FromtheShelves @kevinseeber good q what are the assumptions abt #critlib and how are they barriers kinda thing? maybe a #critlib101 PDF?
  296. @FromtheShelves @thomthomthom I try to play it down in my pubs/prezos. Not be such a stiff white guy about it, if that makes sense? #critlib
  297. A3: Worth it. Progress incremental, but the mere fact we all are here tonight & not elsewhere means we are making headway. #critlib
  298. A3: #critlib is absolutely worth it and has had a day to day impact on the work that I do, and the faculty who see value in partnering w me.
  299. A3: I keep thinking of the phrase, "comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable." Maybe we're here to afflict a little. #critlib
  300. A3: Spending even an hour every other week thinking about something influences you in ways you can't predict. #critlib
  301. A3 Yes, worth it. For building community, for making change-however slow. #critlib is seeping into my workplace, it's very heartening.
  302. Also MLS programs reflecting #critlib ideas, like UMD's Information and Diverse Populations specialization
  303. I think #critlib worth it, it's taking work we're doing now + work was already being done & push issues 4ward thru convo, community, action
  304. @kevinseeber Gonna channel @edrabinski here ... #critlib is something I am. And something I do. Being me is worth it! :)
  305. A3 For me being here as often as I can helps me keep #critlib in mind even when I'm not changing my actions as fast as I wish I were.
  306. @mauraweb Or when I can see I need to change but don't know what to change to ... #critlib
  307. A3 witnessing static twitter profile pics come alive with exciting real world stories challenging our #LIS status quo is pure PD #critlib
  308. #critlib A3 More broadly I *do* see shifts in professional discourse brought about by what we do, eg. experience of @RadicalLibs in the UK.
  309. it's not like this work is entirely brand new, it's just a different approach and a resurgence of interest #critlib
  310. A3: on an individual level, yeah -- #critlib informs choices I make in the classroom and in meetings, all the work I do.
  311. A3: I say it's worth it. Don't want to overgeneralize but I see lots of complacency in my immediate surroundings in the profession #critlib
  312. A3 #critlib it seems smtms that we are at that indierock/mainstream shifting point and trying to navigate what that looks like
  313. @edrabinski Yeah, your reflection had me say "damn, yeah, Emily put that one to rest, didn't she?" #critlib #professionalidol
  314. Q3: Is #critlib worth it? I've thought about it. I have fun, it's good to talk across time/space...
  315. @CiotaRebecca But #critlib oftentimes can seem like a bunch of librarians complaining in a bit of a whirlwind.
  316. @CiotaRebecca Maybe I'm not talking to the right people about the right things, but I'd like to know real ex. of how lib use #critlib disc.
  317. @CiotaRebecca work @edrabinski & others have done re LCSH has real implications. what if we only focused on the practical? YIKES #critlib
  318. @CiotaRebecca It has changed the search examples I use in info lit sessions + I'm writing a chapter about that. #critlib
  319. @lisalibrarian I'll be excited to see the chapter at some point. Do you mention #critlib in it?
  320. @CiotaRebecca I've called out racial discrim that I never saw before these chats. In one case, changed requirements on a job ad. #critlib
  321. @CiotaRebecca Saw a talk where lib offered multilingual library tours in response to critical perspectives on language diversity. #critlib
  322. @CiotaRebecca But, a lib could also do that without any sense of politics! So is #critlib framing is necessary? Is there value in it? YMMV?
  323. @lisalibrarian @CiotaRebecca Yeah! See my following tweet--don't need the #critlib umbrella to do great work, for sure.
  324. @lisalibrarian Awesome. I do think #critlib-ers should talk more about how #critlib *does* impact our work. Your ex. are great.
  325. @CiotaRebecca Agree. But, also think we have to be gentle in expectations. Often requires admitting past failure to see injustice. #critlib
  326. @lisalibrarian Yeah... I wish that more people would admit past failures. But I'm proud, too, I get trying to ignore those fails. #critlib
  327. @CiotaRebecca Did #critlib really change something about your work, your workplace? Something noticeably impactful?
  328. A3. I have felt this deeply. Imposter syndrome hits us all at times. Me with peers and #critlib.
  329. @marccold Do you really feel like it's a bad joke? I feel like it's a daily part of my life. #critlib
  330. A3-2. I think the more people take the risk to join conversation, the better. #critlib
  331. A3-2 Hey, lurkers! They let me talk. I have like ZERO academic background in any of the humanities stuff; I'm an engineer. Join us! #critlib
  332. #critlib-bers don't *let* anyone do anything, or mock ppl for what they tweet. Hospitality is a tradition here.  https://twitter.com/web_librarian/status/676956604361785344 
  333. A3 at the start of my program not many classmates knew abt #critlib but good colleagues & peers starting to bring to dialog irl
  334. A3: #critlib has also had a real impact on my thoughts around/approach to coll dev which has a long-term instit. impact in the #archives.
  335. Q3: critical theory v useful but not easily accessible. something librarianship struggles with. not a reason to not engage IMO #critlib
  336. @jacobsberg I took a class with a dude who was besties with Derrida....it was the worst semester of my life. #critlib
  337. 100% agree. Critical theory is dense & challenging. & worth it! it takes time. are we willing to spend it? #critlib  https://twitter.com/shiggin/status/676959138132443136