#critlib 1/13/15: radical reference

Storified #critlib on 1/13/15, moderated by @eamontewell. Adler article available at http://ojs.gc.cuny.edu/index.php/urbanlibrary/article/view/1395/pdf_4. Other reading available at http://radicalreference.info/. Horizontal rule lines to encompass large conversation trains.

  1. Intros!
  2. Welcome back to #critlib after the long break! Tonight we will be discussing reference services and critical librarianship.
  3. Let's begin with introductions. I'm a reference and instruction librarian at a university in Brooklyn, NY, and tonight's moderator #critlib
  4. Hi! I'm Rebecca, the social work librarian at University of So Cal #critlib
  5. sveta, mlis student & ga (who does lots of reference work) in illinois. super excited that #critlib is back! :)
  6. Hi #critlib. Kevin here, academic instruction librarian in snowy Colorado.
  7. Hey #critlib! I'm a research & instruction librarian @ university of arizona, doing this via iPad tonight

  8. This is Jenna, tweeting for the Barnard Library. Confession: I killed our reference desk, and I'm ECSTATIC about having done so. #critlib
  9. re: killing the ref desk, LET SOMEONE ELSE FIX THE PRINTER. Also, we had so many research consultations something had to give. #critlib
  10. @barnlib Research consultations count as reference here though, right?
  11. @EamonTewell @barnlib @rorylitwin our lib counts appts as instruction, desk stats separate. always makes me cranky. #critlib
  12. .@barnlib I'm so happy we do ref by appointments and the desk has staff, not librarians, frees up time for other stuff #critlib
  13. @pumpedlibrarian @barnlib honestly wondering: does having to make appts keep any students away? how to avoid extra barrier w/o desk #critlib
  14. @oksveta @pumpedlibrarian They weren't coming to the ref desk. Our Personal Librarian program changed how we interact w/ students. #critlib
  15. @barnlib @pumpedlibrarian from what I've seen that seems like a great model, allows for genuine relationship building #critlib
  16. @pumpedlibrarian @oksveta @barnlib Our students can access ref offices, to make appts + also for walk-in hours. No off-limits areas #critlib
  17. @oksveta @pumpedlibrarian @barnlib for some, yes. Students were unwilling to wait for on call lib @ my univ., muchless make appt #critlib
  18. @delaubrarian @oksveta @barnlib @pumpedlibrarian We have triage, too. Some wouldn’t wait when told “I don’t know, let me get someone else”…
  19. @delaubrarian @oksveta @barnlib @pumpedlibrarian But then the question is how to balance? Would that interaction be productive enough to +
  20. @delaubrarian @oksveta @barnlib @pumpedlibrarian justify more time on desk? Or is it ok that student won’t get reference help they seek?

  21. Hello #critlib , Ian here, instruction and outreach librarian at large public college in NYC
  22. Kyle. MLS (PhD?), Indiana University. Music cataloger: scores & now archival sound recordings. Storyifyer, lurker, rabble rouser. #critlib
  23. Hi #critlib, I’m angela, an instruction librarian at a regional univ in GA.
  24. whoops. T.D @mtroydavis Hello. I”m not a ref librarian at W&M in virginia. #critlib
  25. Hi #critlib, I'm an academic reference/ instruction/ subject librarian in Maine. I'm participating from the #refdesk tonight!
  26. Hey #critlib! Jessa, academic/public librarian in Pgh, PA. On the ref desk tonight
  27. #critlib I'm Stephanie, @LibraryJournal editor, mostly lurking while drinking a lot of tea and snuggling under several blankets.
  28. I should also add ... former adult reference librarian! #critlib
  29. I'm a ref/instruction/outreach librarian at a college in Boston with a social justice mission #critlib
  30. Rory Litwin of @LibJuicePress ... lurking mainly, but I want to say I really enjoyed Kate Adler's article #critlib
  31. @barnlib Research consultations count as reference here though, right?
  32. Andrew Assessment Lib/ Anthro at Indiana. Participated in killing one ref desk, would kill again #critlib
  33. Heya #critlib! I'm Ryan, MLS student who does reference, info lit instruction & assessment things currently
  34. Hi #critlib. MLIS student, long time storify reader, & v. sporadic participant. Looking forward to changing that this semester! :-)
  35. Hi all! I'm Jessica, Instruction librarian from GA. Lurking #critlib tonight while I grade!
  36. #critlib Jake, academic librarian in DC, on the reference desk most of tomorrow.
  37. Hi #critlib! I'm Kelly, academic librarian in OR, gonna be in and out until I head off to teach at 6:30.
  38. music, theater, art librarian at W&M w/ @mtroydavis ; #copyright nerd ; aspiring rabble rouser.#critlib
  39. Hi #critlib I'm Karla, the Gender & Women's Studies Librarian for WI @WisWSLibrarian Presently dissertating and migraining...
  40. Hi #critlib! I’m a reference librarian at an academic library in NYC, dipping in and out tonight...
  41. hi #critlib, hoping i can keep up this afternoon! aussie librarian for both academic & public libraries, v excited about this topic :-)
  42. Hello #critlib! I do reference part time at a public library in Massachusetts
  43. hullo #critlib, i'm Andy, a non-MLS'd public library branch manager in western Colorado. always love when i can catch these chats!
  44. Hey guys, #critlib weekly chat is starting now if you want to join #libchat
  45. Hi #critlib! I'm a ref/instruction librn & my lib's VR coordinator +
  46. Now gonna play #critlib catch-up, since said VR chat is also the reason I'm late for this Twitter chat... #hereshopingicatchupintimetoplay
  47. Hi #critlib, I'm an Australian librarian working at two libraries (art & gov/special).
  48. Working late ref desk shift so won't be actively participating, but excited to finally read #critlib in real time! (I'm usually asleep. :/)
  49. Hi #critlib! Belatedly signing in from frigid Ithaca NY. Academic ref librarian - no 'ref desk' but still do a ton of ref as consultations
  50. #critlib using my lurker account to lurk about this chat. inst/ref/visual resources at a small art college in boston. hi!
  51. Q1: How do you define "critical reference"?
  52. Keep the #critlib introductions coming, and let's start Q1. How do you define "critical reference"?
  53. In some ways its easier for me to define critlib for reference, since the agenda is set by the user and not the librarian #critlib
  54. A1: Not about a "right" answer--more about process, further questions, relationship building #critlib
  55. Q1 Introducing alternate, unexpected sources and voices. Lisa, librarian in los angeles #critlib

  56. a1 I love Adler's description of a "reference dialogue" + not just getting user to a resource but also gesturing to its structure #critlib
  57. @oksveta agreed! i've always thought "reference interview" was a gross term #critlib
  58. @beccakatharine @oksveta why i kind of like appts better, too. less of a transactional expectation from students #critlib
  59. a1 [pt2 ] not just how to use a resource, but why it is what it is. i.e. this database markets itself as "complete" it's not really #critlib

  60. A1: A critical reference desk is proactive and vibrant. #critlib
  61. A1 I think of it as an info lit conversation. No giving them one “correct” answer, instead teaching them to find own answers #critlib
  62. #critlib reference is about translation: query to language I can understand to language lib systems use.
  63. Q1 Student-centered information exploration and critical inquiry. Letting them drive the infobus. #critlib

  64. #critlib A1 critical ref is about the patron-driven conversation, the exploration. It is the process, not the answer
  65. A1 I’d say patron-focused, not always patron-driven. Many of our students want simple answer, I have to drive convo #critlib @librarybell
  66. @LibrarianAngie @librarybell this is a really interesting distinction to reflect on, esp wrt the knowledge each party brings #critlib
  67. @melbrarian @librarybell definitely depends on culture at your library, and varies by person, status (undergrad vs grad students) #critlib
  68. @LibrarianAngie @librarybell im thinking too that both could be appropriate models, depending on nature of inquiry #critlib
  69. @LibrarianAngie @librarybell and of course, that one inquiry could easily encompass both models, or move between them! #critlib
  70. A1: Learning as much from the patron as they learn from the librarian (we do have *something* to teach!). #critlib
  71. A1: But sometimes the agenda set by the patron is: I need this article now, show me how to get it!! #critlib
  72. @ibeilin Very true. I try to gauge whether each interaction is/can be a service moment or a teachable moment. #critlib
  73. @ibeilin for some students, might be a luxury to have a "critical" interaction w busy schedule, etc, can be complicated (agreeing) #critlib
  74. A1 CR≈ questioning assumptions, putting knowledge into larger disciplinary/societal/economic structures, remaining open to dialog #critlib
  75. A1 critical ref places library in broader context, encourages participants to consider own perspective in relation to the dialogue #critlib

  76. A1 I think of critical ref as involving questioning absence. If no info on a topic, don't nec encourage student to change it. #critlib
  77. @barnlib Oh, that's fascinating. How do students generally respond to that encouragement? #critlib
  78. @foureyedsoul Delightfully, Barnard students are accustomed to disc's of privilege/absence. But if desperate, maybe less into it! #critlib
  79. @barnlib Yes - absence of research as an answer in itself, & indicative of new/emerging potential research. #critlib
  80. Shout out to coworkers @lettersfromvani @neptunemir & Lois Coleman 4 disc. we had today abt consultations that informed last tweet. #critlib
  81. a1: the process of uncovering answers that may (or may not!) go deeper/beyond the easily available/accepted. #critlib

  82. A1. isn’t it appropriate to unpack “reference.” we all know it had its day in the 60s #critlib
  83. @mtroydavis Interesting point; I always think of ref as "point of need instruction" #critlib
  84. @beccakatharine @mtroydavis "Point of need instruction" is a great phrase for it! Shows similarities btw appointments & desk ref #critlib
  85. @beccakatharine @mtroydavis My lib just redefined our spectrum of user services: DIY finding & learning, desk, consults, classroom #critlib
  86. @beccakatharine Props to @librarianmer for the DIY language. Our websites are sites of investigation & libn assistance! #critlib
  87. A1.2 article we read speaks of a “negotiated space” and an attempt at “conversationalization” #critlib
  88. A1: Crit ref requires a point of humanization from naming & questioning. Transaction model promotes neolib social cap gathering. #critlib
  89. @KShockey04 yes, liked the point adler's article made wrt building rapport & solidarity w patrons, "place both parties at ease" #critlib
  90. #critlib A1- I think of crit ref as crit info lit +1. Dialogic instruction that's open to questioning info, systems, assignments, one on one
  91. A1: Refwork well-suited for #critlib. Decentering of self & exploring patron's knowledge dismantles assumptions that we have all the answers
  92. A1: Critical ref is about taking the reference interview seriously, and interrogating the assumptions under the presumed question #critlib
  93. A1: I emphasize discourse. Need to learn it to find sources. Then try to talk abt how that shapes the research. #critlib
  94. does a kitten lose it's angel wings every time we use the term reference? #critlib
  95. We say research librarians! (& <3 kittens) RT @delaubrarian does a kitten lose its angel wings every time we use term reference? #critlib
  96. A1 & #critreference has going for it (that classroom IL has less so): 1-on-1 w/student means exchange relationship-based/humanizing #critlib
  97. Q2: What does critical reference look like in practice? What are the characteristics of a critical reference librarian?
  98. A2: A crit ref experience would/should have the user at a keyboard/mouse #critlib
  99. A2: ...unless you're virtual and then it totally beats me #critlib
  100. .@beccakatharine virtual #critreference empowers researcher to learn systems librarian takes for granted #critlib
  101. @donnarosemary Can you elab? I'm at a loss for how to make virtual ref more conversational/dialogic #critlib
  102. .@beccakatharine Be transparent (thru typing) w/ each step you take to meet student's need, empower them to do it w/ you, + #critlib #critVR
  103. .@beccakatharine + with LOTS of pauses/"Tell me when you're there's"(following description of what screen should look like) #critlib #critVR
  104. @donnarosemary @beccakatharine For patrons, this makes a huge diff! Otherwise, we're just little textboxes spitting out links & pleasantries
  105. A2: a critical reference librarian can say "I don't know, let's find out together" #critlib
  106. @beccakatharine This, every time (even if I do know). It isn't about my real or imagined expertise. #critlib

  107. A2: Question/subvert authorities--w/ kids, speaking to them, not the adult over their shoulder asking the question for them #critlib
  108. A2 cont: Annoying doing children's ref w/ a parent who speaks for them. I make eye contact w/ the child and address their needs #critlib
  109. A2 looks like a dialogue or trip through discovery where agents switch roles of leadership #critlib
  110. A2. a critical reference librarian must be prepared to give up and abandon the very notion of the “reference librarian” #critlib
  111. @mtroydavis In regards to the traditional role of authority, or another sense? #critlib
  112. @EamonTewell well, as a continuing thought experiment whose aim is to discover relevance.
  113. A2.1 Asking broader Q if poss. Not just "what context is this for" (a paper) but "what sources might come from other perspectives" #critlib
  114. A2.2 Critical Ref Libr* characteristics: inquisitive, supportive, dialogic, patron-centered, helps put info in relevant discourses #critlib
  115. A2 Searching the stacks together, actual, virtual. #critlib
  116. A2 Encouraging students in social sciences to look at literature for source material. Carver's birthday story for study of grief. #critlib
  117. #critlib A2 - I think positioning and spatial layout matter. I hate it when the reference desk is like command central and unapproachable
  118. @pumpedlibrarian @rawdeal85 walking around with a notepad to take hourly patron count also adds to the "we're watching you" vibe :/ #crilib
  119. A2: A critical reference librarian recognizes that reference should look different. #critlib
  120. A2: I also think affect is an important dimension. I have seen students put off by ref libs' attitude many times #critlib (mine too?)

  121. A2 so this would b my foundation for what critlib is in practice - ref desk as co-creative space which honors students' exp #critlib
  122. .@melbrarian agreed! critical ref. librarian isn't performing at being ultimate authority on topic #critlib
  123. @oksveta like to imagine we are sitting side by side examining the question, rather than traditional across-the-desk dynamic #critlib
  124. @librarybell @melbrarian @oksveta We have laptops at our info lit desk (it's like Level 2 Ref Desk); I stand alongside patrons #critlib
  125. @melbrarian @oksveta I often ask students to sit with me "behind" the desk. Less service model, more collaborative #critlib
  126. @librarybell @oksveta love this, great chance to share tacit knowledge, which imo one gets few opps to do (it's usually explicit) #critlib
  127. Our ref desk is set up as side-by-side with screem in the middle. Easy to push keyboard/mouse over @melbrarian @oksveta #critlib

  128. A2: critical research librarians are comfortable with a role that isn't centered on ideas of their own expertise #critlib
  129. @delaubrarian Yes, and I would add that we should try not be act like experts even about libraries! #critlib
  130. @delaubrarian Preach! I'm not a fan of being labelled an "expert" in order to try to convince ppl to access my assistance. #critlib
  131. @delaubrarian Speaking of academy power structure... dare we broach the topic of faculty status for libns? #critlib

  132. A2: necessary to critique ref assessment, old & new. how do we respond @ point of need? do we adequately anticipate fac/stud need? #critlib
  133. @aliqaesong yes! also, acknowledging the point of need might not be your marble service desk #critlib
  134. Because librarians are often such pleasers @aliqaesong I think we assume point of need, when students can actually wait. #critlib
  135. Q2 Listening. Co-construction. Questioning texts, ourselves, our institutions. Seeking and contributing to polyphonic discourse. #critlib
  136. A2: Being critical of library tools & resources. Discussing their limitations. We don't always have what they need. #critlib
  137. A2: Always good to question how we position our expertise, but also important to be accountable & own our role as experts. #critlib
  138. @maric_kramer i don't think so, honestly. isn't expertise a condition of professionalism? it doesn't mean we're the only experts #critlib
  139. @aliqaesong @maric_kramer Difference between being an expert and having the attitude "I am an expert." #critlib
  140. @aliqaesong I don't know. Libschool didn't make me an expert. And it helps me to approach every interaction as a learner. #critlib
  141. @maric_kramer @aliqaesong Study and experience makes experts. Being a good reference librn takes more than a good attitude - takes knowldge
  142. @maric_kramer aren't we learners & experts? if we don't own expertise, then why are we there? teaching, facilitation also a skill #critlib
  143. @rorylitwin i'm also viewing thru lens of women socialized to deemphasize expertise, knowledge, skills in workplace @maric_kramer #critlib

  144. #critlib A2- esp in acad libs, questioning assignments and requirements. Being critical of the "NO WIKIPEDIA" on their syllabus.
  145. . @kevinseeber yes! or those awful 'at least 5 sources, 2 must be "print sources" for no particular reason' assignments. #critlib
  146. Is part of #critlib #critreference questioning *professors* about assignments & requirements? How do folks do that dance? @kevinseeber
  147. @barnlib I try to consult on assignments w/ faculty for future semesters. Mostly fac have been THRILLED to hear suggestions. #critlib
  148. @kevinseeber @barnlib Re: this: I have dream of document scanner at refdesk so I can scan assignments/syllabi as I encounter em+ #critlib
  149. @kevinseeber @barnlib +w/goal of archive of types of research contexts/Qs we're getting, and scaffold fac collaboration accordingly #critlib
  150. @donnarosemary @kevinseeber @barnlib I would like to be more proactive. Ask them to provide a copy beginning of semester. #critlib
  151. @FromtheShelves @kevinseeber @barnlib Oh def but there's no way to know every fac who will be assigning smthg tht cld=refdesk visit #critlib
  152. @barnlib @kevinseeber very carefully. like a well choreographed waltz. but pay off is so worth it! #critlib

  153. On Q2 none of us brought up issue of emotional labor... How do we balance that with productive affect? #critlib
  154. @aliqaesong @mtroydavis @pumpedlibrarian yea I actually think I misinterpreted the tone of that tweet and I actually agree that labor=labor
  155. @MakeItHappenDay @aliqaesong @mtroydavis @pumpedlibrarian as well as a well-documented cause of burnout. Thinking of Arlie Hoschild's work
  156. @mtroydavis continually marginalized as the labor of women, POC. libraries no different. @lisaslo @MakeItHappenDay @pumpedlibrarian
  157. @pumpedlibrarian Keep returning 2 skills developd working retail, food service. Must account 4 & plan to extend multidirectionally #critlib
  158. @pumpedlibrarian Biggest difficulty: working w libs, admins w/o that background, who don't incorp emotional aspect in expectations #critlib
  159. @pumpedlibrarian Emotional labor and productive affect: million-dollah question.#critlib
  160. Q3: In what ways are reference services oppressive?
  161. Keep discussing, and let's throw Q3 into the mix: In what ways are reference services oppressive? #critlib
  162. A3: MY REFERENCE DESK! It's like a fort. No need for protection. #critlib
  163. A3: By assuming students will come to us/trust us for non-judgmental help #critlib

  164. A3 once read a study that found POC may not approach a libn who doesnt look like them; we need more libns of color! #critlib
  165. @logansrun98 I started to type "approachable" for description of critical ref librs, but that's soooo not up to individual libr. #critlib
  166. .@foureyedsoul word of mouth will work too, so POC or other ppl of marginalized pops will hear that you are cool & seek you out. #critlib
  167. @logansrun98 That's my hope! I make eye contact & smile at everyone who walks by, which I hope helps set an inviting tone. #critlib
  168. .@foureyedsoul yes, give good #critlib and word will get out at you are someone to go to! word of mouth is the best (or worst) marketing!
  169. @lisaflepore @foureyedsoul agreed. & vulnerability. open up and ppl will inevitably see a piece of you they relate to. oh and humor!#critlib
  170. A3 not using #critlib and #critref is oppressive IMO. not questioning, doing all the talking, not giving credit to users' mosaics...
  171. We need librarians who don't look like "librarians"... whichever color or creed. @logansrun98 #critlib

  172. a3 I'm at a large state research university. Hierarchy of affiliated vs. non-affiliated patrons is oppressive #critlib
  173. A3 Refdesk alone is oppressive. Physical barrier represents implicit hierarchy between the knowing "us" and unknowing "them" #critlib
  174. .@LizLieutenant yes! & even if technically true, members of the public are not always meant to feel welcome there #critlib
  175. A3: In my experience, so many librarians hate being at the desk. Patrons can feel that vibe. #critlib
  176. condescension is a very real manifestation of power (thus oppression) #critlib
  177. A3. Neutrality. Wholesale disallowing of ref sources. Questioning that reifies existing oppressive structures. #critlib
  178. A3 Oppressive to extent reinforce models of knowledge/information as banking/reified rather than socially constructed/negotiated #critlib
  179. @mtroydavis I try to talk about where sources come from, work they do in info systems, ask patrons if they're familiar w/similar #critlib
  180. A3 For some students, seeking knowledge feels oppressive, even shameful. The sense that they don't belong. Need diverse librarians. #critlib
  181. a3: by presupposing that a question or a topic can have a complete answer, dictated by some type of authority. #critlib

  182. A3 THAT PHYSICAL DESK. It oppresses me. It oppresses the students. #critlib
  183. @donnarosemary I do think that it can be a welcoming, comforting place - the opposite of oppressive, actually. #critlib
  184. @ibeilin @donnarosemary Like a bridge? Or sitting side by side? Maybe the conversation comforts or alters the environment. #critlib
  185. @lisaflepore @ibeilin @donnarosemary Physical position is imp. Side-by-side shows your learning with them, less confrontational #critlib
  186. @EamonTewell @donnarosemary always feels like a physical barrier that reinforces power structures in a concrete way. #critlib
  187. @donnarosemary I hear that. My space: tall counter. bummer for time to/from patron workspace, plus tough for kids/shorter folks. #critlib

  188. A3.2: wanted to #hulksmash desk last sem when a student w/disability in wheelchair couldn't join me behind desk b/c not enough room #critlib
  189. @delaubrarian When you come out from behind, what workstation do you work at w/ student? #critlib
  190. @donnarosemary at previous institution it was *required* of all libs to come out to the students. <3 ed it! #critlib
  191. @donnarosemary @delaubrarian I set up a circular table for one-on-one work. Helps keep us all on one level, out from behind wall. #critlib
  192. @donnarosemary @KShockey04 Oh, thanks for that! I need to make a plan for our new standing-height desk. At least laptops move. #critlib
  193. @foureyedsoul we have a grad student assistant w/disability; fixed desk is impossible for her. want to #hulksmash daily.
  194. @delaubrarian Same! 1 of the @iuils profs uses a wheelchair, so I'm surprised when I don't think about accommodations in advance #critlib

  195. A3 So many problems-- Lib as gatekeeper, reinforces hierarchy, physical layout, used to control libns time, used as punishment #critlib
  196. A3. students don’t give a shit about expertise and me too. they want to discover, find, complete. searching sucks. #critlib
  197. A3 burden (on patron) of assumptions re "digital natives" and how much we expect patrons to already know,esp in academic libs #critlib
  198. @melbrarian yes and to act surprised when they don't know is the ultimate jerk move
  199. @ginaschless yes! is possible for students to get to uni having *never* used a lib. need to tell students there is no shame in this #critlib
  200. A3 on diversity - esp for those researching certain material - possibility of enduring micro-aggression/s as part of ref interview #critlib
  201. A3 Forcing patrons to seek help where we want to be, not where they need/ want it #critlib

  202. I must say I'm surprised by the degree of cynicism about the ref desk here - I think it is what we make of it. #critlib
  203. @ibeilin There's something "icky" about such a formal place for such a messy process #critlib
  204. @beccakatharine @ibeilin It must feel like a barrier...constrains the librarian who wants OUT. #critlib
  205. @ibeilin I agree. The deks is well used and liked at my school. VR is largely ignored because students want to TALK to a person #critlib
  206. @librarybell @ibeilin our VR is ignored (and steady), but desk stats still down. appointments on the rise, however! #critlib
  207. How much of that is frustration w/ imposed non-critical ref models? I enjoy the good, critical interactions @ibeilin #critlib
  208. @LibrarianAngie @ibeilin or what students don't make of it? would be surprised to hear anyone's stats are headed up at the desk #critlib
  209. @ibeilin Same, I really enjoy working the reference desk. (Not that it doesn't have its issues.) #critlib
  210. @oksveta I learned more about librarianship at the reference desk than anywhere else. #critlib
  211. .@ibeilin & at a state university there's a fuzzy boundary re "affiliation". easier to provide more equal service to public at desk #critlib

  212. Q3 Too-quick reliance on "authority" that just perpetuates hegemonic discourse. #critlib
  213. A3 Refdesk alone is oppressive. Physical barrier represents implicit hierarchy between the knowing "us" and unknowing "them" #critlib

  214. A3 desk can be oppressive when behind it you are a woman on display #critlib
  215. Yes or yr presence interp'd as invite to be hit on MT @ginaschless:desk can be oppressive when behind it you are a woman on display #critlib
  216. @donnarosemary @ginaschless ugh yes, can inspire creepy behavior, had dude lurk by desk every day & ask me same Q @ last job #critlib
  217. .@pumpedlibrarian @ginaschless speaking of emot'l labor: when public patron (alum) kept crossing verbal line, I became enraged #critlib
  218. @pumpedlibrarian @ginaschless It was a few yrs ago, but that kind of rage is v out of character for me. Such a violation. #critlib

  219. A3: Our structure (open floor plan) isn't the best for helping out w sensitive questions. #critlib
  220. A3 Another + for the consultation vs. desk model is privacy. Ppl can more easily be in that messy place when they're not in public. #critlib
  221. A3 #critlib Librarians are oppressed by edu tiers & Students by teachers with the "right" answers.

  222. A3 also the desk itself replicates a point of capitalist consumption where there are use values and exchange values. #critlib
  223. @CUDJOE70 Maybe the desk too is a private space, not communal. Not relatable as communal, not easily anyway. #critlib
  224. @lisaflepore @CUDJOE70 YES YES YES YES! it's our space, not the questioners. requires certain amount of bravery to enter. #critlib
  225. @lisaflepore I was thinking that too. It's a place that has inherent capital and not built by the communtiy. #critlib
  226. @delaubrarian @CUDJOE70 And maybe too we get protective of that space.We settle into ourselves while we wait to help, it's weird. #critlib
  227. @lisaflepore @delaubrarian agreed! I wonder many times while waiting that were missing the discussion that is actually happening! #critilb

  228. are there meaningful ways to accumulate statistics at a ref desk that can inform the “why” of the ref desk? #critlib
  229. @mtroydavis READ scale is a pretty flexible way to gauge "intensity", "complexity"? of interactions. can be what you make of it #critlib
  230. Libs can reinforce oppressive wt patriarchal cis-het hierarchy w/o even knowing it, like most other cultural institutions #critlib +
  231. so we have to intentionally & critically oppose & fight against this, with user participation. so much for me just lurking tonight #critlib
  232. Q4: Are there reference models that improve upon traditional services in a critical sense? What would a #critlib reference model look like?
  233. Q4: Are there reference models that improve upon traditional services in a critical sense? What would a #critlib reference model look like?
  234. A4 Part of that seems to be physical design of space, or work-arounds. Barriers vs space to have student “drive” the computer? #critlib

  235. A4: by far not wholesale endorsing Friere, but I will hammer it home: humanization through mutual naming & questioning. #critlib
  236. @beccakatharine the service, the space, the problem, the source, the reason for needing to question. #critlib

  237. Love that @aliqaesong mentioned emotion with regard to #critlib & #critreference. Research can be scary, angering, joyful, etc.
  238. @barnlib think topic originated w/ @pumpedlibrarian but yes, research is terrifying & always try to honor that in ref and clssroom #critlib
  239. A4. a critical reference model looks invisible #critlib
  240. .@mtroydavis I disagree. No matter what, power structures are always there, if invisible it's harder for users to challenge them. #critlib
  241. @oksveta by invisible i don’t mean impenetrable. i mean abolished. #critlib
  242. a4: love the roving reference model; in-stacks interaction elicits more response than waiting @ desk. Sadly, can rarely implement. #critlib
  243. We used PIC prog for ref in multicultural centers, athletics, etc & re-estab now w a diversity scholar/LIS student doing internship #critlib

  244. A4. am aware of roving ref as a model - but concerned abt way this has potential to disadvantage disabled librarians #critlib
  245. @melbrarian roving has many benefits, but it can also feel a little surveillence-y #critlib
  246. @oksveta @melbrarian agreed. I don’t know that I’d be comfortable having librarian check on me while browsing stacks as user #critlib
  247. @LibrarianAngie @oksveta @melbrarian Our stacks are quiet floors, and the students will shush us for talking there! #critlib
  248. @oksveta @melbrarian I was going to say, I've heard students complain that roving felt invasive- ie moving into quiet study areas. #critlib
  249. @kevinseeber @oksveta @melbrarian good pt, don't want to force students into interactions..I hate when salespeople follow me around #critlib
  250. A4 particularly wrt fatigue - having enough 'spoons' to sit at desk, but not to roam around - this is something #critlib should encompass
  251. A4 this follows on from discussion abt ref desk itself -have worked w libs who need space btwn them &borrower in order to feel safe #critlib
  252. A4 imo best implementations of roving ref give agency to libs to determine their own balance of desk & floor time #critlib
  253. @melbrarian Great points. Ideally, mix both? Did that at old job, loved it; current job only staff/time for one at at a time.

  254. A4 Models that focus on relationships-- like personal lib /embedded libs. Hard to scale though #critlib
  255. @aasher but do we have to scale horizontally in the curriculum? focusing on high-impact can put lasting relationships in place #critlib
  256. @delaubrarian Yes, focus on high-impact, but there's often not enough ppl even for that-- takes a radical-minded leadership #critlib
  257. @delaubrarian desk hours, collection development, etc. Pick a favorite "traditional" area #critlib
  258. @aasher i think we don't question values of those "traditions" enough sometimes. gives me a sad face we feel too constrained to experiment
  259. @delaubrarian Lots of institutional politics too surround these things too-- e.g. entire departments devoted to reference
  260. @oksveta @aasher i wonder about tools to dismantle power structures. as a user, i am very reluctant to ask for help. anonymizing an option?
  261. @oksveta @delaubrarian I've never worked in public lib, so I'm not sure-- at some level there does need to be com contact point
  262. @delaubrarian @oksveta How to meet people where they need help and are comfortable getting help-- big questions
  263. @delaubrarian @oksveta Again, I think its relationships though-- if you know someone to ask = more likely to ask

  264. A4: Taking ref desk outside the library to res halls, outdoor spaces, student centers #critlib
  265. A4: (1/2) Model's application to #critlib depends on social environment & motivation IMO. Take embedded approach for example...
  266. A4: (2/2) Could be applied to community dvlp, could be used to secure lib position within org and demonstrate value to upper mgmt #critlib
  267. A4: Roaming ref. Not tied to physical space of desk or even libr. Convo model that is larger/longer than ref transaction #critlib
  268. Q4 A #critlib reference model is student-centered. Takes their concerns and POV as primary, while encouraging critical thinking. #critlib
  269. Stats people - does this help you model your A4? Ben Bizzle is about to speak at ALAMW and I am about to review his book. #critlib
  270. Q5: What actions can we take to encourage a critical approach to reference?
  271. Last but certainly not least, Q5: What actions can we take to encourage a critical approach to reference? #critlib
  272. @EamonTewell A5. keep trying to ask that question in different ways #critlib
  273. Q5: Maybe the answer for some is - tear it all down and build it back up again, the right way? #critlib
  274. A5 We read and keep educating ourselves, finesse how we listen, dump our assumptions that alienate others and ourselves. #critlib
  275. A5 Be deliberate with Qs we ask during ref dialogs, encourage structural thinking & for patrons to express own aims/knowledge #critlib
  276. a5 reflexivity is a crucial action. reflect on each reference interaction w/ #critlib in mind, hopefully grow in your praxis
  277. love the article we read used the word “autodidact” think that’s important actually in this discussion #critlib
  278. A5 my bias is to encourage ref libs learn critical pedagogy (viewing ref as one-on-one instruction). But I’m an instruction lib! #critlib
  279. A5: Love Adler - education, orientation and reorientation through and around questions/information #critlib
  280. A5: Training new staff, make #critreference processes/dialogues/patterns the norm/default! #critlib (new p/t ref librn starts here in 2wks!)
  281. Q5 Participate in communities of practice like this one! #critlib
  282. A5 seek out prof dev that builds on empathic listening/interviewing skills, esp within framework of centralising patron's needs #critlib
  283. A5 i say this bc #critlib approach drives us into contact w ideas we may find distressing etc &we need to b able to navigate that carefully
  284. A5 Build ref services into/graft onto(?) IL program so ref services become site for #critIL #critlib #critreference #critALLthethings
  285. Pitches!
  286. Time for #critlib pitches! What would you like to share with other #critlib'ers?
  287. #critlib pitch: I'm trying to get a pop-up ref service in our student center for an hr a day near our academ excel center (partnership!)
  288. #critlib pitch: as always check out @WisWSLibrarian for all your intersectional feminist LGBTQ research needs! thx all! peace&justice, karla
  289. #critlib pitch: ditto what @rawdeal85 said. Also #critlib blog will be up someday! Thx @EamonTewell for moderating, great chat!
  290. Thanks everyone for participating in tonight's #critlib! I, for one, found the discussion really valuable and encouraging.
  291. Tuesday after next #critlib will discuss diversity library residents with @ACRL_RIG!
  292. Indeed! RT @barnlib: Thanks @EamonTewell for excellent topic, questions & moderation! #critlib
  293. Gotta go, this #critlibrary ( ;) ) is about to close and I'll be locked in if I don't leave! Thanks for a great #critlib chat!
  294. i’m def not a fluent twitterer. reading all kinds of cool interactions out of nowhere. #critlib
  295. inspired. thanks thinkers who think u r librarians. #critlib
  296. @EamonTewell Thanks to you & #critlib for tonight's chat! Great kickoff the start of my semester.
  297. thank u so much to everyone who participated in #critlib, esp @EamonTewell - really appreciate how freely ideas & perspectives are shared