#critlib 9/8/2015: information and migrant populations

Storify of the September 8 2015 #critlib chat on "Information and migrant populations", moderated by @bembrarian. Discussion questions and suggested readings here: http://critlib.org/information-and-migrant-populations For more info about #critlib, including past and future chats, see critlib.org.

  1. Preliminaries
  2. Excited that @PLGCoordCom at @iuils will be joining us on the big board for #critlib tonight.
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  4. This weeks' chat topic is information & migrant populations, moderated by @bembrarian. For more about #critlib, see  http://critlib.org/twitter-chats/upcoming-twitter-chats/ 
  5. excited that we are talking about human migrants in #critlib tonight given the current state of the world.
  6. 30 minutes until #critlib . . . take a look at the topic here:  http://critlib.org/information-and-migrant-populations  I will start tweeting a bit leading up to the convo.
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    I've got my #critlib moderator toolkit, which includes A/C, coffee, and dependable WiFi. pic.twitter.com/qJyUzOqTsL
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  10. #critlib time come on, grab your friends we'll use a library critical lens
  11. Introductions
  12. Okay, #CritLib Community! Let's see how this goes :) Before we jump to the questions, please introduce yourself to the group!
  13. @bembrarian My own background being a librarian currently in Cambodia, to return to @TheLWTech @learningcommons in just a couple weeks!
  14. Hi #critlib, I'm Violet, an academic librarian/cataloger in the middle of Minnesota. Not sure if I'll have a lot to say, but I'm listening!
  15. Hi #critlib, I'm an outreach librarian at a public university's, and my record just skipped because of this: http://t.co/gi213QWBcJ
    Hi #critlib, I'm an outreach librarian at a public university's, and my record just skipped because of this: pic.twitter.com/gi213QWBcJ
  16. Hi #critlib, I'm Ryan, super excited for tonight's topic & that @iuplg is joining with us on a BIG SCREEN in @HermanBWells library.
  17. Hi #critlib , it's Kimberly a library assistant/librarian in training from GA...I will be lurking today
  18. Hi #critlib @jessicahochman student and #critlib lurker joining for the first time. (also former @edrabinski student too!)
  19. Hi #critlib, I'm Maura from an academic library in Brooklyn, in and out tonight prepping for my kid to start high school tomorrow (eee!).
  20. Hello #critlib! I'm an archivist in Appalachia working with marginalized communities. Here to learn + listen.
  21. I'm an archivist crashing the Crit Lib chat, and I'm not sorry.
  22. .@Sam_Winn you should. more should. how can we make it more appealing? #critlib
  23. .@kshockey04 Hmm. I know many archivists who are deeply passionate/knowledgeable about theory. I'm sometimes reticent b/c it gets too deep
  24. @Sam_Winn @kshockey04 Would be cool to see a special "let's get archs and libs working together" #critlib night
  25. I'm hereby rolling out the welcome mat for @Sam_Winn, @HanaK89, @feministlib & any archivists interested in #critlib. You'll only enrich it!
  26. Howdy #critlib I'm mostly out tonight-but wanted to pop in to say thx @bembrarian for leading this chat & new mod @violetbfox for wrangling.
  27. Hi #critlib James here reporting from the evening shift on the reference desk at the university I work at.
  28. Hello #critlib I'm here, listening, and very interested in hearing what others have to say on this topic.
  29. Hi #critlib, I'm a reference librarian at a public library in California's Central Valley. I'll mostly be listening (reading).
  30. Hi #critlib I'm an academic librarian in Brooklyn who will be lurking with interest.
  31.  https://goo.gl/7kifqw  Hi #critlib, I'm a reference librarian at a public library in California's Central Valley. I'll mostly be listenin…
  32. Many technical difficulties, but finally here and psyched to learn more about tonight's topic! #critlib
  33. #Critlib I'm Debbie. Why are we closing research desks? Our students deserve services unlike the past. Stay open be different. Promote.
  34. I'll try & respond to all your #CritLib comments and thoughts.. if I overlook something, forgive me! Use the #CritLib hashtag when possible!
  35. Question 1: What migrant populations do you serve at your library? Does your library observe migration and how?
  36. Okay, let's get started! #CritLib Q1: What migrant populations do you serve at your library? Does your library observe migration and how?
  37. @bembrarian I'll stay tuned into the Cambodian library I work at here. We have countless urban migrants who have to find information in PP
  38. Regarding my own A1 for #CritLib, one of my gigs is at a research-based NGO, where scientists are constantly entering/exiting the space.
  39. @bembrarian That certainly sounds like it poses problems for providing up to date information/access to information for their diff. fields
  40. @kelkinslib Absolutely. There's a huge need for core info for these researchers, esp consultants/students only working a couple months.
  41. a1.1) I can say that the professionals that work in my area are serving majority black & migrant latinx populations, depending #critlib
  42. #critlib A1. I've only been here a month, but I know that my public library has programs for the significant Somali refugee population here.
  43. @violetbfox Is this population new? Also, does the library have public information how they are supported??
  44. @bembrarian I don't think it's particularly formal or spelled-out (in a public place). ESL, citizenship test help, etc. #critlib
  45. @kaitlinmlk I think it's fairly limited. What I've heard about is ESL help, citizenship test help, Somali language materials. #critlib
  46. @kellymce @bembrarian Fewer than 150 Arabic and Somali books, in a large multi-county regional public library. :( #critlib
  47. A1: considering the broad definitions @bembrarian provided, many (temporary) migrants come to our college town. #critlib
  48. @kellymce The College Town "location type" deserves its own conversation! What a vast expanse of churning information seeking beyond academe
  49. @bembrarian sure! And our students overwhelmingly move to Portland -- the one biggish city in OR -- after graduation. #critlib
  50. A1: Which is in line with the demographics for our state. #critlib
  51. A2: there are a fair number of students who work as migrant workers, or who have family who do. #critlib
  52. @kellymce Do you find these students and their families engage the library often?
  53. A1: at a uni level, we offer some services bilingually & there is this rad Mi Familia weekend, started by a student:  https://www.facebook.com/MiFamiliaWeekend 
  54. @kellymce Woah, love that concept. Does it specifically work to be inclusive of a specific migrant population?
  55. @bembrarian no, but many of our Latino students are Mexican-American. #critlib
  56. A1 - we serve a constantly fluctuating population of international students and faculty, but my real exp w/ migration comes from... #critlib
  57. ... coll dev work w/ archives, as I trace remnants + rumors of long-lost communities in our area [A1 - part 2]. #critlib
  58. @Sam_Winn "long-lost communities" has a certain poetic flair to it, like you're on some deep question to find them and recover them.
  59. @bembrarian It really feels like it. Even a community that was displaced for development 10 yrs ago, totally forgotten by locals.
  60. Our past failure to document these marginalized communities + their migrations is 1 reason this job exists, also huge challenge #critlib A1
  61. A1 We don't have programming specifically for migrant groups in my lib, but as a public college in NYC we likely serve migrants. #critlib
  62. A1: in the small town where my university is. There is a large population of migrant workers for the ag industry. #critlib
  63. A1: Also maybe a bit unsuprising. This population is almost entirely Latino. And they live on the outskirts of town. #critlib
  64. A1: at the university, most of our migrant (international) students come from East Asia. Very few from elsewhere. #critlib
  65. @modbrarian So Asian and then locals to the town? Any migration from local towns, cities, etc? I'm interested in the granularity.
  66. @bembrarian well sure. I am at a medium sized state university in Wisconsin. You could say all the students are migrants to and from here.
  67. @modbrarian That's what I was getting at ;) But not sure how helpful generalizing everyone as a migrant is or isn't. Still need to ponder..
  68. @bembrarian it's different for college students imo. Most have a perm. home to return to when school is out with family.
  69. @modbrarian Good point. I am fascinated by the "integration" and "orientation" all college students face when they arrive to the campus.
  70. @bembrarian certainly makes every fall feel like starting from scratch a lot in my work.
  71. @modbrarian That's the same space I'm in with the NGO here. A lot of retelling and recycling old materials and processes.
  72. @kellymce I would have to look into more. I don't believe many do when I look around campus.
  73. A1 At IU, substantial migrants from East Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle East (ie international students becoming US professionals) #critlib
  74. A1.1 Also Bloomington has a lot of regional (hey, @kshockey04's from The Region) migration, beyond int'l profs/students & families #critlib
  75. @foureyedsoul I'm wondering how many folks stay in US, vs go elsewhere after graduating, if there are stats? #critlib
  76. @thomthomthom Fantastic question! @aasher knows many IU stats, so he may know where to source those numbers / where they might be? #critlib
  77. @thomthomthom @foureyedsoul great question! Or move on to still other countries, too. And how does it break down by nationality? #critlib
  78. @kellymce @thomthomthom Anecdotally, one of my undergraduate co-workers is from Indonesia and applied for many US & UK jobs #critlib
  79. Regarding my own A1 for #CritLib, one of my gigs is at a research-based NGO, where scientists are constantly entering/exiting the space.
  80. My private academic lib does have a significant population of international students, but I'm unsure how many stay after graduation #critlib
  81. A1) We also have a number of international students. I am unsure of what we do for them &where they go after graduation #critlib
  82. A1: We have a large migrant population here as agriculture is an $8 billion industry in the county my library serves.. #critlib
  83. Q1: I'm not aware that we track it, especially as many of the migrants are undocumented farm workers... #critlib
  84. .@bembrarian Maybe? We ask for a photo ID and proof of current address when registering. Most people use their DL for both. #critlib
  85. .@bembrarian I was thinking of a patron having a Non US Citizen DL and using that to apply, but now am not so sure. Good question. #critlib
  86. @lisa_raney plus you can give them lots of resources and help w/o the card. I know that doesn't help outside of library....
  87. @lisa_raney Proof of address has been tricky for me to agree with as a librarian. There are a lot of homeless in Seattle to provide it.
  88. @bembrarian @lisa_raney In my prev public lib, we issued lib cards to ppl w/ Mexican consulate ID + utility bill. Some were undoc'd #critlib
  89. @foureyedsoul @bembrarian @Sam_Winn These are all such great ideas!! Am saving them so I can bring them up with admin. #critlib
  90. @foureyedsoul @lisa_raney Wow--a great alternative, but perhaps fairly challenging and off-putting in terms of process? Thoughts?
  91. @bembrarian @lisa_raney I agree—it's perhaps less than ideal, but far better than nothing. I know zilch about process & use count. #critlib
  92. @kaitlinmlk Definitely. We've been trying to increase our outreach efforts actually. That's step 1. #critlib
  93. @kaitlinmlk They're mostly using our rural branches, but we have many more services (and staff) at our main branch in town. #critlib
  94. @lisa_raney @foureyedsoul @Sam_Winn Librarians should, I think, work with admin on these foundational concepts often.
  95. What about serving populations that migrate w/i the country? Post 2008 economic crash people moved to new places for economy. #critlib
  96. Or are we only looking for people moving to a new country? #critlib
  97. @kaitlinmlk Love this q. I don't believe migration has to be international/immigration. A lot of populations move for different reasons.
  98. @kaitlinmlk Depends on the librarian to define migration. Where it gets tricky is how the community defines it.
  99. I think @modbrarian captures it. "Borders" may be ephemeral, self-defined or defined by others. Not always locative. #critlib
  100. .@kaitlinmlk I think this is key too. Many of our "hidden" communities were economic migrants w/in US. #critlib
  101. .@kaitlinmlk From archival standpoint, they present unique documentation challenges. Our peers at #aranz2015 have been discussing #critlib
  102. Question 2: What are key components that define “place” and “community,” and how can libraries/librarians embody those core qualities?
  103. OK #CritLib: Q2: What are key components that define “place” and “community,” and how can libraries/librarians embody those core qualities?
  104. (Just for those who are antsy . . . Q1 is still on the digital table!) #CritLib
  105. Q2: interested in how libraries can provide "place" + place and community and "community" through resource sharing + free access
  106. A2: This can be as broad as any place that brings people together 4 a shared experience. churches, rec centers, student unions, etc #critlib
  107. @modbrarian "Shared Experience" touches on a fundamental concept re: migration. How can we look at breaking down outsider/insider? #CritLib
  108. A2: I am thinking abt this gr8 session I went to at #AMC2015 about linguistic justice. #critlib
  109. ...and the principle that people shd be able to speak whatever language they want to at any given moment. #critlib
  110. A2 I agree about being able to speak any language at any time and created a libguide that allows for google translate on every page #critlib
  111. .@AcornElectric And prioritizing mobile friendly/accesible sites, since many folks rely on phones for Internet #critlib
  112. .@kellymce Ties in to some relevant IR too - UNESCO/WSIS uphold same principle of lang diversity for access to ICTs #critlib
  113. .@kellymce And lang component can be key barrier to access, in addition to deficits of basic infrastructure + fiscal resources #critlib
  114. .@kellymce Which is not to imply that all migrants are impoverished, but maybe we don't do a great job of serving those who are #critlib
  115. @kellymce @Sam_Winn This has got my mind going for the last couple of minutes! Lots to consider, thank you! #critlib
  116. a2) this is always a struggle personally - space/place/community is really intertwined #critlib
  117. a2.1) embodiment of those qualities means being in the space/place/community - activity with, among, around people #critlib
  118. @kshockey04 Is it intertwined for migrating populations? How does someone new to a place identify (or not) with a community?
  119. .@bembrarian absolutely. communities are constellations. you're leaving your spaces, your place, your id'd communities (1/?) #critlib
  120. @kshockey04 This is where marketing/advertising/outreach becomes fascinating to me re: new members of a community. How do they see options?
  121. @bembrarian @kshockey04 great to have resources but how do raise awareness of them? It speaks more to our outreach into community #critlib
  122. @kaitlinmlk @kshockey04 I know many libraries (including my hometown library in Maine) that are very, very bad at any outreach whatsoever.
  123. @bembrarian @kshockey04 working with post office to make library offerings known as part of registering address? (maybe idealistic)
  124. @bembrarian @kshockey04 (I also just moved, so I know what you get when you register and it's all crappy ads)
  125. @little_wow @kshockey04 Actually that's a great idea. I know the post office is super busy so I'm not sure how feasible that would be.
  126. @little_wow @kshockey04 Also, what happens when the post office (in the USA) shuts down, which they have threatened to do due to debt?
  127. @bembrarian @kshockey04 also now that I think about it, is a struggle for undocumented or homeless folks. Is handflyering the answer?
  128. @bembrarian @kshockey04 never underestimate the power of flyers! Provide them to patrons and ask them to hang them
  129. @little_wow @kshockey04 Fliers can work if done appropriately. Word of mouth when it comes to strangers to the community is also important!
  130. .@bembrarian almost like an electron, you land in another place and learn how that space defines its spaces and places and comms #critlib
  131. .@bembrarian the same applies to a librarian serving a new community after migration. #critlib
  132. @kshockey04 The librarian as migrant would be interesting to think about. Consultants and contractors are, in their nature, migratory.
  133. @kshockey04 And USA jobs lately seem to be moving toward a more "temporary" or "temporal" contract model.
  134. A2 I wonder if experiences in libraries in the country of birth impacts expectations/use of libraries in the new place/country? #critlib
  135. @mauraweb @kellymce I would say yes! My personal experience using libs abroad is always colored by what I'm accustomed to at home. #critlib
  136. A2 thinking abt places as spaces with norms, how do those norms work w expectations of new users (any) #critlib
  137. @thomthomthom great point, how do norms of access and use limit the welcome new community members might feel, unintentionally? #critlib
  138. @thomthomthom Maybe by allowing them to use those spaces for their cultural norms? or as meeting space for similar communities? #critlib
  139. @kelkinslib definitely! creating accessible spaces and promoting access to communities #critlib
  140. A2: thinking back 2 a workshop at one of my first jobs at age 20. We were asked if our lib workers reflected community they served. #critlib
  141. A2: It made me realize how often this was not the case. And made me think critically about my privilege and place in society. #critlib
  142. @modbrarian this comes up in schools too: white teachers in schools serving minority youth; big (oft-overlooked) power imbalance. #critlib
  143. A2: on our campus, strong trad. of cultural ctrs serving marginalized student groups, most of whom are also migrants in broad sense #critlib
  144. A2: in terms of place, seems relevant to note that first gen students, even local, may feel out of place on a college campus. #critlib
  145. @kellymce Yes! My campus has a Transitions program geared to 1st gen coll students that includes library sessions. #critlib
  146. A2 Places & communities involve many sets of practices. Hope libr* intentionally make ours open to newcomers, migrant or otherwise #critlib
  147. (Reproductive labor has me lurking in #critlib tonight, thx for great convo so far @bembrarian)
  148. Question 3: How can the library provide culture support to migrant populations during crises in information seeking?
  149. Great chat so far! #CritLib Q3. How can the library provide culture support to migrant populations during *crises* in information seeking?
  150. a3) we had a lot of displaced families using the library after they moved here post-Kartina. #critlib
  151. a3.1) for many people, was the only phone and computer they had bc of property damage. #critlib
  152. @kshockey04 I feel like public libraries are often the first place people think to seek refuge/use as a safe space... #critlib
  153. @kshockey04 ...a good example would be Ferguson. The libraries stayed open, I believe.
  154. .@kelkinslib sometimes. it's hard for people in low-income communities to approach classy-looking libraries too. #critlib
  155. I think our ideal response should reflect any crisis plans. Be available/flexible/compassionate. @fergusonlibrary was great model. #critlib
  156. No great suggestions, but I love idea that libs can provide info as a service in crisis, like food/shelter/med care #critlib
  157. A3 want to say doing what we do best + serving everyone at our best. Need more tangible example than the generic 1 i just said tho. #critlib
  158. @modbrarian sometimes we are the only gov't (assuming public libraries) resource that can help in a lot of situations
  159. @kaitlinmlk Don't disagree with this statement. Although I might say "willing to help" instead of "can help."
  160. For #CritLib Q3, crises may be due to natural disasters, but other factors may also be faced. I just thought of foster children/adoptees.
  161. A3: I am a little stuck on the idea of crises of info-seeking, the! But. Language seems like an obvious thing, and also access. #critlib
  162. It was an intentionally broad, psychological #CritLib question. I think I encounter an information crisis every time I turn on my computer.
  163. In case you haven't figured it out, @AlliedMediaConf is pretty dang gr8, and if you're lucky, there will be a lib track again! #critlib
  164. A3 having trouble with this question, re:wording tbh but having staff/librarians/volunteers from populations they serve #critlib
  165. ex: lots of international students here, few international library folks in public positions #critlib
  166. A3 - one small thing I did at public library was keep a list of local + reputable resources for undoc'd families #critlib
  167. @Sam_Winn I think that's really important. Despite the issue of binary between doc'd/undoc'd, legal status alone means the resources exist.
  168. @bembrarian yes, and many of our families had varying legal status within same house. Was v important to id orgs willing to help them
  169. A3 - things like immigration lawyers, trafficking hotlines (sadly relevant), friendly business/churches. #critlib
  170. A3 - list was made possible by a) learning some Spanish b) talking to people c) listening to their stories d) relying on community. #critlib
  171. @Sam_Winn Oh all those resources that aren't covered in my reference class? #critlib
  172. @Sam_Winn This might be a great webinar topic alone--something that could follow out of this #CritLib chat?
  173. @bembrarian I would love to hear from other people who did it on a bigger scale. It wasn't something my then supervisor supported...
  174. @bembrarian So I kind of went rogue! Nonetheless, it has informed my practice + experience going forward.
  175. Question 4: How can libraries become more welcoming in general to new individuals and populations in the community?
  176. Feels rushed, but #CritLib Q4: How can libraries become more welcoming in general to new individuals and populations in the community?
  177. A4: seems key to make connections with others who serve these folks. #critlib
  178. i personally want to see more collab between university libraries and civic institutions. #critlib
  179. @kshockey04 @kellymce Yes, exactly this. We don't have to do all the things, but our role as info hub is powerful. #critlib
  180. @kshockey04 I'd love #CritLib folks and otherwise to identify some key civic institutions beyond the library that work with migrating pops.
  181. @bembrarian @kshockey04 I've seen museums—Minneapolis' art mus.? Toronto's ROM? LACMA? can't recall right now—do migrant outreach #critlib
  182. @bembrarian yeah! I have worked at two public unis where anyone who lives in the state can get a card, and almost no one knows. #critlib
  183. @kellymce @bembrarian I'll start working at a comm. college lib come October, & I'm aiming at some kinda cross promo w public lib #critlib
  184. @kellymce @bembrarian This institution serves 2 counties & is a young college/libr*, so I imagine PL v convenient for many students #critlib
  185. @foureyedsoul @kellymce @bembrarian worked at a CC lib last job. Partnership with the local pub lib was a big deal. and great for both.
  186. @foureyedsoul @bembrarian I think abt this a lot, cuz we don't have much rec rdg, but students seem reluctant to walk to the PL. #critlib
  187. @bembrarian @kshockey04 Also look for centers that offer vocational training, literacy councils #critlib
  188. .@bembrarian @kshockey04 MHMR centers. Legal advocacy groups. Culture-based social orgs. Faith orgs. Food kitchens etc #critlib
  189. @Sam_Winn @kshockey04 Is the library the keystone organization here? The "One Ring" of all of these resources?
  190. @kellymce @kshockey04 @Sam_Winn A certain decentralization. I'm curious about #leadership and how to facilitate visions to respond to need.
  191. @bembrarian @kellymce @kshockey04 I favor model where multi orgs point ppl to other orgs in network. Lots of access points. #critlib
  192. @kellymce @bembrarian @kshockey04 I will say in my exp that having engaged leadership is ideal. But I'd do it again regardless.
  193. @Sam_Winn @kellymce @kshockey04 There is potential for members of the migrating population to be part of that leadership.
  194. @bembrarian @kellymce @kshockey04 hmm, yes. Community ownership/selection of resources is ideal. I was thinking of unhelpful lib supervisor.
  195. @bembrarian @kellymce @kshockey04 not that his/her unhelpfulness stopped the community members from helping each other, thankfully.
  196. A4: make it very, very easy to log onto the computers, and to get a library card. #critlib
  197. A4: and go to where the people are. Don't make them come to you. #CritLib
  198. @kellymce Cambodian libraries are really, really bad about advertising library cards even exist.
  199. @kellymce The two USA libraries I work for could be a little more proactive about registration as well.
  200. A4 #critlib work closely with and find willing partners who are already helping the individuals and communities around you; fill gaps.
  201. Question 5: For groups and individuals who will leave the community for elsewhere, what support can the library provide?
  202. Here's #CritLib Q5: For groups and individuals who will leave the place/community for elsewhere, what support can the library provide?
  203. .@bembrarian first things that come to mind: ethnic civic groups (e.g. "slovak center" here), housing admin, employment agency #critlib
  204. @kshockey04 These are great ideas! I like the idea of collaborating with ocal law enforcement, emergency/rescue, and health groups.
  205. A5: was just talking with a coworker today about pitching OA to graduating students who will no longer have access to stuff. #critlib
  206. This would work for other groups, too, obviously, #critlib
  207. @kellymce A certain "survival kit" on how to find key resources in the next community/location a person winds up, perhaps?
  208. Me too & I've also wondered if we could do a joint workshop w/pub lib to help folks after graduation. #critlib @bembrarian @kellymce
  209. @mauraweb @bembrarian oooh excellent idea! I'm guessing more of your students stay in town than here... #critlib
  210. @kellymce @mauraweb 3 systems, each with their own history and established relationships. Can get messy and tricky with the differences.
  211. @mauraweb @kellymce That kind of collaboration could potentially create a better transition between academic lib. and PL resources.
  212. A5: Creating a legacy for these communities is vital for migrants or any transient community. Let them know libraries are great. #critlib
  213. A5: They will seek out other libraries in their next community if they have good history with prior ones. #critlib
  214. Pitches and sign offs
  215. It's been an hour (but it felt like 5 seconds)! You've all been a great #CritLib group this week. Please stick around and keep chatting!
  216. Also, I've been informed by the ethereal #CritLib anti-lords that new topics for future chats may be proposed at this time :)
  217. Just a reminder: you can stay on the up and up with everything #CritLib by checking out  http://critlib.org/ 
  218. #critlib pitch: want me to work for you? send some job ads this way.
  219. #critlib I've enjoyed this conversation; thank you for sharing! Have a good night :)
  220. Gotta run #critlib, thx to @bembrarian for a great job moderating, awesome chat!
  221. @heidylibrarian Thanks for migrating into the conversation. See you at a future #CritLib!
  222. thank you @bembrarian for moderating the inaugural #critlib @ wells for this fall semester!
  223. @bembrarian You've been a wonderful host. Thank you for a compelling chat.
  224. Someone fill me in on what #critlib is all about...I don't think it was a thing when I was in library school (2009-2011)...
  225. @kshockey04 @kelliebarbato Yep! Check out  http://critlib.org  for more formal descriptions! Conversations are on Tuesdays.
  226. @kelliebarbato It just started formally with the twiiter chats in April of last year. Read up at  http://critlib.org/ 
  227. Totally digging the ideology behind #critlib ...see y'all for the next Tuesday chat in two weeks!
  228. @kaitlinmlk #CritLib is all about the no-scary :) At least while I'm in the digital room!
  229. Thanks for a great #critlib topic & moderation effort by @bembrarian tonight! And cheers to @thomthomthom & @iuplg for making it an event!
  230. @kelliebarbato There's a running #critlib joke about critical potatoes, so have a tater tot garbage plate or @lepetitpoutine while you join!
  231. @kaitlinmlk #CritLib is all about the no-scary :) At least while I'm in the digital room!