#critlib 12/7/2015: privacy education in libraries

Storify of the December 7 2015 #critlib chat on "privacy education in libraries", moderated by @InfAgit. Discussion questions and suggested readings here: http://critlib.org/privacy-education-in-libraries/ For more info about #critlib, including past and future chats, see critlib.org.

  1. Preliminaries
  2. Looking forward to tomorrow's #critlib chat about privacy education, moderated by @InfAgit--lots of great questions!  http://critlib.org/privacy-education-in-libraries/ 
  3. @kristenyt @shelitwits fyi: in embedded #critlib link in #lt (above tweet) LOTS of privacy in libraries resources listed/curated✔🔒
  4. @kristenyt @shelitwits (also please consider joining/participating in tmr's mid-afternoon #critlib chat on topic if scheds allow 😊 deets ⬆)
  5. Today at 2pm ET, let's chat about teaching privacy concepts in libraries (to patrons, to colleagues!):  http://critlib.org/privacy-education-in-libraries/  #critlib
  6. @InfAgit Because I screwed up schedule today I'll miss this live, but some participants may be interested in this:  http://ir.lib.uwo.ca/fimspub/35/ 
  7. Introductions
  8. Hello everyone! The clock reads 2:00, so let's start with today's #critlib about teaching privacy. Again, Qs are at  http://critlib.org/privacy-education-in-libraries/ 
  9. Let's start with introductions. I'm Melissa, a public librarian in Brooklyn, day off and also doing some family member caregiving. #critlib
  10. Hi #critlib I'm Alison and I run @libraryfreedom. Privacy education is like 85% of what we do.
  11. Hi #critlib! Charlotte, academic librarian in NY. Eating lunch while tweeting today
  12. Thanks for doing this. Ref and Inst in greater Philadelphia. Expect to lurk due to not having done the readings. #critlib
  13. Hi #critlib - Charissa, academic librarian, eating sad desk lunch
  14. Hi #critlib friends. I'll be kind of lurking today but paying attention to the discussion. Derrick, ref/inst lib in DC.
  15. Hi #critlib. I’m an adult services librarian in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, NY. Joining from the reference desk. Will try to keep up.
  16. I'm Grace, info lit librarian in central FL. Looking forward to sitting in on my first #critlib chat
  17. Hi #critlib! Melissa, (thiiiis close to graduating) student, lurking while eating lunch
  18. OMG!!! Randomly logged in to discover there's a #critlib happening. I'm April, academic librn in NYC.
  19. Ooh, great topic on #privacy and hosted by the lovely @InfAgit. Join us! I see lots of new folks. Yay! #critlib
  20. Hi #critlib library student at Pratt institute, running errands while posting!
  21. #critlib Hi, I'm Barbara and am glad I bumped into an afternoon #critlib chat about an important topic.
  22. Hi #critlib James here ref/inst lib up in Wisconsin. Tuning in on my lunch break.
  23. Hi #critlib, I'm an academic librarian in Brooklyn. Will be in and out during today's chat but excited for this topic.
  24. Hi #critlib! Kevin here. Academic instruction person in Denver. Mostly lurking while I start writing annual reports.
  25. Hi #critlib. I'm Bonnie. Was an academic lib. I now work on privacy projects here at @datasociety.
  26. hello #critlib! I’m an academic librarian who is multitasking this afternoonn!
  27. Hi #critlib, I'm Maura, director at an academic lib in Brooklyn, late and prob a bit lurky today tho I care a lot abt the topic.
  28. Bummed I can't make today's #critlib on privacy education but profoundly looking forward to reading it later!  http://critlib.org/privacy-education-in-libraries/ 
  29. Hi #critlib! Reading along while at the reference desk.
  30. Hi #critlib, very happy to have stumbled upon the privacy conversation today. I am a ref and ILL lib in Boston
  31. Q1. How do you define privacy, in and outside of the library? #critlib
  32. We'll start with a conceptual question...Q1. How do you define privacy, in and outside of the library? #critlib
  33. Check it out, #critlib: 76% of adults say libraries should definitely teach online security and privacy protection  http://pewrsr.ch/1F9PiPb 
  34. #critlibTo answer @InfAgit's first question, I think we are thinking about privacy more and more as encroachment on patrons by the state
  35. A1 Privacy is in part choosing what info you share vs not. Not a thing on the web w/ Google, or even in some acad libs w/ analytics #critlib
  36. A1: since people aren't jumping in so quickly...there's privacy and there's expectation of privacy, what library patrons assume. #critlib
  37. A1 #critlib privacy is keeping info from everyone except intended recipient. Similar to security, which is defined by presence of adversary
  38. A1 Being able to do your stuff w/o being watched. Or only being watched by certain audiences that you choose. It's abt AGENCY. #critlib
  39. A1 To me, it's the ability to make use of library services without worrying about being watched or having your info stolen #critlib
  40. @barnlib Sometimes including the expectation to be free from advertising -- intended or not. #critlib
  41. A1 freedom from being observed - I immediately thought of privacy in terms of the internet #critlib
  42. I hate when ppl say that bc some1 posts something online, they don't expect/want privacy. Chosen audience is key. #critlib
  43. #critlib I think privacy is about having control over information: who sees it, who uses it, who profits from it
  44. A1 Privacy means control of your info – you get to decide who gets to see what and how and when #critlib
  45. #critlib in lib, privacy is the right to open inquiry without being scrutinized by others.
  46. A1 (sort of non-answer) Privacy is a privilege and someone's ability to have it is defined by their relationship to society #critlib
  47. #critlib A1 Privacy is the capacity to decide how you will present yourself to the world and what is shared or not.
  48. So helpful to see these definitions of privacy bc they show its non-existent for most internet users, while underscoring importance #critlib
  49. Q2. How do you teach yourself about privacy? #critlib
  50. While ppl weigh in on concepts, let's also talk practice. Q2. How do you teach yourself about privacy? #critlib #critlib
  51. A2 Rely heavily on trusted lib networks thinking critically abt this stuff. Ahem, @flexlibris and the gang... #critlib
  52. A2 2 parts of this for me: privacy as a user, & as a lib. it's about checking our tools, systems, ensure patron data isn't exposed #critlib
  53. A2 Like lotsa folks here I'm sure I read/follow the Electronic Frontier Foundation which has great privacy edu info @EFF #critlib
  54. A2 tech conferences, reading whitepapers, working closely with @torproject and policy/legal folk like @ACLU. continuous process. #critlib
  55. A2 I genuinely love to read privacy policies, have learned a lot about privacy that way #critlib
  56. Q2 Output by fellow librarians has been invaluable for my #privacy learning. #critlib
  57. .@InfAgit @PoorCharlotte At my special collections library, we have had convos about patron record retention, re: theft, etc. #critlib
  58. A2 Super grateful for all the useful info online aimed at the library world, tho I also need in-person guidance (techie friends). #critlib
  59. .@PoorCharlotte How does the library figure into that as a watcher itself? Is the library always (seen as) a "good" actor? #critlib
  60. .@InfAgit Not always! We see the fear of lack of privacy in some patrons stealing books they're embarrassed about lib staff seeing #critlib
  61. .@InfAgit e basic fear of judgment from the lib. this can extend to asking ?'s. afraid of being laughed at, having their ? shared. #critlib
  62. .@PoorCharlotte @InfAgit I've been to libraries that had self-checkout scanners, in part for that reason. (& staffing, eyerolllll). #critlib
  63. @rowmyboat @PoorCharlotte Interesting; I'd like to think self-checkout isn't solely to reduce staffing levels... #critlib
  64. @InfAgit It hasn't reduced staffing here that I've noticed, people still need help w/ many things. @barnlib @rowmyboat @PoorCharlotte
  65. A2 Also like everyone I can't say enough good things abt @flexlibris & her crew, @libraryfreedom has terrific resources re:privacy #critlib
  66. Data and the internet is definitely insanely important for library privacy, but also the in-person interactions still matter #critlib
  67. A2. I learn abt privacy from reading and talking outside and within the lib profession. I learn tech stuff from techie folks. #critlib
  68. A2 understanding surveillance and state repression in hstry of social movments has been the foundation of my education on privacy #critlib
  69. Q3. How do you share information and skills related to privacy with your colleagues? #critlib
  70. Annnnddd...Q3. How do you share information and skills related to privacy with your colleagues? #critlib
  71. Those of you who mentioned you read TOS, do you then discuss with colleagues (incl higher-ups who make vendor/product decisions)? #critlib
  72. A3 Try to bring it up in meetings with a variety of depts, & give concrete exs of WHY we need to do more to make privacy a given #critlib
  73. A3 #critlib we train librarians everywhere on practical privacy tools and skills. & all of our resources are open sourced on the website
  74. A3 I do a lot of forwarding emails, retweeting, bringing issues up in convos/mtgs. As I learn, getting it on others' radars. #critlib
  75. @InfAgit Q3 Informally so far. Try to tell everyone who will listen about ghostery/privacy badger. Hope to raise HTTPS soon. #critlib
  76. A3 but it can be v. difficult to convince higher-ups or even colleagues to care enough about privacy to make changes. #critlib
  77. Care...or be able to prioritize caring. We all have much to do & care abt. #critlib is helpful for making the case.  https://twitter.com/PoorCharlotte/status/673946388460380163 
  78. A3 Sometimes telling colleagues about it can turn into a "oh you're just paranoid" thing #critlib
  79. @PoorCharlotte Do you talk with researchers, fac, students on campus about privacy issues? Does that come up at all? #critlib
  80. @bonlth Students most of all, mostly bc of access. can't always start talking to faculty/others unless everyone in the lib agrees #critlib
  81. A3 my current library doesn't have a privacy policy - have discussed this with colleagues about why we don't have one #critlib
  82. A3 Evaluating databases & e-book collections on what they do and don't do re: privacy is a good opp to make these concerns explicit #critlib
  83. @EamonTewell You should do that with your collection development and e-resource librarians, too. #critlib
  84. @kevinseeber for sure! Last summer we were figuring out whether to switch e-book vendors and privacy was part of that discussion #critlib
  85. A3- I've shared privacy articles w/students in instruction sessions. Sparks v. interesting convo's about using campus computers. #critlib
  86. Has anyone ended up encouraging students/patrons to take privacy concerns to library administration? #critlib  https://twitter.com/kevinseeber/status/673946380923047940 
  87. @InfAgit Haven't, but student allies seems like a natural fit for this work. They have as big a stake as we do. #critlib
  88. After some privacy wkshops, I heard from colleagues, "Just tell me what to tell patrons." Hard to prioritize caring, a la @barnlib. #critlib
  89. I wonder abt fear 2 tho, esp w/things seemingly changing so fast, can seem daunting to keep up w/privacy & tech #critlib @InfAgit @barnlib
  90. @mauraweb Very true, and I have a lot of tech intimidation myself (although some colleagues regard me as quite techie!). @barnlib #critlib
  91. A3 also feeling like I need to do more. Security flaws are so time sensitive #critlib
  92. A3 shout out to the colleagues I depend on when I'm unsure about something #critlib
  93. Q4. How do you teach specific topics (e.g. passwords, safe browsing, social media privacy) to your library’s users? #critlib
  94. Q4. How do you teach specific topics (e.g. passwords, safe browsing, social media privacy) to your library’s users? #critlib
  95. Q4. I think mental models are so important. Many ppl (esp new computer users) focused on the procedural. Click here, do that...#critlib
  96. ...I never want to "dumb things down" but also want to respect students where they're at. A challenge. #critlib
  97. A4 Outside of mentioning it in 1-on-1 interactions, it ends up coming up when someone asks only..... #critlib
  98. A4 otherwise, it's been more about making sure we can make it secure/private for them. But then they don't learn about it. #critlib
  99. A4: contextually, in passing, or if they ask. Getting people to workshops is difficult, even when there's food as a lure. #critlib
  100. A4- Googling the word "weather" and getting local results is an interesting way to start the conversation about IP tracking. #critlib
  101. A4: How about not *Googling* anything while teaching, but using a search engine that respects your privacy? #critlib #imissscroogle
  102. A4: Wish I had creative lesson plan, but I remind students/staff/faculty that your campus emails are the school's property. #critlib
  103. #critlib library instructions are opportunities for privacy talks.
  104. If you don't want school/employer to know it, use a different email. #critlib
  105. A4 I go through basic threat-modeling w/ patrons. I give them a ton tools but try to help them decide what they actually want/need #critlib
  106. A4 I tend to bring it up randomly as it relates (or not) to my schol comm role. #critlib
  107. @AprilHathcock In what context within Schol Comm do you discuss privacy? Around open data, TOS, research data or something else completely?
  108. @bonlth No, all of those. Both within and without the lib. TOS is a huge one, though.
  109. I wonder if we're ceding rhetorical ground w/ our #critlib focus on privacy. Training users to subvert systems of surveillance is great…[+]
  110. …but what of raising political awareness, culture-changing awareness, of how utterly monstrous it is that we should have to do so? #critlib
  111. Re: @Bibliocracy: this shit is absolutely political & that must be embedded. Name the adversaries: Google, Microsoft, FBI, police. #critlib
  112. So you think there's still a fight to be had? We haven't lost yet? @Bibliocracy #critlib
  113. @InfAgit …depends what time of day / week you ask me and also what the weather is like
  114. @InfAgit but no, however long the odds, as long as we haven't lost that fight in our own heads it's not entirely over
  115. @Bibliocracy Training to subvert a way of raising political awareness? Makes the problem concrete, not abstract monstrosity? #critlib
  116. @edrabinski I think you need a two-pronged approach; have to be careful not to go "look, fact of life"
  117. A4 #critlib I teach a whole suite of trusted free software tools. Lots of wrong info out there too, so some of this is unlearning habits.
  118. @InfAgit terrible password strategies. Use of untrusted tools eg Ghostery. Lots of things that give false sense of security.
  119. A4 I teach privacy-related topics as they come up, but would love to make that a bigger part of my instruction #critlib
  120. A4 mostly when helping patrons 1-on-1 with computer/password issues #critlib #publiclibraries
  121. Hi #critlib, jumping in! A4 It's important to recognize that priorities are diff for diff user groups when teaching privacy concepts
  122. A4 I wish I could do a better job of teaching on the fly, esp. when patrons come to me with other problems. #critlib
  123. @libraryrat4 this is something I'd like to work on too, since this is usually how an opp to talk privacy comes up for me #critlib
  124. @EamonTewell half the time I look away and then the patron is gone with their fb still open on the screen O.o
  125. Very good conversation happening over at #critlib about privacy education in libraries. Recommend following/reviewing if interested!
  126. Q5. How do you balance ideals of commitment to privacy with real-world practicalities? #critlib
  127. And finally...Q5. How do you balance ideals of commitment to privacy with real-world practicalities? #critlib
  128. Q5. As in, yr library is unlikely to build all its own autonomous tools. And yr patrons (and you) aren't all going to get off FB. #critlib
  129. .@AprilHathcock In both personal and professional settings, I imagine? (E.g. using Google products for easy collaboration?) #critlib
  130. @InfAgit That's exactly it. Goo-Goo and Apple are my kryptonite. Bc it's so easy and I get lazy. #critlib
  131. A5 we can reject "common sense" expectations of surveillance just as we reject "common sense" abt patriarchy, racism, classism, etc #critlib
  132. Q5 Don't sacrifice everything to "real-world"; "real-world" often is really a choice. We can make other choices if it's important. #critlib
  133. Maybe other choices are a little harder or unusual, but they are possible. #critlib
  134. A5 Ex: maybe we should take those administrative positions, even tho we hate them. Get some power over policy, software purchases. #critlib
  135. A5: Keep a Gmail account for when people share documents and online storage but communicate through other email address. #critlib
  136. A5 it's a process. But we can commit to ideal & not waiver bc of inconvenience/difficulty. It is possible to make a better world. #critlib
  137. A5 Too easy to let institutional/profssnl expectations get in way of maintaining dedication to privacy- Vendor data, Google tools #critlib
  138. A5 Yep +1: I do some (gcal/docs) not others (gsearch/FB), I know that's not the best, but is what I can do now. #critlib @AprilHathcock
  139. A5 it's not just about our own choices, this is a political issue & pushing back against privacy invaders is crucial #critlib
  140. A5 also take it slow, celebrate small victories. Realize that we have a lot of work to un-do. The Internet is a hostile place!!! #critlib
  141. A5 what @Bibliocracy & @flexlibris were prev discussing - being vocal about how we are forced to compromise privacy in daily life #critlb
  142. @atrumbled An example? My mom just pointed out how she shouldn't have to tell the CC company when she is traveling.
  143. @atrumbled weighing 'protection' vs. 'privacy' in this case. Didn't think about it until she complained abt it.
  144. A5 many patrons complain about passwords so I see this as a prime teaching opportunity #critlib
  145. . @BiblioCatherine finding those small teachable moments are essential in raising awareness and working towards change #critlib
  146. Yes @BiblioCatherine and that one-on-one provides the space for questions that might not get asked in a larger workshop #critlib
  147. A5: Ask for privacy (surveillance) policies from ebook/database vendors. Write CD policies that include privacy. #critlib
  148. A5: Positioning where we talk about privacy in a serious way. Talk abt privacy at onset rather than as cleaning after the mess. #Critlib
  149. Part of Q5 for me is what libs can do at institutional level - e.g. have partnership with the big G but also critique it? ... #critlib
  150. ...Advocate in library's name against legislation that furthers corporate and state surveillance? Can lib leaders be non-"neutral"? #critlib
  151. .@InfAgit Nope. By not advocating against surveillance, I think you're advocating for it. #critlib
  152. A5—same way you live w/ capitalism. Accept & publicly acknowledge you're compromised by it; fight for a better world w/ hope & fury #critlib
  153. @InfAgit Can lib leaders *acknowledge that they are* non-"neutral"? #critlib
  154. .@InfAgit Part of what we can do is push back on TOS in our e-licenses. As @EamonTewell mentioned earlier. #critlib
  155. .@barnlib @InfAgit Also probably nope, unfortunately. Fear is the driving force. "What if our board doesn't like it!?!" #critlib
  156. .@barnlib @InfAgit but, low key,board probably doesn't understand privacy issues and will pass the motion just to hurry meeting #critlib
  157. @barnlib @InfAgit I say Heck Yeah. Look at work @mchris4duke does as unabashed practicer of intersectional feminist/queer values. #critlib
  158. @AprilHathcock @InfAgit @EamonTewell this is huge, I've been hearing about orgs having success but it needs to be widespread #critlib
  159. My biggest privacy ?'s are how to deal with others. What about our ISP's privacy or lack thereof? Our phone provider? Our ILS? #critlib
  160. #critlib A5 Difficult to balance user expectations. Can't cancel subx / platform users love b/c the privacy policy sucks. +
  161. @VBRodrigues1 Explaining to user why decision was made based on privacy often met w/ "don't care" eg not keeping reading history
  162. @VBRodrigues1 Fight on vendor side, institutional side, user side. If users can get great service & privacy, they will want both. #critlib
  163. #critlib Recently an IT stagger told lib staff to avoid all browser extensions
  164. @InfAgit Yeah, because he worries some are insecure - so no Zoteroor Privacy Badger for you!
  165. @bfister No Zotero! Seems like he doesn't trust (some?) staff...Opportunities for internal education on several levels. So many battles!
  166. #critlib right after two of us recommended several privacy tools. Not helpful.
  167. #critlib patron interactions are opportunities for communication.
  168. Pitches / wrapping up
  169. As the sun moves through the window to directly into my eyes, let's wind down. Any #critlib pitches?
  170. I know it's a #critlib hr when every min or so I return to Twitter tab & there's 135+more tweets to load✔sry to miss will catch on flip side
  171. Hi #critlib great chat about privacy today. FYI... the 2015 CFP for the LACUNY Institute is now available!  http://lacuny.org/institute-call-for-proposals/ 
  172. My #critlib pitch is that you write about why you do this! Then we'll chat next Tuesday about our #feelings. Details  http://critlib.org/feelings/ 
  173. This was a great conversation, thank you all! I look forward to reading back thru tweets for deep thoughts and practical tips. #critlib
  174. Wow, I learned about #Scroogle and @libraryfreedom and some other tips so I'd say this was a successful #critlib
  175. Thanks everyone and thanks esp. to @InfAgit for moderating a great #critlib chat today!
  176. Thanks for the great #critlib chat. There were tons of NYC libs. I need to have you all over to @datasociety to keep chatting.
  177. Thanks @InfAgit & everyone for an informative chat. I can see I have lots of work ahead of me to get up to snuff w/ privacy issues. #critlib