#critlib: library security and implications for libraries

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  1. [The usual disclaimer: I tried to include all of Tweets from the chat and string Tweets from the same thread together as best as I could. Retweets, favorites, & tweets without the hashtag omitted on purpose. Lacunae, misreadings, or other mistakes my own.]
  2. Suggested Readings –
  3. The Case Against More Guns on Campus by Andrew Morse and Linsday Hammond, Chronicle of Higher Education:  http://chronicle.com/article/The-Case-Against-More-Guns-on/232093/ 
  4. AL Live: Library Security by Mariam Peram, American Libraries:  http://americanlibrariesmagazine.org/blogs/the-scoop/al-live-library-security/ 
  5. Check, check, check....good evening #critlib. How are y'all tonight?
  6. Introductions to start...
  7. Let's see who is on our chat tonight for #critlib. Intro yourself and where you are coming from tonight!
  8. I'm the Online Instruction and Outreach Librarian for UHD Library in the heart of Houston TX. #critlib
  9. Hello #critlib, joining the discussion from the IQ wall at IU. Doing well here! http://t.co/CknsjywU22
    Hello #critlib, joining the discussion from the IQ wall at IU. Doing well here! pic.twitter.com/CknsjywU22
  10. Hello #critlib! I'm Heidy, technical services librarian at a private liberal arts college.
  11. Hi team! Kevin here. Academic instruction person tuning in from Denver. #critlib
  12. Hi #critlib! I'm Diana. Current @PrattSILS student taking @jessicahochman's class. I work as an archivist and sci pubs editor @AMNH.
  13. Hi #critlib, I'm Violet, cataloger/metadata person in Minnesota, poking my head in from time to time!
  14. I'm Charissa - undergrad experience librarian at Kansas State! Semi lurking, semi participating tonight #critlib
  15. Greetings from Eugene, Oregon! My name is Gina & I work at an academic library. #critlib
  16. Dear ... #critlib ... I work in a southern regional university library. Sometimes I even identify as a librarian.
  17. Hi #critlib I'm Christina, an academic subject specialist in Maine. #eveninglibrarian on the #refdesk, so much lurking
  18. Late to #critlib, Maura from an academic library in Brooklyn NY, prob mostly lurking tonight (chores, sigh).
  19. @BNTdynomite Howdy. Lisa, info lit coord from IL at my dining room table. :) This time with hashtag! #critlib
  20. Hi #critlib this is Jenna in NYC. I'll be in and out tonight. Academic librarians, FallSemesterNado, amirite?
  21. Hi #critlib. This is Diana in MN - working an evening shift tonight so I'll be checking in when I'm able :)
  22. Q1: What type of safety/security measures does your library employ? Does your library have a code of conduct/set of rules posted?
  23. Q1. What type of safety/security measures does your library employ? Does your library have a code of conduct/set of rules posted? #critlib
  24. A1. If we have a code of conduct for the library, it's very well hidden. #critlib
  25. No security guards either. I think campus security does the occasional walk through at night. #critlib
  26. A1: For one thing, we have security guards, but only for late night hours, to check that folks have a student ID. #critlib
  27. A1: I also almost never work the desk, so I'm sure there are many other things I am not aware of. #critlib
  28. A1.1: We've a "Building Use and Conduct Policies" page on website. Needs a revamp. A security guard for 24 hour space. #critlib
  29. A1.2: Folks also go through various campus trainings to act as hub for various safe zones for the campus population. #critlib
  30. A1.3: We also underwent emergency preparedness training to flesh out guidelines & made sure to understand our responsibilities. #critlib
  31. A1.4: We've also security cameras throughout the building which we have ability to monitor. #critlib
  32. A1: MPOW, in downtown Denver, has a uniformed security guard afternoons and evenings, along with building use policies. #critlib
  33. A1.2 Former library had gates/swipe card access and security guards 24/5. #critlib
  34. A1. Student patrols walk the library, as do uniformed police on occasion. I've never seen a code of conduct/set of rules posted. #critlib
  35. @GinaMurrell1 are your campus police also OR state troopers? I was so surprised by that. #critlib
  36. @kellymce I wish I knew! All I see are uniformed, stern-faced guys packing heat. #critlib
  37. @GinaMurrell1 Ooh, tell me more about the students. We have campus public safety patrols, but students cld be a good addition. #critlib A1
  38. @mauraweb I'm not sure how much authority they have, but they're def students designated as security (by their neon smocks). #critlib
  39. A1: I'm currently being trained and I feel like we have a LOT of security measures and processes. Also a code of conduct. #critlib
  40. A1 part 2: also a security guard after hours to be with the student staff #critlib
  41. A1. We have policies, signage stating the "rules" posted around as well. #critlib #security
  42. @BNTdynomite patron code of conduct posted online, various locks/guards/protocols for reporting issues, customer service guidelines #critlib
  43. @BNTdynomite plus cameras, training on "problem patrons" as well as "five minutes to live," walk throughs #critlib
  44. @BNTdynomite plus lots of computer security, logins required, etc; for 24/5 libs - ID required after certain hours #critlib
  45. @lisalibrarian That reminds me: our our online policies posted, but seem to mostly be directed for useage not conduct #critlib
  46. A1 AMNH has security desks that all visitors go through and a code of conduct posted on its website. #critlib
  47. We have security/campus police, cameras, and some policies posted online. #critlib
  48. A1 Main campus libs patrolled by campus security cadets, usually 2 ppl for ~15 floors #critlib
  49. A1 campus has many libraries, potential for many codes #critlib
  50. A1. We have emergency response plans and starting all staff training. Our Code of Conduct is for employees, not patrons. #critlib
  51. A1 No guards, no credentials to get in, some open access computer stations #critlib
  52. @schomj No credentials needed at my library either, with the exception of getting to the late night study space. #critlib
  53. @kevinseeber We do have many university policies and state laws though #critlib
  54. A1. I don't believe that we a physical code of conduct posted, #IU just has the one online. Student Cadets keep tabs @ night #critlib
  55. A1: We have rarely have security patrol inside the library building on campus. As for the code of conduct, I have yet to see one. #critlib
  56. A1 We have campus public safety patrols w/rest of campus, no security at entrance (trying to make the case for it). #critlib
  57. A1 cont Policies are posted throughout library & signs on tables/desks re: noise/food esp. I try to walk around too (I'm director). #critlib
  58. A1: public librarian here. We have a city code of conduct and signs posted saying 'Respect your library & others' #critlib@BNTdynomite
  59. Q2: How effective are these measures/policies in providing a “safe” library space/workplace?
  60. Q2. How effective are these measures/policies in providing a “safe” library space/workplace? #critlib
  61. A2 depends on what "safe" means & to whom, 24 he spaces w/o gender neutral bathrooms for example #critlib
  62. #critlib A2 also doubt the effectiveness of notes like "a theft has been reported" which I see I. libs on campus
  63. @kevinseeber @schomj we recently had a drill involving campus and city police for hostile shooter scenario, but didn't involve lib #critlib
  64. @BNTdynomite @kevinseeber @schomj We had active shooter training in the library about two years ago. But no real follow-up plan. #critlib
  65. @BNTdynomite @schomj My last lib had "active shooter training" which included sheriff's deputies firing blanks for ~45 minutes. #critlib
  66. @kevinseeber @BNTdynomite We've talked about doing that too, though firing blanks wasn't mentioned! #critlib
  67. @kellymce @BNTdynomite @schomj It was a full-day thing. I had CPR/AED training two weeks ago which was MUCH better use of time. #critlib
  68. Q2 um I'm not sure. In some ways they protect students from harm, but also reproduce structural issues that exist within society. #critlib
  69. A2 have had our students call out campus "crime alert" descriptions as racial profiling. #critlib
  70. @BNTdynomite it was during a #BlackLivesMatter protest so I don't think the campus police were listening tbh.😕 #critlib
  71. A2: Hard to determine effectiveness until first point of failure. Not hearing about a problem doesn't equal absence of problem. #critlib
  72. Q2 Things are going to happen, you can't control everything. #critlib
  73. A2. I think a public library may never be a 100% safe place because we balance policing w providing access #critlib
  74. A2.1 but pretty much no public service job will ever be 100% safe #critlib
  75. A2.2 Staff training and being aware of/knowing the people in your library keeps you safe. Communication is key w staff & patrons #critlib
  76. Q2. The Cadets are respected by students. I've been at the #IU libraries when rowdy kids have been kicked out. #critlib
  77. The staff can signal they're "safe" but the library is inherently not a safe space. #critlib
  78. @galvan_as Ha, no! Just was curious. In some ways, being in public *is* inherently unsafe. #critlib
  79. why would students even need to carry guns on campus? #critlib
  80. A2: also, students don't necessarily think to let library staff know if something happens -- may directly call campus safety #critlib
  81. @kellymce Or just post about it on twitter, etc. That's what usually happens here during the odd knife/gun incident #critlib
  82. @schomj @kellymce reminds me of ALA prez on using social media to assess what REALLY happens in the stacks. Don't remember who #critlib
  83. @kellymce Hmmm... I want students to call directly. In emergency, don't want a time lag? #critlib
  84. @lisalibrarian sure, good point for an emergency. Sometimes it is a facility thing, or more minor, and it would be good to know! #critlib
  85. @kellymce Oh, for those I understand. But, I would still rather the impulse be for immediate help. Lib can work w campus to funnel? #critlib
  86. A2. I feel safe, but I think lots of students seem to exist in a bubble where they think nothing can happen to them or their stuff. #critlib
  87. A2.2 I've personally seen students walk away from their laptops, book bags, etc., leaving them unattended. There's a lot of theft. #critlib
  88. @GinaMurrell1 #critlib Students who have bags stolen while leaving them unattended act shocked we can't recover them with our cameras
  89. @BNTdynomite Amazing. I don't know if it's the result of being sheltered or what. They're young adults; we're not there to babysit. #critlib
  90. @GinaMurrell1 I totally agree with this. This happens SO MUCH at #IU. Students don't think about what could happen. #critlib
  91. A2- Every library I've worked in has had theft issues, unfortunately. Not sure if that's libraries or just the world? #critlib
  92. A2 I've only been here little over a month so I'm not too sure yet #critlib
  93. A2 We rely on campus security, and circ staff in particular are trained to handle all manner of issues #critlib
  94. A2 This is a small & insular campus- students are shocked by a rare theft, & will report outside users for being in the building #critlib
  95. @heidylibrarian #critlib Sometimes we have to say, those people belong here too. But if students feel unsafe, we have to respond
  96. @librarybell Students sometimes call campus security on their own. There was a bad incident last semester. #critlib
  97. Q2. Follow up: how prepared do you feel YOU or your lib staff are to handle security/safety issues? I fear lack of training=issue #critlib
  98. @BNTdynomite absolutely. I'm in a large urban library, & we attend training many times a year, talk often about safety/strategies #critlib
  99. A2. We rely heavily on campus security. I don't know that training for circ staff on safety is that thorough, unfortunately. #critlib
  100. A2 We've had active shooter training and other safety training. Sad reality of our society. #critlib  https://twitter.com/bntdynomite/status/646494447836880896 
  101. @catladylib Eh? Stats for active shooter are ~equal to being struck by lightning. Still waiting for lighting response training. #critlib
  102. @kevinseeber I feel like no training could prepare someone for that situation. #critlib #cultureoffear
  103. @catladylib When I worked high school library, we also had an active shooter safety training. Both w/ students on campus & w/o #critlib
  104. @catladylib @kevinseeber FWIW, training is about only thing that can prepare. Need to have responses be automatic. #critlib #researchonthis
  105. @lisalibrarian @catladylib Feel like we devote much more energy to reaction that prevention. #critlib
  106. @kevinseeber @lisalibrarian @catladylib I'm interested in libs partnering with soc. workers as ways to serve than exclude users #critlib
  107. @kevinseeber @catladylib We have also had walkthroughs consults that relate to prevention/establishing safest set-ups #critlib
  108. A2.2: Depends on severity of issue. Active Shooter? Ehhh. Paranoid Schizophrenic On Off-Day? Covered. Tornado? Will mostly cry. #critlib
  109. A2 was bothered that a sexual assault alert at my #womenscollege advised students not to walk alone. Rather see self-defense tips. #critlib
  110. A2: I've had the Cascadian subduction zone earthquake in mind lately, which is a diff't kind of danger, but our lib is retrofitted. #critlib
  111. @kellymce Reminds me of an Immersion program in CA. Earthquake. We did a mini-training btwn it and the aftershock! #critlib
  112. @kellymce I was teaching the session and was like "so, for we midwesterners, what exactly does one do in an earthquake?" #critlib
  113. Q3: In what ways have these measure/policies infringed on personal privacy/rights or used to discriminate specific users (homeless/teens)?
  114. Q3. In what ways have measure/policies infringed on personal privacy/rights? Used to discriminate specific users (homeless/teens)? #critlib
  115. A3. City policies somewhat discriminate against homeless, but we don't enforce such policies in our library #critlib
  116. Q3. Some would argue policies are too weak allowing for guns/knives in the library. I don't see it though. I feel safe #critlib
  117. @BNTdynomite I think a lot of policies I've seen arguably violate freedom of expression/free speech. #critlib
  118. A3. When looking @ lib lit, referring to homeless people/teens as problematic really stood out to me #critlib
  119. A3. Mechanisms underlying computer use could (in limited fashion) be used against patron. Less policy-driven, more incidental. #critlib
  120. A3.2: I worked for a Catholic university across street from homeless shelter w/open door policy & zero training for staff. #critlib
  121. A3 I'm at a private school that exists for the campus- our policies to the community/ public indicate that campus folx get priority #critlib
  122. #critlib A3 circulation policies require drivers license/ID for non-resident borrowers, presents issues for homeless, teens
  123. @thomthomthom I agree, also children of recent immigrants may not be aware that they need some form of ID to have library access #critlib
  124. @thomthomthom brings up a good point that the library is a space for all people. #critlib The #university setting brings up a class barrier
  125. A3 Beyond the personal level, I wonder about the impact of libraries' security & surveillance measures on the entire social fabric #critlib
  126. [late to #critlib, but recently put on a working group for reviewing our procedures for banning patrons, so I'm lurking closely]
  127. .@oksveta I'm interested in finding out more about actual procedures for banning patrons. Didn't know that existed! Do they help? #critlib
  128. A3: student fees pay for our overnight open hours, but checking IDs does seem like a security measure as well. #critlib
  129. And one that keeps non-campus people out, including homeless folks. #critlib
  130. A3.2 As a matter of fact, there are visibly homeless in the library. They've got a right to be there, too, and staff let them be. #critlib
  131. A3.3 We're a campus library but we're also open to anyone who wants to use our resources. The homeless don't seem to bother anyone. #critlib
  132. @GinaMurrell1 I totally agree with this. If they want to use our resources, we should let them. #bringdownthebarrier #critlib
  133. Q3 We're pretty attentive to privacy for physical interactions, but user logins for 3rd party vendors/Eresources? Make me nervous. #critlib
  134. #critlib Recent faculty meeting reviewed campus weapons policy- some profs were shocked we needed it! Basically no weapons allowed on campus
  135. @librarybell We have a campus committee dedicated to new campus carry law and trying to figure out what we can/can't do #critlib
  136. @librarybell Colorado had a state supreme court ruling that concealed carry on campus was ok. #critlib #libertarianstate
  137. Hi #critlib, librarian at large urban public library skimming tweets to catch up. Has mental illness really not come up yet?
  138. Not that mental illness = violence, but it's the unpredictability that causes most potentially insecure situations we see IMO. #critlib
  139. Talking about homelessness, but I think it's the untreated emotional issues many experience that lead to it, + substance abuse etc. #critlib
  140. @InfAgit #critlib staff are often under trained to deal w mental illness. It's the thing that stays with staff after they go home.
  141. @interliblowe Sad but true. Don't want to perpetuate stereotype that PLs are full of mentally ill, but they use the library, too... #critlib
  142. @InfAgit @interliblowe Mental illness is rising in college student populations rapidly. Not just a PL issue! #critlib
  143. @interliblowe @InfAgit Would be useful to learn how to recognize + help people with disabilities as part of MLS curriculum. #critlib
  144. @InfAgit - in limited experience, folks only care if students are impacted by patrons w/mental illness, but not library staff. #critlib
  145. @InfAgit I am definitely interested in libs partner w/ soc. workers/counselors to help mediate potential situations in libs. #critlib
  146. @BNTdynomite @InfAgit This is such a great idea. I wonder if any institutions would consider offering a dual degree program. #critlib
  147. @InfAgit we just went through several weeks of mental health training for staff. Helped but it's still unsettling more than unsafe #critlib
  148. @InfAgit #critlib more than anything it opened up dialog. People are talking to each other, being supportive, calming situations down
  149. Has anyone had special training in their jobs on how to address "problematic" patrons? Curious if # 1 step is getting security. #critlib
  150. @diana05 #critlib We occasionally have these issues, have begun to work more closely w/Counseling + Public Safety on campus.
  151. @diana05 Yes we do. Step #1 is NOT security. And, also, re-framed as "problematic circumstances" rather than "problem person" #critlib
  152. @diana05 FWIW, we have one community patron w/mental illness who has been using lib since at least 1993 when I was LIS student #critlib
  153. @zeezaps @diana05 #critlib For us problematic = repeated aggressive or otherwise disturbing behavior toward staff/other patrons.
  154. @diana05 I'm not aware of special training being offered on how to deal with "problematic" patrons at the library where I work. #critlib
  155. @GinaMurrell1 Do you think special training is necessary? I would want to consider some potential responses. #critlib
  156. @diana05 On a personal level, I would be open to it if it was offered. It's easy to panic in situations that are unfamiliar/scary. #critlib
  157. @diana05 @GinaMurrell1 Training very helpful. De-escalation strategies. Customer service, etc. Safety. #critlib
  158. @GinaMurrell1 @diana05 Yes, I felt like it was useful when we've done it, at least to get the convo started. Am hoping to do more. #critlib
  159. At the main library of #IU, I haven't seen a large percentage of homeless, in contrast to the @mcplindiana library. #critlib
  160. #critlib Active shooter training @ my lib made some staff talk negatively about other staff w/ mental/emotional disabilities.
  161. @CiotaRebecca #critlib If we have these trainings, we have to make sure the right language is used - or work environ can become hostile.
  162. @CiotaRebecca Which prob could lead to situations escalating due to such tensions #critlib
  163. @BNTdynomite I worried about hostile working environ. I was offended by the things said, and I wasn't one of the subjects of convo #critlib
  164. A3 Regardless of policies in place, internalized biases can cause us to monitor some groups more closely than others. #critlib
  165. Remembering incident from my undergrad where a black student was arrested for being "disruptive" in the library #critlib
  166. @oksveta I remember that too...and my new campus had something similar last semester. Not good. #critlib
  167. FWIW, any library that's a FDLP member is required to have an open door. #critlib #govdocs
  168. #critlib When does security&surveillance in libraries intersect w/ patron privacy?
  169. Q4: What local/state/federal laws or outside groups does your library deal with that may interfere with providing a safe and inclusive space?
  170. Q4. What local/state/fed laws/outside groups does your lib deal w/ that may interfere w/ providing a safe and inclusive space? #critlib
  171. I heart #critlib because it reminds me how tough but rewarding working in a library can be.
  172. This is where intersection of wellness, libs, and #critlib starts to emerge for me. Wellness=6 dimensions  https://twitter.com/lisalibrarian/status/646499457907994624 
  173. @BNTdynomite side note - I wrote an article w Melissa Wong on wellness wheel as basis for programming in ac libs - might interest #critlib
  174. @lisalibrarian I loved that article and wish we had more like it to use as ways to prevent/serve help mitigate "problems" #critlib.
  175. @BNTdynomite Thanks! Wasn't wishing for compliments but it is rewarding to know it was a useful piece! #critlib
  176. @lisalibrarian Will you share the title & URL please? Seems very relevant. #critlib
  177. @BNTdynomite Me too. We don't have a social worker on staff but some PLs do. #critlib
  178. @BNTdynomite Also, how to be proactive (rather than purely reactive) fighting lack of options for ppl with emotional disabilities? #critlib
  179. @InfAgit SF Public hired a full time social worker several yrs back to help meet needs of its patrons. #critlib
  180. @InfAgit I believe so. Watch that clip, though; the (new?) director implementing anti-homeless policies. #critlib
  181. @InfAgit @BNTdynomite Denver Public has a social worker on staff, my lib a mile away doesn't, though we share patrons. #critlib
  182. @InfAgit @BNTdynomite #critlib we had a social worker and it put the rest of staff at ease be they always know they have backup
  183. The social worker is also a direct link to other city services. Bc they know people personally, we get better responses #critlib
  184. @kevinseeber @InfAgit @BNTdynomite Does the social worker help train librarians? Or are their jobs totally separate? #critlib
  185. @diana05 @InfAgit @BNTdynomite Not sure they're "separate." More like social worker there to complement library services. #critlib
  186. Yes! That seems like what we've always been abt in libraries! Why should we exclude those w mental illness? #critlib  https://twitter.com/kevinseeber/status/646501486617235457 
  187. Q4 We just this year had a policy change to allow people to record preferred name in computer systems, so people aren't deadnamed #critlib
  188. Q4 But none of our public bathrooms are truly accessible and the funding for that is low priority :( #critlib
  189. @schomj there's not a single gender neutral restroom in our library :/ #critlib
  190. A4: when my city had its recent shooting, feds came calling for information. could lead to privacy concerns. #critlib
  191. #critlib Wondering about librarians w/ patron populations who frequently open/conceal carry. How does that affect your library?
  192. A4. TX just passed Campus Carry AND Open Carry laws in pub spaces. HUGE implications for PLs and ALs #critlib
  193. A4. Consolation prize (?) = we get to designate gun free zone as public university #critlib
  194. @BNTdynomite #critlib That's good to hear! Open carry laws flat out terrify me.
  195. @BNTdynomite Yeah, can you make the case for needing a stress-free gun-free zone in the library too? #critlib
  196. @mauraweb i agree, why would one need a firearm in a library in the first place? #critlib
  197. @zeezaps @mauraweb One's "I have a right to Open Carry" is another's "I have a mental illness & loaded weapon." #critlib 1/3
  198. @zeezaps @mauraweb Which is to say, it's not a potato/po-tah-toe issue. One can be a sane, responsible gun owner and still 2/3 #critlib
  199. @zeezaps @mauraweb make others around you unsafe, uncomfortable, and upset by packing heat openly in the library. 3/3 #critlib #columbine
  200. @BNTdynomite @zeezaps @mauraweb So glad these discussions are happening! Important to balance rights, privacy, and safety for all. #critlib
  201. @ShinyDoom @zeezaps @mauraweb Some local discussions have been to drop everything & leave when people open carry as protest #critlib
  202. A4 I don't understand the need to have #opencarry. Has anyone seen these on their campus or in the library? #texas #whut #critlib
  203. #critlib Nearby public library has policy of asking patrons to leave if they "smell." Policy has potentional to be discriminatory.
  204. @CiotaRebecca Our academic library has similar line about "offensive bodily hygiene" idk what offensive means #critlib
  205. @thomthomthom #critlib That's frightening. Women not shaving legs? Men with long hair? Can be a way of policing gender lines.
  206. .@CiotaRebecca Ack, the "smell" issue. So fraught, as you say, but also odor can impact many others' use of the library. #critlib
  207. .@CiotaRebecca The goal would be to target the behavior and not the person, but...obviously this is easier in theory than reality. #critlib
  208. #critlib Interesting but rhetoric like in title makes me nervous that it shames people w/ PTSD & other disabilities  https://twitter.com/chrisdaaz/status/642920319141986304 
  209. Q5: How do we balance safety/security or dealing with “problematic” users without infringment on individual rights and dignity?
  210. Q5. How do we balance safety/security or dealing with “problematic” users w/o infringing on individual rights & dignity? #critlib
  211. A5- Not sure if "balance" is really possible? Feel like we should err on side of rights and dignity. Still, there are issues. #critlib
  212. A5.1: Listen. Observe. Take reports seriously. Don't wait until problematic users threaten staff or patrons. #critlib
  213. A5.2: More often than not I've seen people lean on rights/dignity because it's easier than dealing with legitimate problems. #critlib
  214. A5.3: And understand that problematic users need not be discrete or acute in their behavior for it to cause detrimental impact. #critlib
  215. A5.4: & finally, libraries are not a panacea for society's failings/trappings. Be open, be inclusive, but don't be haphazard. #critlib
  216. A5. Relationships. The better you know the people in your library, the easier it gets to deal with delicate issues like hygiene #critlib
  217. A5. When we really made roaming reference and talking to people a priority, behavior issues plummeted #critlib
  218. The security guard closing up the library said we should be open 24 hours--having a third place & shelter can mean security too #critlib
  219. @EamonTewell I think librarians should talk w the security guards more. Partner w them - they know stuff! #critlib
  220. YES our campus is open 24/7 including study rooms, but because of layout main lib area is closed latenite #critlib  https://twitter.com/EamonTewell/status/646504185760976896 
  221. One of our stranger problems is dogs in the lib and students being afraid of dogs. Dog owners then offended if we ask dog to leave. #critlib
  222. @heidylibrarian How does this work with service/therapy dogs? We have several on our campus #critlib
  223. I should add that these are not service animals. Just pets that didn't want to left at home. #critlib
  224. @BNTdynomite It has not come up with service/therapy dog. These are just pets that came w/ their humans and growl/bark at people. #critlib
  225. @heidylibrarian Not sure students. I'm quite afraid of dogs (attacked as child). I don't go to the dog stress reliever event! #critlib
  226. @lisalibrarian We have had several (non-therapy/service) dog incidents, and no policy against pets in the library. #critlib
  227. @heidylibrarian I'm not against the events. But, I am very glad there are signs, etc. #critlib
  228. @heidylibrarian @BNTdynomite Yeah, all of my lib's have had "no pets" policy. Service animals were totally fine, but not pets. #critlib
  229. A5 We agonize about asking patrons to leave if they're aggressively watching porn. Can't imagine doing that over smells #critlib
  230. A5 We did have discussions about how to handle foot washing before a campus washing station was installed, though #critlib
  231. A5. Discretion is key. Handle a situation as quickly/tactfully as possible. Send a text/email to students & staff as a follow-up. #critlib
  232. A5. Part of this is encouraging community among staff. When a patron was creepy to a colleague, others wd walk out w/ her at close. #critlib
  233. A5 What about offering classes at the library that target some of the more common problems, but not actual users? #critlib
  234. A5 #critlib felt very uneasy abt recommended reading saying cops should come at various hours to keep "problematic patrons" on their toes
  235. A5: positive language works better than singling out users... #critlib
  236. A5 training, self-reflection etc to make sure policies are enforced fairly across user communities. #critlib
  237. My #critlib pitch is: are you interested in helping coordinate the second-ever radical librarians track at @AlliedMediaConf? LMK!
  238. My #critlib pitch. You may know I'm running for ALA president (@lisa4ala) - if you have ideas on the future of ALA, please be in touch!
  239. Thanks, @BNTdynomite!
  240. Gotta run and get my kid off the tee vee and into bed -- thanks for an awesome #critlib @BNTdynomite and all!
  241. I haven't had much to say tonight at #critlib but want to congratulate @BNTdynomite on an excellent topic & questions.
  242. Thanks for the great chat! Stay safe. Stay grounded in core library values. Keep talking to one another. #critlib #librarieshelplibraries
  243. Thanks for another great #critlib chat! And thanks, @BNTdynomite, for being a kickass moderator!!
  244. Thanks @BNTdynomite for moderating this weeks #critlib! we had many side convos abt the topics here @HermanBWells !
  245. Thanks #critlib again for making this a great 1st time mod for me! Lots of great convos! Goodnight y'all!