#critlib chat: critical perspectives on data, surveillance, and the privatization of higher ed

Storify of a #critlib chat held on Tuesday June 16th, 2015 and moderated by @SarahCrissinger

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  3. Tonight 9pm @SarahCrissinger mods #critlib on data, surveillance, privatization of higher ed. See you there!  http://tinyurl.com/critlibx 
  4. I don't always do #critlib but I am SO PUMPED for tonight's topic on surveillance.
  5. #critlib starts soon! Check out the questions and readings at  http://tinyurl.com/critlibx  for some last minute info about our chat on data.
  6. .@SarahCrissinger SO EXCITED.Had quite the scatterbrained day(tho a good 1!yay for professional support!)but I need #critlib in my lyfe stat
  7. In 20 mins, join the #critlib chat, mod. by @SarahCrissinger on data, surveilence, and privatization of higher ed -  http://tinyurl.com/critlibx 
  8. Sad to miss #critlib today but looking forward to the storify. Great topic!
  9. dannnnnnng this event in SF after ALA related to librarians, privacy and surveillance looks incredible.  http://boingboing.net/2015/06/11/librarians-hackers-and-privac.html  #critlib
  10. Introductions
  11. Hey #critlib! I'm Sarah, a new LIS graduate & soon-to-be librarian. I'm so excited to be talking data tonight. Please introduce yourself!
  12. Hi #critlib, Donna in Scranton, PA here, academic #infolit instruction librarian, big interest in privacy education as part of IL.
  13. Hi #critlib I'm Gina, ref/inst librarian in CA. Will be in and out tonight
  14. Hi #critlib! I'm Elise, Data Curator based in Illinois, always ready to talk data!
  15. Greetings from the #WestCoast! I'm Gina, Project Coordinator, Oregon Digital Newspaper Program (ODNP), Univ of Oregon. #GoDucks #critlib
  16. Hi #critlib, I'm Ryan in Bloomington, IN. Super glad that @SarahCrissinger is directing our attention to this topic tonight!
  17. Happy to be here for #critlib. I'm Eira (rhymes w Sara), an archivist and records manager at a large public university.
  18. @eiratansey love that you included the phonetic pronounciation for your name #phoneticnames :-D #critlib
  19. Hi #critlib, research & learning librarian + instruction coordinator at U of AZ, really pleased with my snack game for tonight
  20. Hi #critlib - IL coordinator at UIUC w @SarahCrissinger, on #nisoprivacy group, pondering connection privacy to online scholarly presence
  21. IT IS TIME.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olLxrojmvMg  Hi #critlib, LIS / archives student here, looking forward to the conversation.
  22. Hi #critlib , Shana in CA. May be lurking mostly tonight. So interested in this topic tho.
  23. Hello #critlib! I'm Jessica from GA. Lurking hard tonight bc I'm on lots of cold medicine.
  24. Hello #critlib, I'm an academic librarian in Brooklyn at an institution that collects a lot of student data.
  25. Hello #critblib. This is Kara (rhymes with Eira) from HI. I'm happy to join from the sidelines. #critlib
  26. Hi #critlib, Digital Scholarship Librarian at Michigan State University
  27. Charlotte in New York here for #critlib. Tonight's is a topic I don't know much about, but am very interested in learning more about.
  28. #critlib I'm an English and IDS prof, open access advocate, and fan of @SarahCrissinger. Just lurking, but howdy!
  29. Hi #critlib- Kevin here. Academic librarian in the process of moving to Denver. #unpackingfatigue
  30. @donnarosemary @kevinseeber I will be watching conversation between you two and expect only high quality hashtags #donnawithahammer #critlib
  31. Hi #critlib ! I'm a humanities librarian at Queens College, CUNY. Planning to mostly lurk tonight...
  32. @SarahCrissinger kristen from davidson. future colleague. lurking. learning about #critlib from the best.
  33. Hi all! I'm Annie, academic librarian here in Chicago. #critlib
  34. Hi #critlib, I'm an academic librarian in NY and I'm late! And having a hard time keeping up this week. Trying...
  35. Question 1: What kinds of data collection fit into the larger movement of neoliberalism in/ privatization of the academy? #critlib
  36. Let's get started! Q1.What kinds of data collection fit into the larger movement of neoliberalism in/ privatization of the academy? #critlib
  37. #critlib A1- The overwhelming pressure to COUNT ALL OF THE THINGS, and always expect numbers to go up.
  38. @kevinseeber yes, how do we untangle this? assessment isn't inherently bad (and often good prac in inst). But what are our reasons? #critlib
  39. @SarahCrissinger I really believe in assessment! But conflation of increasing numbers w/ quality of teaching/learning is icky. #critlib
  40. Q1 not sure how much it overlaps w surveillance but the obsession w metrics and assessment seems to play into this #critlib
  41. A1 Data points that seek to empower institutions over learners seem mighty disposed to neoliberalization / privatization of ed #critlib
  42. A1 Virtually every relationship the univ has with 3rd party involves data monetization (e.g. Google Apps, Coursera, etc. etc.) #critlib
  43. A1 Predictive analytics, tracking students to intervene in their education, is one problematic practice #critlib
  44. @EamonTewell And pressure to link this to everything (esp. Lib use data) #critlib
  45. A1.1 Also skeptical of framing learning through data in the first place. It can _include_ data points, but it's not all countable. #critlib
  46. @foureyedsoul right. what is the inherent value of doing x activity?.... not just to have an increase or easy number to use #critlib
  47. @donnarosemary @foureyedsoul its not all countable doesnt nec get us out of trouble though non-quant assess can be problematic too #critlib
  48. A1 Important to be aware that data collection disproportionately targets and impacts marginalized populations more than others #critlib
  49. @EamonTewell Could this be a positive? As in, assessing the needs of marginalized groups as a way to improve services/programs? #critlib
  50. @GinaMurrell1 @EamonTewell I have mixed feels on it because of this issue when considering student retention, but also seems iffy #critlib
  51. @elisedunham yes! I'm huge adv of altmetrics but even that sometimes moves convo to same place. impact qual or not easily measured #critlib
  52. @lisalibrarian @SarahCrissinger Certainly a fine line...either of you know if it's a tension those at the fore are talking about? #critlib
  53. @elisedunham @SarahCrissinger my sense is that it is not. convo about expanding what counts not whether to count #critlib
  54. @lisalibrarian @elisedunham I feel #altmetrics do both; recognize knowledge practices' variability yet reinforce "numbers = worth" #critlib
  55. @lisalibrarian @elisedunham exactly. I think it's even difficult for most to accept altmetrics, let alone add more #critlib
  56. A1 IRB is supposed to protect subjects and be an ethical guide right? But we actually have a lot of access to student data. #critlib
  57. @catladylib In my exp there is a lot of variability w how much IRBs care about non-medical human subject research #critlib
  58. @eiratansey right and it depends on how you use the data in the end. #critlib
  59. @catladylib Interesting Q on purpose of IRB - only requires data must be managed not to be private necessarily #critlib
  60. Much library data is not classed as "research" and thus not IRB purview, so IRB can't be relied on as review body #critlib
  61. A1: all kinds of data collection potentially - neoliberalization seeks to monetize all data, whatever the form #critlib
  62. #lt Must mean we're doing this surveillance convo right :-p #bots #critlib
  63. A1 Collecting data just because or just in case -- verging on ambient data collection. #critlib
  64. . @donnarosemary "ambient intimacy" is new to me but concept strikes a chord. ugh imagine *taking comfort in* data collection #critlib
  65. A1 Not sure if participatory qualities of LMS data generation & collection (e.g.) make it more ethical but worth investigating. #critlib
  66. There are already a lot of great #critlib convos going on about the focus on marginalized populations which leads me to the next ?....
  67. Question 2: What are some critical practices we can employ to learn about our community's needs without invading their privacy? #critlib
  68. Q2. What are some critical practices we can employ to learn about our community's needs without invading their privacy? #critlib
  69. @donnarosemary @ibeilin Also ask them what constitutes invading privacy - might be surprising. #critlib
  70. @donnarosemary @ibeilin Huge probs documented in social science lit as well w ppl self-reporting. Unreliable! Bad to act on then? #critlib
  71. @lisalibrarian well, maybe we first need to find the right language to communicate #critlib @donnarosemary
  72. @lisalibrarian @ibeilin @donnarosemary but we also need to think about what circumstances have made them not want to talk #critlib
  73. @ibeilin @donnarosemary Certainly worth trying but process of learning could be very invasive. #critlib
  74. @lisalibrarian @ibeilin @donnarosemary will col a lot of data on them really fix those structural issues? just playing devil's adv #critlib
  75. @SarahCrissinger What if is evidence that data on yr activities is what helps get over structural issues? devil's advocate ... :) #critlib
  76. @lisalibrarian @thomasgpadilla convo on first gen students and collecting data vs. asking. Thomas asked if there are alternatives #critlib
  77. @ginaschless Wondering if anonymity=respecting privacy? Are they the same thing? Or does one lead to the other? (I have no idea.) #critlib
  78. @kevinseeber @ginaschless anonymity seems one way to get privacy but if that is only way = impossible. #critlib
  79. @kevinseeber @ginaschless Yes. Anonymize data, do some secondary analysis. Commandeer the system! #critlib
  80. @AllisonJaiODell @kevinseeber @ginaschless re-ID algorithms so effective. don't trust that what looks anon is truly anon. #critlib
  81. A2. Listening is huge. Be comfortable with a bit of uncomfortable silence and students will open up with their concerns. #critlib
  82. A2 Collecting data & assessment is important, but being transparent abt the data collected and what you'll do w/it is v. important. #critlib
  83. A2 big data on marginalized students sometimes feels like armchair researchers potentially hurting population they're studying #critlib
  84. Q2 #critlib I have a lot of concerns w how archivists are handling privacy WRT to web archiving. I've talked about it recently at #pda15
  85. A2 Struggling w/ describing, but, basically go thru work processes/interactions w/ community with eyes OPEN, empathetic observation #critlib
  86. There are very signficant risks to violate qual approaches like ethnography as well, can, in fact violate privacy more #critlib
  87. A2. Be as transparent as possible in regards to methods and goals. #critlib
  88. Q2 need to put up my talk, but I created an annotated bibliography related to archives and online privacy  http://eiratansey.com/2015/04/24/pda15bib/  #critlib
  89. A2 IRB is not an option for many small libs. We need better ethical standards re: data coll overall. best practices, etc #critlib
  90. @PoorCharlotte yes, great point. much easier for libraries with some leverage and buying power #critlib
  91. A2 user research user research user research co-design. Participatory processes in which "subjects" = full intellectual partners #critlib
  92. @amelish Trying to remember who was discussing community based participatory research at #capal15 #critlib
  93. A2 I'm just echoing everyone who has suggested talking *with* users - right on. #critlib
  94. open spaces to non-librarians for community workshops, makerspaces, studios, etc. become partners in design challenges #critlib
  95. THIS. As a first gen student, I see this convo about data a lot. ASK US WHAT OUR CHALLENGES ARE. #critlib  https://twitter.com/ibeilin/status/610980106346102784 
  96. @SarahCrissinger Help me understand how that wouldn't invade your privacy? Seems VERY intrusive to me. #critlib
  97. @lisalibrarian if you were to ASK me to do an int, survey, focus group about working through college, having parent w no know, etc. #critlib
  98. @lisalibrarian and I consented, I would prefer that so much more than you collecting numbers on my activities #critlib
  99. @lisalibrarian and even if you did collect those data, would they really tell you the val info you would get from just asking me? #critlib
  100. @SarahCrissinger Ah, so issue is really consent not which data collected! Got it! #critlib
  101. @lisalibrarian yes, you might also see that I think qual more val in this circumstance if collected, but just my opinion #critlib
  102. @SarahCrissinger I do think QUAL v valuable. Just also think observation quant is too. Not either or. #critlib
  103. @SarahCrissinger @lisalibrarian also talking with ppl helps you figure out what questions to ask to get better information #critlib
  104. Talk with them, yes, and reflect on barriers that might stop them talking to us #critlib
  105. A2 Might look to some of the K-12 professional journals for examples of how this works, although check ur research ego at the door #critlib
  106. A2 become critically empathetic allies to/w our communities (believe that transforming our dispositions will affect our practices) #critlib
  107. Re: talking to users: do it systematically, with focus groups that bring similar folks together, not in random convos #critlib
  108. Well-run focus groups break down barriers to communication / are a safe space for marginalized grps #critlib
  109. @AllisonJaiODell Good idea! Although might be less private, could be empowering for groups to find & articulate shared experiences #critlib
  110. @dignityjones @AllisonJaiODell This is why I don't run focus groups if I can avoid it--too easily dominated #critlib
  111. @dignityjones @aasher Safe b/c room full of peers. Granted, how to ID peers = needs some #critlib intervention
  112. @aasher @dignityjones @AllisonJaiODell I just participated in a focus grp @ work as we re-work values & sesh dom so quickly by few #critlib
  113. @AllisonJaiODell @dignityjones I maybe just don't care for focus groups for methodological reasons #critlib
  114. @AllisonJaiODell @dignityjones @aasher pondering if peers = safe. our campus microaggression study reveals peers are source of much #critlib
  115. @pumpedlibrarian @AllisonJaiODell @dignityjones I just think focus groups are silencing--I know I won't speak freely in them #critlib
  116. A2 Make conversations with users last. Not "let's track them for years" but rather: building trust & empathy is not a one-shot #critlib
  117. A2 is outreach required? Is a translator required? What do you know about cultural norms/protocol of your user group? #critlib
  118. Question 3: What role do librarians play as #infolit educators? How can we teach students to be skeptical of unethical data practices? #critlib
  119. Q3. What role do librarians play as #infolit educators? How can we teach students to be skeptical of unethical data practices? #critlib
  120. A3 In response to 2nd part:so, I do this thru lens of social media practices--privacy setting analyses SO eye-opening for students! #critlib
  121. A3. I've been struggling with this. How can libs talk about authority in infolit when sources like Science have sketchy articles? #critlib
  122. A3. Encourage students to follow the money trail. Who is funding particular data practices & why? #critlib
  123. A3: partner with campus IT to build API's that give students access to all the data collected on them. discuss it together. #critlib
  124. A3 Data & privacy can be the topic of a session. Last semester we had class discussion on Pearson monitoring student twitter accts #critlib
  125. A3- Again, asking students "who benefits from data collection?" opens the #critlib can o' worms.
  126. A3 Shouw students what google knows/collects about them #critlib
  127. Q3: I've found having students learn about and reflect on the ways their own data is harvested and used has been helpful #critlib
  128. @foureyedsoul talking about the things they do most often and enjoy - gaming, texting, web surfing, downloading, etc. ...#critlib
  129. @foureyedsoul ...what's going on on the other end of these data transactions...#critlib
  130. A3.2 This is where librarians' role in teaching critical thinking skills can really come in handy. #critlib
  131. A3 As for our role as #infolit educators, I think part 1 is that we become aware ourselves, 1/2 #critlib
  132. A3 then part 2 is scaffolding that knowledge into instruction 2/2 #critlib
  133. A3 I'd love to see web analytics & data collection work their way into news literacy instruction (is that a niche thing actually?) #critlib
  134. @amelish UNESCO frames as Media and Information Literacy not just IL #critlib
  135. A3 Showing students your Google or Facebook privacy settings is an effective way to show what's tracked on "free" websites #critlib
  136. @EamonTewell what sort of response have you gotten from students when showing them that? #critlib
  137. @catladylib really depends! anywhere from disinterest to changing their own settings at their computer #critlib
  138. @EamonTewell I'm intrigued answer to helping students understand privacy is to recommend librarians violate their own privacy ... #critlib
  139. @lisalibrarian @EamonTewell not a violation of priv. if it's a willing embrace of vulnerability; maybe not good fit for every lib*n #critlib
  140. @donnarosemary @lisalibrarian True! Not for everyone. But, in order to talk about these issues we have to be open about them #critlib
  141. @donnarosemary @EamonTewell As long as stays librarian choice, but we need pedagogies that dont demand as well. #critlib
  142. @lisalibrarian @EamonTewell @donnarosemary I wouldn't feel comf doing this, but show how it applies to their lives makes sense #critlib
  143. @lisalibrarian @donnarosemary I mean more that dialogue on privacy is necessary to demystify how it and surveillance works #critlib
  144. @lisalibrarian @EamonTewell sure, should def always be librarian's choice, this models/enacts our own agency = just as important #critlib
  145. @donnarosemary @EamonTewell I can imagine plenty of libs where an infolit script would say "Now open your personal FB..." #critlib
  146. @lisalibrarian S=student, sorry twitterese failed me :) agency in student, even if only in ability to *see* system S must partic in #critlib
  147. @donnarosemary ah. well, I guess that's my point. this study found the more ppl saw the more resigned they were #notagency #critlib
  148. @lisalibrarian #yesagency via liberation of sight: ability to (begin to) *see* reality of systems/structures of pers data coll #critlib
  149. @donnarosemary What you are seeing in it that I'm not? Study says "resigned" not "they act" or feel "liberated" ... #critlib
  150. @lisalibrarian what learners decide to *do* w said knowledge is up to them 100% #stillagency including resigned opt-in across board #critlib
  151. @lisalibrarian (which I do plenty,ex:my remaining on FB is a huge resigned opt-in 4me, but I have at least some agency in decision #critlib
  152. @donnarosemary That's not def of agency I recognize. (Self-efficacy theory is my jam.) But, appreciate understanding yr view. #critlib
  153. @lisalibrarian an argument that says teaching systems/structures of personal data coll not worth our time bc 1/2 #critlib
  154. @donnarosemary I don't think you can reason from action to self-efficacy. If don't perceive as having choice, then to me #notagency #critlib
  155. @donnarosemary my "tread lightly" was about being careful not to have unintended effects - not saying not worth time #critlib
  156. @lisalibrarian resignation trumps value of having this knowledge which opens option to decide, makes no sense to me 2/2 #critlib
  157. @donnarosemary my comment only we should attend to outcomes out of teaching. if you think resigned opt-in is agency, np but I don't #critlib
  158. @lisalibrarian got it, this makes sense and something I can agree w, re: considering precise intended effects of this kinda edu #critlib
  159. A3 I talk a lot about metadata, introduce concept of surface essentialism framing interaction with digital objects/platforms #critlib
  160. A3 Discuss things like EFF's Privacy Badger  https://www.eff.org/privacybadger  when talking computer stuff. Plant seeds of tracking awareness #critlib
  161. YES I've done this: so effective (and creates a kind of safe space bc teacher-vulnerability built-in) #critlib  https://twitter.com/EamonTewell/status/610983674251735040 
  162. A3: Discussing IP addresses has freaked out students in my experience. "Wait, the website knows my zip code?" #critlib
  163. @SarahCrissinger how do we teach students to be weary of the validity of something like this? to interrogate research? #critlib
  164. @SarahCrissinger Teach them how to do research, understand stats, read critically #critlib
  165. @aasher yes, huge connections to #infolit. not sure everyone in even my LIS class was concerned as me tho #critlib
  166. @aasher @SarahCrissinger Understanding research, stats, & reading need to also be addressed in LIS programs! #critlib
  167. A3  http://iknowwhereyourcatlives.com/  is a great tool to help people understand geolocation services in mobile phones #critlib
  168. A3.2 metadata is a route into exploring data pivot points leveraged to various ends, corporate, academic, personal #critlib
  169. A3. Yes re: metadata! Showing how Microsoft Office saves data about docs; IP addresses & geolocation; websites tracking clicks… #critlib
  170. Students get uncomfortable knowing their peers (student workers) see their lib. accts and what they check out. how can we help? #critlib
  171. As @beattyjf suggested in his #capal15 paper (SO GOOD y'all), data/privacy/surveillance such rich "content"for #infolit instruction #critlib
  172. Please keep having these wonderful conversations! We have two more questions that many of you are starting to work through #critlib
  173. A3.3 talking data at the expense of metadata forgoes communication of the organizational philosophy that structures data capture #critlib
  174. A3.1 Also, bring up the (semi-Raymond Williams on TV) adage that if you're not paying for a product, you likely _are_ the product. #critlib
  175. Question 4: How might librarians push back on exploitative practices like surveillance and the selling of data to corp, esp in ed tech? #critlib
  176. Q4. How might librarians push back on exploitative practices like surveillance and the selling of data to corp, esp in ed tech? #critlib
  177. Q4: @bfister and @flexlibris are two great examples I know of librarians pushing back against surveillance and monetization #critlib
  178. @ibeilin Actually, I got nothin' compared to the amazing @flexlibris (well, I have opinions; she does things!) Sorry I missed this #critlib
  179. A4 We're going to have to be ready to fight the fight in our own institutions and with our own administrators #critlib
  180. @aasher And recognize is possible if Lib resists admin w just assign to campus IT. Take out of Lib hands. #critlib
  181. @lisalibrarian maybe they'll see the argument. Just b/c they might take it away doesn't absolve me of my obligation as a researcher #critlib
  182. @aasher Does your "obligation as researcher" extend to "protect as much as possible even if less than like"? #critlib
  183. @lisalibrarian Doing an acti I consider unethical is not made more ethical b/c IT would do it #critlib
  184. A4- To me, step one has to be "stop collecting so much data." Can't commodify what you don't have. #critlib
  185. A4 Let vendors know that we have concerns about privacy. They may not know that we and our students value it #critlib
  186. A4 We can stop supporting vendors w/ DRM licenses that not only surveil users, but actively oppose work towards openness & sharing #critlib
  187. A4 Supporting DRM means we are not only supporting surveillance of users, but are teaching them to allow invasion of privacy #critlib
  188. A4 We are developing a privacy plan/initiative in my lib (we aren't yet at place we can call it a policy) 1/2 #critlib
  189. @donnarosemary just having this convo w @nfoasberg. who is dev this plan & who will carry it out? who is on the team? #critlib
  190. @nfoasberg @donnarosemary I also have no idea! picking donna's brain to figure out how they got admin buy in & made this a priority #critlib
  191. A4: Start by learning what data is kept! Resist the librarian urge to preserve everything (user data). Question drive to assess! #critlib
  192. @RoxanneShirazi Yes! We are doing a poor job IMO of evaluating risk of data that is kept. A destruction plan is needed #critlib
  193. @aasher @RoxanneShirazi MSU lib has not kept patron checkout records since original patriot act passed #critlib
  194. @praise711 @RoxanneShirazi I'm much more concerned about data libs are getting ready to create-like likinng things to stu records #critlib
  195. A4 Frame discussions about libr* web/database services not just in terms of "ease of use" but also "responsibility to patrons". #critlib
  196. @foureyedsoul love teaching w @oksveta bc of her explanation of proprietary databases for exactly this reason #critlib
  197. @SarahCrissinger @oksveta Oh? Tell me more! I was recently advocating for Zotero over EndNote bc of this—patrons can use after grad #critlib
  198. @foureyedsoul @oksveta she just explains value (indexing, etc) AND issues (data collection, lib schol com env and cost) when introd #critlib
  199. @foureyedsoul @oksveta I know this isn't a revelation but we teach v mechanical LP & she diverged. students rly seemed to get this #critlib
  200. A4 to do things like privacy audits & develop #infolit prog-level SLOs re: privacy education, leading this convo on our campus 2/2 #critlib
  201. I want to cover the next question, just because so many of us are taking on new roles in data management. It's imp to consider #critlib
  202. A4.1 Also discuss options with instructors, students. What tools might they use instead for similar goals? Might just not know yet #critlib
  203. Question 5/ Final Thoughts: As libr do outreach for DMPs, how can we help faculty use transparent data practices while remaining aware of privacy & equity? #critlib
  204. Q5. As libr do outreach for DMPs, how can we help faculty use transparent data practices while remaining aware of privacy & equity? #critlib
  205. @SarahCrissinger Yes - seems more invasive to insist "share your data" than "btw we know which lit db you searched"! #critlib
  206. But you cannot use it unethically if you do not have it. Important to weigh the costs of collecting it too. #critlib  https://twitter.com/cl_forbes/status/610987306435117056 
  207. It's difficult sometimes to convince colleagues of a patron's right to privacy. If we can't, we can't make protective policies #critlib
  208. back to assessment Q, maybe the kinds of data we collect/keep should be something we assess? who's assessing privacy protection? #critlib
  209. @nfoasberg good question! is this resp on assess librarian? privacy team? if we care about priv, how do we take action? #critlib
  210. "Unlike Google and other web services, our business model does not require us to turn our users into commodities" #critlib
  211. Pitches and Announcements
  212. @lisalibrarian @aasher yes! will you also share the link to your CNI recording again? Would def give folks food for thought. #critlib
  213. #critlib semi-pitch: Those of us who are #alaac15 #leftbehind will certainly appreciate your tweeting of anything relevant!
  214. @bookscout found out from the #critlib interest sheet we're both Ohio librarians w/ interest in library unions. We should talk sometime.
  215. Goodbyes
  216. Gonna hafta cut outta #critlib early to close my library. Thanks @SarahCrissinger for hosting a fab convo on an important topic!
  217. Thanks for encouraging me/ helping me narrow to this topic, @catladylib and all of the other #critlib creators! &happy bday to @edrabinski!
  218. Another awesome #critlib chat! Learned lots, as always. Also glad I could contribute. Thanks, @SarahCrissinger, for moderating. Great job!
  219. Thanks @SarahCrissinger - great topic & chat. Thanks everyone, I laughed, I cried, I face-palmed. #critlib
  220. Thanks, everyone, for such a great #critlib conversation. I hope to see many of you at #alaac15!
  221. Thanks @SarahCrissinger & #critlib I didn't contribute, but I definitely got a lot out of the discussion
  222. @SarahCrissinger Thanks for running this! I feel much more confused & conflicted than when I started, probably a good sign ;) #critlib
  223. Thanks all! My first #critlib as home sick today (in Australia). So great wish I could join more often!
  224. Somehow always impressed by the library community always pushing each other to be better, more thoughtful professionals #critlib
  225. dang I gotta get organized and stop missing #critlib, tonight's looked like a good one
  226. That thing when you're on the phone and you totally miss #critlib but then your pizza arrives
  227. @SarahCrissinger Feeling it is okay to say "see I told you it would be great" - you did wonderful job! #critlib #itoldyouso
  228. man, #critlib looks fab. sad to have missed it, but seems like @SarahCrissinger did a lovely job!