36th (!) #critlib Twitter chat: Critiquing #critlib from the "inside"

Moderated by Jacob Berg (@jacobsberg), this chat asked questions about #critlib. For more information, see the Google Doc: http://tinyurl.com/critlibx .

  1. I've tried to put related tweets together, sometimes even for the longer emergent conversations. Any tweets that weren't tagged are intentionally omitted, and any errors in understanding sequence is entirely my own. Tweets from "protected" (i.e. private) accounts also not included.
  2. (Conversations often use the #critlib tag even before the arranged chats start—here's the tail end of some of the warm-up to this chat.)
  3. Trying to think of some guidelines about what could help guarantee our chat tonight is respectful, what would you suggest? #critlib
  4. @pumpedlibrarian "I" statements, allowing tension and discomfort to exist, taking a step back if necessary. #critlib
  5. .@jacobsberg is moderating #critlib tonight, & I'll be RTing the Qs (also found here:  http://tinyurl.com/critlibx ) My M.O. 2nite is listening
  6. As usual, we start with introductions, then questions and answers.
  7. Hi, #critlib. It's 9pm EST and I'm moderating tonight, on critiquing critlib from within. Let's start with introductions.
  8. Hi #critlib, I'm a cataloger at an academic library in Chicago, just back from another wonderful & exhausting ALA Annual.
  9. I'm Jake, an academic librarian in Washington, DC. #critlib. If you're in an airport or on a plane, please let us know.
  10. Hi, #critlib. I'm Jessica, academic librarian type in DE.
  11. Hi, #critlib friends, old and new: I'm Donna, academic instruction librarian in PA, "accidentally" #critlib but grateful for this community.
  12. @jacobsberg HIIIII! This is Jenna, tweeting from the Lower East Side of Manhattan. #critlib
  13. Hi #critlib! Kevin here. Mostly lurking tonight as I get ready to start a new job tomorrow morning.
  14. Aimee, Library Specialist and occasional #critlib lurker in Texas.
  15. 'Sup #critlib! academic librarian in PA these conversations have been awesome-looking forward to more.
  16. Hi #critlib, pt academic circ desk worker looking for public library work, MLIS student. They/them pronouns.
  17. .@ForgetTheMaine great to have students here too! I wish i'd been more involved when I was a student. #CritLib
  18. Hey #critlib, research & learning librarian + instruction coordinator at University of Arizona
  19. @ecmacinnis @elliehearts tx @jmymcginniss! making the ideas behind critical IL & #critlib more accessible was one of my goals, hope it helps
  20. Hi! April, academic lib in NY. Just back from great time at ALA & glad to be home. #critlib
  21. Hi #critlib in and out as visit to my mother will allow. Academic librarian in brooklyn.
  22. Hi, I'm in tech services at Vassar + occasional #critlib lurker.
  23. Hi everyone! I'm Ryan, LIS grad student in Bloomington, Indiana. I come to #critlib after being an adjunct, teaching community college a bit
  24. #critlib hi from somewhere over Colorado (returning from ALA) Max - working in a health science library in library in NC.
  25. Kelly here, tweeting from the dinner table in OR. #critlib
  26. #critlib lurkers, honor/respect shyness, but also know that yr contributions to this chat will be embraced. Diversity of comm styles ok too.
  27. Hi #critlib! I'm an academic librarian at Brooklyn college. Heath sciences.
  28. Hey #critlib. Actually participating from #dril in San Francisco. Indiana University, MLS, effing grumpy cat.
  29. Hi, Shana in CA. In the midst of prepping dinner. #critlib
  30. Sorry I'm late, #critlib. I'm Carolyn, instruction librarian in Illinois.
  31. nicholae here! longtime lurker & academic (reference&collections) librarian in scenic indiana. brown, queer, he/him & she/her pros #critlib
  32. Also saying hi from DRiL. Will try to follow along, easy/hard to do bc I'm unable to focus anyway (5 hrs of great sessions here). #critlib
  33. hellos #critlib ...first time actively participating: reference & instruction librarian at cal state northridge here :D
  34. Dipping in and out, but checking in with you fabulous #critlib folks. Stay golden.
  35. Hi #critlib, I'm Ellie, longtime reference and instruction librarian, soon to be vendor-side. Mostly a retweeter.
  36. also hi #critlib, I'm Kevin, metadata/archives from CO. I lurk b/c I'm usually on a bus for these
  37. #critlib sorry to just drop in, now I'm rachel acquisitions librarian, moving house RIGHT NOW.
  38. Jacob introduces the first question… smartly followed by requests for clarification.
  39. Q1. Is the terminology used by #critlib a barrier to entry to it? [The academic jargon question.]
  40. Re: Q1 & for the whole chat: #critlib-as-critical-librarianship is distinct from #critlib the twitter chats, tho considering both valuable.
  41. @violetbfox @jacobsberg [for my part, I try to say "#critlib chats" or "#critlib community" when referring to teh twitterz, 1/2
  42. A1 It makes me hesitant to participate, but people always clarify nicely when I ask off-tag. #critlib
  43. A1. Yes and no, right? language is required and it can be complex but there should be ways into dialogue w/ that language #critlib
  44. A1 #critlib I'm not shy. Y'all know that if you know me. But I do sometimes feel a bit out of my depth when I don't know theorists mentioned
  45. @olinj not contributing when you dk what's up is a good strategy. Listening & learning is good. I prob need to do that more often! #critlib
  46. #critlib A1- I struggle with this. When I think about the jargon issue, I tend to go to "We're librarians. Don't know a word? Look it up."
  47. @kevinseeber agree w/ this-I see this as part of the self-education process-language being a big part of that. #critlib
  48. A1: I have a background in some of this stuff so it's not threatening from the jargon standpoint. #critlib
  49. #critlib A1.2- But I know there's a lot of privilege wrapped up in that kind of thinking and this group has helped me to move beyond that.
  50. @kevinseeber I agree to a good extent, but these aren't easy topics, and I think people are more likely to tune out than study up. #critlib
  51. @violetbfox Agreed, which is why having a peer group helps. Goodness knows it's helped me. #critlib
  52. A1. @kevinseeber but sometimes it's not a mttr of looking it up, its "go grapple with post-structuralist theory for two semesters" #CritLib
  53. @jmymcginniss But that self-education requires resources, like time, that not everyone has. Lots to unpack. #critlib
  54. @jmymcginniss @kevinseeber A1 - True-yet, having time/resources to do this work = priv. Others w/o priv shld still b part of convo. #critlib
  55. @kevinseeber which as you mention comes back to privilege. for sure. but there is need to start somewhere. however simply #critlib
  56. A1.1 What makes this scary is the accessibility and format and the fluency some individuals have with it. #critlib
  57. @kshockey04 I have a background in this stuff and it does make me a little weary.... #critlib
  58. A1 New terms can be a barrier. Ideally are tools to think differently, so worthwhile & productive—but certainly can be off-putting. #critlib
  59. A1: There are times I'm not up on the refs, but it doesn't bother me. I think the convo is accessible to a variety of participants #critlib
  60. A1: people have been tweeting elegantly about this all day, so clearly yes. #critlib
  61. .@kellymce elegant tweeting: an art woven with patience, empathy, and courage (from what I observed today) #critlib
  62. A1 It's not a barrier for me; I don't have deep familiarity with theorists but have been introduced to many. but... #critlib 1/2
  63. A1.2: I don't find a lot of theory talk here compared to my other circles. Probably a huge privilege. #critlib
  64. A1.3 What amazes me about this is actually the praxis balance. But I am schooled in Frierian education. Another huge privilege. #critlib
  65. @kshockey04 I've got some grounding in Friere (sp?) but have more comfort with Von Glasersfeld and Vgotsky and Piaget. #critlib
  66. @olinj same here wrt the last two, but Friere was pushed a lot in my undergrad program. #critlib
  67. A1 #critlib yes, it can feel that way. I've been working in academia for a while and have adjusted. But it can be intimidating.
  68. A1 ..for me it helps form a connection btween librarianship & more theoretically rich English degree. But my situation is unusual #critlib
  69. A1: Terminology pretty accessible, I look things up that are new to me. Following the convo on Twitter can be a barrier for me #critlib
  70. @shiggin Agreed on following. #critlib chat flows has more participants than my other chats, so harder to keep up.
  71. A1: I'd say definitely at times. While I listen to it, it's a bit of a barrier to my participation. #critlib
  72. A1 to expand, my brain adapts much faster to technical stuff (including theory) than to other kinds of theory work. But I listen. #critlib
  73. A1 I don't come from big background of theory & feel can't enter into certain convos w/in #critlib theory in general but <3 listen/learn
  74. A1 I'm new to theory but so far have found #critlib doable, but with a learning curve. Was tough to get the gumption not to lurk though!
  75. A! #critlib: I listen, listen, listen. And look up what I don't know. I'm still not comfortable asking, though.
  76. A1 I've experienced jargon used intentionally to separate professionals from support staff (& even within support staff!) #critlib
  77. @OpOnions Agreed. Then we get to grapple with its implications for a lifetime. #critlib
  78. #critlib Perhaps for those of us who are accidentally or serendipitously #critlib we may see our practices lining up with the theories 1/2
  79. #critlib and that is why we are drawn to the conversations 2/2
  80. A1. Yes. But also my embarrassment at feeling out of my depth. #critlib
  81. I will say I get frustrated with the twitter format because it moves so quickly. #critlib
  82. A1: Agreed! I don't always love the chat model, but I appreciate the exposure to brilliant snippets. #critlib  https://twitter.com/shiggin/status/616052367474077696 
  83. A1.4 would a type of wiki help #critlib? We -are- information professionals, after all.
  84. @kshockey04 I think something like this would be great. An information source & a place to discuss. #critlib
  85. @donnarosemary This chat 2nite is helping. So many new voices in #critlib. And many more POCs! Taking time for convo 101helps. Reg checkins.
  86. @papersquared @kshockey04 Yes. I think this is the best way to get others involved. I'd be very happy to help out with a #critlib wiki.
  87. @jkgadsby @pumpedlibrarian Do we need to find alternate times for parents of young kids & others who need accommodation? #critlib
  88. There isn't any one 'theory' central to #critlib anyone can bring their own ideas
  89. Random #critlib realtime poll: how many of us use  http://tweetdeck.twitter.com  dur #critlib chats? (I do:wanted to throw it onto the shared radar)
  90. @donnarosemary nope. I use tweetbot on my phone and rely on my TL, RTs, & dropping into #critlib to get the bulk of the convo.
  91. #critlib I actually also see very few names dropped in this space, either people or theories.
  92. @edrabinski It seems like we save the name-dropping for presenting/publishing? Less so IRL or in chats? #critlib
  93. .@papersquared @kshockey04 +1; there were a couple of times during the #critlib sessions at ALA where I felt like I needed a syllabus again
  94. A1.1 I'd hope that any terms used by #critlib folks are to empower all library workers & users, not to hierarchize/divide/put-in-place/etc.
  95. @edrabinski That's true. But frm the convo it's clear every1 has done common reading/studying byond Gdoc. Even if names not named. #critlib
  96. @violetbfox @papersquared @kshockey04 would be great to have a better system within that to archive our convos too (storifys, etc.) #critlib
  97. @papersquared @kshockey04 second this. love a space for collaborating on making our conversations accessible to non&new academics #critlib
  98. @barnlib @jkgadsby @pumpedlibrarian interestingly I'm a parent-libr*n but also an evening one so night works but YES to this anyway #critlib
  99. @jkgadsby @pumpedlibrarian @barnlib I often lurk due to bedtimes. Chose this date b/c of grandparents. (Thanks, mom and dad!) #critlib
  100. @papersquared @barnlib @jkgadsby maybe we can do a poll, so hard to find good time, during work hours imposs for some too :( #critlib
  101. @papersquared @kshockey04 yes to a wiki and not the Google doc. I find navigating that on my phone to be nightmarish so I don't. #critlib
  102. @OpOnions yes it does! you create columns that show tweets that include search strings such as a tag #critlib 1/2
  103. @OpOnions so during chats I only have 2 columns: one filtered to #critlib as search string, and one for my notifications 2/2
  104. @papersquared @librarygrrrl @donnarosemary I have one tab for #critlib and another up for notifications, &open tabs to keep track of threads
  105. Difference between jargon and language. Just b/c I don't get it the 1st time-> learning as process (action->reflection) essntlto #critlib
  106. Ok, #critlib - I will head a critlib wiki project once I get home from SF and clean my room. hit me up at k dot shockey 04 at gmail.
  107. @AprilHathcock I don't know if that's even true, actually. Could be the nature of framed questions, maybe? #critlib
  108. A1: No more than the absence of awareness or understanding in any field is a barrier. Hence: education. #critlib
  109. @AprilHathcock I also think #critlib organized around concrete social justice problems have less of this feeling. #critlib
  110. @AprilHathcock @edrabinski maybe between all of us, but I think we each bring varied levels. Speaking from my personal reading...#critlib
  111. @jmymcginniss #solidarity although mine's home w/ dad rn so I'm the one w/ luxury of headspace atm :) #critlib
  112. @kevinseeber Well, I care about citation in writing, but not when we're just chatting, I guess. #critlib
  113. A1. @jacobsberg yes. As someone in tune w the ideals but uttlerly clueless on the theory, I've been shy to join in. #critlib
  114. A1: critical theory refers to many terms that are not fast to define...a nebulous understanding of terms leads to more reading #critlib
  115. @edrabinski Hm, that's been my exp. I've had noprob findng the common thread & readng up but it's def there. Hard 2 see frm inside. #critlib
  116. @violetbfox @kshockey04 yay! real archivists doing this! the google doc is a mess srsly & think all have been busy + no volunteers #critlib
  117. I am super grateful for the book recommendations I see on the #critlib hashtag.
  118. @erinaleach Imposter + outsider syndromes for me. I don't think we're alone. #critlib
  119. @edrabinski Now that i fully agree with. When it moves into the practice side of the continuum, fewer barriers it seems. #critlib
  120. @ForgetTheMaine I explicitly had to take time -away- from the academy to get to it. #critlib
  121. We start learning #trueconfessions of what people have & haven't read—which makes the "core" of #critlib theory seem much more fluid!
  122. @kellymce @AprilHathcock I've never read Paulo Friere, for example. Core text for many ppl here. #critlib
  123. #LCTLC Librarianship and Critical Theory Learning Community is kinda reading club for #critlib, interest form:  http://goo.gl/forms/a2XtMA9iPF 
  124. #critlib please fill out the form if you're interested, I'm working really hard on ideas to make it easy and accessible and inclusive.
  125. #critlib #LCTLC and let me know if you have any ideas, @ me, DM, or email. hell. call me on the phone.
  126. #critlib #LCTLC I'm especially interested in talking with people who feel grounded in the theory to help create the reading lists.
  127. @elliehearts I've read the first chapter or so of Pedagogy of the Oppressed, but not the whole thing. #critlib
  128. @pumpedlibrarian Great use of wikipedia there b/c I was about to look up that term! #critlib @elliehearts
  129. @elliehearts literally only a few pages past the banking model chapter in Ped of Oppressed; I am @beattyjf's 1st world librarian #critlib
  130. I'm noticing many that I consider most active in #critlib are saying they don't have theory backgrounds
  131. So are "insiders" more steeped than they realize, or "outsiders" getting false impression? #critlib
  132. @elliehearts My impression is the latter and that the lack of an easy entry point (say... a wiki, for example) contributes to that. #critlib
  133. @elliehearts Same here. It's encouraging actually. I felt so left out in the beginning. Still do sometimes. #critlib
  134. @AprilHathcock And from which inside. I think there are multiple insides. I don't feel inside all of #critlib at all.
  135. This convo is GREAT! I'd been feeling so left out even while playing catchup. #critlib more open than I realized.  https://twitter.com/edrabinski/status/616055726453030912 
  136. @elliehearts If inside/outside binary, that implies wall. Which is why we have #donnawithahammer. To end that wall. @donnarosemary #critlib
  137. @kevinseeber @donnarosemary hence scare quotes. Not enough characters for "those who feel intimidated" #critlib
  138. I think I'm also afraid to simply say, "I don't know what that means, can you explain it." #critlib
  139. Even though I probably DO understand, just not in those terms. #critlib
  140. @papersquared I've started an in-person discussion group here because I need time and space to process out loud. #critlib
  141. @papersquared @edrabinski This's good to hear. I had the wrong impression clearly. Thought I was out looking in. Now big Q: why? #critlib
  142. @AprilHathcock @papersquared How can we be hospitable, we defined broadly as each of us and us together? Big big Q. #critlib
  143. @edrabinski @papersquared I think part of it is personal. Not wanting to admit not having read theory. The proposed wiki will help. #critlib
  144. @edrabinski @papersquared Part is having more convos like this. Welcoming self-styled "outsiders" to check in and see real deal. #critlib
  145. @papersquared @edrabinski Which is why it helps for newbies to hear this. Many of us think the seasoned #critlib ers have read it all.
  146. @AprilHathcock @edrabinski knowing where to start, some of it is needed to process it with others #critlib (2/2)
  147. @elliehearts I know I have an extensive theory background—which is why I despise its use to separate. Seen that way too often! #critlib
  148. FWIW, bell hooks is incredibly accessible/readable IMO. Challenging ideas, but delivered so artfully. So smart & kind. #critlib
  149. #critlib #trueconfessions I akshully know more about folklore theories than any of the other stuff we've discussed.
  150. But my favorite folklore theorist has ideas that would apply. #critlib
  151. Theorist in question: Jack Zipes, if anyone is interested. #critlib
  152. I'd really love to start reading a #critlib reading list, but I've been intimidated, esp. coming from a humanities background
  153. @PoorCharlotte What could help alleviate that, do you think? A list that said: "Beginners start here!" or somesuch? #critlib
  154. That feeling when you see book titles how through #critlib but the public library you work for doesn’t have them.
  155. @skeskali oh yes, so much librarianing discourse is reserved for those at acad libs. #critlib
  156. @ForgetTheMaine @elliehearts I've witnessed people being distracted by names; gross namedropping or "that's not what X meant" talks #critlib
  157. Question 2! #critlib & the academy
  158. Q2. As a product of the academy, to what extent is #critlib using "the master's tools" to dismantle it? (But please keep talking about Q1)
  159. A2: is #critlib a product of the academy? Serious question.
  160. @kshockey04 A2: the chats are certainly a product of academic libraries -- the five of us who mod are all acad lib'ns. #critlib
  161. @kshockey04 and, the first few chats were focused on critical pedagogy in libraries -- again, acad libs. It has evolved. #critlib
  162. A2, I have a pretty strong opinion that such conversations should take place across the sphere, in academic literature and in 1/2 #critlib
  163. A2. most my attempts/thoughts I make at 'Radical Cataloging' end up being...within the framework of LCSH/LCC...so, is it? #CritLib
  164. A2 conferences, on Twitter, etc. While not pro forcing all conversation into the literature, it is an opportunity... #critlib
  165. A2 for example, professors assign journal articles to their students. If the articles aren't there, what will students read? #critlib
  166. A2 IMO, the opportunities for camaraderie & participation across time, resources, & space are disruptive. # is not of the toolbox! #critlib
  167. A2 could be asked of all radical/sj-oriented people in academia #critlib
  168. A2 SHOULD professors look for other sources? Absolutely. But articles are major players. #critlib
  169. also, worth noting: I'm 3 mins behind in the feed and totes OK with that. More important to hear others' voices, tonight especially #critlib
  170. A2 #critlib Not sure if it's dismantling as much as recentering the conversation & focus.
  171. A2 moreover, when publication happens, whose voices are being heard? Academic publication has long been a domain of white men. #critlib
  172. A2 Avoiding the sphere of academic discourse reinforces impressions that non-white-men are not as intellectual about things. #critlib
  173. A2 wonder how many mods & participants are tenure-track. Does research-mode also cloud #critlib?
  174. @AllisonJaiODell I'm tt but w/out research component, so this is purely b/c I want to. #critlib
  175. @Fobettarh Absolutely. I just wasn't sure that we could auto-assume #critlib was a wholly academic enterprise.
  176. #critlib b/c I care, seriously. a lot of the draw to this for me is caring deeply about teaching, learning and it speaks at mltple levels
  177. A2: by educating ourselves, we are can resist critically; by educating others, we foster consciousness, allies, and resistance #critlib
  178. I think academia can be easily seen as all 'ivory tower' by those outside it, but #critlib tries to break down the barriers
  179. A2 AGAIN, all this is not necessarily how it should end up being, but we have to ask where people are reading, what's on syllabuses #critlib
  180. A2 As a good example, I recently saw a syllabus which does use articles I'd class as #critlib to introduce students to important topics...
  181. A2 like "what should museums do about artifacts from colonized cultures?" In a library school class, articles about that matter. #critlib
  182. A2 so I would say that these spheres and tools are not the only things that matter, by a long shot, but they DO matter. #critlib
  183. @ruthbrarian The ideals come first, theory follows, for me. This is the genius of praxis. It's both/and #critlib
  184. A2 I say all this as someone who could not write a theory article to save her life. #critlib
  185. A2 and I've learned from a variety of sources. I learn from people here AND journals. I can't pretend to be immune to their weight #critlib
  186. And while I couldn't write a theory article, I could probably write one about incorporating into praxis. #critlib  https://twitter.com/jmymcginniss/status/616057446327451648 
  187. @Fobettarh @kshockey04 yeah -- and the hashtag esp confounds things, because lots of this happens totally offline! #critlib
  188. A2 is "intellectual" good or is it "elitist" (as I was called earlier for saying gods yes people should publish)? I'd say neither. #critlib
  189. A2 intellectual IS is influential (to some). To some because snobs, or because culturally respect journals, or used by teachers #critlib
  190. @ruthbrarian Sandy Berman called me elitist in a zine once. It was a feeling! #critlib
  191. @edrabinski I got called a Communist once, but I feel like yours is better. #critlib
  192. .@kellymce historically, a lot of academic discourse about anything has been written by straight-passing white men. The voices of #critlib
  193. .@kellymce emphasize other voices and perspectives. Those voices need to be heard in all spheres. #critlib
  194. .@kellymce and, in my opinion, calling on people not to publish on those topics is to (if unintentionally) reinforce hegemony. #critlib
  195. @kevinseeber @elliehearts (btw I had to go over to my phone w/ the emoji to send that tweet reply in a kairotic, timely manner #critlib)
  196. @ruthbrarian for me it's the writing/research process that forces to dig in to theory, in small parts at a time. #critlib
  197. My interest in starting #critlib was to learn more as some of best learning happens thru dialogue, but also for connected space, solidarity
  198. A2: the master's tools won't dismantle the master's house alone, but as part of a variety of tactics, they can do some damage. #critlib
  199. A2 w/ diff backgrounds (privilege & lack of it), responsibilities & personal styles people need to do #critlib work as appropriate for them.
  200. A2 masters' tools have been used to dismantle masters' houses in the past! #critlib
  201. anyway, are we always using master's tools? was Foucault a master? or someone trying to dismantle the master's house? #critlib
  202. @ibeilin he is kind of a master tho insofar as his stuff is in someone's canon (even if "just" crit theory's) #critlib
  203. @PoorCharlotte Plenty of crit happens in the humanities. 1 strain is poststructuralism, but there are others, like lit. criticism. #critlib
  204. @edrabinski @kellymce @AprilHathcock the amazing thing about lib-ship is that I have time to really think about this stuff. #critlib
  205. #capal15 was an awesome exp for seeing #critlib peeps and critical ideas in practice/conversation all were incredibly friendly it was huge.
  206. Leaving early, #critlib. Excited to do some work. #dril afterparty time. See you soon.
  207. @barnlib and maybe by dismantling the tools themselves (and reassembling as needed), we can build new ones (and forge coalitions!) #critlib
  208. @donnarosemary I use tabs. Plane about to take off right now. Hope wifi on plane works. Will know in few minutes! #critlib
  209. @barnlib I think I need to think more about this. I impose pressure on myself to engage with the community in a certain way. #critlib
  210. @donnarosemary Why Fairy Tales Stick. Looks at the stories as memes. Studies how they spread as ideas. @papersquared #critlib
  211. & @edrabinski explained all mods' intention well, starting place of just talking common interests, then #critlib expanded (for background)
  212. @edrabinski a prof in my first masters told my class we need to read to "agree" rather than disagree like so often taught. #critlib
  213. Yes!! Or, I need to be so much braver about not knowing, being wrong, and asking questions. #critlib  https://twitter.com/edrabinski/status/616059288683855874 
  214. @erinaleach @barnlib Realizing that the work I can/am drawn to do as an activist is vital and important was revolutionary for me. #critlib
  215. @jacobsberg and I have to shut down in like 3 mins :( closing library at 10 pm, solo tonight #critlib #critcloser @RachelMFleming
  216. @misskubelik @skeskali @kshockey04 @Fobettarh Many acad libs here. Curious if chats on public libs, empathy, felt this way too. #critlib
  217. @barnlib yes! I was so nervous/excited to volunteer Rad Ref as student & you all were so welcoming, just had to make that jump #critlib
  218. #critlib RT @andornotnear: @violetbfox @PoorCharlotte yes, i would help with this, since i started my own beginners' bibliography lol
  219. @donnarosemary true, he became required reading across academia, so very much 'establishment'; but he ppl agitated still! #critlib
  220. @andornotnear @PoorCharlotte I think there's a few lists floating around, it'd be great to consolidate but don't want to overwhelm! #critlib
  221. Fools On The Hill RT @ruthbrarian: @edrabinski I got called a Communist once, but I feel like yours is better. #critlib
  222. @donnarosemary The chapter when she interviews herself in Teaching to Transgress is soooooooooooo good. #critlib #autoethnography
  223. @donnarosemary such a hostility to Foucault among so many LIS people - it makes me see him as more subversive than establishment #critlib
  224. A2 I'm cautiously optimistic about potential to use tools otherwise than intended. We're #critlib-ing on a grandchild of ARPANET right now.
  225. A2.1 More specifically, most of the conceptual tools I favor come from cultural studies, which is very open-eyed about "masters" #critlib
  226. Another thought that came to me--if someone can only be reached by the tools of "The Man" are they not also worth reaching? #critlib
  227. That's a huge part of A2 for me. Are they perhaps the people who really need to hear this as they close off other avenues? #critlib
  228. A2 because people can grow and change. They can learn to respect more voices and perspectives. #critlib
  229. I'm off on this tonight because there was so much I wanted to say this afternoon but was trying to get stuff done because work. #critlib
  230. Question 3: Is there a duty to evangelize about #critlib?
  231. Q3. If the goal of #critlib is to be emancipatory do practitioners (praxisers?) have a duty to evangelize?
  232. A3 That duty can bump right into "local practice" and "institutional rules" #CritLib
  233. A3: so long as it doesn't descend into "excuse me can you spare a minute for our lord and savior #critlib"
  234. I mentioned earlier today that I after I had called for a 101 session at the ACRL unconference I was surprised to find 1/? #critlib
  235. I was familiar with most theories already. Didn't know terminology. But most ideas I had picked up from social justice blogs 2/2 #critlib
  236. tbh I don't think I'm ever going to read a ton of theory. It's not a priority and not how my sj work is focused. #critlib
  237. @ecmacinnis At least to me, theory is about the action & "take-aways," not valorizing the reading of it; much less its difficulty. #critlib
  238. A3- Ideas which many of us who #critlib find gross have their own evangelists. Think we might have to speak up to offer an alternative view.
  239. A3: Not evangelism; but convo & self-reflection. As w/ critical pedagogy #critlib is abt ppl drawing conclusions informed by SJ lens. (?)
  240. @misskubelik @skeskali @kshockey04 @Fobettarh It does. Genesis of tag was academic librarians, so makes sense. Would like to undo. #critlib
  241. @ibeilin @donnarosemary Foucault was how I got into critical theory in the first place. #critlib
  242. 10 minute closing announcement, time to shut down! be back in a bit via phone to catch up on end of #critlib
  243. RedScareBot: Fools On The Hill RT ruthbrarian: edrabinski I got called a Communist once, but I feel like yours is better. #critlib
  244. @ruthbrarian I feel this. Multiple formats and modes of transmission! #critlib
  245. @ruthbrarian I would love to hear more about this off Twitter. Like, more characters' worth! #critlib
  246. Agree w @kevinseeber re speaking up being of importance instead of evangelizing; remaining silent reinforces the status quo #critlib
  247. But of course speaking up also comes with some risk, & those able to take that risk have more privilege #critlib
  248. A3. I feel some discomfort with the notion of our duty to evangelize. #critlib
  249. @ecmacinnis And that's okay. I'm prob the same. I've done some reading and a lot of it felt overly tedious. 4 me practice>theory. #critlib
  250. @jacobsberg @ibeilin @donnarosemary Ditto. I'm re-reading him right now for first time in years and remembering that initial shock. #critlib
  251. @pumpedlibrarian @kevinseeber yes - evangelizing to me implies talking down or even silencing - the opposite of #critlib intent
  252. A3.1 What may appear as a throwaway remark about citations can trigger a discussion about silencing voices. #critlib
  253. a3: not a responsibility to evangelize per se, but cultivating relationships, exploring, valuing play, & building trust are musts #critlib
  254. @jacobsberg @ibeilin @donnarosemary @kevinseeber It's so strange that he's such a charged point. He seems to stand in for so much. #critlib
  255. @pumpedlibrarian @kevinseeber so perhaps better thought of as advocacy than evangelism? From my perspective this seems inherent to #critlib
  256. This one I actually know from being a French major. But for those who don't--Michel Foucault  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michel_Foucault  #critlib
  257. A3 maybe evangelizing is wrong word -- but I hear it as, signal boosting #CritLib
  258. A3ish. I feel more comfortable speaking up/out over some things than others. Especially the things I don't understand as well. #critlib
  259. A3 I don't evangelize. I only know a narrow slice of things. Certainly not The Way. I think the idea of The Way is the problem. #critlib
  260. @ecmacinnis And when I write, I assume it's my job to make thoughts accessible to everyone, never be a gate-keeper with them. #critlib
  261. I proselytize abt Buddhism All. The. Time. but friendly like & not pushy, so I guess I have a dif perspective on evangelizing. #critlib
  262. A3 (20 mins later): "evangelize" isn't a good fit for what I aim/hope to do, I think "embody" is better: change thru being/modeling #critlib
  263. Question 3.1: Stealth Mode #critlib actions & practices
  264. A3.1 I've actually found the Framework to be a great way to introduct #critlib into my classes. @jacobsberg
  265. A3.1 For me, it's about framing things differently. Minor example: how I talk to students and examples I use. #critlib
  266. @jacobsberg Didn't @Fobettarh have something about stealth #critlib during the ALA panel? (So sad I stayed home and missed out.)
  267. A3.1 Often, it is not calling it #critlib. Thinking of SJ work focused on human dignity, not "geez stop being a racist,"
  268. .@Fobettarh also just actually getting to know people! Eating a burrito or looking at cat pics! #critlib
  269. @ibeilin @pumpedlibrarian @kevinseeber I know evangelizing as sharing good news. Proselytizing as converting/silencing. #critlib
  270. Always important to note that it's "critical theories of librarianship," not "theory." Plural on purpose. #critlib  https://twitter.com/edrabinski/status/616062749005578240 
  271. And also the antithesis of critical thinking. (I say in response to @edrabinski, who doesn't even evangelize about running.) #critlib
  272. A3.1 I dunno if it's stealth mode, but I try to be mindful of my language even when not discussing topics. #critlib
  273. A3.1 The language of "slaves" vs. "enslaved Africans," for example, in a thing I recently wrote (not work) re: early South was an #critlib
  274. A3.1 Is that a big, meaningful, world-changing thing? No. That's something I heard from a black writer and tried to incorporate. #critlib
  275. A3.1 attempt to use the language to say that "hey these people had just been enslaved and forcibly taken from Africa." #critlib
  276. Ok speaking of I really really need to get back to this thing that's due tonight and husband is wondering how late we'll be up. #critlib
  277. .@ruthbrarian LCSH has no way to say Fugitive from law -- it redirects to Fugitive from justice. Justice != Law #CritLib
  278. One last thing about #critlib before I go: @pumpedlibrarian mentioned solidarity, and despite knowing most of you individually (1/2)
  279. *takes deep breath and tries not to go off on LCSH* I will say, though, that differences can be made. I've seen some. #critlib
  280. I've read articles on/looked at documents about the decisions to change some things. It's been worse AND people can act to improve. #critlib
  281. @ruthbrarian I actually think your example is world changing in the sense that language creates meaning. #critlib
  282. I think tonight's #critlib (non)reading confessions are esp interesting since we are library folks. Extra guilt, maybe?
  283. Spending time talking this through in a group was amazing. Thank you for this. Really looking forward to more. #critlib
  284. A3 Does it make sense to say "Not evangelizing, but offering #critlib as one resource among many?" My answers won't be others' answers.
  285. @kellymce @Fobettarh I'm down to be penpals with any of y'all--if you can deal with a slow turnaround. #chatantithesis #critlib
  286. .@ruthbrarian everyday...everyday.... so many #LCSH to criticize. So little time. #CritLib
  287. I mean, "every reader his/her/their book," right? Not "every reader his Freire" #critlib
  288. #critlib pitch: Come work at Barnard! We need a Social Sciences Librarian who foregrounds critical analysis.  https://careers.barnard.edu/postings/1586 
  289. @kellykietur *nod* I just want my all genders bathroom signs not defaced. I want trans characters in my books. That is my sj. #critlib
  290. Question 4: #critlib Methods & Making Meaning
  291. Q4. Critical approaches to librarianship often depend on the interpretation of participants to make meaning. 1/2 #critlib
  292. Does this make #critlib too personal? That is, are we too close to our methods? 2/2
  293. .@ruthbrarian @OpOnions yeah, in my TS world I think stealth #critlib would be encouraging diff. terms for description beyond what LCSH says
  294. Thanks everyone for conversations and for putting up with my rapid-tweeting. #critlib
  295. Whoa how is the #critlib chat 2night already over? Gr8 job moderating @jacobsberg, thank you for wrangling a tough topic! Hope we have more
  296. .@ruthbrarian @OpOnions not that I feel v. successful at that yet, but I'm definitely more mindful of it #critlib
  297. @papersquared @olinj Also expectations for students, how we can help them, and what they teach us at the same time. #rambling #critlib
  298. A4 But lived knowledge *is* personal -- and, of course, political. I don't think it disadvantages us to be close. #critlib
  299. @BaharakY Yes - on the contrary I think it's important to recognise and speak on this closeness - dismantle myths of objectivity #critlib
  300. @BaharakY truth, and recognizing that our perspectives & praxis are embedded in personal exp can allow (necessary) self-reflection #critlib
  301. @RachelMFleming I got to watch the fireworks over Shea Stadium in the distance while still doing #critlib
  302. A4 #critlib You can't separate the personal from all this, so I try to account for it instead.
  303. @kellymce I think the LIS profession as a whole can shame ppl who aren't 'smart enough' or smart in the right ways. #critlib
  304. A4 Hmm. I'm deeply skeptical of any meaning that isn't critically aware of its own conditions of production/methods. #critlib
  305. We can bust this out for a later date RT @donnarosemary re: Q4 this needs its own chat or something #critlib
  306. Bonus Question: How to Hospitably Invite & Respond to Critique?
  307. Bonus Q is from @RachelMFleming: how do we invite and respond to critique without creating barriers (perceived or real) to entry? #critlib
  308. Bonus Q: with patience, diligence, aplomb, & non-paralytic self-reflexivity. #critlib
  309. #critlib pitches & thanks
  310. #critlib pitch: help Kyle & me come up with a beautiful wiki welcome page for all would-be critlibbers!!  https://twitter.com/kshockey04/status/616054605563064320 
  311. #critlib pitch: would anyone be willing to write up the #critlib panel at #alaac15? ACRL is looking to publish about sessions
  312. #critlib pitch! Charleston Conference submissions still open! submit something awesome! or talk to me and we'll do something together
  313. Thanks, @jacobsberg for an excellent chat! And thanks all y'all for really bringing it tonight. #critlib
  314. @Fobettarh @edrabinski We do have to meet IRL & I won't evangelize avocados (even if they are SO YUMMY). #critlib #nyc