#critlib 1/27/2015 Residency Programs and Diversity in Librarianship

Moderated by @ACRL_RIG , Background Reading: http://crl.acrl.org/content/58/6/528

  1. Few min to #critlib y'all! Tonight we will be talking about residencies and diversity in librarianship. More info at  http://tinyurl.com/critlibx 
  2. Introductions
  3. Intros! I'm Chris (@chrisdaaz ), former residency librarian in #scholcomm, current collections librarian in Chicago. #critlib Welcome!
  4. Hi #critlib I'm Emily in Brooklyn, in and out til the 6yo stays in bed.
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  6. Greetings from Portland! I'm Gina, and I volunteer at Oregon Historical Society's Research Library and at KBOO-FM's music library. #critlib
  7. Hello! Nik here. May 2014 Pratt SILS grad, paraprofessional at NYU, college reference librarian, and 2015 Emerging Leader #critlib
  8. Hello #critlib - I'm Christine, Instruction Design Librarian at Luther College in Iowa.
  9. Hi #critlib. I'm Annie, academic librarian in Chicago and former resident librarian.
  10. Jaime, librarian at large in Brooklyn. Prolly not paying much attention tonight because I'm reading an Atwood novel. #critlib #sorrynotsorry
  11. #critlib Stephanie, @LibraryJournal, former libarian, mainly just hanging out since I don't know much about residency programs.
  12. Re: LT, not only to hang out with @edrabinski. #critlib is a great community!
  13. Hey #critlib, I'm a Research & Learning librarian at the University of Arizona
  14. Howdy, #critlib -- I'm Kelly, outreach and instruction lib'n in Oregon, also gonna be #criticalpotato-ing tonight
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  16. Hi #critlib! Ian, instruction librarian in not-so-snowy NYC
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  18. @rowmyboat Can we talk about how I don't like Atwood's novels and think they're lazy? #critlib #critlit
  19. Hi #critlib, I’m Angela, an instruction librarian at a univ in GA
  20. howdy y'all. Ariana here, former resident librarian, current instruction librarian in Texas #critlib
  21. Hi #critlib! This is Jen in Boston, current #ndsr resident, coming atcha at the end of a long, arduous snow day of cat snuggles and tea.
  22. Oh also -- I have not been a resident librarian, but I have worked with some awesome ones, both at my institutions and in PD work. #critlib
  23. Good showing so far! Keep the intro's coming. Gonna start with Q1 soon. #critlib
  24. Hit #critlib, Ref/inst librarian with UW system, reporting to you live from a slow night at the reference desk.
  25. .@barnlib I like her sci-fi-ish dystopian ones, don't like the realistic ones. I'm reading MaddAddam at the moment. #critlib #critlit
  26. #critlib Lisa, coord for info lit + strategic planning at UIUC Library. supervisor of many grad assistants, interns, etc. no residency prog
  27. coming late to #critlib tonight; Ref. Lib @MHS1791, newly-appointed Inclusion & Diversity Coord. @NEarchivists. soaking up wisdom tonight.
  28. Q1: What does "diversity" mean in the context of libraries and librarianship?
  29. Q1. What does “diversity” mean in context of libraries and librarianship? #critlib
  30. A1 "diversity" in an institutional context usually means racial and ethnic diversity IMO. #critlib
  31. @catladylib A1 - I wish it also meant those with disabiltiies since I rarely see librarians like me, other than on the Internetz. #critlib
  32. A1: From what I gather - an ideal to continue to aspire to. #critlib
  33. A1: Diversity is about inclusion of anyone who does not represent the majority. Race and ethnicity are decidedly biggest factors. #critlib
  34. A1.1 Many things, but most important for #critlib might be racial, ethnic & class diversity of FT staff & admins, esp decision makers
  35. @sendaulas agreed. Increasing racial and ethnic diversity is v. important and it easier to "count" the numbers #critlib
  36. A1: I agree with @catladylib, but diversity should be defined broadly to include diversity in collections, and service orientation #critlib
  37. A1: Diversity is sometimes a way white people refer to the presence of non-white people. #critlib
  38. A1 Might also consider #diversity in all librarian positions, including admin. #critlib Primarily racial & ethnic, but others in context.
  39. Q1 Definitely racial / ethnic factors, but I've also heard this apply to backgrounds / skill sets. Both addressed in the article. #critlib
  40. A1 Would like to see more diversity in terms of religion, socio-economic background, in + to those mentioned (ethnicity & ability) #critlib
  41. A1. Diversity in literature, going beyond standard texts/reading materials to reflect a range of perspectives/lives lived. #critlib
  42. A1 Diversity means intervening in white supremacist structures in hiring, collections, class& cataloging, distrib of power. #critlib
  43. A1: Better, tho' is the idea of inclusion, particularly of those who are or have historically been oppressed or excluded. #critlib
  44. A1 People of all types of diversity, including class, need support, but don't want to disregard the impact of systemic racism. #critlib
  45. A1: The term diversity seems to be used too often as a way for white people to pat themselves on the back. #critlib
  46. A1: But often it is a shorthand for not-white. Worst is when it is used as an adjective. Like, these are our "diverse" librarians. #critlib
  47. @sendaulas @kellymce As a new manager, I wish that I had more background training on that so I can create an inclusive workspace. #critlib
  48. @barnlib I worry sometimes that some ppl think diversity in 'staff' positions takes care of things - don't need to bother w libs. #critlib
  49. @catladylib yes, racial and ethnic ... and sometimes gender. rarely (maybe never) more ... #critlib
  50. @catladylib Sometimes I feel sad that it's just counting numbers for some libraries, though. #critlib
  51. A1 others are saying gr8 things I won't duplicate, but there's also issue of visible vs invisible diversity, former easier to count #critlib
  52. A1:If we look at diversity from a demographic standpoint in libraries  http://www.ala.org/research/sites/ala.org.research/files/content/July13report.pdf  this is a helpful report to consult. #critlib
  53. @ibeilin Agreed! Having all support staff of color and all white professionals is NOT a solution. #critlib
  54. @pumpedlibrarian also, like: what is in the census? sometimes getting data is a form of visibility. #critlib
  55. A1. In theory, the "diversity" should mean an effort to inclusively reflect the diverse world around us. #critlib
  56. @kellymce #cringe every time. plus leads to burdening those individuals w responsibility for diversity e.g. representation on comms #critlib
  57. @sendaulas @catladylib Yeah -- the complexity (and intersectionality!) of identity is hard to count, in an authentic way. #critlib
  58. A1 I get thinking broadly abt what diversity means, but think there's a specificity to anti-black racism the prof needs to address. #critlib
  59. @kellymce Ugh. I will throw so. much. shade at the next person who refers to me as their "diverse" librarian/archivist. #critlib
  60. @jenlabarbera The question then becomes, what makes up the diverse world we live in? #critlib
  61. @elizabethskene @catladylib @kellymce The fact that you want to be more inclusive is a plus! We're just scared of being ostracized. #critlib
  62. @edrabinski I agree - and a history within the profession that needs to be looked at more carefully. #critlib
  63. @jenlabarbera agree. aiming to include many perspectives from ppl of all backgrounds. which often gets simplified to colors/numbers #critlib
  64. Q2: What are some barriers preventing librarianship from becoming more inclusive and diverse?
  65. Q2 What are some barriers preventing librarianship from becoming more inclusive and diverse? #critlib
  66. A2: the self-replicating old librarians' club replicating its white self, unconsciously supporting & approving ideas like its own. #critlib
  67. A2 Guessing lack of support, shortage of allies calling people out for microaggressions #critlib
  68. A2 The same barriers that create issues with student retention in underrepresented groups in higher ed. #critlib
  69. Here at Penn State, civility is a major programmatic area of the diversity committee. We tackle things like class differences, etc #critlib
  70. A2 Most LIS diversity initiatives historically have focused on creating a pipelines for POC into lib schools. #critlib
  71. A2 Class & gender stereotypes. I feel like a lot of my cohort are white, middle-class women, which is very culturally "librarian" #critlib
  72. Re Q2: One of the biggest issues has to be the cost of the master's degree. #critlib
  73. A2 Barriers: Profession's general belief in inherent "neutrality of library" & "meritocracy." We need more reflection & praxis. #critlib
  74. @aripants Right. AND colors & numbers matter, too, right? I know I still count the other non-white faces when I walk into a mtg. #critlib
  75. A2 but we need to see people like ourselves in the library to show that it even is a possibility. #critlib
  76. Q2. Having been on a search committee recently, the need to have ppl with exp rather than be able to train on the job. #critlib
  77. Q2 Being competitive often requires volunteer work - the ability to work w/o pay privileges financially abled, not the skilled. #critlib
  78. A2 The cost of grad school. Especially paired with historical generational poverty resulting from white supremacy. #critlib
  79. A2 Becoming a librarian is expensive. Educational requirements exclude those with fewer resources while protecting the profession #critlib
  80. A2 From an economic perspective, cost. Even an "affordable" library school is expensive, limiting who can get an MLIS/MLS. #critlib
  81. A2 I have to say as a relatively new librarian, I've been kinda shocked at the flat out racism I've encountered in the profession. #critlib
  82. @MohamedBerray I ponder tho - "civility" can be used as frame to suppress voices of difference, esp speaking against oppression? #critlib
  83. Important: I am not dissing "old" librarians, just riffing on "old boys' club." I am a rapidly aging GenXer! #critlib @ibeilin
  84. @barnlib Yep, and it runs deep. Am on a hiring committee now & the undertow of implicit bias is constant #critlib
  85. @ibeilin @barnlib I feel this way w/r/t LGBT spaces - libraries are often safe spaces by default so people just assume they will be #critlib
  86. A2 Part of trouble is admitting a) there's a problem b) people in power can fix it &c) this means changing how we do things. #critlib
  87. @tmcgriffin Interesting. Do you think that's an actual need, or something that could be changed? #critlib
  88. I should have said "witnessed" rather than "encountered" #critlib
  89. .@tmcgriffin Ugh, yes, this. Which is a new thing in this neoliberal hellscape of an economy. #critlib
  90. @librarypj Definitely! Already a barrier to entry with a necessary undergrad degree. Degree is masters PLUS undergrad #critlib
  91. .@plutoHimself ya def, our glacial stereotypes have cre8d a culture that isn't so appealing to those who don't fit 'expectation' #critlib
  92. A2 The cost of the education is definitely a factor, but so is the whiteness of the schools and the profession #critlib
  93. @elizabethskene A lot of people suggest unpaid volunteering as a way to get experience. #critlib
  94. @rowmyboat @tmcgriffin agreed! I will say tho in our last round of hiring, we were more interested in fit & interests than exper #critlib
  95. @kellymce at this point taken case by case. the SC needs to have a clear understanding of what is not negotiable vs what is. #critlib
  96. A2.2 Also for many, if they don't see librarians who look like them, then they can't see themselves as ever being librarians. #critlib
  97. A2 There are abt a million. But one is this hard to describe structural white supremacy that the lib unconsciously reproduces. #critlib
  98. @nikdragggg Isn't a related issue the relatively low salaries of librarians? #critlib
  99. @sendaulas @MohamedBerray and I guess my real question is -- how do you keep it from being derailed from racial/class inequality? #critlib
  100. A2: barriers for academic librarianship: bachelor degree, library degree, and a subject speciality masters #critlib #3degreeclub
  101. A2 Also, intersection of race and class, + degree cost + expected salary. Is it attractive to those from lower soc-econ background? #critlib
  102. @christinemviv Do you see opportunities to directly or indirectly address diversity and inclusion in LIS curriculum? #critlib
  103. Q2 Like, the negative reactions to pointing out when I'm the only brown face, bringing up #ferguson as a thing in the world, etc. #critlib
  104. @rowmyboat the economy and profession outlook is definitely playing into this #critlib
  105. @MakeItHappenDay @barnlib that's a big Q we might need a whole chat for, this might be discussed a bit in the next question #critlib
  106. @pumpedlibrarian this ties into the intersectional issue of "people like me" that others have mentioned. #critlib
  107. @ibeilin @nikdragggg Yeah -- becoming a librarian is a risky investment, in many ways. #critlib
  108. @ibeilin I definitely think so. Two historical factors presenting real structural challenges for the profession and its evolution. #critlib
  109. Great #critlib tweets tonight to lead into #ALISE2015 -- follow the hashtag.
  110. re: inclusivity. lack of understanding of what "diversity" means, plus entrenched attitudes of who we might call "old-timers" #critlib
  111. @tmcgriffin The way hiring happens in big institutions can limit -- if you have a checklist of qualifications, less wiggle room. #critlib
  112. @ibeilin @nikdragggg Many ppl from underrep backgrounds also bound by economic conditions. Why pay so much money for a low pay job?#critlib
  113. @kellymce Unfortunately, I think some LIS programs also don't do enough to make their grads marketable and successful. #critlib
  114. @nikdragggg I have to believe we can find a way! We have to demonstrate that diversity is more than an "intiative." #critlib
  115. A2ish: Hire, support & mentor student workers of color in the library. White librarians question/fight natural biases. #critlib
  116. @tmcgriffin I think job ads place too much emp on "jobs you had before" rather than "skills/abilities necessary for this job" ... #critlib
  117. @kellymce Yes, but it still bias toward the norm which is not diverse.#critlib
  118. A2: The myth about librarianship as a vocation also contributes. If it is a hostile profession AND you're supposed to love it?? #critlib
  119. I feel like all hiring committees need anti-oppression training, or something. #critlib
  120. @christinemviv It's an interest of mine. Heading to #ALISE2015 tomorrow and hope to engage on this topic. #critlib
  121. @Wribrarian i'm SO interested to see how #alise2015 does this. LIS programs talking abt social justice!? it's like a fantasy. #critlib
  122. @catladylib That has come up a lot in campus discussions that came out of #Ferguson protests, faculty experiences here. #critlib
  123. @catladylib good lord I hope this isn't based on a true story (afraid it might be)... #critlib
  124. Q3: What are some challenges in diversity recruitment? How can we avoid stigmatization?
  125. Q3 What are some challenges in diversity recruitment? How can we avoid stigmatization of "diversity residents"? #critlib
  126. Q3 well for crying out loud, don't call your resident a librarian an intern and treat them w/respect like any other colleague. #critlib
  127. @catladylib while we're at it tho - let's treat interns etc. w respect too! #critlib
  128. Q3 Get away from idea that diversity res just there to do some diversity stuff then move on, include in internal decision making #critlib
  129. @ACRL_RIG I hope someone didn't actually say that but they probably did... #critlib
  130. @nikdragggg I hope you enjoy #ALISE2015 and find some people who are interested in this as well. It's so important! #critlib
  131. I've just been in so many hiring committees and we always always always get it wrong. Colorblind arg is strong in those contexts. #critlib
  132. @plutoHimself it honestly happens more than you think. And yes, it happened to me! #critlib
  133. @christinemviv Maybe a colloquium model could address diversity in the field and prof dev. Current coursework is decentralized. #critlib
  134. @edrabinski we have more and more required trained Search Advocates on SCs -- it's no anti-oppression training, but it is a start #critlib
  135. A3: Promote/create fellowships opportunities for part-time MLIS students/full-time parapros/LAs where they are working ... #critlib
  136. A3: I don't think deprofessionalizing librarianship (killing the MLS & add'l masters in some cases) is the answer. Find other ways. #critlib
  137. @ACRL_RIG GAH!!! So A3: Too many people say things like that, and it needs to stop. Ages ago. #critlib
  138. Ugh sorry #critlib for all my typos. I cut my thumb last night and I can't type very well!
  139. @catladylib I'm torn about this. At times Im approached by someone who wants intern-b/c not programmatic for me - no way to get $ #critlib
  140. A3 That's a consequence of more emphases on the race/ethnicity of residents and less about their abilities #critlib
  141. @catladylib But, I can give my time to supervise even if out of programmatic scope. So, I say yes bc approached by person. #critlib
  142. A3: Recruit and mentor people BEFORE they get their MLIS. Like, young people. #critlib
  143. @catladylib That was an eye opener in the article. Hopefully this has diminished since '97. #critlib
  144. A3 Library schools: lower tuition, come up with some fucking funding, and recruit those students who might not come on their own. #critlib
  145. Q3 Encourage diversity of representation in media esp of #librarians. The eponymous show - 1 Asian, everyone else is white. #critlib
  146. @edrabinski Yikes. This is interesting (er, sad) since I've never been on a hiring committee. #critlib
  147. Q3. Residency is still training. Have a goal for residency skills beyond the residency. Have a marketable outcome for them. #critlib
  148. @lisalibrarian yeah, it's very hard to get the funding and students need to get experience. I was totally willing to work for free. #critlib
  149. A3 What if diversity were articulated as core library value rather than just local initiative? Thinking "Racism w/o Racists" here… #critlib
  150. @barnlib I’m torn here. I hear so often from staff colleagues that the MLS=“professional” thing makes them feel unvalued (1/2) #critlib
  151. Q3 the stigma itself is part of the challenge in recruitment. possibility of being labelled as the "diversity hire" or an intern #critlib
  152. @MakeItHappenDay Sometimes it's about knowing when to step back and let/support someone else. Really hard to do. #critlib @pumpedlibrarian
  153. @pumpedlibrarian The concept of the 1-2 year "tryout" for a permanent position was also interesting. #critlib
  154. A3: Really, white (and abled and cis- and....) librarians, if we make librarianship hostile, it is our problem to fix. #critlib
  155. @lisalibrarian @catladylib Can they get course credit if still in school? That’s a form of compensation for interning. #critlib
  156. @nikdragggg True, but I think so much coursework also represents only white, middle-class culture, and that's a problem. #critlib
  157. A3 if POC can't even get respect as full profs (see many blogs of late), why would want to doubly go to professn not respected much #critlib
  158. A3 Also, don't assume Residency/Fellowships= you're hired because you're brown. Some really talented ppl are in these programs. #critlib
  159. A3: Keep fighting for funds from university to maintain professional development to increase skills of staff and/or hire interns. #critlib
  160. A3: conference organizers also need to be sure to use their power in this regard. #critlib
  161. @nikdragggg yeah that is a bit irksome... it seems like not a full commitment to diversity? #critlib
  162. A3 Heeeey maybe library schools should hire a more diverse set of profs, too. #critlib
  163. @nikdragggg The coursework needs to step outside of that "traditional" librarian world-view and offer alternatives. #critlib
  164. @LibrarianAngie @catladylib If they want. Separate Q. May not want to spend $ for tuition if dont need credits. #critlib
  165. Basically decided I am unable to contribute, so just going to listen. #critlib
  166. @barnlib & as such, they feel this prof isn’t here for them. And here we are alienating a statistically more diverse pool (2/2) #critlib
  167. @meganjwatson The MLS needs to be better, more rigorous in terms of theory & practice, something to be proud of. #critlib
  168. @foureyedsoul I'm interested in where diversity -- meaningful, change-making diversity -- might fit in a strategic plan. #critlib
  169. @catladylib Totally agree. I spend lot of time getting small grants, allocations, etc. so can pay - but thats when is programmati. #critlib
  170. @catladylib I saw your post about imposter syndrome today - wonder if/how much feeling tokenized contributes to this. #critlib
  171. @foureyedsoul that "library neutral" principle that rears its ugly head again. Need to question "default" thinking aswellas 1/2 #critlib
  172. @foureyedsoul 2/2 differentiating between neutrality in practice & neutrality in administration. #critlib
  173. A3 White librarians, re: the colorblind argument, we need to admit that race exists and that even librarian lives affected by it. #critlib
  174. Q4: How does a library residency/fellowship fit in the hierarchy of librarianship? Is this conducive to a diverse and inclusive workforce?
  175. Q4 How does a residency/fellowship fit in the hierarchy of librarianship? Is this conducive to a diverse and inclusive workforce? #critlib
  176. A4 Hiring diverse candidates to these "prestigious" "fast track" (true?) positions seems like a good career boost. #critlib
  177. @barnlib Agreed. In this case it’s more ppl-w/an-MLS giving librarianship a bad rap, & why go get one if this is what we’re like? #critlib
  178. aside: so many good reading recommendations coming from tonight's #critlib !!
  179. @elizabethskene @catladylib oohh. this is a great question. i'd say a lot? i know it played a big role for me. #critlib
  180. @barnlib gets back to @catladylib’s of treating all colleagues as worthy contributors & welcoming them into community of practice #critlib
  181. A4: The majority of job postings I have ever seen for residencies/fellowships are marketed to people fresh out of library school. #critlib
  182. @kellymce Seems very odd that even tho diversity is a _written_ ALA core value it's still clearly a problem in practice. #critlib
  183. @ibeilin make a point of inviting diverse speakers even on topics other than diversity. Emphasize unique viewpoint presented. #critlib
  184. @christinemviv True! Project work that highlights diverse cultural heritage institutions helps, I think! #critlib
  185. @ibeilin Even if not as well known or published value can be found beyond longevity or citations #critlib
  186. A4: with as few opportunities as there are for new librarians, these are at least "better than nothing" for some. #critlib
  187. @kellymce Guess I mean "articulated" more as "put into practice" (physical movement) rather than idealistic, (empty?) rhetoric. #critlib
  188. @meganjwatson @catladylib Agreed! Do librarians know the names of all the public safety staff? Talk to support staff regularly? #critlib
  189. A4: On top of the often awkward and misguided language of diversity in job descs, residencies are precarious, temporary labor. #critlib
  190. This #critlib has me considering #diversity in #librarianship in ways other than just practice. Administration is so tricky! #mlis
  191. @catladylib @elizabethskene more like i think my impostor syndrome was increased approx tenfold bc i'm also the token brown/queer. #critlib
  192. A4 I think diversity resident programs like the one at the Univ of Utah is a step in the right direction.  https://utah.peopleadmin.com/postings/37781  #critlib
  193. @foureyedsoul I'm sure it isn't the only ALA value that has that problem. That's the nature of bureaucracies, eh? #critlib
  194. Q4 can be seen diff ways...organizationally, differs bw programs. the whole profession? don't know...how do non-residents see this? #critlib
  195. @sendaulas I abhor the Pokemon, "gotta catch 'em all" trivializing of diversity, which empties experience out into boxes on forms #critlib
  196. @kellymce A4: one issue about residencies is the fear that you might not be treated as an equal, part. as a "diversity" hire. #critlib
  197. @kellymce Some really good residents have been retained where there is funding and vacancy #critlib
  198. @jenlabarbera @elizabethskene right, and internalizing microaggressions yr entire life isn't going to help w/that either. #critlib
  199. @barnlib @catladylib to start combating this at MPOW, we’re planning a potluck w/our facilities staff. Can’t wait! :) #critlib
  200. A4: Don't diversity residencies ask people to choose a short-term opportunity over a chance at a more permanent position? #critlib
  201. @MagpieLibrarian @pumpedlibrarian I'm constantly paranoid of seeming too "gay" in dress or mannerism, especially on interviews. #critlib
  202. @barnlib @meganjwatson @catladylib yes, so important. The AUL who I first worked for knew the names of everyone in the whole bldg. #critlib
  203. @aripants if thats unclear, i mean residents in individual org structures vs the overall "hierarchy of librarianship" (or whatever) #critlib
  204. @foureyedsoul Yeah -- I think the reactions to the BCALA statement about the conf in FL demonstrate some of that tension. #critlib
  205. @catladylib @barnlib @meganjwatson She totally, totally was. She set the bar for me -- and set a really good example. #critlib
  206. @christinemviv That's what I didn't apply to any. And I didn't want to be jobhunting again in a year. #critlib
  207. @barnlib @meganjwatson @catladylib I'm sure I could do better but ... yes, I do. Our lib has 500 employees in 26 campus buildings. #critlib
  208. @librarypj Yes -- the way it is seen in the larger institution is so important. #critlib
  209. @christinemviv I would say, that is the only downside w/residencies. They're all short-term. #critlib
  210. @sendaulas Yes! I think that's a common reaction to them. Who would want to look again a year later? That's hard!! #critlib
  211. @kellymce It appears to actively encourage professional growth for new librarians from underrepresented backgrounds. Also... #critlib
  212. @kellymce @foureyedsoul there are probably good intentions there, but road, paved w good intentions, leading to nowhere etc #critlib
  213. A4 Also find "hierarchy of librarianship" interesting. Such a rigid structure; hopefully committees can improve communication. #critlib
  214. Q5: What is needed to diversify librarianship? How might residencies play a role?
  215. Q5 What is needed to diversify librarianship? What might actually work? How might residencies play a role? #critlib
  216. Q5. community outreach and programs starting young. Like high school. #critlib
  217. A5: Align residency appointments with institutional needs. This makes residents relevant. #critlib
  218. Riffing on @librarypj -- what if res. was marketed more like fancy fellowships? Perception from other staff can shape experience. #critlib
  219. A5: Hard to say the definitive. Seems to vary by institution and even supervisor. Do residencies need rules? #critlib
  220. @tmcgriffin Most people don't even realize how to be a librarian! Librarian career day! just reading? but compsci too! #critlib
  221. @catladylib Yes, I wonder if that doesn't lead to some of the other problems mentioned here tonight. #critlib
  222. @kellymce Also, the assigned projects focusing on tech, teaching, reference, design & collaboration skills look highly impressive. #critlib
  223. Q5 Honestly, until ppl with real power make noise, good intentions and mentoring fall short - need to dismantle structural racism. #critlib
  224. @pumpedlibrarian @kellymce And #critlib praxis hopefully helps get us to think beyond "intention" and into larger structures & effects.
  225. Q3: It would help if all the "enduring commitments to diversity" in academic libraries endured for more than 2-year residencies. #critlib
  226. @MagpieLibrarian @pumpedlibrarian YOU certainly don't need to apologize :) but it's part of curse of "professionalism" in general #critlib
  227. Q5 This is a hard question. We have so much work ahead of us to begin this path. #critlib
  228. A5: Also don't put residents in categories different from other librarians. Grant them full status even if it's temporary. #critlib
  229. @plutoHimself but it helps to get the seed planted young when they are still receptive. High school may even be too late #critlib
  230. @nikdragggg I didn't realize how bureaucratic libraries were until I got my first internship. #critlib
  231. A5 And promote residencies widely. The RIG is a vital channel because schools don't keep track of them all. #critlib
  232. @plutoHimself When I was Head of UG Lib here, we would pay any undergrad stud worker up to 2 hrs to talk to librn re lib careers #critlib
  233. @christinemviv residency proposal I'm working on hoping to target undergrads considering LIS; short-term more feasible for students #critlib
  234. @aripants @sendaulas That makes sense!. I was thinking more in terms of opportunity rather than location, but that matters, too! #critlib
  235. .@MohamedBerray Yes! And generally flatten the organizational chart. Root out those power structures everywhere. #critlib #anarchy
  236. A5: On a small part, let your co-workers know that real diversity matters to you. If you hear something racist, speak up. #critlib
  237. Oh and the complement to this: when *you* say something racist and someone else is generous enough to let you know? Make it right. #critlib
  238. This morning I realized I hadn't been explicit about that, but, you *will* mess up, so be ready to respond with grace and humility. #critlib
  239. And thank anyone who takes the risk to let you know you messed up. They didn't have to do that. #critlib
  240. A5 Mentoring, financial scholarships/awards, and a network in place to encourage (and reward) professional development. #critlib
  241. @sendaulas Definitely! Seems especially profound in faculty status environments.. #critlib
  242. @christinemviv @catladylib Some people talk about that temporary/new hire problem in digital humanities positions, too… #critlib
  243. A5: Better outreach is where we start. Marketing work of librarianship as diverse as we are + not sitting behind a desk anymore. #critlib
  244. @elizabethskene And I didn't realize there would be committees for everything, even making changes to a website. Sigh. #critlib
  245. @lisalibrarian Esp for UG. Can diversity expand this kind of program or too "pointed"? same idea as residency,channeling into prof? #critlib
  246. It's like, "I am permanently committed to changing my diet, and so I'll cut out carbs and fried food for 6 months." O_o #critlib
  247. @christinemviv @catladylib It's cruel to expect the least established new hires to produce rapid change against entrenched probs. #critlib
  248. A5: We need to demonstrate that we care abt authentic diversity, not just in words. We need to stand up for that & act on it, too. #critlib
  249. A5 It is a shared responsibility to create an actually welcoming environment. Do your part, small and large. #critlib
  250. @pumpedlibrarian FYI FWIW offering to *ALL* student workers recruited more racial/ethnic diverse to librnshp than targeted program #critlib
  251. #critlib pitch: We haven't had an access services themed chat. Anyone have an idea about & interested in moderating one?
  252. A5.2 Also, don't be afraid to hire someone who doesn't "look like a librarian." #critlib
  253. @sendaulas @christinemviv oh it was a great opportunity that i'm glad I did! also I applied for a lot of residencies #critlib
  254. @catladylib Nope! Just follow their good work! Glad they seem to be assessing value and outcomes for these opportunities. #critlib
  255. A5 I know that sounds super Pollyanna, but...there you go. #critlib
  256. Alright here's my #critlib #critpitch. But am I really an activist? Dealing with imposter syndrome:  http://bit.ly/1DfgRkj  via @ala_apala
  257. Also, if you're coming to #alamw15 in Chicago, please say hi to me! #critlib
  258. @barnlib @plutoHimself We wanted to make exploring librarianship feasible for those w/o resources to do it on their own. #critlib
  259. A5: I echo what others said abt mentoring. I wouldn't be a librarian without the encouragement from my boss at first shelving job. #critlib
  260. @plutoHimself Our data showed more effective to be inclusive in this program than when targeted. #notclearwhy #critlib
  261. Whoa, that was fast. Thanks everyone for hanging out in the #critlib chat! Keep an eye out for the storify!
  262. @foureyedsoul @christinemviv @catladylib DH is so new that enthusiastic "newcomers" are challenged to justify their&its worth #critlib
  263. #critlib pitch: thx @ACRL_RIG for moderating! this was an awesome chat tonight! join us on feb 10th for @lisalibrarian & assess! #critlib
  264. Double down #critlib pitches: @chrisdaaz and I are talking about residency programs and diversity at #acrl2015 if you're gonna be there.
  265. Also, do we have a volunteer to Storify tonight's chat, #critlib?
  266. Ooh I actually have a #critlib pitch, kinda. I'll be at the Conf on the First Yr Experience in Dallas next weekend....anyone else?? #FYE15
  267. Last pitch, an exciting one: @kellymce's & my CFP for critical ped book is now up!  http://critlib.tumblr.com/CFP  + that link goes to #critlib blog!
  268. @jimmykingpin Wow to the number of librarians at retirement age, but not intending to reitre. #critlib
  269. And #critlib pitch pt 2: the #critlib tumblr exists, for when you have more to say than fit in today's chat:  http://critlib.tumblr.com 
  270. Arg. Now what I am going to do for the rest of my train ride. #critlib is over!
  271. Thanks #critlib - this was the first Twitter chat I've stopped lurking and started participating in! Looking forward to moar!
  272. @aripants I'm not, but that sounds like a great conference. Hope there are more #critlib viewpoints there, even if they're not in our chat!
  273. @kellymce @chrisdaaz and there are two poster sessions, that I know of, about residency programs at #acrl2015 (mine and others) #critlib
  274. Looking forwrd to moderatng Feb 10: assessment+#critlib in context of accred, program review+other stndrds! @ACRL_RIG set high bar tonight!
  275. Thanks to @ACRL_RIG and @chrisdaaz behind the curtain for facilitating an excellent #critlib!